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world war 2 history game

Novel By: emeraldrainbow
War and military

using world war 2 history to make a computer game life that is miracles to protect us from harm and play in the war as tactic strategist game player like a human being an enigma robot. the story is not done really needs more detail written on to it View table of contents...


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Germany invades Poland 1939

Game players had validated the license with a serial number and millions of them entered the planet for the Second World War. 'i wish i was the Adolf Hitler character then I'd order all Jews to be set free from captive so me and my family can avoid the cruel torture and starvation in the concentration camps' said Anne frank. 'i understand it won't change how it already happened to you the holocaust on planet earth, but it's a good idea Adolf Hitler's human body was replaced with another person being him with a mental plan to retreat his army and stop the fighting' i replied.

'Yes this should of happened when the war happened on earth. the Nazi army would of seen their leader change battle plan and i would of had more living days to add to my diary how lucky to be alive writing this good news that the Germans gave up the war' spoke Anne frank.

'I think we need to take this floppy drive to the games database and program this information so we can save every planet from Adolf Hitler's massacre' i said. 'How is it possible when he is living and wants to win back his lost territory' asked Anne frank.

'this floppy drive has the games files which connect to the planets human bodies and finds the culprits and resurrects them out the world so the bad people don't exist here it halts their bad behavior here' i said.

'but if Adolf Hitler all a sudden disappeared how would his army stop fighting they would have no Hitler telling them to retreat if the next leader continues the war plan' asked Anne frank.

'This floppy disk has the information you mentioned about replacing Adolf Hitler with a nicer person being his body. They'll assume it's him and retreat on his command. this floppy disk will make the game find his human robot body and remove him and give it to a worthy game player to bring world peace' i replied.

'Yippee so I'm guaranteed that in 6 year's time I'll still be alive and my diary to have written dates that weren't living to be wrote. My diary won't have nothing wrote beyond the dates i died. It will have my life story that i have my teddy bear and a floppy disk saved my life. It made the game on planet earth control all bad things to stop and let all good things continue. That the universe with power to create intervened with every body and mind to remove the nuisance people with a body change resurrection. Can my teddy bear ever be resurrected since it does not live it's just a toy' asked Anne frank.

'Yes your teddy bear is a symbol of a good person so you would meet a human teddybear that is alive being your close friend' i replied.

Game players had to collect the kit that matched the serial number from their game so they had the correct uniform and boot size.

''Wait this is my kit these boots on that one don't fit me but why do these ones fit me if wait look the last number on this serial code don't match my license' asked the kid.

'Cos your feet are the same boot size but you chose a kit not for you silly. Your smelly feet are gonna put off that game player wanting this kit' said another kid.

'My feet aren't smelly i washed them before i came here cos mummy thought I'd pick the wrong kit' they replied.

'why is my laser weapon not switching on' asked a kid. 'oh it won't power on until you are on the battlefield and the time is the exact as when world war began with germany invading poland. just so you dont target me cos I'm on the polish army side. and my kit is in this locker room near you' spoke another kid.

game players in the armies of germany and poland were getting prepared for the beginning of this computer games battle on september 1st 1939 when germany invaded poland.

'we know what the future holds now that we are playing a game which plays us into information of events that we are informed of how it takes place' said a kid.

'yes but adolf hitler has a real brain he can make any decision and could mean a different approach to how he begins the war. he could invade another territory as the game allows any mission as well as the ones in the games story to take place' said a kid.

'why i thought world war 2 is exactly the war sequence of 1939 to 1945 that we fight the same missions on the same dates or it will be world war 3 to have a different sequence' said a kid.

'yes but when adolf hitler lived he could of made new decisions and made world war 2 happen different. It's so he can win even if he fights the same game plan' spoke the kid.

'yes that's right or no one would wanna be on the germans side if they were guaranteed to lose' spoke a kid.

'what if we got captured today and was eliminated from the game how would we be able to play this game since we bought it we want to play it whenever we feel like it' asked another kid.

'you would be given another character to play so if you're not a soldier then you aren't allowed to fight unless you join them. you could become the baby of parents but this game can have its human body aged adult so you can play as an enrolled soldier the day you enter back in this game' said a kid.

'but isnt it cheating for each army during world war 2 to have more troops then they had then' asked a kid.

'this game is fair it has the exact amount of soldiers on each side that the armies each had during world war 2 so only limited soldier slots for game players and if you are eliminated you can't be the same soldier again' spoke the kid.

anne frank was with me as i was her best friend during the game play. i was the angel she wished for during her ordeal when she prayed for her life to be saved. but back then the war was not a computer game. i hadn't even been born as a human being so we couldn't then meet.

when we are both resurrected to be human beings becoming friends and the world has been created to be the date of 1939. we would go on a mission to save the world from extinction.

