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The Battle of Knights

By: Kayla Coleman and Tyler Bussmann

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The thick iron chainmail
clinking against the rapid heartbeatin the heat of the moment.

The silver and gold sword withdrawn from its sheath,

preparing to be used against the victim

The roar of the warriors callingthe screams of the dead and hurt falling

The horses rampaging towards the enemy

Bows of the archers are drawn,

arrows set into sight.



There falls a silence in the battle.

Then the large cry up the hill.Turning to look,

a red flag rises above horizon.

But as the victory is called

The thick iron chainmailstopped clinking against the silent heart beat

The silver and gold sword laying on the ground

The shouts and screams of the warriors rushing to help

But it’s too late.

One more lost a lifeIn the battle of the knights.

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