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The artist and the camp

Short story By: KJHweir
War and military

This is set back in the 1930's, When the death camps were there.
You could say its a version of 'the pianist' but about some children who survived it all.
Its a heart hitting story and I hope you like it.

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In the time of the second world war, rests a young child. This child is a girl and she is very shy, but she is also very artistic and likes to draw what she thinks and paint whats on her mind.

But this special girl was a jew, she and her family had got a letter one night to be moved to a camp. They were just leaving with their bags. As they walked, loud screams and cheering crowds stood behind telling them to go, but as a young one she didn't understand.

They had arrived at the camp, she thought it didn't really look much fun. She and her family approched a man dressed in a darm green uniform "I have three questions for you before you enter this camp" said the man as he turned to the women. Her mother sighed and agreed to this. The man had asked three questions like this "How old are you, are you carrying a child under that age of 3 and do you have a twin" said the man, but her mother replied her age and that she does have a twin. (The reason they ask about the twin is that the Germans were very interested how twins worked and wanted to test on them). The girl looked at the man as they walked her mother away and she wondered where her mother was going, the man looked at the men and then pointed at the girl, the girl then knew what was happening and started to run as fast as she could before she could be caught.

The girl found a little empty shed in the camp feild and she went in to hide. She pulled up some floorboards and jumped in, luckily it was empty. She held her knees and a tear ran down her face as she tried to find light. She didn't find any candles but she picked up some old materal and an old chalk on her way, and she then listened to hear the men talking above herhe next "She just ran away, I was sending her to the gas chambers but then she was gone" said the voices above her. The girl went back to the floor below her and sat listening to them for a while, she where she really was and where her mother really went.

That night, the girl woke up from a bad dream. She sat up from the wet ground and pulled out the material and chalk. Even though she couldn't see, she felt the material abit and started imagining her scetch as she drew. She girl wept as she drew her mother on the material, she could almost hear her voice as she drew it! Suddenly she jumped from a sound achoing down the tunnel, she quickly sat up and started running as fast as she could, she ran untill she rached the end and she started panicing as the noise got louder. The girl saw a boy running down the tunnel and as he grabbed her hand he told her "run, they are coming, they found us!" They got outside the tunnels and ran over the feild towards a hole, the girl jumped in and then followed by the boy he then put some wood over the top so nobody could get in.

They had been waiting in the hole for 1 hour before the men went away, their hole was right below the tunnel so they would know whether they left or not. The boy looked at the girl "That was a close one" but the girl just sat there looking down in silent "Whats your name?" asked the boy, the girl lifted her head "Sophie brandon, whats yours?" and the boy smiled at her softly "my name is jack martin, its a pleasure to meet you", they both shuck hands and then went to sleep.

The next morning , the girl woke up and saw the boy up making a mixture out of flower and mud "Its my special recipe, I call it the sticky goo" said the boy pointing it to her. The girl looked at him as she sat up and then shook her head. When she boy finished breckfast they lifted the wood boad above them there stood two men, holding striped clothing and looking at them get out the hole. The kids looked at them and looked down in sadness "Time for a shower?" said one of the men. The kids smiled as they didn't know where they were going and took their hands.

When they got there, they got undressed and climbed in. When they announced the water was coming out, they then knew what was happening and held hands together tightly as they fell to the floor with the rest.

The End.

By Kaitlyn Weir


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