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hey! guys....hello again....i am again here with a new short story. this one is a serious one based on a true incident but the names of the characters are fictional and situations in the story are fictionl too......enjoy a goodd read....pz comment

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"it is not the fault of the gentlemen sitting in the office who is responsible for corruption but the rascal inside him"
- gandhi
It was the month of November in India when about ten pakistani came to Mumbai by the sea route. Many people from Pakistan had been coming to India. So what is the so big about these 10 individuals. Well, these 10 people from the land of Pakistan came to Mumbai with two fully loaded guns in hand which could kill almost 20 people at one go and and a bag full of explosives. Of course, their motive was not to spread peace but to do something which could shake the entire nation. They were half successful in their motive as they wanted to kill as many people as possible not caring that who is muslim or who is hindu, what mattered was blood and blood and more blood. About 150 people died in the Mumbai attack and this is just an official figure.

"What's up! kunal, why did you called me so early in the morning"? says Sabir Mehta. Sabir Mehta is the head of national security agency( of courese India) and kunal rawat is his deputy. kunal replies " Sir, there is some information for you, I do not want to disturb you at 4 in the morning but I was not able to hold my self back". "Go on, say, what is the information all about." Says sabir. Kunal replies, "Not here sir, lets go to the conference room, It is something very important and should not be disclosed, it is better it remains between the senior department." Sabir said, "Ok, lets go then."
Sabir and kunal enters the conference room where divya is waiting for them. Divya says, "Do you know what, when kunal called me , I thought, he is again asking me for coffee but this time he really has some important information sir". Kunal clears his throat and says, "Good joke, can we work now." After that kunal shows sabir a video. Sabir gets stunned after watching it. "what the fuck,How is this possible , immediately call the PM(prime minister). Divya says, "No sir, we should wait a bit, this can be hoax, I mean how can you say that this is real?" "What do you mean, Ms. Divya Dixit, this is NSA and by saying this you are letting this agency down." shouts kunal. Well kunal has a soft cornor for divya, but when some one doubts his job than he gets furious. Divya answers gently (ironical, a girl being gentle), " when I was in training , I was taught that we- the NSA people should not react in haste and every information we gather is attached with a very silly modal called 'might' , I think, I am rite and this is why I am putting up this voice, I am not at all doubting your work kunal but you can not be sure about this video". As always divya is right and the boss confirms it. Sabir says, "Yes, I think divya is right , we shud not act in haste, Good job by you but go and make sure that this is not a hoax video". Kunal replies " ok sir, I will doo that". Sabir takes the advice of his subordinates again-" what do u think, shall we discuss this with other people in the office". "it will be good if we keep this within ourselves for next few days, I hope u do not mind sir but I am not doubting any one" said kunal. "hmmm, ok, so kunal do what I have told you and then we will see how it goes, any questions, then ask now!." "No sir" replies kunal and divya.
23rd NOVEMBER 2008
NSA head sabir is busy in a meeting with the prime minister over the security concerns. The meeting is held in the meeting hall @ NSA headquarters. Sabir and PM are discussing about the security over India- englandcricket test series as England were resisting to come to India to play the two match test series but it is onlybecause of the surety given by the PM that English players are coming to India. PM wants full surety by NSA now. PMasks " sabir, is everything right or there is problem, tell me I have given clearance to the test series". Sabir-" sorry sir, but you should had asked me before giving the clearance". PM-" I do not understand, are you trying to say that something is going to happen". Sabir do not want to tell the PM about the video he saw almost one month before but gives a little indication. He says-" I cannot say that something is going to happen but there are some signs, sir". PM - "o god, I did a blunder, but now I cannot let the country down by refusing the the players about security concerns". Sabir-" sorry to say sir but if some thing happens to the players than country will be let down too in that case also but we can provide the players with the top class security". PM- "yes, that will do". As the meeting was on, kunal came running in to the meeting area. He was not able to catch his breathe not because he came running from his office which was @ 200 meters of distance but it was the proof in his hand about that video".
Sabir-" what happened kunal, why didyou came in without permission". Well, kunal and sabir are more of best of colleagues then a boss or subordinate but still sabir has to show a bit anger in front of the PM. Kunal says-" I have something which is very important, we have to cancel england's tour to India, immediately". PM-"what are you talking about, sabir what is this going on, you are hiding something from me". Sabir finally told the PM about the video and now kunal came in with a fresh video in which a leader of a terrorist organistaion warned India that something big is going to happen.
