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Two-faced Rebellion.

Novel By: MissingHeartl102
War and military

Tags: Rebel, Love, Romance, Lies, War, Fight, Rebellion, Two, Faced, Genderbenderarabella. I, Shivered, In, The, Small, Damp, Tunel, I, Sliped, Through, Easily, With, My, Thin, Body., Hands, Slide, Against, Slippery, Concret, As, They, Guided, Darkness, Heard, Squeals, A, Rat, Scurried, Past, Me, And, Faught, Scream, That, Almost, Passed, Lips., Slowly, Made, Way, Each, Inch, Closer, Screams, Grew, Louder, Tried, Best, To, Block, Out, Most, Likly, From, Own, Comrads, Fouced, On, Mission., Am, You, Might, Call, Pretty, High, Up, Well, Acculy, Offical, Head, Leader, Of, Whole, But, Didnt, Stop, Throwing, Myself, Into, Highly, Dangerous, Situations, Truth, Have, No, Idea, Why, Was, Guess, Did, Start, Who, Know, Saving, Group, Men, Excustion, Would, Grow, This?, Ethier, Needed, Government, Control, Ruled, Everything, Hundreds, Eb, Sent, Be, Excused, For, Even, Looking, At, Politions, Or, Dictiors, Wrong, Miss, Day, Paying, Your, "protection, Fees", Death., Think, Run, People, After, While, Right?, Mean, More, "taxes", So, Are, Dead, Regerated, Bodies, Leaving, Memory, Painful, Death, Behind, Had, Complete, Obednece, Though, Their, Were, Soem, Become, Scared, Due, Got, Stronger, Aand, Began, Agaist, Gov't, Shadow, It, All, Changed, When, Save, These, Rebelion, Spring, Everywhere, Looked, Role, Model., Only, Reason, Saved, Those, Because, Boyfriend, One, Them, Planning, :again!", He, Always, Gets, Situations., Dim, Light, Show, End, Found, Self, Opening, Ground, Bars, Covering, Hole, Hoped, Drain, Pipe...., Took, Minet, Eyes, Adjust, Target, Cringed, Sight., Curtin, Red, Curls, Covred, His, Face, Dripped, Crimson, Buly, Muscualer, Body, Broken, Blood, Wearing, Tthin, Cloths, Seemed, Once, Pants., Proped, Wall, Shackles, Wrist, Attacked, Which, Probly, Broken., Bellow, Him, Pool, Shreds, Ripped, Clothing., Slipped, Place, Squesed, Lightly, Sound, Walked, Over, See, F, Still, Alive, Bent, Down, Check, Pulse, Shot, Open, Filled, Piecering, Hate, Anger, Reconized, Soften, Smile, Slid, Onto, Face. "hey, Boss, Come, Pick, Up?' "yup, Now, Let, Get, Sorry, This, Hell, Hole." "glad, To", Said I, Pulled, Key, Pocket, Turned, Lock, Low, Click. "how, Key?", Asked, Confused "i, Ways", Winked, Hand, Around, Helped, Could, Unchanged, Great, Deal, Pain, Long, Clider, Poped, Off, White, Cap, Beofe, Stabing, Arm., Called, A.p., There, Some, Name, Never, Use, New, Thing, Scintist, Help, Heal, Bones, Wounds, Within, Seconds, Healed, Hurt, Like, Hell. I, Tuned, Iwth, Held, Back, Screams. "jasper, Bite, This", Put, Rubber, Stopper, Mouth After, Became, Clam, Again, We, Make, Our, Thick, Heavy, Wooden, Door, Clicked, Handy, Hall. "so, Arabella.., Do, Any, Clue, How, Going, Here?" "nope, All"

Arabella stared a rebellion on accident and became their leader, when see save her bf from death. But she is also the adopted daughter of most their most hated enemy. She has to becarefull full that nether side finds out. View table of contents...



