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2019: Ultranationalist Russia launches a full-scale invasion of Europe, taking half of it in less than twenty four hours. NATO and America in response declare war on Russia setting the stage for World War lll View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven: Counter Attack

As we watched video camera footage of Russian troops storming other nations capitals we all began to feel scared and worried. If Russia were to take all of Europe it would be a disaster of epic proportions, we had to focus our sights on helping our allies and also gaining intel on our enemy. MI6 and the CIA had been working relentlessly on gaining information on top Russian generals and commanders, then on April 22, 2022: we caught a major break. We had recieved word from MI6 that Cmdr. Boris Sergi would be in occupied Paris in less than three hours. I was told that my unit along with S.A.S. would be going in with U.S. special forces, we would infiltrate Sergi's safe house and extract information of Russia's plans for the remaining countries not under Russian control (U.K., Ireland, Norway, Finland, Canada, and the United States) we went over tactics for the hundredth time and then boarded our plane for fast travel.

As we came over French airspace we deployed our chutes and jumped out of the plane and landed softly on the ground. We "stacked up" on the door and planted a breaching device on the door, once we were inside we threw a flashbang grenade and eliminated the targets inside I rused inside my pistol drawn and forced Sergi into a metal chair.

"Alright mate, here's how this'll work, you give us what we want and you go home in little pain or you refuse and we make you wish you were dead."

he looked at with me with terror as I latched the jumper cables onto his chair,

"now what does Russia have planned for countries not in their control??"

he looked at me with rage and cursed me, with that I flipped the switch and gave him a powerful shock, as I watched him writhe in pain I felt a sense of relief torturing him. I then turned off the switch and continued interorrgating him,

"mate we are on a tight schedule here, either you give me what I want of this switch will stay on forever, what are the plans?"

"Russia has plans for those countries. Big plans"

"what are they??"

"they are planning to unleash a.. Fierce weapon"

"what kind of weapon??" I placed my pistol to his head

"Salamun, a biological weapon"

"thank you"

i punched him in the face and then placed the muzzle to his forehead and pulled the trigger. We then fled and returned to London to share our new information with MI6


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