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A soilder's return

By: Calzzy

Page 1, A soilders return is like the diary of a little boy whose dad is in the army,he recounts what life has been

Dear diary, Though i wasnt there the day i was born from the stories mum told me i know he wasnt there as well, and then the times i knew when i won a prize at school and i looked at "Ann"and "Wilcox" smiling with their parents, i looked the other way hoping to see him..but my dad wasnt there. No one ever told me what happened no one cares but incase they dont know i long for my dad every nite in my bed mum seemed to have moved on since she was planning on marrying again and i couldnt help but wonder how she could do such when dad was out there fighting all of our fears. I remember the day some men in millitary uniform walked up to my mum and said to her some things i couldnt hear. Mum cried like crazy and then we had something that looked like a funeral but i wasnt sure what but care they or not,i still stay awake all night...waiting for a soildiers return..and if everyone moves on,i might not..cos he means the world 2 me though i never met him once....

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