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This is my story sacrifce but its from Commander Blaze's perspective. Please read the original FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had been told countless stories of how cruel Talon was. The way Ember described him had always made my skin crawl, but I never thought that he could possibly be the cold hearted bastard standing in front of me right now. He stands there with a terrifying grin on his face, and I am begining to think he is enjoying the look of fear from my team. My team is forced to their knees, with knives pressed closely to our thoats and Ember is in the center of the room looking for any way to get out of this mess. Talon is standing next to her; waiting for her to react. I watch as she looks at each of her team members, her family, and the expresion on her face slowly changes from frantic to determined. She turns and looks me in the eyes, and suddenly i know what she is about to do. *****I was a new recruit in the army, and had been assigned to take out a mass murderer on the planet of New Lillium. I soon found information on the murderer that was popularly called The Shadow. I searched for weeks for any information; any evidance of this killer, but it seamed like he knew I was searching. There wasnt any trace of him. I eventually gave up and told the captain that it was not use, but I never knew that he had been watching me the whole time. On my way to leave that damn planet I was jumped by a group of thugs near an ally. I was stupid and had let my gaurd down. It was only a matter of seconds before I was pinned to the wall with a gun pointed at my head, and a ugly brute of a man yelling about how he was going to kill me. I just knew that I was going to die in that ally way, but a sertain Shadow had a different plan for me. I dont even remember, it all happened so fast. It was like one second I was surrounded by thugs and then the next they all just fell to the ground. The man with the gun whirled around only to find himself face to face with a cloaked figure. In a panic he shot his gun at the other man. The bullet hit, and the cloaked figure let out a grunt of pain as his hand clutched his stomache. But the figure never slowed down and the thug didnt even have time to react before a dagger embedded itself into his heart; he was dead in a matter of seconds. The cloaked figure stood still for a moment, then he slowly turned his head to look at me. He made a movement as if to step towards me but he collapsed onto the ground. I ran over to him, placing pressure on the wound as I called the fleet for imediate medical attention and evac. I knew it would take time for them to get there though, and the man's breathing was begining to slow. Time jumbled together and everything is just a crazy blur in my memory. I barely remember frantically yelling at the figure to just hold on a little longer, and I cannot recall seeing a Medical squad running my way. But I do remember the figure looking at me, holding tightly on the hand near the wound. I watched as he slowly removed the cloth covering his mouth, and then he pulled back his hood. I felt my heart stop as I looked at the figure in my arm. I looked down and saw a girl with very short black hair, and shining red eyes looking up at me. There was a thin trail of blood trickling down from the corner of her mouth, and my eyes glanced toward a long scar across her right eye. She weakly smiled at me before whispering "Nows your chance soldier arent you going to kill me while you have the chance" I grasped her cold hand with my free hand and told her "no I am going to save you." She relaxed ".....I owe you". She closed her eyes before sayin, "I will pay you back one day....I promise." I felt tears run down my face; and I was amazed that this kid was so brave and determined to live. My team barely got to her in time, but the kid lived. She told us that people called her The Shadow Assassin but her name was Ember Lone.********* I stare in horror as Lone drops to her knees and looks into his eyes. She tells him something that I dont even hear. I start to yell at her not to do what I know is about to happen. I beg her, yell as loud as a can, but she ignores me and Talon's smile grows even bigger. I swear im going to kill him; I will kill him but first I have to save Ember. " I expected more from the great Shadow Assassin......but I guess we all grow soft after so long isnt that right Ember" says Talon as he pulls out a shining pistol. I feal the blade cutting my throat as I struggle, but I dont care, I only feal desperation. Suddenly my blood turns to ice as I hear Ember say " I made a promise." There was a bright flash and then the sound of the gun firing. Moments after Talon fired the Star fleet broke down the doors, and killed all of Talon's men. All I remember is standing up and rushing towards Talon. I snatched Ember's dagger from the ground and burried Talon's heart, he let out a sharp cry. I stared into the bastard's dimming eyes with tears pouring down my face until he let out a final jagged breath. I fell to my knees, completely numb, as my team began to walk towards me. I looked down at the dagger in my hands, her dagger, and then whispered "I promised to protect you....."


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