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No More (First World War)

By: steven cooke

Page 1, During the first World War boys lied about their age. They were looking for adventure, but most of them never came home.

(Ode to the unknown boys killed in the First World War)

No more will he look into the eyes of his Mother,

No more will he see his Brothers smile,

No more will he feel love.

No more will he fish, and climb the trees of England

Or marvel at the voice of the nightingale.


For he is Sixteen and a Man,

He has done is duty by his Country,

Taken the shrapnel, which exploded over him

Like a Bright light sent from an avenging God.


He sees the dark approaching

But he can take it, for he is an Englishman


No more will he hear the whistle to advance

No more the frost and Snow

No more the fear of being killed

For I am no More

Remember me Mother.


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