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OOH RAH!: The story of Bravo Squad

By: Animal Mother

Chapter 1,

Chapter 1: Rain in the Ukraine

            It was an ordinary day in Ukraine, the streets were bustling, people were shopping, and Bravo squad of 1st Battalion Force Recon Marines 2nd Platoon was on a routine patrol. The unit was packed into two Humvees and was making their rounds around town. They were being waved at by civilians and they waved back, because where they were stationed the people felt safe and secure with them around.

            Sgt. Black asked, “Hey what the fuck is that up ahead?”

            Bravo squad looked out the windshield and saw two men placing a brief case under a bench.

            Sgt. Black ordered, “Alright fall out of the Humvee!”

            Bravo squad’s Humvee doors sprung open and the men piled out. The Humvee behind the 1st team stopped.

            “Hey! You!” yelled Sgt. Black, “Get your hands up! Get your hands the fuck up!”

            The two men threw their arms up in the air. Bravo squad team 1 rushed up to the men and quickly handcuffed them. Sgt. Black went towards the park bench and reached for the case. He unclipped the rugged case and found something astounding.

            “What the fuck? Holy shit!” The case was rigged with a nuclear bomb that was big enough to bring down half of Kiev.

            Cpl. Sanders saw the case and shouted, “Holy shit everybody get to the fucking Humvees!”

            Sgt. Black called in EOD to take care of the device. He waited there, sitting in the middle if the street holding the case trying not to move it. EOD arrived within a matter of minutes and snatched the case away. EOD continued to disarm it and then they threw it in the back of a truck and drove off. Sgt. Black staggered back to the Humvee realizing that he could have almost blown up half of Kiev.

            Cpl. Sanders asked, “Hey Black, so are they gonna tell us what the fuck a nuke was doing under a park bench?”

            “I don’t know, EOD said they would have HQ call us within the hour so, I guess we wait.”

            Within twenty minutes the radio went off. Sgt. Black scrambled to get to the radio.

            Sgt. Black asked, “Hello? Hello?”

            “This is Major Thomas; it appears you found a nuclear device. However, the nuke was rigged so that if the wires were cut it would send a signal to a Russian outpost. Now we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but we want you and your men on the lookout for anything that doesn’t seem right. Over”

            “Sir, yes sir. Bravo out, over.”

            Pfc. Gregory blurted, “What the fuck did we just do?!”

            Cpl. Sanders pointed to the sky and explained his actions. “It looks like it’s raining. Rain in the Ukraine.”

            “That aint rain, too oily.” Said Cpl. Landon

            Then small, spread out dots appeared. They got bigger and bigger with time.

            Sgt. Black yelled, “That aint rain, they’re fucking bombs! Back up! Back the fuck up!”

            Cpl. Sanders turned the Humvee around and team 2 did the same. Both Humvees raced out of the vicinity. Black got on the megaphone and was screaming for people to get inside. Soon after seeing the bombs, Bravo squad felt rumbling, then they felt tremor-like rumbles. The Humvees had just escaped a concentrated bombing run.

            Sgt. Black picked up the radio and yelled, “This is Bravo squadron team 1 we’re getting fire from bogies in the air do you copy over!”

            “We hear you loud and clear. We’re sending Ospreys towards your position to give you necessary support how copy over?”

            “Crystal clear sir!”

            Bravo squad team 1 looked up from their Humvee and saw what they feared. They saw two Russian army fighter jets and two Russian army helicopters. Cpl. Sanders got on the 50 cal. and cocked the bolt back. He then open fired on one of the choppers. One round penetrated the pilot’s windshield. The chopper started to spiral down and then crashed into a building. Cpl. Sanders the focused on the other chopper which was only yards away. He had nicked the gas tank and the back end of the chopper blew up. The chopper then crashed into the streets. One of the fighter jets doubled back and took aim on Bravo squad.

            Sgt. Black ordered, “Get out!”

            Bravo squad team 1 and 2 piled out, all except for Cpl. Sanders who focused his fighter on the jet. The jet opened fire on the Humvees. Twelve rounds struck Cpl. Sanders yet he still continued to fire. A 50 cal. round bounced off one of the wings and the jets retreated.

            Sgt. Black rushed towards the Humvee and pulled Cpl. Sanders out. He sat him up against the side of the Humvee. Cpl. Sanders was falling into unconsciousness slowly.

            “Hey stay with me, stay with me!” yelled Sgt. Black.

            Cpl. Sanders looked up at Sgt. Black for a few seconds, and then titled his head down. Blood started to pour out of his mouth and nose.

            “No, no, no, no, no! Dammit.”

            Cpl. Sanders had passed right there in Black’s arms. Black was forcing himself to hold back the tears that were filling up in his eyelids. Black heard a sound then. He turned his head slowly; he then saw his “support”. Two Ospreys were flying towards their location. Now hate and frustration conquered sadness. He looked at the Ospreys angrily, stood up, and threw his helmet to the ground in frustration.

            Pfc. Neilson then commented, “Some rain huh?”

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