PM talks to the cricket board of India. The boss of cricket board do not wants to cancel the tour as it will be great loss to them. The board wants full security in place of cancellation of the test series. After talking to the boss of the board PM again comes to NSA people. He says-" look sabir, there is no need to leak this thing in media or anywhere. We cannot cancel this tour as it will be a great loss of money and we can provide full security for players. The party president is also not in favour of cancellation and you yourself is not sure about it". Kunal angrily says- " we are sure, sir". PM -" I know but now thereis no stepping back for us". Kunal in sheer anger-" then please tell me, why the hell NSA is …..this is…..". sabir stops kunal " relax kunal and go outside, I am coming". Kunal not caring about his job takes the video proof from sabir and exits the room".
24th NOVEMBER 2008
Its 8 in the morning and kunal is still in the office. He has worked 24 hours to find out more about the video but has failed. He is half slept and half awake in his chair when sabir comes in the room. " hey you!, wake up, I know that you are still unmarried but still you have a mother at home". Kunal says-" I do not want to work with NSA,,,,,,now". Sabir who is surprise after listening this from the mouth of NSA's best man says-" what, have you gone nuts, you are needed here, there is lot to do". Kunal gets up from his chair angrily and says-"wow,, I am needed in NSA because everytime I go there to the top people sitting in those AC rooms called ministers to listen that money is more important than a human life,,, tell me sir, that is why I am needed here. We work here like owls, not thinking about our personal life, and then our work is not apprecitated and then many lives are ……huh…I can't speak more". Sabir-" I know what you are feeling at this point of time kunal but our job is to collect information and then transfer the information to those gentlemen who runs our country,,that's it.. that all we can do,,,so chill". Kunal still in anger-" huh, you call this bastards gentlemen, this gentlemen who treat money above human lives I call them rascals". " actually GENTLEMEN RASCALS" divya says. Divya is as much angry as kunal but still she is more mateur that kunal. Sabir receives a call from PM. After chating with the PM sabir looks up to the ceiling fan and says-" fucker, he wants me to say lie to media people, I am going to PM's office and kunal just chill and take some rest , you are allowed to go home, divya u can take over the responsibilities".
Now divya and kunal are left alone in the office. Divya says to kunal-"go take some rest, you need it badly and your mother must be waiting for you". Kunal replies-" no, I am al rite, I have called amma and said that I ll come tomorrow". Divya-" do you want coffee".
Kunal says-" no, I will have coffee,". Divya surprised with kunal's answer-" hey! I said coffee only, kunal you need to take rest, please go to home and sleep". Kunal after few silent moments says to divya-" divya,". Divya is busy in arranging some files but still replies-" ya, say, what were you saying". Kunal replies-" something big is gonna happen for sure, I bet you!". Kunal is still looking the video tape and divya stopped arranging the files now and looks to kunal and says-" how can you say that?". "do you remember sajid mansur khan, the lashkar militant". Divya-"yes, I do". Kunal now looks in the eyes of divya and says-" HE IS BACK".
In pakistan, about 50 terrorists were taking army like training much like our brave soldiers but the only difference is that the soldiers give their life for a reason enough for us to understand or may be more than enough but the terrorists give their life for a reason which I think cannot be seen even by Einstein. But there is something where these terrorists are ahead of us and I am not talking about using the modern technology to its best use or to say its worst but acting on the information collected by the other terrorists.
Bilal masud is the chief of jaamat-u-dawa (acting as political party in Pakistan). He speaks to a group of 50 terrorists-"by the sake of allah tallah, the day has come after a very long time when again we will do something that will shake this world and with it India. I have selected 10 names out of you who will go to India on a mission, tell me how many of you are ready". The crowd of 50 shouts-"all of us". Bilal-"good!, I am proud of you, sajid bhai has planned everything, the names are the following". Soon the names were called and all the ten terrorist selected got ready to leave India".
THE BLACK DAY (26th NOV, 2008)
Divya, sabir, kunal and other members of NSA are discussing the same old problem of India- you are rite. Suddenly, phone rings. Divya picks up the phone. She gets shocked after hearing what was said on phone and after the putting the receiver off she looks at sabir. Each person in that room is looking to her to find out what was said on the phone.
