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My short story follows Gavrilo Princip as he goes to kill the Archduke Franz Fernand and his wife Sophia.

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It was a cold, dark morning in Serbia as I got myself out of bed. Today was a big day for the history of Serbia. Today we shall revolutionize how Austria-Hungary rules over all of south-eastern Europe. "Gavrilo! Get your ass in the buggy!" Vaso, another member of the Black Hand yelled at me. I put on my blazer and headed out to the buggy where my fellow members awaited. We had the plan all set for today. Vaso tossed my a revolver. " Don't miss Princip, or your head will be on a silver plater for all of those fucking Austro-Hungarians to munch on." I took the revolver and made sure it was working as the horses started to gallop forward, towards the checkpoint in Bosnia. I had to get past his guards. Some how, some way. I wasn't quite sure just yet. After a gruelling 4 hour ride through the rough fields as it was raining, we finally made it to Bosnia unnoticed as a gang. "We will distract the guards Princip, you just locate Fernand and execute him. Try not to kill his wife, but if you have to, fire at will," another Black Hand member by the name of Trifko informed me. Trifko was the trained rifleman and was going to be on a rooftop across from the designated hotel. Vaso would aid me in killing Franz, but I would fire the shot. We arrived behind the fancy, expensive hotel. Trifko made his way through the parade unnoticed as there were many soldiers wielding rifles in the gracious parade happening just beside us. There was a rusty old ladder leading up to the hotels roof. Me and Vaso climbed to the very top. Our precious time was ticking away as Franz and his wife Sophia were about to head to the dinner with the Bosnian president. We got the signal from Trifko to head in. Vaso wielded a black, small machine gun used for close range. Trifko fired the first shot and took out 1 guard. I swung down over the balcony onto the room where Franz Fernans was located. The other guard was quickly taken out by the fast firing gun of Vaso's. We opened the door and rushed in. Franz wasn't there. "Where the hell is this bastard!?" I yelled. The heavy golden door swung open and 4 guards appeared after the small machine gun made a very loud booming noise. Vaso took his gun and held the old trigger and blasted away at the guards. Suddenly after 3 guards lay bleeding out on the red velvet floor, Vaso was struck in the back by a bullet. I turned around and it was Trifko. I ran towards the last guard and took out my revolver. I punched the guard in the stomach before he could get a shot off. I grabbed hold of one of his broad shoulders and held the gun to his head. Trifko stayed aimed in at me for about a minute before a thin black side door opened in the room, from the office. Out came Franz Fernand. I pushed the guard forward and Trifko accidentally shot the guard as I shoved him toward the balcony. I aimed quickly towards Fernand but he wielded a rifle. "Take the shot, revolutionize Serbia!" screamed Vaso. I fired first, but Fernand wasn't far behind. I hit him directly in the chest. A large, crimson blood splatter came from him, and he fell over. I was struck in the shoulder. It felt like a huge knife cutting into me and twisting all around. I fell to the cold hard floor but I was not dead. On the roof across from me, another Black Hand member by the name of Cvjetko, had taken out Trifko. I lay there on the floor. Fernands wife Sophia came running through the black door to Franz. She looked to the balcony, and visualized the murder. She picked up the rifle and shot Cvjetko directly in the cranium above his wide eyes. He fell over the dusty stone fence down onto the parade. I aimed as my vision blurred and the pain was extremely bad in my arm. I fired at Sophia. Everything went black.


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