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Novel By: poewhit
War and military

My auto-bio of The Viet Nam War. View table of contents...

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At first the use of sand bags was tried, but failed. The wall would become weak, aroundthe five foot level. The wall itself, had to have the strength, to stop a B-40 rocket. This was one of the main weapons used by the enemy with great success. Used through-out Viet Nam and duringthe TET Offensive. Though, the need for a stronger wall was in call. The idea came up to use old discarded 55 gallon drums. These filled with sand and dirt, would give ample protection, to the area being secured. This became the detail, for punishment regimented out by commands.

It consisted of going over to the peno-prime area, on the other side of the base. A two andone half ton truck was used, for getting the barrels. Then dirt and sand had to be secured fromother parts, and brought to the tower. Then the barrels were placed around the base of the towerand radio containers and filled. The work was hard labor and in the heat was trying to a persons make-up. Dante's Hell might have been better thanunder the Viet Nam sun. The work was stagnatedwith tower duty, guard duty, and just duty. All in the tower had their respective time building the wall.Though it could get trying with the continual call of building, working, and then guard duty at nights.

The wall had two barrels on the base thick. Then a row was placed on top of the bottom base.Though again it was B-40 rocket resistant. The peno-prime was a black tar like sub-stance sprayed on thedirt roads for dust and stability. Though it had an attraction for the sun's heat rays. This gave the road aheat absorbing capacity and produced heat vectors upward, plus smelled. The wall building detail became abhor-ed very fast by the guys. The pace of work slowed and it sort of moved along slow at a snails pace.

The dirt moving was tiring and in the heat moved very slow. This added to weight loss and drinking much water, which became frenzied. A persons work pace slowed down and exhaustion was an under-lying result. The wall was slowed down in its construction. Soon as strange as it may seem, the heatbecame a second nature of life. You just got acclimated to it over time.Around now, I was reaching my half way point in my tour of duty in Viet Nam. That was about five months give and take a little time. Time seemed to pass, and not pass at times. You just were existing at this stage, surviving.It was a strange time for me, I was becoming more aware of the war and its implications. The smoking ofgrass had become a major factor in my time in Viet Nam.


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