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Tales of a Russian Sniper

Novel By: Geremy
War and military

This is the story of a Russian sniper who finds many things in the rubble of Berlin, including love and comradeship. Follow the Russian sniper through the rubble of Berlin as he tries to outlast the war. View table of contents...


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Berlin. Once a city considered so great, even better than Paris according to some, had been reduced to nothing. Before the war, I wanted to go to Berlin because it was like a beautiful piece of art and now that I am here I see how the war has destroyed this once great city. The look of the city is not the only depressing thing about Berlin. It's inhabitants were once a joyous people that lived a fun and fancy free life, now lived in the rubble and stole food just to live. It was a sad sight to see the once easy going people now waiting in fear of us in their cellars. It was unbearable to hear and impossible to watch our flamethrowers burn them out of their cellars, to see the charred dead bodies on the street and the burnt, but not dead, bodies of the living, waiting for their turn to die. Berlin was once a city of happy dreams, now it was a city of nightmares.
Once our men had secured the asylum, Ivan and I began to move out, but Diana and Eva insisted on tagging along. We accepted their company gratefully for too many reasons to say. On top of the apartment complex, while our men were making their way through the asylum, I asked Diana to tell me a bit about herself. She told me she had grown up on the icy tundra in Siberia. She had good hunting skills, killing many animals for food and others to sell. Apparently, Soviet High Command had heard about her hunting skills and had trained her to be a sniper and set her off to the battle of Stalingrad. It was in Stalingrad where she had met up with Eva and they had become very good sniping partners.
When we saw our comrades' exit out of the asylum onto the street behind it, we knew that they had taken control and it was time for us to move. Diana and Eva decided to tag along with us and Ivan and I had no problem with that. We found the nearest command post and all four of us dropped to the ground or rolled into the shadows. We saw many dead officers and a couple injured ones. We knew straight away that a sniper had done this. All of the dead officers were shot in the head at long range. The other officer had either been hit in the shoulders or got done quick enough not to be shot. Eva and I were on the ground while Diana and Ivan were hiding in the shadows. "I'm going to try and draw out the sniper by firing on that three story house over there," I said pointing at a house about 300 yards away "you two watch for the muzzle flash."
I set my mosin-nagant down and picked up my ppsh. I took a quick breath and then stood up a bit so I could see the building and fired a three second burst at the three story house. I ducked down as fast as I could. One nanosecond after I had ducked down a bullet had lodged itself into a wooden post behind me. I thought for sure that Ivan had seen the where the shot came from but he said that no muzzle flash came from the house. "Try it again, I think I know what building he is in this time" Ivan said. I did not want to do that again since the sniper would probably have me the next time I try anything. Just as I was about to try again, another shot lanced out from the German's sniper rifle. I looked at the around me and saw Eva with her rifle sticking up just a bit from our cover. On the ground in front of her was her wool cap. I couldn't believe that I didn't think of that before, just as I was about to say good job, Diana spoke "I saw the flash, it came from an apartment building about fifty yards west of the three story house.
I nodded and began moving towards the shadows where Ivan and Diana were. We formulated a plan to take out the sniper. We would move in the shadows and attack the house on both flanks. Eva and Diana on the left, Ivan and I on the right. We moved up silently, watching for the first sign that the sniper had seen us and would start shooting. We were about ten yards from the snipers house when shooting erupted around us. One of our tanks was battling it out with a German anti-tank crew. The Germans were in the house right beside Eva and Diana. The Russian tank fired at the house, taking out part of the wall.
The destroyed then fell where Eva and Diana were, burying them in the rubble. I was about to run out the sniper started shooting where Eva and Diana were, trying to kill them. So I ran into the house where the sniper was, running up the steps two at a time. I finally got to where the sniper was hiding and ran up behind him and nailed him in the back with the butt of my rifle. He dropped his rifle but swung his fist around, knocking my rifle out of my hands. I booted him the stomach which made him double over, I then tackled him to the ground. During the fight he some how was able to bring out his knife and he slashed my arm with it as we were falling to the ground. He tried to stab me but I was able to knock the knife out of his grip. He was able to throw me off of him and he scrambled for his knife. I tried to tackle him but threw a backwards kick which got me in the knee and the force of the kick made me go on my knees. He stood over top of me with the knife ready to kill me when all of a sudden his face blew up. I looked around and saw Ivan standing right behind me. He was holding his double-barrel shotgun and the end of both muzzles were smoking. I looked once more at the headless German sniper and ran past Ivan downstairs.
I was still running full tilt when I reached Diana and Eva. Both of them we lying on the ground, with streaks of blood going down their faces but they were still alive. Diana tried to stand up but didn't make it very far, instead she settled with sitting against the building which the tank had shot at. The tank crew was getting out of the tank and the officer started walking over to where Diana and Eva were. He looked at them for a second, like he was trying to figure out what to say and then "What the hell were you two thinking? Are you stupid or brainless or both? Your lucky your still alive you brainless women!" he yelled. I walked over to the officer and BAM! I punched him in the nose breaking it and sending him onto the ground.
He got up quickly though and pulled his pistol on me. I pulled out my ppsh and we just stood face to face until another tank and some infantry pulled up. The newly arrived tank commander walked up to where me and the other tank commander were staring each other down.
"What is going on here?" he asked.
"I was talking to these two women when this man came up to me and assaulted me" the angry tank commander replied.
"Is this true?" asked the tank commander.
"I did break his nose but he almost killed these two women snipers when he fired at the building they were right beside" I told him.
"Why were you over here?"
"We came here to kill a sniper that was making a mess out of the command post."
"Really? Did you get him?"
"Yes, he's dead alright, his body is in the apartment."
He stood silent for a moment and then said "Alright, I want these two women brought to the first aid station immediately, and I want you two snipers to cover my squads advance to the subway station. There are many German soldiers hiding down there waiting to reappear and cut us off once we move by them but we won't give them the chance." He told Ivan and I. I looked back at Eva and Diana and saw that they were being helped up. As Ivan and I started to walk away I hoped I would be able to talk to Diana again.


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