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this is a short story about seven boys on a mission which sounds impossible but they do go on to do some thing historical....

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"where is your ticket?" amma questioned me. I answered "its with me amma, and now you stop taking tension about me". She replied" who told you I am taking tension, I am so happy today that u cannot even imagine". Amma was happy because all her hardwork of past 10 years had paid off.

I am ganesh Shankar sinha. I belong from bihar and this is my story…..

Train arrived and after few seconds amma's eyes became wet. I said-"don't cry amma, I ll not go then". She looked at me and said-"don't say that again, you go, I ll take care of myself". I entered the coach and kept my bags on my seat and came back to the gate. As I came to the gate, the train started moving slowly. I said-"amma, promise me u ll go to the doctor…promise me. Tears were in amma's eyes but she still managed to say yes-" ok…I will…………….bye….".

The train left patna station and I came back to my seat. All throughout the journey I thought about amma and my childhood days. My father was subedar in army. He died in the kargil war when I was 7 years old. I still remember the day when his body came to our house. Amma cried and kept on crying. But she was not a weak woman as she worked as a maid so that I could complete my studies. She had a dream. She wanted to see me in an army dress one day and here I was after so much hardwork going to THE NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY. I too wanted to be like my father. I used to keep one photo of his in an army dress. I wanted to look like that.

The train reached Bhopal and I stepped outside to take a sip of tea. There was a huge crowd at the tea stall and I knew that by the time my time comes train would have left the station. I came back to my seat and started eating buiscuits. "you have the buiscuits, I have the tea" said one 19 year old boy. I replied-"excuse me, are you talking to me". He said-"yes, I saw there at the tea stall, you did not get the tea that is why I thought to take one for you too". I resisted a bit as amma told me not to take anything from a stranger. I said-"thanx but I can't take it". He said-"dude, don't feel that ia m going to take your things, my name is sameer pratap singh., I am going to NDA". I felt happy that atleast there is someone who falls in my list. I replied-"ok, so you too are going to NDA". I took the tea in my hand. He replied -"you too! Who else is going". I said-"I am also going to NDA. I am ganesh Shankar sinha". He replied-"oh great, I thought this journey would be boring". Sameer and me chatted about everything related with NDA. At last we reached the destination. The big pillar read "PUNE". I said-"so we are here". Sameer replied-"not yet, stiil 2 hours of journey to khadaswala, we have to take bus ride".we stepped outside and kept our bags at one place. We came outside and saw a bus which was going to khadakswala. We took the tickets and stepped inside the bus. there were only young boys in the bus, no doubt all of them were going to NDA. The bus reached the main gate of NDA. All the boys came outside and all of us were watching the gate as if we have seen the 8th wonder of the world. There were dreams in eyes , a determination , a feeling for the nation. I saw the line written above the gate "WE MAKE MEN".

As I was dreaming my self in an army dress, I heared something. I saw a boy fighting with the taxi driver. Me and sameer went to the scene and saw the boy yelling" you told me its just hundreds ruppes from pune to khadakswala and now you are asking for two hundres ruppes. The taxi driver replied-"you did not listened me, I said hundred for one person and you are double passengers. "double passengers" I thought in my hand. Then another boy came outside the taxi. He said-"why are you debating with him, he is right, he said two hundred rupees only". The other boy in anger replied-"so, you knew that and you told me that he is taking hundred rupees!". Second boy-"yes, I did, so,,,,,why do you fight for hundred bucks…grow up". The other boy replied-"grow up…huh…I am your elder brother….did u heard that….you grow up". They settled the issue and turned towards us. The boy who was fighting with taxi driver asked me-"is this national defence academy?" well what kind of question was that. The other boy who I think was his brother replied back jokingly -"no, this is india gate…look…..".

All of the 200 boys were standing at the assembly area. The major came to the stage and said some good things about NDA. I listened to him but my other three friends were busy chatting. After that we went to our rooms. On the notice board the names with respective rooms were written. One room was given to 7 boys. I started finding my name and saw it. It was written









I was happy to see that sameer was in my room but I didn't knew others. Sameer joked at the name "ran vijay singh gola". He said-"gola…hehehe…wow…what a soccerish name…goooooolaaaaa…who the hell is he? "its me" a voice came from behind. It was the same boy who was fighting with the taxi driver. I thought in my mind-"o god, I have to live with him".