'now that we live in computer games having the calendar date of all time. whenever the future time has a planet that has doom ending the world. then those game features could be used by hackers and cheating players into any other game like this one. world war 2 would be embraced by fighters having futuristic weapons and earths natures which ends the world here' said anne frank. 'It's the same for any planet that exists. to bring a time of doom on to it would end its world. but we are playing world war 2 not Armageddon and even after it a new world is made if its a thing to really happen' i replied.

'how many of these kits in these locker rooms all together' asked a kid.

'more than one hundred million. That's how many people served in the military during the second world war'.

'but not all those soldiers begin to play this game at the beginning until their army is activated to enter the battle'. spoke a kid.

'which means i won't be fighting until about 1942 in three years time when my country sees singapore fall. my character is a japanese soldier located in the singapore mission' they spoke.

during the evening anne frank put her teddybear by her pillow so she could sleep with it when she became tired. her candle kept her room lit and she put her bowl of soup on the table. she had finished eating it. she said goodnight to her teddybear after giving it some nice comments about being the best teddybear in the entire world. this would of made a real living teddybear grow in confidence to hear such kind remarks from anne.

she put it under the quilts with its head out so it sure had a warm sleep with her.

'I'm confident we won't be struck by any warplane frequency air strikes as our home is not an enemy base and we are not fighting in this war. the sad thing is you have no spirit so if your teddy body is damaged and i lose you. i won't be able to have you back but another teddybear. cos you're not like a living person that died and lost their body but has a spirit to continue them living' she told her teddy.

'yes but i have good news. you can have a toy made for your teddybear so if you need a new one it will be that teddybear being this new toy so you are still looking after her even though she is now another toy. just like the dead being a spirit and we become another new mortal body' i said.

'if world war 2 doesnt begin on september 1st cos hitler doesnt begin war until a later date. we'll have extra days of peace in the world until the war begins' spoke anne frank.

'sure honey but it could begin on september the first as this games story mission can play a war without any game players fighting to begin world war 2' i said.

'how would it do that' asked anne.

'make a story in this games world of a war which would affect any side of armies by making them weak so they have to respond to get back power and control of territory' i spoke.

'it's possible for this computer game to not ever begin war fighting and continue living as a normal planet' asked anne.

'yes since this planet has everything like earth does. and every game player ignores the war missions and lives in harmony. the world in this game would not be game restarted with missions completed cos no one would be playing the fighting missions so the world would continue living a normal society life. the world would not be game over as the first mission would be playing with no battles which means this game wouldn't progress to the next war mission' i said.

'but it sounds like the first mission could go on forever when battle begun if no one won it' replied anne.

'that would make the world at war forever on the first or any mission. someone would win cos the fighting would be making armies lose troops and territory' i mentioned.

'if those germans decide to invade us which i think hitler will do. we are gonna lose as we are weaker than the germans so if he decides to begin the war another way. I fear it will lead him to loss like before then we are lucky cos he is guaranteed a victory in the invasion of poland then could take another plan to fight the rest of world war 2 so he don't lose' said a player.

'if we polish game players fight with courage and stealth we can win come on be positive especially since this game is magical not hurting us. if we study the strengths of Hitler's army we can find a battle plan to let them invade us if we can't compete them and that way as the missions unfold we will have other allies be activated in the game. and they will reinforce us and we can get territory back' said another game player who was also a license soldier.

'yes clever if we don't win today we can win sometime later as long as we're not game over we can play to see the day when victory comes our way' they replied.

'well let's hope that they play poor tactics meaning our weaker armies good strategies can win and make them lose army personnel so we keep the Germans out of Poland' they responded.

'yes good idea am already are you, let's go into battle position and practice self-defense and teamwork offense before the game begins'.

'well am certain hitler is gonna have other plans about how he fights this war because great britain and america and france leaders have studied world war 2 history and saw that they gave to little help to defend poland from the german invasion. and they want to defeat hitler more earlier to prevent another holocaust which would mean i can buy anne frank's diary with extra living dates written on it' spoke a game player.

'but why be so optimistic if we don't know if this game is gonna activate those countries soldiers to help poland. it won't if it's doing all missions by the Wikipedia definition of second world war' spoke a person.

'we'll soon find out when the battle commences'.

Hitler was being smart with his battle plan he knew he would be strong enough to invade poland but if Great Britain, america and france came in with full force it would be a relief for poland to keep its territory.

most the polish game players were sent game hints from the timescale of world war 2 that if poland was invaded and lost territory. that polish soldiers must evacuate out of poland and join with allies forces to gain back poland.

