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The Beginning of the End (December 21, 2012)

Novel By: 1mustalwaysbeclassy
War and military

December 21, 2012 - The world has begun to destroy itself. Every citizen, in every country, on every continent has become overcome by panic. This is the beginning of the end. All events stated in this journal are viewed from my perspective, and have all occurred throughout my last remaining days on this planet. View table of contents...


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The Beginning of the End

Brandon Gabler

(more will be added periodically)

December 21, 2012 - The world has begun to destroy itself. Every citizen, in every country, on every continent has become overcome by panic. This is the beginning of the end. All events stated in this journal are viewed from my perspective, and have all occurred throughout my last remaining days on this planet.

December 27, 2012 - I am 20 years old, and I reside in a small town located in southern Ohio. The power has been out for nearly a week, and the generators that are keeping us from losing hope are slowly starting to die. Listening to the radio seems to be the only real source of comfort since the blackout, but even the reporters streaming across the air have nothing but bad news to say. The Germans and Japanese have formed an alliance in order to overtake and overcome the possible threat of an invasion from the Americas'.

According to my watch it is 6:04pm, the days have begun to run together. Once my watch dies, I guess it won't really matter anymore. The darkness will soon lift and the daylight will once again embrace, another day of suffering, fear of looters and the ever possible threat of an attack on our country.

December 28, 2012 - I awake to the sound of gunshots going off, this has become normal to me, another looter has attempted to provide for his family and lost his life in the process. Our food supply is starting to run low, but since there are only two of us though our chances of survival are increased significantly.

I live with my roommate, he is also 20. Our families still reside in the towns we call "home". With local militia forming daily, the fear of losing your life overcomes the feeling of being homesick.

The radio that has given me comfort during this last week of hell has begun to die. I sit here in the shadows of our house awaiting the next broadcaster to give us details on the what seems to be inevitable invasion. A voice finally breaks the silence. "The Japanese and Germans have landed on the coast of New Jersey and have begun to move east towards the Pennsylvania and Ohio state lines. We are not sure how many troops have landed, but prepare for the worst. Enemy forces are expected to reach Pennsylvania by tomorrow and Ohio by.." my radio had died, right at this very moment. The worst has just begun.

The gunshots around our house have increased. I must not have been the only one listening to the news report. There was then a sudden knock at the door, and as my roommate opened it our neighbor practically fell onto our floor. He spoke of a group of people heading east to try to stop the enemy forces before they reached our homeland. My roommate and I both decided to stay where we were at. As long as we stayed, we knew we had at least a few more days left to reside on this planet.

December 29, 2012 - The sunlight has awoken me, unlike any other day where I await the gunshots of my neighbors. This must mean they have packed their belongings and headed east to fight the losing battle that is our freedom. My roommate is still fast asleep on the couch beside me, and I have no intentions of awakening him. He hasn't slept much lately, the homesickness has really started to take over his mindset. I look at my watch it is only 9:20am, I'll let him sleep until at least 10.

Since neither of us ate dinner the night before, I have decided to prepare us breakfast. Using what's left of our rations we share a piece of buttered bread and a bottle of water, this is all we'll have to eat today unless we find more food. The clock tower in the middle of town had begun to announce the arrival of the noon hour. My roommate and I have decided to leave our boarded up house in search for food and potential weapons, just incase there is a battle to defend our homestead.

The town is now deserted, there is no sign of life anywhere. The place that used to be full of people commuting to work and going about their lives, now looks like a ghost town out of an old western movie. It gives us a whole new sense of loneliness.

Many people have left behind the doors to their homes open, as if they knew we would be in search of supplies. Our neighbors house, the same who asked us to join him in fighting the Japanese and Germans along the coast, was the first house we walked in to. As my roommate raided the kitchen for any food that might of been left behind, I walked through the living room and into his bedroom. Sittin on his bed was a note with my name on it, as if he knew I would be showing up eventually.
"There is a box of food in the cellar, it should be enough to get you by for at least. If there is anything else in the house you think might be useful in your survival, by all means take it. The odds of us returning are dismal. As for your survival, underneath the bed I have left the rifle I bought off of you many years ago, in the case there are a few boxes of ammunition as well. I pray you do not have to use the gun, but if you do shoot like I know you know how to. Best of luck."

I reached under the bed and felt the cold hard plastic case just as he had mentioned in the note. After retrieving the gun case, I met up with my roommate and we made our way down to the cellar to get the food. Looking at my watch again, it was nearly 4:00pm, the sun would be setting soon and the darkness would again settle over our small deserted town. We decided it was best to return home for the night. The unnerving feeling that Pennsylvania was being invaded right now, didn't help with sleep deprivation we were both enduring. It was going to be a long night.


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