I was in my bed when I heard the noise of the alarm, actually the alarm was the warning for all the cadets that they have to report on the ground within half an hour. All seven of us got up and raced to the bathroom. We saw a huge crowd in the bathroom. Everyone had their tooth brush inside their mouth. Anand yelled at his partner who was inside the bathroom for the last 10 minutes-"u @@@@@ what r u doing there, r u using spoon for bathing". His friend replied from inside-"water is very cold bro, wait for more 5 minutes". Anand got angry and yelled again on him. I went to him and said-"cool buddy, even if we'll get late, we ll be able to tell them the reason". He replied-"huh, reason! Ur saying as if ur uncle is ready with garland in one hand waiting for you, dude, the captain will fuck you..do you listem…fuck you". All of us got panic and the bathroom became a fish market. Atlast the turn came but we were already late.

We came running to the ground. We were 10 and everyone except us were on time. The captain said-"here you are, so cadets first day-first show, I am leaving you guys today, don't repeat the mistake". We all were relaxed as we escaped the punishment till the rascal again said-"just 10 rounds, go complete fast". "what 10 rounds" sameer said. Captain looked at us and said-"now 12". Now it was manish's turn to get surprise-"12,,,,but u said 10". "now 15" captain was getting angry. I said-"ok sir", I knew that there is no gain debating with him as more u debate more will the number of rounds. As I completed 10 rounds what I saw that no one else was running with me. I turned back and saw all my six room partners were lying on the ground and breathing like a dog. The captain yelled again-"bastards, what do you think NDA is, your backyard, get up and complete the rounds". I completed 15 rounds and saw my other room partners jogging.

The days were passing just like that only. We got used to the punishments and now captain was no more a danger. Our life started at 4 in the morning and ended at 10 in the night.

One night manish came running to the room and said-"hey guys, do you know what, 200 people are killed again in hyderabad bomb blast. Ashish said-"whats the big deal, its normal in india". Sameer got angry and replied-"normal, it may be normal for you but its not normal for those families". Ashish replied-"don't get hyper, I did not put the bombs there". I said-"guys chill, its not a time to fight". Vishnu replied-"so what is this time all about..huh…to hear all this news time after time". Ran vijay looking towards Vishnu-"so what can you do, ou cannot do anything". Well Vishnu was very introvert and spoke seldomly . he replied-"if u r asking me then listen…..i feel like killing these terrorist…if god gives me one chance then I will leave this NDA and go to kil this bastards. I replied-"what. U r talking non sense". Vishnu got angry and said-"so a bihari would tell me that what a nonsense is all about". I got angry too-"just shut up ur mouth or I will take all ur teeth out." He jumped off his bed and came to me and pushed me to the wall. Others came and tried to control him but he again did the same act. Sameer said-"guys whats going on, y the hell are we fighting…gimmiie one reason". Vishnu replied-"because these biharis don't have the dare to face the danger,,,,,,,,,cowards". I said-"I am not coward….tats y I am here at NDA".

Shiv who was silent till now joined the drama-"huh NDA…what do u think NDA could do……make men…huh….and what after we r made men…….we r sent off to the borders…..a terrorist comes and kills us….we r given no authorities…..we have to ask our seniors ten times before using a bullet…..". no one spoke after that till 5 minutes. Actually, shiv was right. Manish said-"guys, I think we should go to sleep now". Vishnu said with a smiling face-"so what do u think…are we awake…..no cadet manish pandey…we are sleeping only". Ran vijay joined-"I think Vishnu is rite… we shud do something". Sameer replied-"do something….what do something…we r here to become soldiers..tats only what we cud do". Shiv replied-"is there something we cud do?". Vishnu replied-"lets kill those bastards!". I said-"who?''.

"those who r behind the bomb blast" vihnu said. "do u mean jaishe mohammad(terrorist organization)" manish replied. Vishnu said-"yes". Shiv said-"I am with you". Ashish joined them-"yes, now we know how to shoot and how to use the big guns". After few minutes all the five except me and sameer were ready to go to kill the terrorists. "boys, use ur brain,,,grow up"said sameer. I joined him-"yes , I came here to become an army man, not a revolutionary, my mother have dreams, she want to see me become leutinent, I caanot do this, and what u giys are saying is apsolue non sense". Vishnu-"ok then, these two cowards r not with us". Sameer said-" will u please tell me how will u kill those terrorist".