'as if i want to run away from those coward Nazis. i recommend we get allies reinforcements in here before the German's counter attack us' said a game players.

'if this wasn't a computer game and we was fighting a real war with weapons i don't think we would be even playing as we don't want to be hurt or hurt other people with such brutal force do we' asked a soldier.

'no sure not but also if this was a real life war' they said. 'wait this is a real life war but we are playing a computer games war which doesn't use real weapons and is tactical with strategies' said a game player. 'i know that but i mean if in our country a war was happening with real weapons we would have to be soldiers using real weapons to defend our territory or how would we stop the invaders' they asked. 'we could avoid fighting them by letting them overtake our country and rule it' they replied.

anne frank wanted her teddybear to go with her wherever she went. even if her human robot body had game over she wished this same teddybear be given to her next human robot body so she'd still have it to sleep in bed with her on the spare pillowcase.

A disruption had happened to the game players who were getting ready in the uniforms and gathering the weapons from the locker rooms. the game database had some corrupt files which placed enemy soldiers in the wrong locker rooms.

quickly the game had to arrange the corrupted files and inform all game players to the correct locker rooms to collect their gear.

this separated enemy game players before they began to brawl cos they assumed they were on the same side before the rumor leaked.

'Which side are you on ours or are you on my side to make us lose since you want the opposition to beat us' asked a kid.

'no i dont want to lose i want my side of army to win this game' they replied.

'well talk like you want our side to win then' the kid said. 'i just said i want the side i fight for to be victorious. You're the one that wants me to say another side of country to win and that would make me a loser you dipstick' they spoke back.

when game players entered the countries they were assigned to they saw the homes and streets look old fashioned. 'these houses look like the ones we saw in history class about world war 2' said a kid.

'wow this house i swear i saw in my history book and its the one i wanted and its on my license code. i have the house i always wanted if i had to live during second world war' replied another game player.

the game players were playing a war game which hurt no one and played fair by the strategic rules. so game players were being taught fair behavior. it was just a tactical game making war a peaceful nature to win and help everyone out.

the game players were glad they could buy food with no added colors or flavors and no trans fats added.

a warplane was seen flying above but it wasn't able to fire frequency missiles on the opposition cos the games war didn't start until September the first which was tomorrow.

'i so much want our air defense to activate so we can eliminate that pilot cos when the war begins they are gonna be air striking us for game over' said a person.

'if this was the kind of war on planet earth then none of us would participate since we are decent behavior people when it comes to violence' replied a kid.

'that's what i love about this computer game we are having fun being strategic expertise. we as an army have to follow the tactics set by our clever commanders and defiant leader so it makes our teamwork win the war' the kid said.

'but how can the commander and leader being hitler lead us to victory if they are other people spirits being their character with no knowledge how to win a war especially since if it's the real hitler's spirit being his self again lost his first attempt of the second world war' asked the game player. 'he wants to gain victory. well the game gives hints and updates on the battlefield so they make decisions to help make us win the war when we follow our commanders and leaders tactics' they replied.

'i wouldn't like to think that if our home is hit by a frequency weapon giving it a graphic image of destruction that we couldn't still live in our home' asked anne frank.

'we wouldn't if it was to much damage so even though this is just a computer game showing graphic images for the weapon strikes and not reality damage. if it was real war our home would be actually devastated exact how the graphic image shows' i replied.

'then let this computer games war never ever be a reality happening on any planet earth and all wars should be done on a computer game like this or a virtual one on a console' spoke anne frank.

'yes certainly so no one is hurt and no buildings are damaged' i responded.

'but when this game begins war tomorrow. if the graphic images made us not able to live in a home if its attacked then this computer game would be no good to be used to fight any wars. we'd be made homeless' replied anne frank.

'yes your correct so let's hope the graphic images even though they show a video image of what real war would of done we can still live in a home cos the home won't be damaged it's just a graphic image look. that home has been bombed but the home is still accessible it's just a graphic image making it look bombed so game players can play real virtual war. just like how the soldiers robot bodies get zero energy when they are eliminated from combat' i said.

'yes your right visual images have nothing to do with real things so this war game is fair and justice' responded anne frank.

some warplanes were flying above opposition so the opposition ran for cover into homes that were the property of the enemy so they weren't struck by the warplanes frequency air strikes.

'your'e a genius for spotting these properties cos we were out of cover. we must move through this field in cover or those warplanes will see us and target us. they use a lot of robot energy when they air strike us' said a game players.

