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Private Journal of Erica Shannon Humphrey

Short story By: Penelope Garenther
War and military

This is the journal of a girl living in horrible times, this is her account of her life.

It is rated PG for crude language.

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If you are unauthorized personal discontinue reading immediately. Your eyes are not allowed to view the contents of this document. If you are unauthorized to read, you will be persecuted for trespassing on private property and reading confidential things.
If you are authorized, please proceed.
March 22nd, 2045
The dawn came late this morning…later than usual. Mama always said when the sun came up late chaos will soon follow after …she was right. Only hours later breaking news appeared on television screens, broadcasting the ghastly mutated bodies of a neighborhood's. The bodies were ripped apart and it seemed like something gnawed at the ends of each limb, head, body, anything that was eatable. It was revolting; I could feel my stomach churn from the state of these victims' bodies. The news reporter could barely keep his last meal down his throat, but before spinning around and throwing up all over the floor he said these words "Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war with something unknown." After that last word he vomited all over the place.
April 17th, 2045
More things are starting to pop out of the dark and innocent people are being preyed on by these "things". No one knows what they are, the idea of them being mythical creatures like 'vampires' was brought up, but the government caught one and it definitely didn't have the whole vampire and charming look to it. Hell, it didn't even glitter or sparkle like those vampires everyone think vampires are! The thing looked dead, but not like zombie-dead, it looked like a cross of a vampire, banshee, zombie, radiated human, and I don't know what else. But it wasn't pretty. A couple of the government officials tried talking to it, but it only lunged at them with mouth wide open and teeth ready to make the strike…I would know, my friend Stevvie has a friend who's friend works for the government and had access to the video. It was really scary, even I got the chills.
May 9th, 2045
Mama is gone… she is gone and never is coming back. She got caught by the Fortams (that is what the government had decided to title the stupid, ugly, evil, vile, disgusting, mother-eating monsters!) She was locking up the antique store we own when something broke through the window. I was there, but I was hidden behind one of the desks. I could hear my mama's screams and her grunts of pain vibrating through the air. The Fortam or Fortams took her and didn't leave anything except her blood that splattered over the white carpet. I regret every damn day that I didn't move and helped her, but I know if I did I wouldn't be writing this stupid journal. This was my sister's idea, she wanted me to record everything so the people if the future can know what happened to us, but I doubt there is even a future for anybody except for those vile things.
June 30th, 2045
Pop was recruited for the army. He became really depressed since my mama died, he wasn't the same…nobody was and nobody ever will be.
July 16th, 2045
A letter came in today and it read that pop died during battle and he was brave and courageous and all that other crap they say to make the families feel better. The president came on the news today and announced we are going through 'hard times', no shit moron. We voted you to be president not Captain Obvious, let some other moron take on that job.
Things aren't getting better. It seems like we are on a roller coaster that flew off the tracks and is plummeting towards the ground.
August 4th, 2045
War with the Fortams have gotten worse. We are losing and our population size is dwindling at a rapid rate.
October 31st, 2045
The day is no longer safe, the Fortams have learned to withstand the heat of the sun's rays and now wander around the day and at night. We are never allowed to be in peace… Rembri, he's my brother; his girlfriend was taken last month and Rembri went after her. Before he left he recited the words pop said before he left too, "see you on the other side". Amazingly he came back each night, but he hasn't been back in a couple of weeks. Me and my sister, Tyrene have decided if he does return he is not allowed inside. My heart is breaking as write down these words because I love my brother, but I know he is a goner and Tyrene and I still have a slim chance of surviving…slim chance.
November 3rd, 2045
Rembri tried coming in last night. I screamed and ran to the door to allow him in, but Tyrene held me back with tears running down our faces. His voice was different and it was more of a demon's voice than his voice. He finally left and we stayed there all night sobbing.
January 1st, 2046
Yippee, a new year of hell. I can't wait to see if I die this year or if my life will continue through all of this.
February 10th, 2046
I took up the habit of smoking and Tyrene hates it, but I don't care. I'm going to die anyways so what's the difference if I smoke a cancer stick all day or not? Me and my sister finally created some usable weapons to fight off anything that comes near us.
April 4th, 2046
Tyrene is sick… The doc that came to the house said that she has a rare illness that originated from the Fortams. He took me to the side and whispered in my ear "kick her out onto the street. She has a better chance of surviving out there, she will be with her own kind." I kicked him out without a word.
May 28th, 2046
Tyrene is getting worse, her skin is losing its pigment and turning a pale color and it's as if the skin is rotting and a foul stench is always around her.
June 13th, 2046
Tyrene is acting weird. She moves her head at like 100 mph back and forth and screams these horrible shrieks throughout the night. I go on without a wink of sleep. She is becoming sensitive to light and hisses at me whenever I flip the switch up. She curses me to hell and back. I'm scared… for my life and hers, I think she will die soon and so will I.
November 28th, 2046
They days are growing longer and Tyrene is becoming more restless, she can walk now… and she looks like something that came out of a horror movie… she looks like a Fortam. Her hair is falling out in patches and her eyes are huge and feline and a pupil that retracts to a vertical slit than a small dot. Her teeth are jagged like a sharks' that chewed on rocks. I should've listened to that stupid doctor and now I sleep armed to the tooth and every waking moment is on guard. The war between the humans and the Fortams is beginning to end! We are winning!!!!
December 31st, 2046
I'm alone now. Tyrene ran off in the middle of the night, but before leaving she scratched the words "see you on the other side" into the door. Seems like those words echo all around me every time a person leaves my life.
February 25th, 2047
This is the final entry of my journal, I am ceasing to write and ceasing to live. I have lost everything and the Fortams have gained the upper hand. I hope those suckers burn in hell for everything they have done, all the heartache they caused, all the pain, shattering my world into a thousand little pieces. I have given up on life since Tyrene left. I knew this would happen the day the Fortams took my mama. I have fallen into drugs and not that pansy-ass-weed, oh no, I do the hardcore crystal meth and whatever is under the kitchen sink. Tonight, I will take my life with a surplus amount of toxins, poisons, and anything else I find and inject it into my veins and wait till my life is taken.
If any sorry bastard finds this, I hope the war is over by then and if not…ha, than good luck and I hope your sorry ass doesn't end up like mine, my siblings', and my parents'.
See you guys on the other side.
***This journal was found in rubble on the South East side of Spatler. Erica Shannon Humphrey was the last family member to die and she was located and ID near the diary.
March 6th, 2047 all of the Fortams were destroyed by a large blast of radiation and a highly toxic gas that humans were not infected by.
If Miss Erica lived for a couple of more days she would be able to have seen the beginning and the end of this terrible war. When she was found a rock was laid next her, but it was shaped into a heart and carved in the middle of the thick rock were the words: "See you on the other side sis - T.H. & R.H.".


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