Vishnu said-"there is my friend alam khan in baramula,,,he knows about some terrosist camp run by jaishe mohammad, we just need to reach his home…tats it". "ashish said-"who is alam? And how do u know him and how does he know abt camps and all that". Vishnu said-"his father was an army man, he lived in Kashmir for almost 15 years, his father discussed about these camps with him, I know him when I went to Kashmir on a holiday with my father. My father is major kunal tendulkar. Alam's father was my father's friend". Manish went to sameer and said-"r u with us or not?". Sameer looked confused and looked at me. I too wante to join them but I do not wanted to break my mother's dream.

Sameer came to me and sat next to me and sai-"hey ganesh! I know that ur mother have some dreams about you but do you feel that what Vishnu is talkin is non sense,,,,,what I feel is that he is rite…..y are we here ?....tell me…..to do something for the nation….but what now we r going to do is also for our nation…..its not important to wear the army dress only to realize ur responsibilities….i know we will break the law but more importantly we need to break the lock…I hope u understand". I started crying as this was the toughest decision of my life. Sameer turned to Vishnu and said-"I am with you". Vishnu came to me and said-"hey dude, I am really sorry about that bihari remark, I love my country and I know u too love but don't u think we shud do something…..y shud we think that no one else is not doing….y do we say that someone else will do it…..y not we…..ur mother will be proud of u….i am saying that….one day ur mother will be proud of u". after 2 minutes I stood up and said-"ok guys, only for my country I am giving up my dreams but promise me one thing that no one wud put the step back,,,,,even if we die". I don't know why but suddenly the environment became very energetic and patriotic. We all hugged each other for 5 minutes until shiv said-"hey ran vijay, do u bath daily,,ur smelling like socks". Ran vijay as usual became angry and ran after shiv and we all laughed for the one last time.


The next day all of us were in the assembly area to do the morning prayers. The prayers ended and the time to sing the DEFENCE ANTHEM CAME….200 boys sang together….


It was our last day at nda. After 3 months of training we knew just alittle about handling guns but the important thing was that we knew something. In the afternoon we came back to our rooms. Ashish was ready with the plan to get out of NDA. It was tough to get out of NDA as army men and guards were everywhere. Ashish started …..

Ashish- see guys, it is impossible to get out of here in the day time, so the only time left with us is night time and that too after 12 when all the lights are switched off".

Sameer-"ok but the most difficult thing is to get out of here, what about that?"

Ashish-"let me complete,….k…..u guys must have seen that security is everywhere except at one place and that is the assembly area, the bahadurs go there for one round at 12 and after this they come at 12:30….so it means we have half an hour to escape"

Manish-"what about this bloddy subedar amrit singh - our guard".

Ashish-"after 12 he goes to the mess to eat"

Me-"ok…tats it….what about guns and all…."

Vishnu-"alam will provide us with guns and hand grenades,,I talked to him today morning…"

Shiv-"great but Vishnu are you sure alam is a right guy"

Vishnu-"his father was killed by terrorist only,,,,but he cannot do anything as he too lives under threat"

Ran vijay-"and how will we go to baramula"

Ashish-"at 2 am there is kalka express….we can go easily till ambala,,,then we will see sfter that"

Manish-"ok…so its still 8 hours to go , lets go back or the captain would ask the reason".

Everything was set and ti looked like tht ashish plan would work but still there was danger but it was not a time to think about danger .

At 12 in the midnight, all seven of us slowly and steadily walked to the assembly area. There was no one and we hid ourselves behind the trees. The walls were looked like great wall of china. The guard came and and did his job. He was about to go when the stupid ran vijay yelled-"hey shiv u asshle ur foot is on my foot, get side". Vishnu said in a faint voice-"shut up,,,,,,u fool….hey shiv….hit ur brother". The guard came back again and came more closure to us. We were almost caught when someone called-"hey ! come here,,,,there is work here". This call was for the guard. He went away and we were relaxed now. Vishnu came and said-"you fool, we were almost caught only because of ur foolness". Ran vijay said-"ok,,ok,…but lets go now".