'it's good that our body energy lasts for a long time during being hit by enemy lasers so we have the chance to play for a while' replied the teamwork attendant.

game players were concerned that as they play all the way until the end that they won or was eliminated by fair play. that other game players would quit playing if they became fed up or was losing and found it difficult to assist their army with efforts to bring a possible victory. 'we are winning look at the war statistics. and if other soldiers on the opposition give up and exit the game then we'd have no one to play against. then this games war would have no battles for us. so what does this game plan to do if this happens and we still haven't completed all the missions and won' asked a game player.

'this game has a program feature where when a soldier gives up and exits the battle. that a enigma spirit from the database is given that soldiers human body so they continue playing its character. they are deployed to the same position with the orders from the commander so the battle continues the same how its fought right now' replied a person.

'but how can it be made to happen right now when a opposing soldier has given up and activated the exit option on their human robot body. just as they were fighting in world war 2 they are now not. this would make the war unfair to win if a leader is losing soldiers from game players giving up if they got bored or not enjoyed this game or actually they wanna play it another time and play another game' asked the game player.

'oh the enigma spirit in the games database instantly replaces the soldiers spirit that exit the game with the enigma program spirit. so that soldiers body continues to battle on in the war. so each leader and commanders and the soldiers on their side don't lose any troops who are legally eligible to fight on cos they have not been eliminated with zero energy' replied the person.

'wow that's awesome i could be with one of my pals and they are giving me cover support when i infiltrate an enemy base but all a sudden without me knowing they select exit option on the game and leave me with no soldier backup to cover me as I'm infiltrating enemy grounds. which makes me vulnerable to be attacked by snipers. but the games database automatically puts an enigma spirit into that soldiers body and it continues fighting the war. so it hasn't paused and i am receiving backup cover all the time' they said.

so here was the battle field in world war 2. there were soldiers who selected exit option while they were giving cover even being the doctor and nurse that gave first aid kits. but none of the injured soldiers was without medical help as if the doctors robot body just stopped working. it was instantly given an enigma database spirit and it continued being a doctor to treat medicine to injured troops.

the games database was clever cos it gave the licenses of soldier characters to game players who had the metal belief and determination to fight like a soldier. so that every commander had an army of 100 per cent skilled soldiers.

this made people who went to buy the game give absolute concentration doing the training and practice at being a soldier in world war 2. they were assessed and tested during the games introduction training to be a troop course. it didn't take very long. and they became a real human robot body in a real world when doing the skill practice.

some residents in london were glad that air fighter pilots missed air strikes on the town cos the frequencies registered not hits on building targets they missed and hit the river thames. residents gave screams of relief after being petrified. they didn't worry that those german air fighter pilots would return and attempt to air strike the building targets once more accurate. as english and french pilots came in heading in the direction they went so residents had their side of army to make those germans fly away back home if they weren't caught us and fired on by the uk and french pilots.

no birds were seen flying in the sky here. they was scared by the planes noises and hid in the nests in the houses roofs above the attics and lofts.

residents knew the buildings were not hit as the sea gave graphic images of an air strike into it.

one game player was driving a military transport taking reinforcement troops to a nearby onslaught. but the drive got scared and opted for exit options their spirit immediately went out the game. and instantly an enigma soul became the soldiers body driving the car. they arrived on the onslaught town and got in position and helped the already fighters eliminate the remaining opposition and took control of the village.

they got left over weapons from the opposition and used them for further battles.

soldiers admitted to the team mates they were fed up playing and were selecting exit and out of here. 'no wait we have how many opposing troops ahead waiting to eliminate us and we have no reinforcements. we are short of cover and backup troops. We need everyone to assist us from the coming fierce resistance we can't afford to lose the ground we've made up we've done so well so far'. 'but im scared i could die forever look how many mates have been eliminated and we haven't seen them back in this game i thought this game was invented by aliens who resurrect the dead' they spoke.

'but you have been resurrected you saw how you came from your human body into this human robot you are now and you will be resurrected again when you exit this game back to your human body on planet earth. That's where our mates have gone and they will be back when they are allocated another soldier body in the battles activation to keep the armies size of troops at the missions fair. No cheating adding more then what was a part of world war 2 now stay god sake its not scary to die if you're gonna live and it don't hurt' they replied.

'no am fed up am off plus my body will be taken over by the games enigmas so they will continue doing what i was going to do. It's in my robots brain about what i was suppose to do and the enigma is specific trained to understand battle roles. they will be prepared to do what you require of me. the games database knows what we are doing in the game so the enigma taking over my soldier body will immediately do its duty to match your mission' said the scared soldier player.

anne frank had got some sultana scones from the store and she wanted butter to spread on them to make them taste delicious. she made me two and we had a warm tea. this warmed us up as the weather was going colder as it was autumn not winter yet but it was so cold. 'here wear my spare pair of gloves to keep your hands warm' said anne frank. 'thanks and believe this your warm cup of tea has helped warm my hands thanks' 'put these gloves on as soon as you finish your tea so your hands are kept warm' she replied. 'sure so i can feel the warmth of this cup of tea on my hands skin'.

she was affectionate towards me her spirit was an angel. she can be my wife with body changes be the body of females i love for attraction. as her spirit is decent so i won't be with evil beautiful female bodies she becomes.

