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Mountains Bunker is the story of the thankless nasty job of being a soldier, even in an epic war. In this particular story, a war that has been going on for so long that some soldiers start to call into question the legitamcy of it. Hopefully the reader will be thinking how stupid war is. But even though it is stupid to send our kids off to war, sometimes it's nessesarry.

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Mountain's Bunker's

The war between the good and evil has raged on ever since this idea of existence came to be.

The Monsters are very ugly and very strong, so much so that most of them feel as if guns slow them down, but they are vastly outnumbered. The newborns drill holes in the mountain searching for there food source, they use guns and what ever else they can to hold the monsters back. They have been at war since forever. The Newborns seem to be everywhere at once always breeding as well, having sex on the battle field, some of them are even rumoured to be a-sexual. The gestation time has evolved to become very short, and the babies very quickly with very little training, become skilled in the many ways of how to fight. The Monsters can not breed and are awaiting reinforcements. The mountain is made of an incredibly strong material. Drilling through this material is very hard work; many newborn soldiers die from exhaustion. The soldiers from each side hide in fox holes and gulleys, or what ever else that they can find through out these enormous mountains, always at war. The Newborn side looking for food are constantly trying to dig new holes in the mountains. The Monsters are constantly trying to put an end to the Newborns. For ever searching them out, to kill them.

It is night. There are four newborn soldiers on a combat team in a fox hole; one is giving birth with another's help. The other two men are at the top of the fox hole frantically fireing their automatic weapons. With a hard push she gives birth to two, and then a few moments latter she has another. One of the soldiers sensing that she is no longer pregnant, puts his gun down and then rolling down the fox hole, he lands directly on her. The other woman tries to fight him off of her, saying "She just gave birth, for goods sake, take me."

"There is a war going on out there that we are losing in case you didn't notice and we need as many soldiers as possible?" When he is done with Jill, he immediately goes to Tara, planting his seed deep inside her. He then goes to the top of the fox hole and joins the other soldier who's name is Tom.

"Is it done Bill?" He asks.

"Yes" says Bill. "I wonder if there was ever a time when we enjoyed sex?"

"I think one of my great grand father's did."

From the top of the mountain where they are, they have a pretty good vantage point for snipping. The only way to kill a Monster is a direct head shot and even then it usually takes several shots to the head, or decapitation. The battle field was a most spectacular site. It was a huge valley, bigger than the eyes could take in even from the top of this Mountain. "We should call in a drill" says Tom.

Bill holding the radio in his hand is just about to call in a drill team as a massive monster seeming to come from out of nowhere slices Toms head off. In one fluent motion Bill quickly fires his sniper rifle at it, hitting it in the chest, as he is diving down for Tom's automatic riffle, scooping it up. The monster towering over him is taken back for a moment, and that is just long enough for Bill to pull the trigger, scrambling backwards on his back firing the machine gun he starts at the Monster's belly and then works his way up to its neck stopping there with the trigger still pulled, he shoots the enormous monster until there is no neck left decapitating him. Still dispensing rounds as the Monster falls to the ground, Bill then shoots the head until there is no more ammo, he then quickly reloads. Stooping down to grab the radio that he dropped, Bill calls in a drilling team.

Then he goes down into the foxhole, where Jill and Tara have just given birth to five more children. "I have called in a drill team." He says. "I need to get things ready."

"So you're not going to mate us? What happened to Tom?" Tara says with concern.

"He's dead."

As he starts to go back up-side to prepare for the drill team. The girls quickly wrap both of their legs around Bill as they frantically compete to be the first one to receive his seed. After he has successfully seeded inside of Jill, unfortunately leaving Tara unfulfilled he then makes his way out of the foxhole. "Hurry back" Tara says with a need of sadness and understanding in her eyes.

The team are just arriving as he is climbing out. Three soldiers and a huge drill in a crate arrive by air-lift. They set it down and then fly off getting pulled down out of the sky by a yet even bigger Monster in the far distance. One of the members of the drilling team asks Bill "Where are your Consults?"

"There is two left down in the bunker sir."

"We will get every thing set up to drill." He says, as they start setting up. "Have you already mated with them?"

"Yes sir."

"Good work, if it succeeded they should be in labour now. Go down and help them, and then mate with them again. We'll hopefully be down to mate with the progeny. What's your name soldiers?"

"Private Bill Hariss Sir."

"No it's Corporal Bill Hariss."

"Thank you sir. Private Tom Atlas was a good man, he died by my side in battle."

"We will soon see our friend again. Now go down and get to it Corporal."

