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daddy soldier

By: talenteddreams16

Page 1, my dad was my hero.

Daddy soldier

before I was born you were my soldier,
before I knew you, you protected me from the dangers that came,
holding my hand years later you told me "I love you",
my soldier who fought for the right and survived through,
to come home years later to be with me again,
daddy soldier I prayed for you,
I remember the stories you told and the ways you lived,
I knew that as I became older that I would have a piece of you living in me,
all the pictures you shared when you were in war,
you my soldier survived to come home for us,
you taught me the love and respect for weapons and aim,
the love for war history,
and the love for hunting you taught me everything I needed to learn,
daddy soldier I love you.
                                                                           by- talented dreams:)

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