'when we go to bed i have a book we can read together it will make us tired so we can sleep' she said.

'look inside my luggage bag i have another duvet to double up our bed sheets it will keep us warmer through the night' i spoke.

'Now's the perfect time to brush our teeth since its almost bedtime keeping our teeth clean through the night. its bad for your teeth to leave them dirty overnight' she said. 'of course keeps aches off the teeth from gum and root infections and no holes in teeth from plaque and acid build up on the tooth' i responded.

Game players were interested in seeing adolf hitler win the war to see what the outcome to the world would of caused had he actually won world war 2. Now was the chance to do this. This computer game world was the planet of 1939 and it would continue into all time past the year 2000. Game players would see how the world develops with an adolf hitler victory. But the jews would have been upset further to be put through the holocaust with that invading army that toppled their country for a few years go on and win the war and dominate the world with Nazi Hitlers and Axis powers.

'what use is it going to be that you make hitler win the war since the jews are going to be treated against human rights. They are going to be starved and thirsty locked in cold cages like chickens unfit to hatch breakfast eggs' spoke a person.

'I wouldn't want this is if it was the real war from planet earth. It's only a game and its worth playing this game for the germans to win without threatening and abusing the jews. Then hitler would have more support if he treated the people in this world better' they replied.

When a battle took place to capture Poland. The germans had support from Slovakia subscribed army players. They went in groups in many sets to cross polands border and make Poland retreat and take control of the land. 'What's happening to our lasers they are not working quick fax customer service and look at the troubleshoot. We're almost close to victory. If all our armies weapons stop working we will lose. We'll have no self-defense equipment to resist any sudden fightback from the polish troops. They are desperate that we fall apart and lose the counter attack we have gained on foot' said a german player.

'look the troubleshoot states we must refill our weapons with laser ammunition when the red light shows empty. We can pick up ammunition from boxes they have laser add-ons that register our weapons with ammunition' they replied. 'Quick alert the commander that some of our army have not took the practical guide assessment about topping up our lasers'. The commander sent a robot message to all the fighters to use every ammunition box they find. It was reported that every german in fact did know how to top up their lasers. but the polands had used a last ditch tactic to try stop the germans advance. They retreated without losing to many of their soldiers and made the germans use a lot of firepower that they'd run out of ammunition. But the germans were smart as they brang supplies but the ones they picked up of the polish were not the correct bullets for their guns so they couldn't use them.

The polands had done homework on the equipment that adolf hitler was using and used not the same gear.

'we require supplies to our location as the polish ammunition is not the same as what is on our taskbar hint. It seems like a computer tactic to pull us in on sight of gaining their supplies not expecting to call in for ours until we have to wait more longer for ours to reach us. As we are low on amounts with the heavy fighting' said a german player.

The germans were given game hints they could collect ammunition from polish base points during the invasion. But the polish had already believed they would be pushed back so they changed armor equipment and the tactic worked.

It gave them time to bring in a counter attack on the germans with ground forces but they continued to retreat as well. The polands wanted to decrease the nazi army before they left Poland as they had not enough power when the germans reinforced and collected ammunition supplies.

'we now rely on our weapons for the entire war. The enemies ammunition is to be a bonus if you find it matches your weapons. I expect no more pull outs from going into battle with no continued supply of ammunition that the oppositions ammunition don't work on ours cos we have different weapons and that we have followed a game hint that has been a change of weaponry equipped with from the opposition to stifle us' sad hitler to his commanders.

Armies fighting this war used every tactic they could think of to defeat hitler and hitler used every strategy to overcome setbacks that hindered a good start to the battles on which day and night this ever happened.

Hitler was angry by the polish smart idea so he wished he could make the polish armies weapons not work that he could infiltrate the games data to turn of their weapons but it wasn't possible. To make this possible he had to use his army to make Poland fighters be eliminated or surrender that we'd take the weapons they have so they cannot use them. 'to take control of polands lasers and planes we must make them surrender or eliminate them so they cant use them to fightback then we shall win and begin the next phase of world dominance' said hitler to his commanders.

