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Escape from Bielany

Novel By: Sophie Turner
War and military

When Evelyn-Mae is torn from all she's ever known, witnessing the death of her pparents and best friend. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 22, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

We had arrived. Our feet dragging and eyelids heavy, we swung open the door. The house was small, dim light draining in from the near-to-shattering window. It looked like it was the only one. My eyes flickered nervously from the ceiling to the floor; it was dusty. I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket, beginning to rub some of the seemingly permanent stains from the wall. "No!" Mother snapped, pulling my arm. "You mustn't leave any clues that we have been here, Evelyn." Her face return to the her usual soft, caring position.

"Your mother is right, Evelyn-Mae." Father spoke up, clearing his voice. "Now then, shall we head up? I am rather weary, especially after our journey." Trudging up the stairs, Father rubbed his eyes with his free hand; in the other was a case, packed of precious items and clothes. Mother's bag held food and water, enough to last us for many months. My bag was really extras, such as paper, quills, rolls of toilet paper and the like. Quite light, but the necessities. The room was large. In the one far corners was a double bed and a single, pushed together, thin blankets strewn on top of them. A small wardrobe sat at the other corner, a few wire coat hangers hanging from the wooden beam inside. No windows were in the room, but Mother lit a small candle and placed it on a small wooden table. "Why are we here, Mother?" I sighed, sitting gently on the single bed. "What about Bielany? Shall we be moving back? What shall be of our friends?" Mother shook her head, sitting beside me. "Well, I am not sure. To say the least, I am extremely devastated to leave them behind. Mina and her family are to be here soon, grandmother and grandfather with them."

Night passed, and Mother grew more and more anxious. "Are you..." Father began to ask.

"I'm fine!" She yelled, her face turning red. "Why do you keep asking!" She stormed downstairs. I raced after her. "Mother!" I whispered sharply. "Where are you going?" She stroked my short, red hair, giving me a kiss on the forehead. "I love you forever. Tell your father that, too." She tore off the chain she wore religiously around her neck, planting it firmly in my palm. A wedding ring sat comfortably around her finger, and she slipped it off too. "Keep these. Money will get you nowhere, instead love and faith anywhere. Remember that, and remember me, too." She passed me a photo of her, Father, my grandparents and I, soft around the edges yet still a keepsake. "אוהב לנצח, לעולם לא תשכח. אלוהים הוא חזק ביותר.", before running from the door and straight into an attack. I watched, too shocked to do anything as I heard her scream and fall to the ground.


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