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Military roleplay

Novel By: Deathstix
War and military

Hello everyone! (who even bothers to read this) I want to tell you guys that I want to publish a novel based on WWII. However, I thought- 'how cool would it be if I get a whole group of people to help write it?' Not only would the point of views of each individual be different, but theres also a differet for each person that would make it more believable.
Of course,when the writing has come to a finsih, I would (without a doubt) credit those who have participtaed and list there names on the...little summary thing and who they wrote about) View table of contents...



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All right. So first is planning.

As creator of this roleplay- My character would be captain.

There can be a sergeant, a soldier (no more than one because it'd be boring reading about people who are only soldiers and then theres a random captain),a lieutenant, etc. You can choose. However, if you see the person you want to be already picked, too bad.

Okay, so now that that's cleared up- if your willing to join, you must place a comment like this (this is my character) :

Name: (of your character- don't type what's in parenthesis) David Detio

Age: 24

Personality: Cares a lot for his men. Tries to be brave. Always tries to get everyone comfortable. Hospitable.

Fear: Grenades, tanks.

People he dislikes: Those that mess with his soldiers, those that don't obey him. Those who do their own thing.

That's it. If you want your character to die at a certain point, put them in a bad situation, like 'I stared directly at four German soldiers, knowing there was no way out..." etc. Now, all characters (in a total, I need exactly...6) must have different personalities. It must be told in their point of view. It makes it more interesting.

And I also have to see your writing skills because I don't want to have to check over your work and fix it all because then it'd be mine and not yours.

When your write, please don't put anything erotic...I will not accept it. (You can include a few cuss words and blood scenes) You can even have your character have flashbacks before the war and all..

This story will begin in the year 1943. That makes it 2 years before the war ends. My whole plot for this novel is to show people how terrible war is. How devastating it can be. How you can make friends and then lose them. It affect you mentally.

At the end of the novel, I ( of course) want the war to end. There might be a few characters in the book that die and maybe only one or 2 survive...

So...I think that's it O.o Any questions or if you have any comments, just send me a comment and I'll get back to you...and if you read this late and already see 6 people already choosing their spots and their characters- you can still send yours in. I might accept it ;)


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