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Freedom Gone

By: AemmaBella

Page 1, Freedom reigns as freedom pains

It happens more often than we would like.
How can we stop it?
Put more effort into our strife?
Strive for the freedom we so rightly deserve?
Why must we even fight for freedom?
We were born into a free world.
But freedom to the hierarchy means civil disobedience.
It is as if there is another Berlin Wall,
Where has the freedom we fought so hard for gone?

Separating freedom from the greed.
Greed is the one destroying this world.
Taking our families and forcing us poor.
Taking our men to fight for lies and war.
Training our children to shoot and kill
In these atrocious war-like games.
Teaching them the benefits of early war.
There are no benefits in war
Only sadness and a painful death.
Yet they are all still willing to take that bet.

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