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Finding Love in a Soldier

Novel By: myheart
War and military

Dixie works in a cafe and life is regular until a guy comes into the cafe and they completely fall for each other in an instant. Like fate intervened. Jordan is a soldier for the army and have been at base for 3 years until he finally takes a vacation and finds Dixie and falls instantly for her too. How will their love work out? What will happen if he is deployed? View table of contents...


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I was behind the bar washing out the dishes into someone came in through the door, as I heard the bell ring, I went to the main floor and stood in front of the table where a young man had just sat down. I looked at him wearing an army green jacket and khaki pants with a face that could even defy an angel. His hair was black in a short cut, guessing for he was in the military that is usually required, and his face was light pale with chiseled checks and these green eyes that you could sink yourself into. I looked at him for a second completely mesmerized by his looks and face until he interrupted with a cough and brought me out of reality.

"I'm sorry," I said as I blushed a faint red on the cheeks.

He started laughing, "You know you are so adorable. Especially with that blush on your cheeks." He said as he brought up his hand to my face and stroked my cheek making me blush more.

I smiled and then asked, "What do you want?" as I remembered my job for a faint second.

"For starters I would like a coffee and then maybe would you like to go out with me?" he said as his eyes drew me in and I automatically said yes.

"Sure, umm, I get off in about ten minutes. We can go down by the pier," I said as I smiled to him.

He looked up with a smile that brightened his face, "Sounds wonderful."

"I will go get that coffee for you," I said as I turned around and walked away towards the back behind the counter to pour him a cup and then handed it to him. "I will be right back," I said as I started off towards the back of the café.

"I will be here," he said with a light laugh. Then about 10 minutes later I returned and sat across from him on the booth he was sitting at.

"My shifts over now," I said as he nodded and took a sip of his coffee.

"Sorry I forgot my manners mam. My name is Jordan Millow," he said as he put out his hand to shake mine.

I shake his hand and giggled for a second as he looked at me with wonder, "Well nobody ever uses manners around here."

"I do. I am a soldier of the army and they taught me better than that. Especially towards a beautiful lady like you," Jordan said.

I blushed again as I tried to stop showing how much he impacted my feelings. He just laughed a little, "My name is Dixie Cullen," I said redoing the favor of again shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you miss Cullen," Jordan said.

"Oh please call me Dixie," I said as a smile spread across my face.

"Okay Dixie, well I believe you were going to go out with me correct?" He said as a corner of his lips smirked into a smile.

I giggled and replied, "Yes Jordan. I thought we could go down by the pier."

As she said that he stood up out of his booth and put out his hand for mine, "Well let's go then," he said as I nodded and got out of my seat and walked out of the café and down to the pier that was only about 2 minutes away. We just talked and never realized until about half way through our walk I was still holding his hand. However, I didn't let go of it. My heart was running a million miles per hour I believe and I just couldn't help but smile when I was close to this guy who I just meet like 20 minutes ago.

"The pier is just down here," I waved my hand ahead as a view of a few vendors came into sight.

"Mhmm those snow cones look so good. I haven't had any in a while," he said as he kept his eyes on me and then the snow cone vendor.

"Really?" I said surprised.

"Yeah well the military kind of impacts your life. I've been busy on deployments and stuff. I never actually have time to enjoy myself. Actually this is the first time I have been out of the base for past like three years," Jordan said.

"Wow that's a long time. You must be dedicated to your work as a soldier," I said. He nodded in agreement. "Well for that I believe you deserve a snow cone," I said as I walked toward the vendor.

He laughed a tad and said, "You know you're funny and sweet. I bet your boyfriend will be jealous that you were out with somebody else today."

I laughed as I grabbed me a blue snow cone, "Nope. I don't have one and haven't in a while."

He looked at me mysteriously, "Are you serious? I can't believe no guy has ever grabbed you up yet."

"Whelp, I don't know why," I shrugged my shoulders. "So what flavor do you want?"

Jordan looked at the flavors sign and read 'cherry, banana, blueberry, root beer' and on and on the list had like 20 flavors. He just glanced at me and my snow cone and said to the man, "I will have what she got." The guy nodded and handed Jordan a blue snow cone matching mine. He took a bite, "mhmm that's delicious. What flavor is it?"

"My favorite," I said licking my snow cone, "blueberry with a bit of lime." We both walked down the sidewalk to the end of the pier as we devoured our snow cones on the way. When we both reached the end we both sat down on the wood as our legs hung over the pier and looked at each other.

"You know...I know I just meet you and all but I really like you. It's like there's a magnet pulling me towards you." Jordan said as he looked me in the eyes and I nodded.

"I feel it too. However, you are so handsome you probably attract a lot of women like that," I said.

"Nah, I'm not really off base that much and when I don I just hang out with my buddies. However in this moment I am glad that I'm spending my time with you, Dixie," he said in a sweet voice that made me swoon.

