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O'megas. 1 Shall fall.

Novel By: ticket101
War and military

O'megas, A millitary force led by their leader Lithos Prime a force that is a guardian to humans and other species. A force sworn to protect their home from invaders others that wish to take their life source. For power or worse. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 34    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

Captain's log 44321 We recently encountered a new set of species we not know where they come from but we do know they are high security and are to be treated as such. Our military government is struggling it is...............INFORMATION CORRUPTED....10 Years ago.

Chapter 1.What we have become.

"Commander Lithos sir!" I said urgently.

"You need to see this" Lithos looked at me and glared.

"What can be more important then me eating right now?".

"Uh Outpost Normad1, just spotted thugs outside the gate"

*Lithos spitsout his drink* 'Well did they catch them?" Lithosasked with with frustration.

"Um no, but we will" I said in a low voice.

"Goddamns Matt, those thugs carry high tech information that we need to win the war."

"I know. I know. You know we didn't always use to be in wars." i started talking

Lithos interrupted* "Don't Matt I know what we have become I regret it but we have no choice" Lithos said in regret. "We all have a choice its a matter of believing it or not."

*Explosion* *Red Alert*

*Comlink* Commander! Raiders have attacked our fleet!

"Send all fighters out immediately!" Lithos said urgently

"Matt if they breach the blast doors you know what they will do. Kill them all." Lithoscommanded with anger.

"Yes Sir", I replied

I was not sure that we were doing the right thing. We didn't use to be generals we used to be guardians. But I guess war changes us.

"Commander!" One soldier said as Lithos entered bridge. "Raiders destroyed ship 3 and 6, all other ships taking heavy damage!"

Lithos looked at that soldier in frustration. "Soldier put all comlinks to all available ships now!" immediately the soldier did so.

"All captains this is Lithos Prime of Omega outwing. We must not let these raiders get the best of us. You know what will happen if they do. All firepower to maximum. We must advance our attack" All ships began to open fire they're deadliest weapons they opened on all ships.

"Sir! All ships are falling back!" one soldier said with excitement.

"Press on" Lithos said.

Eventually the raiders attacked ended. A total of 14 ships destroyed on their and, On our end could've been worse. The battle was a great loss for our empire. A few hours after the battle a General from Omega's Base was displeased with Lithos actions on Rahab, Lithos was called to his cabin while the general awaited his arrival. After a few minutes of waiting Lithos finally arrived. As soon as he entered the general said.

"I am most displeased in your lack of faith on Rahab" The general said with anger as he glared in to the mirror.

"General. I'm sorry. I made a mistake"I said with remorse

"YOU killed overthree-hundred of our men just for one liyba, ONE!" The general said with deep anger.

I thought to my self how can he say this its not easy leading a war.

"You don't know how hard it is to lead a war. I have over Five Thousand men to lead and more to come! I HATE THIS WAR" I said with frustration and sadness.

The General quickly said

"I know how you feel. Wanting to leave this war. We have become Warlords Generals in battles We are driven by madness this war is corrupting our future and our empire." General said with regret.

"But do not make the same mistake again. Or you will be stripped of your promotions and leadership." the general said as he walked out.

I tightened my fist as I looked at him leave. Maybe we are not who we used to be.

To be continued........................


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