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Dear Scarlett-Chapter Three

By: Aliceson77

Page 1, chapter three of dear scarlett!go read short story and chap.2 if you havent already.:D

Sam and I were a match made in heaven, but we had our complications.You see, Sam was not getting better, and he wasnt getting worse, either.You might be thinking, "Why is that a bad thing?"Well I'll tell you.You have to have a certain wound and pain level, so,Sam wasnt a candidate to get the help he so desperately needed.Sam still needed my help crossing the hospital everyday.he could walk short distances without tiring.One day, we were sitting where we first kissed, and he went outside and came in with a present."It's a surprise.....''he had said, and smiled mischeviously.When  he came back in, he lead a kitten behind him."Oh, Sam!"I said, and ran over to hug him and the kitten."I'll name her......CLOVER!""Whoah, easy." Sam said, looking as if he had seen a ghost, and was as white as one, too."Sam?.....Are you ok?"I ask, worried."No......." he whispered."help..."  Then Sam collapsed, and I screamed.


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