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The Honorable Leader

By: Darklily

Page 1, I just wrote a poem about an arrogant leader, now, I wrote a short story about an honorable one.

The clouds above are grey, everything is dark.

The battle goes on, but many have fallen back.

I try not to think of my own life, but of those

who await me back home. I fight on,

with their lives in my hands.

I fight for glory and honor, not personal

gain. I fight for those who have fallen

before me. I fight for those who

can not fight for themselves. Yes,

you’ve all heard this before, but I am no liar

like the rest.

I see friends stolen from me in cold

blood, their lives taken from them as if

they were nothing. How could this be happening?

How did I, once merely a soldier, become a leader?

Now seen as not only that, but a hero as well?

I am no hero. I am the one fighting for the

memory of the heros, the fallen. Victory is near,

I smell it it the air, I can taste it in my mouth, hear it in the

wind, I feel it in the earth. I must forget my pain,

I have to win. I will not stop until the end.

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