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Final Resort Group

By: Sunkenshipbaby

Chapter 1, I came up with this Idea but I need some help...

Alpha team

  • A team, recon. Alpha team is the first part of the Final Resort Group
    • members: Name and gender
      • Marie(f)
      • John(m)

Bravo team

  • B team, assassins. Bravo team is a three man cell that specializes in killing in any way on orders.
    • members: Name and gender
      • Alexi(f)
      • Logan(m)
      • Brian(m)

Charlie team

  • C team, clean up. Charlie team specializes in making assassinations look like accidents, and in public relations.
    • members: Name and gender
      • Arianna(f)
      • Lorain(f)
      • Bartholomew(m)

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