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Tales of a Russian Sniper

Novel By: Geremy
War and military

This is the story of a Russian sniper who finds many things in the rubble of Berlin, including love and comradeship. Follow the Russian sniper through the rubble of Berlin as he tries to outlast the war. View table of contents...


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Once we broke through the Seelow heights we moved forward to Berlin. All of the snipers were called to headquarters for a briefing on the upcoming battle. When we got to the staging area we were met with a sight that surprised and made us laugh inside. It was the commissar and he looked as mad as ever. His right arm was missing so his right sleeve was rolled up. He was looking over the crowd and then when he saw us he tried to stare us down but Ivan was more intimidating, so he won the stare down. The commanding officer was telling us that the final push to Berlin was going to start soon and he wanted us to provide over watch. Once the infantry started to make gains into Berlin we were to follow. "Alright then, stock up your ammunition and take a ppsh or shotgun because it's going to be some serious close-quarters fighting once we get into the city" was the Commanders last advice.
Ivan and I went over to the supply station and ourselves and plentiful amount of ammunition for our sniper rifles. Unfortunately for Ivan they couldn't get him another PTRS sniper rifle so he had to settle for a mosin-nagant. For my extra gun I chose a ppsh due to the fact that its light and fires pretty fast. Ivan chose a sawed-off double barrel shotgun as his close range weapon. He also took a wicked looking knife, it looked like some sort of butchers knife or something. We also grabbed some rations that would last us for awhile. As we started to set out the commissar stepped in front of us, scaring the hell out of me. "I know it was one of you that shot my arm off," he said to us "I won't have you killed yet since you are still of use to this army but once we have captured the Reichstag my celebration will begin by throwing you over the edge!" Wow. I thought to myself, this guy has some issues but his threat was to be taken seriously since he had the authority to do it. Ivan looked like he was going to start using the commissar as practice for his new knife but he eventually calmed himself down and said to the commissar "race you to the top". The commissar looked like he was going to freak, so Ivan and I took this chance to walk away and find a nice spot to provide over watch.
There was an empty train station just outside the outskirts of Berlin, so we set up camp there. We got into a position that allowed us to see much of the German defenses and also many German civilians run into cellars. "Ha-ha," laughed Ivan "those Fascists think that the cellars can protect them from our attack? Our flamethrowers will take care of those vermin". Right once he said that I noticed many of our men with flamethrowers and I thought to myself who horrible this attack was going to be. I wasn't a religious man but I said a prayer for the German civilians anyways because I knew that they were going to suffer a fate that nobody could imagine. Ivan must have saw that I was shocked by this thought so he said "they deserve this fate, they are the one's that attacked us and it was them who started the brutalities. Don't you remember when we liberated that village in the Ukraine?" I remembered the village alright, I remember walking in the town square and seeing a sight that me throw up on the spot without warning. There was nothing in the square but hanging, dead bodies of men and boys that the SS had murdered. Yes I had remembered it well but I also remembered the brutalities that our men have committed. The killing of prisoners and even worse the raping of women and, I can barely say it, but young girls too. Yes, I remember everything that has been done and that is why I don't want more atrocities committed.
We took turns keeping watch but all we say were more Germans running away and trying to set up defensive positions. Sleeping was impossible since our artillery shells and rockets were being fired non-stop during the night. The attack started at dawn with our tanks leading the way following behind. We could hear the commissars voice yelling out things like "move forward for Russia" and stuff like that. Ivan and I waited until the Germans fired first. We didn't have to wait long with anti-tank rockets being fired from the apartment building about one kilometer in front of us. There were also a couple Mg's firing but we decided to start on the AT rockets since our tanks could take out the MG's with ease. We eached picked out targets and fired away. We split our targets up, Ivan took the bottom half of the complex, while I took the top half. A couple of our tanks were knocked out but the Germans were taking heavy casualties and some bad luck too. One of our tanks knocked down part of the building which allowed our infantry to move forward and take the building. Ivan nudged me in the shoulder and said "come on let's go, or all the Germans will be dead".
We left our spot and began to head into Berlin. I was hoping that the going would be easy but the Germans were still fighting hard and wouldn't let us through until they were killed. Ivan and I went into the apartment building wielding our secondary weapons. We made our way to the top and found many Germans dead. I could recognize some of the one's I had killed since they had bullet holes in their heads. "I forgot how good of a shot you were Stanislav" remarked Ivan. I just shrugged my shoulders and began setting up when a voice asked us "mind if we set up with you?" Ivan and I both turned around to see women snipers! I knew that the Soviet army did employ female snipers but I had never met one before. Ivan immediately started talking, trying to be the best guy around. They introduced themselves as Diana and Eva. Diana was a taller than Eva and Diana was also a redhead while Eva was a brunette. Ivan went straight to work trying to impress the women with his sniping skills while I just sniped to help our men out.
Our men needed the help too, since they had run into trouble trying to take an asylum. Our tanks kept getting blown up due to AT rockets and our men were being chewed up by their MG's. As I was sniping I noticed how good these women were at sniping. I also noticed that Diana was a little better at sniping then Ivan although he wouldn't admit it. When night had fallen, our men were making their way through the asylum and both teams of snipers agreed that we should stay up here for the rest of the night. While one team slept the other team kept watch. It was during this that I got to know more about Diana.


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