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A Battle Soon To Be Won

By: Darklily

Page 1, An overconfident leader sees what happens when you are too full of yourself and your power.

I sense victory, I can smell it in the air.

I fight on, covered in blood, few I spare.

Though it seems like hours since it begun,

This battle shall soon be won.


Surrender? Never, I’d rather die.

For I am winning, give in, why?

To save the lives of those already lost.

No! they knew what this war would cost.


The tide turns, forcing us back,

but we shall not slack.

We fight on with spear and sword.

Help us, be with us dear Lord.


Never have I seen the losing side.

Surrounding me, the bodies of those who died.

Victory once close, now gone.

This battle shall not soon be won.

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