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The Medic

By: Calzzy

Chapter 1, During the time of the syrian civil war,Carrie Hart,a renowned cardiologist in th U.S was transferred by the united nations to syria from baltimore,she was scared at first,everyone seemed to hate her except doctor nelson who became her friend,carrie helped save many lives God willing,and she realised that her coming to syria wasnt was her DeStInY

"Doctor Carrie"the chaffeur called to Carrie Hart"if we dont leave now,we might not make it to the airport in time".Carrie said or did nothing rather than lift a box of hers into the car trunk,she was leaving for Syria,apparently not by her own choice but that of the united nations.why her??...she couldnt stop wondering but then what could she do.At twenty eight,Carrie was at the peak of her career,she had a good life,her parents lived in Baltimore as well and they werent one of the happiest people seeing that their only daughter was going into a war zone,they had heard of parents who lost their children via that medium,but they werent loosing their carrie,no,not their Carrie.As the chaffeur opened the car door for her,Carrie smiled and turned back,wanting to give a last look at John hopkins children hospital,the hospital that gave her her life. "Goodbye Carrie",doctor frank said,he was carrie's best friend here in john hopkins,she gave him a hug,hurriedly said her goodbye to the others as she sat reluctantly in the car,while the chaffeur began driving,she kept on waving,not for one minute wanting to believe that she was leaving John hopkins,she had worked there for seven years running and had never for once regretted it,but now she was going to the middle east.The U.N had assured her that she would be well protected but could she take their word for it,as the chaffeur sped across the spectacular streets of maryland,Carrie couldn't help but give a last glance to the home she was quite sure she was never coming back to,as much as she loved to deny it,there was a 50/50 chance she would die in syria,the civil war there was heating up every second just like it had been since 15th of march 2011,now it was still on,and it so seemed like it wasnt going to end. As she sat on the plane that the U.N had ordered take her to syria,she noticed a few others like her on the same plane,some men in millitary uniform,members of the red cross and some others whom she couldnt identify,they were all going to help werent they. Hours later they were flying over the middle east,almost ready to land,Carrie hurriedly made sure she had everything she needed on her,to her this was her doom,as the plane began landing at the international airport in capital city damascus,Carrie bowed her head to say a swift prayer,"Dear lord"she began"I'm here alone,with no one but you,oh lord i ask that you woild be my guide,i might nt like it but i must accept it,take absolute contol over me amen".The plane jilted as it landed smoothly on the runway.Carrie was one of the first people to alight the plane,she would never forget this day october 13th 2011,the day she came to syria.Filled with fear,Carrie dragged her luggae with her as she went to the garage waiting for the person who the hospital here at damascus said would come pick her from the airport. "Are you Doctor hart?"someone said from behind,Carrie turned and saw a middle aged man standing behind her,he didnt look american neither did he look african,he had somewhat a light skin and brown hazel eyes that glistened in the night sky. "Yes i am"she managed to reply "im doctor nelson,i'm supposed to drive you to the hospital" "i see",she replied as she walked with him dragging her luggage behind her. "welcome to damascus"he said"its a nice place,forget the war and all that going on,i really love it" "You from around here?"she asked him "No"he replied"Im half south african,half american but ive lived in damascus for about a year now" "What brought you here?"she asked him as he opened the door for her to sit in his car. He didnt answer until he began driving"My aunt stayed here,she was killed in the fighting earlier in Jisr-al-shughour in the northwest earlier this year" "Ohh im sorry"carrie muttered "Dont be she was a hundred years" Carrie so didnt want to laugh,but she couldnt help it,"well how long till we get to the hospital" "A few more minutes and we're there,its 6:00am here by the way" "yeah i noticed"she replied still smiling at nelson,he was handsome and he made her feel like syria wasnt bad news on a good day.He began retardiating as though he wanted to pull over,then Carrie saw it,the magnificient six story that was inscribed at the top "Damascus general hospital",she didnt expect it to be this exquisite."Well we are here"nelson said"welcome to DGH carrie,leave your things in the car,we'd only be a minute and then you can go to your hotel". Carrie nodded in agreement as Nelson led her inside,and as he pushed open the revolving doors,Carrie felt a shudder slid down her throat,she was scared,scared of the unknown.Slowly and steadily he led her past the doors,into the hallway,were everyone seemed to be busy but suddenly stopped when they saw her,she could hear them murmuring and she knew it was about her,For once she felt like she wasnt wanted,was it just a mere feeling or was it really true...that she had to find out....

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