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Tags: War

A village is raided by soldiers and one boy gets caught up in it all. Will he survive the wrath of the soldiers? View table of contents...


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The pain of what they were doing was unbearable. They had me tied up and started beating me all because they wanted information that I haven't got. Then the boss left and told the other soldiers to try and get information out of me for when he gets back or else and then he sliced his hand over his throat. I gulped I knew this wouldn't be good.

One soldier stood in front taking control. He grabbed hold of my throat and asked for the information. I tried shaking my head but it was hard as he was holding my throat choking me. Once he got the message that I was shaking my head I was punched by him in the jaw. I could feel this liquid filling my mouth. I spat it out onto the ground. It was blood.

The soldier finally let go of my throat. I started to gasp for breath. But I didn't have long as another soldier came up and kicked me. I let out a scream and started to cry. Did they not know that I was only a little boy and wanted a life to live. One soldier saw my pain and came to help me. He tried to stop the soldier in charge telling him that I was only a kid. He was shot. I should have known that there was no way out.

Then a soldier came along. He was holding something. I couldn't tell what it was from a distance. But when he came right up in front of me I saw clearly what it was and what he was going to do. My fear was nothing like it had ever been before. I started to shake and cry even harder. Begging for them not to do anything. The only they said was "You know what to say". I didn't think I had a choice. I thought it was over my time to give up. But then I thought again with me giving up my chances to grow up I would be letting millions of other kids live theirs. It was a sacrifice I was willing to take.

I told the soldier I knew nothing. Then I felt the real pain. One by one they were getting ripped off. I screamed in agony. I could taste the saltyness of my tears as they streamed down my face into my open screaming mouth. The other soldiers stood their making sure I didn't do anything that would displeasure them. Then the main soldier stood back and I saw the blood on his hands. Then another two soldiers stood forward and took my hands and forced me to look at them. I saw the blood pouring out my fingers where my finger nails should be.

It was starting to get into the night now and I was starting to feel faint. All around me there was my blood soaking into the ground. The soldiers were still punching me but I became to numb to feel it. I had a black eye and it had swollen so I couldn't see out of it. Then the big boss soldier came back and the soldiers let go of me and stood to attention. He started speaking to the soldiers asking if they had got any information out of me. They said no of course. Then the boss came over to me and looked me in the eye. We both knew that one more punch and I would be over. He ordered the soldiers to untie me. When I was untied I didn't bother to run it was pointless. Then the boss punched me in the stomach.

I couldn't scream. I just fell and lay there. I knew it was over. And in my last few moments I felt a hand go into my pocket and take out some paper. It was truly over they had everything.


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