One by one jumped off the wall and landed on the other side. All seven of us ran as fast as we could had. We reached the road and took a lift in truck. The truck stopped and the driver said through the window-"are u guys running from NDA?". We were shocked at this. Shiv asked-"why do u think like that?". The truck driver replied-"hahaha….12 in the night,,,,NDA just 100 metres away……..seven 18 years old boys,,,,with bags in hand,,,,what do I supposed to think……don't worry I have given lift to many who ran away previously….come come". We stepped inside the truck and the truck rolled away to pune.


We reached Kashmir and took a bus ride to baramula. Sameer was sitting next to a 40 year old sardar who was reading newspaper. The 40 year old read-"oho….such a bad news….yesterday seven boys of NDA ran away from the academy…such a shame". We all looked at each other surprisingly. Manish who was sitting next to me said-"so they know now". I replied-" not only they but the whole world knows".

The sardar started giving his opinion about us-"these bastards are shame on our society….y did they went to NDA when they had to run away…..i feel like killing them". No one was listening to him except seven of us. Sameer who was sitting next to him looked as if he is going to kill the sardar but he managed to control his anger. After sometime ran vijay said-"hey ashish , do you think we ae doing a mistake". Ashish said-"I read some where tha never repeat a mistake,,,,always try a new one".

We reached baramula and saw alam khan waiting for us. He looked typical kahmiri. His eyes were saying a lot of things,,,there was pain and at the samw time revenge with frustration and irritation. I could easily see the real alam khan inside him. He was happy to see us,,,,his eyes wanted to see some people who could help him. Vishnu went to him and hugged him and sai-"how r u alam". Alam said-"I am fine, so these r ur friends!". Vishnu replied and introduced us one by one-"-yes, this manish,,,ashish, rannvijay,,,ganesh,,,,shiv and sameer. Alam said-"I don't know how to thank u guys…..u guys left ur carrer for this". Sameer smiled and said-"c'mon! alam we r not doing this for you or anyone else but avtually we all r doing this for ourselves only….". alam smiled and took us to a home which was located on hills. Shiv said-"I always dreamt of living at a place like this….after all this…when everything ends,,,we will live here". Ashish said-"ya,,its beautiful". Alam said-"u wanna see the jaise mohammad camp". I said-"dfinitly". He said-"then come with me". Alam took us to another hill and we followed him. As we are coming closure ,,,,we cud hear the sounds of training and the we saw the unthinkable. Almost 500 men and kids training on the hills,,,training of all types….gun shooting,,,,mountain climbing…all those things that were taught at NDA but the only difference was that at NDA heroes were trained and here the cowards were trained". Shiv said shockingly-"god…all this is happening in india". Alam replied "no my friend what u r watching is Pakistan and u r exactly on the LINE OF BORDER(THE BORDER BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTAN). As alam completed his scentence we saw the wires which were parting india and Pakistan. I said-"wires wre not here? Wats the reason for this?. Alam replied-"these Pakistanis come here to collect money from locals". Ran vijay said-"it means locals support this jehadis". Alam replied-" no , they don't support but they don't resist in giving them the money". I was shocked at this as this meant that these terrorist collects money from Indian and then buy guns and bombs from than money and give the money back to the Indians on the form of bullets. We were shocked after this and came back to our place.

Next day Vishnu was ready with his plan to attack these terrorist.

Vishnu-"so here it is……we will attack them from three corners,,,,,in the team of three….rannvijay and sameer from left side….shiv and ganesh from other and me , ashish and manish from the centre….".

Me-"k….but when?

Vishnu-"at 5 in the evening as alam has said that they perform their namaz at that time and they don't keep guns with them during namaz".

Ran vijay-"that's a great plan".

Vishnu-"but that doesn't mean that we cud take it easy"

Shiv-"what about out guns "

Alam-" there you have it"

Alam showe ak-47's, ak-37's and mouser and hand graneds and everything which could take a human live in one second.

Ran vijay said-"wow….tats amazing"

I said-"guys, this is not fun, we cannot take lives of those kids,,,,they r meremy 13 or 14"

Alam-"if u ll not shoot, they will shoot you down…."

Sameer-"alam is rite"

As we were discussing our plan when we heard the news in the television"

A lady around forty was crying and saying something-"my son cannot do this, I know he is doing something good for his country, I know he will everyone wrong, ganesh wherever you are,,,don't fel alone…I am with you and I am proud of you…I know u will not do anything that cud hurt me".

It was my mother who was giving interview to a news channel. We were the 24*7 news for the news channel. Every one in the country from a 12 year pld boy to a 70 year old was ashamed of us.