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I shivered in the small damp tunnel that seemed to stretch for miles, I slipped through easily with my thin body even though it was large than I was use to. My hands slide against slippery wet concrete as they guided my in the darkness, I heard screech as a rat scurried past me and faught against the scream that almost passed my lips. I slowly made my way through the darkness with each inch closer the screams grew louder and louder, I tried my best to block out the screams most likely from my own comrades and forced on my mission.
I am rebel as you might call and pretty high up... well I am the official head leader of the whole rebellion, but that didn't stop me from throwing myself into highly dangerous and incredibly idiotic situations, in truth I have no Idea why I was the head. I guess I did start the whole rebellion. God, who was to know saving a group of men from execution would grow to this? Ether way a rebellion needed to start, the government was out of control they ruled everything. countless have been sent to be executed for just looking at the government officials or as I call them, the dictators wrong. Or if they miss a day on paying your "protection fees" and your on your way to death. You would think they would run out of people after a while right? well that would mean no more "taxes" so after they are dead most are then fixed, returned to life but left with the memories of the painful death and nasty scars behind so they had complete obedience, or so they though. Their were some that didn't become scared due to the memory but got stronger and began to fight against the officials from the shadow.
That all changed when I saved a small group from execution. Rebellion began to spring up everywhere and they all looked to me a role model. In truth the only reason I saved those men because my best friend was one of them that who I was planning on saving "AGAIN!" he always gets into these situations. But then again I may be worse after all, my name is Arabella Maureen Silver. I am the adopted daughter of a high up official, William J. Silver who is the second in command.
The only reason I can even get away with these two worlds not clashing is that the rebels leader is a man, well at least that what they think I can turn my body into a mans with a injection it hurts like hell but its worth it to keep them sepreated. Injections for cosmetic reasons are very popular espiecally ones that have an affect of changing body shapes. Normally they are not used to change gender and such injects are highly illegeal but come on Im pretty sure I have done way more highly illegeal things than that.
As I grew closer a dim light began to appear the end of the tunnel and I found my self in a small opening at the ground with thin bars covering the hole, and I hoped it was a drain pipe.... It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the mild light change when I found my target, I cringed at the sight. A curtain of red curls coved his face that dripped crimson, his bulky muscular body was twisted in wrong angles and bloody. He was only wearing a thin cloths stained with mud and deep red and what seemed to once be pants. He was propped against a concrete wall with rusted shackles on his wrist that attached to the wall. Bellow him was a pool of his own blood and shreds of his ripped clothing. I slipped the bars out of place easily and pushed my way through and lightly with out a sound walked over to see f he was still alive as I bent down to check for a pulse. My hands shook as I reached for his wrist then with out warninghe luche foward and his eyes shot open filled with burning hate and anger looked at me, then as he recognized my face soften a small smile slid onto his face.
"Hey boss come to pick me up?'
"Yup now let get your sorry but out of this hell hole." a deep voice replied form my mouth
"Glad to" he said
I pulled a key out my pocket and turned the lock with a low click.
"How did you get the key?" He asked confused
"I have my ways" I winked
As I slid my hand around him and helped him up I could see even through his unchanged face that he was in a great deal of pain, I pulled out a long cylinder and yanked off a white plastic cap before a thin needle stabbed into his arm. It was called HEAL, there was some long name for it but most people never use it, was a new thing my fellow rebel scientist made to help heal the body broken bones open wounds you name it within seconds it would be healed, but it hurt felt like every inch of your body was being torn apart then it stopped and you felt no pain at all.I tuned as his face began filled with pain as he held back screams.
"Jasper bite this"
I put a thick piece of twisted fabric in his mouth
After his face became clam again we began to make our way through the thick heavy wooden door that clicked open with my handy key. Jasper gripped my hand tightly as we made our way down the dim hall filled with pleading screams.
"So Arabe-... Alec...do you have any clue how we are going to get out of here?"
"Nope, no clue at all" I smiled back


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