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Ode to Gaza

By: masteroffear

Page 1, Another funeral another body and another prayer,More lines of poetry insulting another bleeding vein Another child bleeds another heart in pain Words are out souls are out … but are we there ??!!!

City under siege … what have they done
Full of F16 is the sky …. They blocked the sun
Oh city over sea … what more can you handle
Still we stand and all we can we do is share a stupid candle

Bounded we are … dear city under sky
I screamed for your name … and from tear gas now I cry
Oh Gaza with words to ease your pain I try
Those without swords upon swords may die

Fight and don’t fall wait for another dawn
Fight and stand tall you shall take them down

Dear sons of Gaza for you I weep
If sleepless I was... now I cry to sleep

Run to the light at the end of this cave
Fill your earth with a grave next to a grave
Your freedom they may take
Sunlight your eyes may forsake
But never can they make you a slave
Blood and honor you have gave

Oh God your mercy we ask we beg and pray
May Gaza’s suffering end up today

And still we watch and still we cry
How much longer can we refuse and deny

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