The drill is set up. As they begin, a couple Monsters are soon there, Catching them by surprise they make fast work of the drill team. One quickly soars off, to aide in another battle. Corporal Hariss and his twenty children sneak up on the other monster, who has all ready foiled the work that had been started by the team. The monsters always weary, feels there approach. Although the monster's are subtly different from each other, they all share pretty much a similar appearance, that being they tower over the newborns, some very much more than others, they are dark, they seem to have oozing pus coming out of blisters that are all over there bodies especially on there heads and faces, most are bald and they have dangling skin again mainly on there faces. The monster hastily kills ten of the children before Bill uses his make shift guillotine on it, this time from just behind the fiend taking advantage of this rare opportunity, he simply shoots the head until there is no head left anymore. Feeling the need to mate again, he lets his children run off. Down in the foxhole a monster is killing Jill. The women are much stronger then the men, the monsters are still significantly stronger, the women's weakness is that they are much slower than the men. Jill is no match for the monster, but Tara jumps on the monster while it is occupied with Jill, using one of her boot laces she squeezes so tightly that it slices its head off. Jill who is still clinging on to life says "Mate me Bill, please." Bill tries to fulfil her last request but those unfortunately were her dying words. She was a good woman.

Tara and Bill are silent for a moment, that moment quickly passes as Bill remembers the drill team that he had called in "I must go help the drill team."

Frantic, "But who is going to mate me?" Tara asks.

Bill, is not quite certain of what to do. He did not receive any training on protocol, come to think of it, he did not receive any training at all, he was just thrown into this stupid war.

"We could just stay here." Tara says in a more question form than in a statement.

"But the war?" Bill says, not believing his ears.

"We will be serving this war better by breeding. You are a great man Bill, You can train are children, just please stay and mate me until the end of time."

This thought seemed absurd to Bill. "But I am a soldier."

"You said it yourself, there is war going on out there, that we are losing and we need as many soldiers as we can get."

Knowing that she is making sense, Bill finds him self in deep contemplation, on one side there was his instinctual need to fight and drill for the on going continuation of his kind. On the other hand was his instinctual need to mate for the on going continuation of his kind. Tara just seemed to have a power over him, a pull much greater than his own. They mate and this time it seems to awaken something inside of Bill, he is not quite sure of what it is, but he likes it. And Tara seems to enjoy it a bit more as well. Bill finding great satisfaction in this fact is almost upset when he feels his climax, approaching so quickly. Afterwards while laying there for awhile, Bill's instinct's kick in and he goes to grab his gun. Catching his hand as he goes for it, Tara places it on her stomach. "You feel what we have created?"

"More soldiers for the war." Bill says

"If we are good parents to them, there may not be any war."

"Tell that to the monsters."

Tara is greatly saddened by that statement. "How many children have we lost to this war?"

"I've lost a lot." Says Bill.

Tara says with a look of sadness "I've lost" she pauses, and then says "count, a long time ago."

Bill takes her in his arms and he holds her close to himself, until it is time. She gives birth to five children.

Instead of sending them out to drill and to fight. They instead raise them, although Tara is not to crazy about Bill Insisting that they are taught a few fighting techniques so that they will be able to handle them selves if they are ever alone, she concedes to Bills nervous tension. And so she provides Bill with child after child. Making love with each other better and better. Most of the boys go off to war, most of the girls go off to breed. But some of there children stay there and help many of the digging teams that they call in to drill in various parts of the mountain, but never to close to there hide away. The monsters take notice, as scores of there best fighters are sent to deal with this problem. But there deaths' were not totally in vain as the newborns were able to get a lot of digging and a lot of food from deep inside this particular mountain. The food from deep within has a strange affect on the soldiers as they soon seem to be able to breed with out even mating. These asexual soldiers are much stronger than the women are and faster than the malesoldiers, but at the same time still not on a parallel level with the monsters, just advanced in that they now have a half way decent shot in claiming this mountain, with this new ability to breed so much more quickly and that these particular new soldiers are a bit tougher. The war rages on.

The battles are long and bloody on both sides. Then a great light appears, this light seems to be nobody's friend as it blinds fighters on each side to almost incapacity. Still fighting with each other threw the blindness the monsters and the soldiers find them selves in a flood, being thrown about and bounced all over the mountains. Watching there loved ones and there comrades being killed knowing that they are helpless to do anything to save them. For the survivors of which there are still many, one thought runs through all of there minds the soldiers and the monsters alike, that is; we have upset the gods. And the gods are not finished with there wrath. The next punishment is the deciding factor, toxins for lack of better words are then spread threw out these mountains killing monsters and newborns alike, as they try to take shelter in the cavities that they have created. The small number who manage to still survive find themselves in yet another great flood being thrown about just as the earlier ones were, then being uncontrollably swept away, out of his mouth and down the drain. As the boy wipes his mouth with a hand towel, he say's, "coming mom."


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