Every polish citizen who was not a soldier wished that all the weapons would switch off but that had to now be a decision by the soldiers not to use them cos the weapons all worked and were being fired at targets in the battle. 'why don't all those weapons they use break and never work again. Why cant weapons have human brains of good people and tell all the soldiers to get lost and leave them alone' said anne frank.

'weapons aren't real people they are used by real people that live and make the decision about using those weapons with brutal force. It's the soldiers that have to be the good people to not use them to scare and hurt us' said her father Otto.

'mum lets leave this country and live where there are no soldiers no violent people so we can live in peace. All I want to do is go to school write my diary and have a normal teenage life playing with toys and making friends' said anne frank. 'yes honey we'll one day have that life in this country this war will one day end and those wicked fighters will not be here to fight us as they would have no weapons and policy to battle here' said her mother Edith.

'all it takes is for idea to do something better then what they are doing fighting in this world then they would stop destructing what they oppose' said Otto.

'it takes both sides to make this war end or if one continues fighting then the other side would if no one has lost or given up yet' said anne frank.

'let's get home we are all hungry and we need to have tea' said edith.

'my soaks are soaking wet remind me to change my shoes next time we go out' said Otto. 'I have already put your dry socks in your chest of drawers this morning change them when we get home' replied edith.

This war in this computer game world could go on for more than the years between 1939 and 1945. That it wouldn't yet be won. That the war would become more worldwide with extra countries taking part then the original second world war. So when the war is completed with a side winning that the history of it would of made new missions. 'this war game we have begun playing from September the first 1939 could last longer than 1945 and for many more years. Then from the events that add the extra missions. Our second world war versions could be made into another computer game world and have second world war made from the history of our games version' said anne frank.

'So if adolf hitler wins this war and Winston Churchill loses then in this histories game being played as world war 2 as a computer game. Then Winston Churchill would be the political figure when resurrected to wanna gain victory back. Any game players being his character would be determined to even play the war game to be won by 1945 the latest and defeat hitler the same way he lost first time. To make this new version of world war 2 with its added history of war that lasted longer than the year 1945 to become like the original version. So adolf hitler does not have victory or if the game goes the same way as when he won it then every game player up against him is gonna lose' I replied.

After walking for a long distance to find an empty home that was from jews who fled the town. Annes feet became feeling with a blister so I had to piggyback her until we entered the home we found. We stayed in a room where it had a door lock so when we slept no one could just walk in and find us there.

'it be pointless if we make love and made a child if we are going to be captured and separated and sent to the concentration camp. Our baby wouldn't survive and we would soon be dead unless we three are all rescued' said anne frank. 'I gather whenever we have enemies who want us dead or if they keep us alive to ruin our lives. Then unless we can hide so they never ever find us to be cruel to us. Then we would have to make them not bother us and leave us alone' I spoke

Anne was still young being a teenager so she would of gone to school but it was closed down cos the war of polands invasion was worrying for people going out on the streets.

'Lets do some homework together as this is what I would of learnt and studied if school was open' said anne frank. 'You are clever to have these marks and ticks of good learner on your exams and tests. Do you wish you could be as brainy without having to revise cos you understood it all in lesson' I asked. 'yes then I could spend my time doing something else and be already clever like a homework and coursework pupil already done revision' said anne frank.

'you still have a lot to learn in school and you may have to play another computer game where it begins in the year 1939 where no second world war exists so you can attend school and learn what you missed out in this game and from planet earth from the first time you suffered in this historic war' I asked. 'yes when we can escape this world or this world lets my school open so I can learn everything in the classroom I have not yet revised and studied. The marvelous thing is it can be later then the year 1939 and I can have the same classroom lessons that I'd have in the world with the year 1939 and earlier for my entire school ages. To learn everything in school and college going to university' said anne frank. 'then we can stay in this games world and when the war stops or school can open during it I can learn all the lessons I missed out on' said anne frank. 'if you can go to school during this war then we need it to move away or be less strict and dangerous here so kids can go out to school' I said.

'ok can you add and count what is the difference between 1939 and 1945' asked anne frank. 'Yes I can count and add and the answer is 6' I replied.

'if we had a plane to fly in could you fly it' asked anne frank. 'I'm not a pilot and we wouldn't get far with all the warplanes up in the sky fighting' I responded.

Game players wondered what would happen if the game disc in the console was turned off while the game played its missions to be stopped.

The world would continue with people living and no human robot body changed would be made at choice. It would take death to be resurrected. The database would be off so know game hints. These decisions would be made through the game players own plans. For the world is still going to live without the games advanced features. The weather cycle would now be under planet earth's nature control. The computer game wouldn't control it to be the same weather each day and night from 1939 to 1945. 'it use to be not so cold on this day from the historic day that made this day exist but today it is more colder. Look in my diary I wrote how this day was cooler than the other frozen days' said anne frank. 'We've received no game hints for two days now. The database must be shutdown. We have no idea how to advance to the next mission or what is ahead outside if we travel we could walk ourselves straight into danger' I said. 'but surely we'd be ok if the games power has been shutdown due to failure or upgrade. The games laser weapons would be off so no war fighting' spoke anne frank.