The NDA major said-" I cannot believe this, they have run away and taken some machine guns with them too,,,it's a shame". I was shocked at this. All of us statted looking at each other until shiv gave up.

He said-" ok ok….i took those machine guns as I thought what if we don't find them". Sameer was about to yell at him when we saw another major giving interview to a news channel. He said-" they are black spots on Indian defence services,,,these seven boys have made the worst mistake of their life…a dirty mistake….

Vishnu-" guys lets show them,,,, what mistake we have done,,,and what can these seven dirtiest people present here can do. We switched off the t v and continued with our plan.


Finally, the moment arrived, it was 4 :30 on the clock. We went and took our positions as planned by Vishnu. We did not knew that what we were going to do. May be we were mad, crazy people, may be this had no sense, may be we were going to hell but the most important thing was that we were not feared, I don't know why but the fear was gone,,,my mother wa s with me…may be that was the reason. Shiv and me were sitting on our positons and still 2o minutes were left. I took out the photo of my father and saw his face, it was like my father was saying me "don't go for the army, go for the nation". At this moment of time I learnt what a soldiers job is. Shiv looked at my father's pic and said-"he must be proud of you". I smiled at him and he did the same. I said-"shiv!, u know what I love you". Shiv said-"haa…I wanted to hear that my bay…I love you too…..hahahaha…..shut up u gay". We laughed and shared the last few minutes of happiness. It was 4:55 and we knew it was time.

Alam said on walky talkie- "guys, its time……gods with you". Me and shiv got up and moved slowly doenwards to the enemy ground." I saw sameer and ran vijay coming from the other side. It was us who were to make the first blood so that ashish, manish and Vishnu could attack from centre. I counted in my mind …3……2……………….hooooooooooof…..1…..and shouted--------bharat mata ki jaiiiii….and me and shiv started firing at one of the camps. We raced in to the camp and saw the terrorist performing namaz,, they were helpless and our ak-47's killed them all…….. iwent outside and saw ran vijay firing at the opther camp. I saw other terrotists coming out of their camps and then I yelled at Vishnu…. "its time"…..vishnu and co came running in and killed those bastards. They were surprised by this attack and this is all what we wanted. In 10 minuted time almost 50 of them were killed. Then we made the huge mistake all of us came to the middle of the camp together and the other terrorists surrounded us. But Vishnu didn't showed panic and fired at them all over . he said -"fire from where ur standing and don't move…we followed him. Manish then went to one of the camps in which the deads were lying. He started firing from there but then one of the injured terrorist cut his throat and manish died. I saw his body in front of him…..i was freezed I dint knew what to do…..my friend was died…..he was my room partner….few seconds ago I saw him fighting and now he is died. Sameer came and slapped me and said-"ganesh, don't stop,,keep on firing".

After half an hour, they started dominating us and now we knew that there is no gain in facing 100 terrorist at one time. No plan in this world can tackle 100 people at one time. Me an sameer were hidden behind a camp and the other four behind other camp. We are on one side and the enemies were on the other side. I said -"there is no gain in fighting, we have to step back for a while". Vishnu said- yes. I think u r rite". The leader of the terrorist camp spoke-"you ******,,,,you will die of my bullet,,,,u don't what mistake u have done….u boldy Indians……". Ran vijay got angry on this and got up and started firing…..he killed almost 6 of them until one bullet hit him. Shiv shouted-"ran vijay!!!!!!!..........get up,,,come here…..y did I do that…cmon get up". But ran vijay was not listening hi as he was dead. Shiv fought with ran vijay all the time but in reality he was his brother. Shiv cried but Vishnu dragged himand we ran away to the forest area.

Ashish said-"where is manish?". I said-" he is dead too"

Shiv-"o god….what happening……I lost my brother too…..vishnu..what going on"

Vishnu-"don't loose hope guys,,,we can still beat them"

Ashish-"no Vishnu they r in hundreds,,we cant beat them"

Me-"don't talk like loosers,,,remember what we discussed….cmon get up and be brave".

The terrorists were following us as one of them spotted us and fired and that bullet hit ashish on legs. Sameer took shiv in his hands and all of us ran…we ran and hid ourselves behind trees. Shiv was hurt. Shiv said-"guys u go and kill them ..i am fine". We started fring again on them and they started firinf at us. I saw shiv going near to the terrorist. I said-"shiv! Where the hell r u going". Shiv took hand grenades and started to throw at them….he killed almost 20 terrosist. But one bullet ended his life.

