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End of Ops

By: steven cooke

Page 1, all soldiers need to find Peace

I am nearing the end of my journey

The path that I walk is almost done,

Over my shoulder are friends now gone?

In front of me a life, underpinned by yesterday’s fear

For I am in a world where no one belongs


Tomorrow I look through the sight for one more time

My finger, no more the killer and my shoulder,

Never to feel the recoil of tracers sent.

I have spent too much time bringing peace to others

It is time for peace to find me.


This old warrior has spent too much time in wars arena,

A soldier’s death I will not seek here, for my end is to be with you

I am leaving this place, where friends gave so much,


Where sacrifice and loss dwell,

Where silent widows weep.

Fate has decided, I’m coming home, coming home to a peaceful life

To live again with you, in freedom, my beautiful wife.


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