'yes that would be helpful but aren't those weapons charged up by energy ammunition. There's a planet of it in the planet stashed by the games registry. All the physical items that is on the planet from the games program is still existence. Its just the power to features through machines things alike this that are off use like the enigma' I replied.

'that would mean no game players could leave the game until they die. Since they wanna win the war they would fight with real weapons with no game features to play it fairer' said anne frank. 'this fair gameplay could become a real war. We still have to feed and and we feel so if anyone steps out of line then the opposition would meet the same action of force' I replied.

We was concerned that no one could leave the game until death. And that affairs could make democracy into a real war. That people would stop using the rule for lasers to play fair war and turn to real violence and weapons. 'thank god the radiators still work my hands were cold before they came on' said anne frank. We was glad the electric power in the planet worked as the world was a living world. 'look warplanes are still flying and if it has a real bomb on it, it would explode everything it hits. The computer games power off doesn't make this war stop or any safer if any illegal threat begins' I spoke.

'if we were soldiers playing fair with lasers we could end up against opposition with real weapons not knowing until they shot at us' said anne frank.

'yes well the games power needs to be switched on fast so it can trace each game players behavior and resurrect those illegal players out this planet with enigma. Or they'll be living until they die to fight this war game with as much force if they become violent' I responded.

'perhaps there are no real weapons in this games world surely the gamekeepers would of put none here since it's a war computer game in a real world. they'd just put normal items here for us to live like these kettles with the tea we are about to drink' spoke anne frank.

'I want this war game to continue being thought with game features so its fun. All the weapons are just frequency lasers and we are competing with clever tactics moving through the battle field when we see the opposition they have no real weapons. And we all still have a normal life with no corrupt government and we go home and have dinner after playing' I said.

'this game is like real war we go on a break when our commander allows it so another soldier replaces us if need be. But we always have our lasers ready to use in case we are under attack' responded anne frank.

This computer game world was certainly capable of having real weapons made as the planet was like earth. Having the material to make such destructive weapons being guns and bombs becoming atomic, nuclear and chemical later in the years. What approach would world leaders take in wanting to win future wars. That adolf hitler could win this war by making his army manufacture real weapons to fight against the allies who all had lasers playing by the computer games rules for battle play.

Or adolf hitler and his army played by the policy to use lasers and that the allies used real weapons. If any side of army did use real weapons they began using the elements in the earth to design the weapons and they were lethal as they damaged every game players human body on impact from a shot that targeted them.

'sir are counter attack is being pushed back we are losing progress on the ground we have made during the invasion in poland' spoke a german soldier.

''then why are we losing so many troops when we are stronger then the oppositions army. And my soldiers who have been eliminated have damaged bodies that show lasers could not of done this. For lasers only make the energy reduce and not ruin the state of a game players robot body' said adolf hitler.

'the computers database has been offline for more than two days. Our intelligence suspects the allies have used real weapons since the gaming world is not tracing illegal weapon activity as its shutdown due to failed system' said the soldier.

'then we have no option other than to use real weapons so the war is fought to meet the same force the opposition is using. Then when the computer games data is put back on we shall revert back to lasers

And so to shall the allies for the power of this game would data protect act against an illegal fought war' said Hitler.

The Germans were quick to bring in real weapons to keep the momentum of moving further into Poland. No soldier could leave the world as the enigma was not working and they were left to fight for their country. It was in their hearts and beliefs to continue the fight for they were the body and brain of martyrs.

'Look they are using real weapons it has just made those opposition soldiers robot body be burst apart. Lasers don't do that. Looks like cheating fighters are abusing the games fair laser warfare now that game data protection has been shutdown. That means this earths governing war treaties has not been obliged by the worlds armies who are suppose to not develop and use real weapons in war and progress with dialogue. When this computer games data is back on. Without the enigma working then soldiers can still use real weapons for the computer game would have no power to resurrect them out this world to stop their illegal behavior. We'd be stuck in a brutal war with no escape if we were targeted to be mistreated with no self-defense to stop the attackers' said anne frank.

'if you are caught you'll be sent to the concentration camps. If we have no computer game hints to warn us of any axis troops heading our way that they'd find you then our days together are numbered' I said.