Now we were just four and stiil our target was not killed. Our target was hamid ansari- the head of jaishe mohammad. He was staying in one of the camps but we did not knew…which of them. We came put of the forest to the open fields. The terrorist came and hit us, Vishnu got up and punched one of them, I followed him…..one of the terrorist killed ahish and ashish fell to the ground. I took the same gun and killed the bastard. I told sameer-"hey, now only 20 of them are left". Vishnu said(still fighting for his breath)- we have to find ansari…we need to kill him…once he is killed….jaishe mohaamad wud come to end." Vishnu was rite. I was about to say something when sameer interfered-"hey hey….shshhhsh….lool…there he is..tats him….". I said-"are you sure!". He said-"yes I am….alam showed his pic to me…tats him". We made a short plan in that short time. I said-"Vishnu, u hide here only as u r injured,,,I will go to the other side and sameer will give me the cover……sameer u fire to the left…so that they turn there faceto left in the mean while I will run to the right firing at them….once in reach there I ll grab the bastard and then u guys can come….i know tats tough but not impossible". They agrred and sameer fired on the left of the terrorist and they they did what we wanted then to do….they looked leftwards and I ran to the right side firing at them….i saw hamid and flew in the air and grabbed him…I hit him with my gun….i was bout to kill the bastard when I saw Vishnu sruggling to come to this side. I went to him and gave him support but I saw one terrorist aiming at me. Tat was it…I tought I am gone….this is my last moment but it was not to be as sameer came in front and took those bullets on his chest….he shouted at me-"gooooooo……ahhhh..ah..goooo…..kll him….". these were his last words. I took Vishnu in my arms and came to right side. I took the gun again and fired …..and fired until they all were killed. The leader to whom I hit with my gun was still unconscious. Now all those 200 hundred terrorist were killed an I had the leader of the jaishe mohammad laying uncounscious in front of me but I lost my five friends and Vishnu was also lying injured.

I said-"Vishnu r u alive…tell …say something"

He did not responded. I thought he was dead but he spoke ,,,,for the last time. He said-"hey bihari!.....i wanted to tell you something…."

I said-"say"

He said-"all my life I thougth u biharis r cowards but dude u prove me wrong….iiiiiiiiiii….ahaahhhhhhhhhhh". his pain was getting worser. He looked half dead but continued-"don't leave this bastard…this asshole planned almost all the bomb blast….dont leave him ganesh….and promise me…..promise me that u ll be alive to prove to the world that we are not cowards……tell them that y we ran away from NDA……..tell them that NDA do not make cowards but they do make men". These were his last words. Vishnu was dead. His body was lying in front of me. All my six brave friends gave their life. I got up to lift vishnu's body when suddenly the leader of the terrorist organization aatcked me from behind as he fixed a knife on my back. He said-"what did u thot , u ll be able to atop the work given by him". I took out the knife and did the same on his chest for five time till I was sure that he was died. But I was not able to lift my self now and slowly …….my eyes were closing….i heard my father's voice -"I m proud of u…come to me". It was the best moment of my life- the death moment. I fell on vishnu's body and died. It was a rare scene that a Marathi and bihari were laying on each other….our target was complete..we killed jaishe mohammad and its leader hamid ansar.

After 12 hours alam and border security force came to take our bodies. Alam was crying. Border security force officer captain surya singh and his soldiers gave us a salute. My soul was watching all this. Alam told every one that why and how we left NDA and came to kashmie to kill jaishe mohaamad leader. It was a silly thing as I thought but there was a boy Vishnu who never used his brain but just did what he wanted to do. He kept the promise.he di d not stepped back.

Today, my soul is still sitting beside my mother as she is watching my dead body. She is crying …yes,,,crying but she is happy too and proud of me. Government has promised her that she will get a job in a government office. God know when that promise would be fulfled. She wanted to see me in an army dress but now she is watching my dead body rolled in the Indian flag. I want to say her-"don't cry amma….sorry I did not kept the promise made to u but surely I will come and wear that army dress in my next birth…………….i know u r crying but u r not weak as u r wife of subdar Shankar sinha and mother of NDA cadet ganesh Shankar sinha"

I was ganesh Shankar sinha and that was my story……


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