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Toni Roman's Aftermath

Novel By: Toni Roman
War and military

Ellison's story. View table of contents...


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Aftermath:Chapter One
"If you can't protect them when they are inside of you, how are you supposed to protect them after they are born?" -- from a conversation between Kacy and Sarah
Good Friday, 10th April 2009
Los Angeles, California
Zeira Building
Sarah and John Connor are sitting near the elevators and waiting to be seen by Ms. Weaver who is the CEO of Zeira and the mother of Savannah Weaver, the little girl that they (as a family with Cameron and Uncle Derek) had saved from an assassination attempt by a terminator.
John: "I really wish we weren't here right now."
Sarah: "Savannah could tell them we know about Cromartie."
John: "John-Henry now."
Sarah: "Metal.If she tells them, they'll move it.Maybe they already have."
John: "Well, we'll know soon enough." (long pause)
John is thinking about what Cameron told him, about Sarah losing weight, eleven percent in the last six weeks, about if she had cancer.
"Mom are you sick?Cameron thinks you're sick."
Sarah: (smiling) "She does?"
John: (long pause) "You've lost weight."
An electronic chime.Ellison walks out of the elevator.John and Sarah stand.
John: (to Sarah with finality) "I love you."
John goes to the elevator.Sarah heard the finality in John's voice.After a heartbeat, she silently follows John.
Zeira Building
Ellison: "Where's Cameron?"
Sarah: "In the car."
Ellison: "You expecting trouble?"
Sarah: (noisy sigh) "No change for the meter."
Ellison: "You're not armed are you?"
Sarah: "Expecting trouble?"
Ellison: "No reason for that."
Sarah: "No reason at all."
Zeira Building
Cameron throws a Zeira security guard through the air.He hits a wall head first and stops moving.
Cameron enters the AI Lab where John-Henry is cabled to his chair, defenseless.
John-Henry: "Hello."
Cameron: "Hello."
John-Henry: "I know you."
Cameron: "And I know you."
John Henry: Will you join us?"
Cameron responds to the baby by pulling her switchblade out of her back pocket and closing the door against interruptions.
Zeira Building
top floor
Ms. Weaver's office
Ms. Weaver: "So why are we here?" (rhetorical question)
Sarah: "We need--"
Ms. Weaver: "First and foremost, so that I can thank you for heroism regarding my daughter Savannah.She's the light of my life and I'd be lost without her."
Sarah: "And where is she?"
Ms. Weaver: (to Sarah) "Let's assume school." (to John) "We have a common enemy.One we cannot fight with conventional weapons or by conventional means."
Sarah: "Kaliba, don't presume to know Kaliba--"
Ms. Weaver: (to Sarah) "I'm sorry.I wasn't speaking to you." (to John) "I was speaking to you about Skynet.Savannah has told you about John-Henry I assume.Which is why your cyborg is skulking around my basement."
Ellison, ever security conscious, has been looking past them, looking out the window of Ms. Weaver's office at a distant dot in the sky.It is moving too fast for a helicopter (the only aircraft allowed in the airspace of any city's central business district).
No longer a dot, it is rapidly increasing in size, flying in an area of town off-limits to jets.
Ellison: "What the hell . . . "
The others turn to look to where Ellison is looking.
Ms. Weaver: "Get down."


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