'if this computer games features had been working all the time then this war would be fought fair by the games policy no real weapons no violence no torture. It would of also stopped you and your family going to the concentration camp even the first time you went there and it killed you. Cos the games hints would of warned you and advised you how to avoid capture and survive during the hide and escape. This would make our romantic relationship spectacular cos we'd be guaranteed protection from any threat' I spoke.

'but this means that game players are still cruel even when the games features keep the war played fair. It is in their hearts to use real weapons and be violent if the games world wasn't created to make them fight only with lasers and legal game play. That they be participating in the battle playing fair because the game is keeping them to the policy how to play. Without the games data protection they'd use real weapons and be as violent as the war is with that kind of brutal equipment. They wouldn't cease all war until the battle can be played fair even without the computer games data protection features back on' anne frank frank replied being hesitant.

Lets picture the outcome of world war 2 when it really happened on earth. That as soon as the computer games enigma and features were sent to earth to be switched on. That all a sudden soldiers had no use of real weapons. But they had to win the war so they'd use lasers and frequency and the war would be fought like a console game in reality with virtual graphics among the battle scenarios. The outrage among the soldiers would be eager and annoyed. All a sudden no real weapons but they were not long ago that moment using them. And now they are automatically programmed with ideas. that the war is fought with gaming features lasers and frequencies and that the opposition had killed their side of soldiers and that they had a war plan to continue fighting even with just lasers and frequency weapons cos they would eliminate all the opponents. Even though they had no real weapons as the robot body energy became zero for game over. That they would still win the war after eliminating and making the opponent give up. World war 2 would continue with troops being so angry and determined to defeat the enemy after seeing and feeling and hearing real weapons explode near and onto them that the enemy wanted to control their land. And now they all were transformed into computer game features and capabilities so they would continue fighting with lasers and frequencies with the same anger and determination for the winners would gain control of the lands and eliminate the opposition.

'even if these real weapons became out of use for every soldier. They'd and we'd still fight one another with lasers and frequencies for we are at war and these computer friendly weapons also eliminate us and make us lose our land to the winner when they are the remaining troops and leaders on the land they invaded' said hitler.

'no other side of army would surrender if all real weapons were disabled to be replaced with lasers and frequencies when they have troops who have not been eliminated being still an active army and we continue our invasion on their territory. For they also have lasers frequencies to defend themselves and stop us taking control of their territory. They'd continue fighting us to make us lose as soon as the real weapons war is changed to computer gaming kind of warfare. So during any form of war we must win when the battle commences' said the Italian leader.

This story had given the truth to the computer game what would happen during a change to the worlds creation to make real weapon violent war be transformed into laser frequency war that is fought fair.

But the fought fair war would still have ability to make countries lose their territory even have less food and drink if controlled by corrupt regimes causing oppression.

For evil who has a disabled robot body from nuisance behavior would seek a creation to give them a human body that could live in the computers gaming planet to disarm the games disable process from its human body so the evil could arrive as a force of army and invade and misbehave on the gaming planet being enables all the time they are alive.

This was the cause for concern of the paradise worlds from evil intentions to create this disturbing plot to exist among us aliens.

When me and anne frank found a warplane to fly in we had to take it as german armies were heading our way and if they recognized us as jews we would be arrested and manipulated.

So we alerted the taskbar where we should fly to avoid being struck by enemy warplanes so it guided us on our flight.

'but I thought you was a qualified pilot and now your not even aware which switch does fly this plane' said anne frank.

'but wait how do we fly this as I thought you was a pilot skilled to fly' I asked.

'the taskbar states we have to fly to escape the Germans on the way towards us look it explains these switches fly the plane and we must follow this route on this flight map to be far away from enemy warplanes up in the sky' she spoke.

'right simple we fly this plane like a joypad on the computer here we go. Let me fly and you guide me on the route to an escape' I requested.

The game was on our side it advised us of every switch and button in the jet how to lift off and fly and land. It was as easy flying planes on a computer screen with a joystick.

The plane was flew by the games data under our control pressing the correct buttons. the games data was like a human body that knew how to do everything that people do normal in the world. the games data was a brain body gadget for each game player qualified to do everything we did to guide us through missions.

This was possible since planet earth had happened and everything invented and done on it made it known for the games data how to do it with the data controlling it with each game player using it.

It sure was fun seeing game players at battle against each other using laser and frequency and how the graphic images shown war and disaster. No one was violent and was playing fair.

But the sad thing was when your body energy was calculated as being zero amount and you were then enigma transferred out the game.

You now was out the paradise war. The enigma process made sure every soldier who had zero body energy was out the game as if they still tried to use lasers and frequencies it wouldn't count and anyway they were bodily taken out the game being an enigma and their robot body was buried after removal.


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