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Beaches of Normandy

Poetry By: Dreamer1512
War and military

This is a poem about one mans regrets, and all that war has left him with

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The darkness is overwhelming
Engulfing the world in shadows
The sun like golden yarn
Disappearing, unravelling
The sand sifted through my toes
Then it was quiet
The silence, so deep
The only sound is that of the breaking waves.
The sound is regret
I remember the squawking of birds
I remember how years earlier the beach was full
Not now, the beach sounds of regrets.
Not just mine though, mine is with it.
Regrets of destruction
Of unthought actions
Of troubled times.
With age you begin to notice
How many mistakes you make
How many mistakes everyone else makes,
And like many people you awash with regret.
I remember falling onto the sand onto my knees
The water draining into my boots
My uniform turning a darker green
My rifle suddenly weighing more then I could carry.
They were people, just people
I was meant to kill them
To end their lives, play god.
There was no other word for it, but cruel
It was meant to get easier with time,
It never did
It stings even now to think about it
All those lives just gone
I can feel the winds shift
It carries sorrow with it
I'm transported back,
Suddenly surrounded by people.
We reached these shores
Splashing up the beach
I can still hear the shell fire,
Feel the heat against my face.
There were screams
Screams of the innocent
It shudders through you, like a lightning bolt
The never ending piercing screams,
The blaring sirens
The vibrations from defining explosives
The whistling of flying bullets
It never stopped us.
We were programmed to kill
But we never expected this
No we didn't expect the children, never children.
Their bleeding innocent faces.
Was there a god?
And if there was
Why didn't he stop us?
Why didn't he save them?
Lord hath no mercy!
But now he drowns us with his regrets
With nightmares of screams
With insomnia and insanity.
War scars, everyone knows their there,
Its evident on this beach
Its eerie silence
The sound of a million rising innocent souls.
It was my turn now
But God wasn't letting me go
With age he gave me no chance of death
No ways to silence my nightmares.
The beach reached twilight,
But nothing sifted
Even after all this time
I was suffering for everyone's consequences.
The sea swept breeze
A hollow feeling on the inside
The beach
And a man looking drastically out of place.
This is life, sundown changes nothing
Wishing doesn't erase nightmares
Faith doesn't save lives
Hope stings more then it heals
War breaks more lives then it saves
It leaves an unnecessary amount of dead
Thousands wounded
And millions nursing scars they can never heal or see.


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