I smiled and he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him as we looked out into the sea. His hand kept playing with my long brown hair as my face lay on his shoulder. I don't know but it was like time stood still until he said, "You are one of the most amazing people I've ever meet. Even though I only met you like about 2 hours ago." Then something broke his concentration as I looked in his direction. "Look the sunset," he said softly into my ear.

"It's beautiful," I said muffled into his army green shirt.

"Yeah I used to sit outside sometimes and just watch the sun go down. Sometimes would be the highlight of my day," he said but then looked at me and into my eyes, "however today you are."

I just smiled and hugged him tight. I knew things were moving so fast but I couldn't stop my feelings for him when I was around him. It was like I was on cloud 9. He looked down at me and leaned down as his lips kissed my upper lip and then my lower lip until I opened my mouth to kiss him fully and passionately. We kissed until we were both out of breath but we didn't want to stop. He kissed me some more and started to kiss down my neck and nibble on my ear.

I pulled back for a second as a look of surprise spread across my face, "Sorry I really want to but…," I looked around at the few people who was still there, "I don't believe this is the correct place for that type of affection." He looked around and agreed as he pulled me up into his arms bridal style and then set me back on my feet. "Plus I bet your family will be worried about you when you're out this late."

Jordan just laughed, "No, I'm here staying with a few friends they probably won't even notice I was gone long. How about we head to your house," he said as he pressed his lips back on mine and I nodded as we walked to the road and got a taxi.

"567 Jasper Road please," I told the driver then looked back at Jordan as he started to kiss down my neck and unbuttoned a few buttons. I can't say I didn't enjoy it but I never liked too much of public display of affection.

"Here you are, miss," the driver stopped and I just pulled out a 10 dollar bill and told him to keep the change as we both got out of the car and I buttoned my shirt back up.

He laughed a little, "I don't know why you're fooling with that when they will just be unbuttoned again," he said smiling and I smiled but still buttoned it all the way up. I fished around in my pocket for my keys and then pulled them out and opened the door. "Its apartment 4" I said as we both went down the hall and I opened up the door to my apartment. Once we were in he slammed me against the wall and kissed me passionately. A kiss I didn't want to let go and then he moved down kissing my jaw line and down my neck. While his hands were unbuttoning my shirt again as I started to take of his army jacket. I started to move towards my room and then landed on my bed with him on top and we spent the rest of the night in a passionate way.

I woke up at about 9am in the morning and looked over to see that Jordan was gone. I thought to myself maybe this just a dream? I guessed to myself that it was and laid back down to fall back into slumber until I heard someone in the kitchen. I grabbed my robe from the side of my bed and walked into the kitchen that was next to my bedroom and seen Jordan standing over the stove cooking. He looked back and said, "I wondered when you were going to get up sleepy head," he said as I smiled. "So what do you want? Eggs, ham, bacon? I fixed a little of everything," he said laughing a little.

I took a smell of the food and tummy started to grumble, "Anything would be fine," I said as he laid down a plate on the table that had a mixture of everything on it. I took a bite, "mhmm that's so good. I'm a horrible cook so nice to have home cooked food for a change."

He smiled as he sat next to me with a plate of his own, "glad you like it. I thought it's the least I could do." He said as he started to eat.

I mentioned a minute later, "Last night...was umm...incredible." I said

He nodded, "I know right," he said as he started to ask me. "Would you like to go out with me on like a date or something?"

I looked up at him with my eyes wide and said, "Absolutely!"

He said, "How about tonight? The Diamond Palace," he said asking in wonder.

"Sounds nice. I never had been there."

"Me neither," he said laughing, "I guess it will be a treat for both of us."

"I guess so," as I smiled back. He spent the day at my house as we talked and watched television. I never would of guessed of him to be one of the romantic types however he loved the lovey dovey movies I through into the dvd player. I loved the feeling of being snuggled up into him on the couch. His scent was so intoxicating to me. It was a smell of sweet, and a little bit of dirt and sand. Everything about him drew me in. I just laid there on his chest watching dvds all day. Even though it may sound odd, it was one of the best days I ever had in years. When them kissing scenes would come on he would passionately grab me and kiss me deeply as my body was mesmorized by him in everyway. I wondered to myself, 'how was I so lucky to find a guy like this?' The only answer I had was fate pulled us together. He was my soul mate I thought as I looked at him and he smiled back at me. Just being there in his arms made my heart race and I loved every second.

We had reservations at 6:30pm and it was like a little after five so I got up and started getting dressed. I closed my door and took about an hour to figure out what to wear and how to do my hair. I walked out to him in the living room wearing a little black one shoulder dress and my hair was in a bun with a few brown ringlets hanging down and a pair of black high heels. He ran over to me and looked me up and down, "You look absolutely amazing Dixie."

I smiled with a blush and then realized that he had changed to into a black tuxedo. "You look handsome yourself," I said as I hugged him, "I didn't even realize you left."

"I hope you wouldn't have noticed," Jordan laughed, "however I knew I couldn't go into a restraint dressed in my army greens." I nodded understanding as he kissed me on the forehead.


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