Kunal asks-"what happened, who was it". Divya answers-" it was kashif-our informer". Sabir (now in tension)-"so, what did he said?" divya after 2 minutes of silence finally anwers-" in 5 minutes time 10 terrorist will reach Mumbai and theywill attack different locations". There is silence in the room again. Kunal-"nothing surprising, I told u sabir, look, they are ten times ahead of us". Sabir-" fuck! They planned it". Divya-"in the video it was about sachin tendulkar's assassination then why the hell they came to Mumbai port….oh….god………now I got it…..shit, I feel like a stupid". Sabir-"it means they knew that army commandos are on duty at gateway of India, in order to get rid of them they sent us a video in which they warned us that lives of English cricketers and sachin tendulkar is in danger.". kunal-" and then those commandos were placed for securing the Indian and English cricketers and gateway of India is left with 5 policemen,,,huh, or should I say 5 poor people in khaki dress with lathi in hand and a gun. The worst part is lathi is more useful than that blody gun". Divya-"guys, we still can do something, we have to inform the police". Kunal in disgust gets up from his chair andsays-" they themselves must have informed the police by now, go on enjoy the cricket match, what an irony India is winning there and here we just lost"
Sabir-"switch on the television set, be fast". The newsreaded read the news that only 5 terrorist have entered the city of Mumbai, but they were not wrong because it was just the starting.
Its now 5 in the morning and NSA chief sabir has answered almost 100 calls from delhi and now receives a new one. At NSA there is a rule that you may miss the call from your mother or any other person but do not dare to miss the call from delhi. Sabir picks up the phone-"hello, sabir Mehta here". It 's the PM"S call.
Sabir-"hello sir, I don't think it is the right time to say this but still 'good morning'."
PM answers-"yes, sabir. It is one of the worst day of my life. I called you to get an answer that how the terrorists attacked mimbai, what you said was wrong, I mean your information, your facts,,,what about them?". Sabir answers-"facts are the enemies of truth sir, that's all I can say at this point of time." PM says-"but what about the video in which it was shown that life of English and Indian cricketers is in danger, you were wrong there". Sabir replies-"no sir, I was not wrong. Both …I mean the video and these attacks are interlinked with each other". PM-"all right, I want to see tomorrow in delhi". Sabir replies back in anger-"for what purpose, to play the blame game, sorry sir but I am not going to waste my time in these unpurposeful meetings". Sabir puts the receiver down.
27th NOVEMBER 2008
It's 8 in the morning and the news is that the NSG commandos have killed all the terrorist who hid them selves in nariman house and at the trident. Only two terrorists are left who are hiding @ the taj hotel. On the satellite phones , the terrorists are receiving voices of sajid mansur khan (the brainchild if the attacks)-"there is a famous Indian politician in the hotel, go no and kill himand kill till the last breathe of your life, allah bless both of you…create a history today". At 12 in the midnight NSG chief sanjay kapoor with his 12 brave commandos makes a plan to enter the 3rd floor of the hotel where the terrorists were hiding themselves.
Sanjay-"boys! Those 2 terrorists are on the 3rd floor, I want to make 3 teams. Manohar singh, ketan sharma, zenab khan will be in one team called tiger and ketan you will lead. Manoj, rahul and shankar will be in second team called lion and manoj will lead the team and lastly meer, prabha shankar, ismail and sunil is the other team led by meer, your team's name is leopard. Manoj, I want you to be at the ground so as the terrorist runs then they wud be caught , meer you will lead your team through stairs and ketan you will lead your team from top through terrace. Any questions, boys?"
All of them together-"no, sir". Sanjay-"good gentlemen(in army good does not mean that your work is appreciated, it is just a way of saying O.k.) all of you will be in touch with me and do not forget to mention your team's name before communicating". All of them-" ok sir". sanjay-"one last thing, commandos, I do not want to meet those terrorist alive, go and kill the bastards------GOOD LUCK, god bless you all".
Those 12 brave people run fearlessly towards their respective destinations. Manohar, ketan and zenab goes to the terrace and starts coming down to the 3rd floor one by one. Manoj and his team take the position on the ground level". Meer and his team has to face the heat first. They slowly climb the stairs and reach the second floor. Meer orders ismail to move ahead and clear the way and then give the signal that everything is clear. Finally, they reach the 3rd floor. Suddenly one terrorist fires from the back ( as cowards can not face the brave from front) and one of the bullets hit prabha shankar( a commando from land of bihar here to save the life of raj thakray's MUMBAI) as he saves his leader meer singh and gives his life there only. Others hide themselves to take protection but prabha shankar finds himself in the middle of the corridor. Ismail shouts " prabha, get up ,,cmon get up". Meer orders ismail -" shut up! Ismail prabha is dead now and don't let the terrorist know our positions for god sake". Prabha and ismail were good friends. The coward again throws a hand grenade. Ismail jumps on the hand grenade so as to save his other colleagues and gives his life. In the meantime sanjay chats with meer on the walky talky-" team leopard, team leopard,,alpha here…out"( you have to say out after you complete a sentence on the walky phone as to let the other guy know that you have completed your sentence). Meer-" leopard here,,,alpha…out". Sanjay-"whats the situation there …out". Meer-" 2 boys are no more sir,, out". Sanjay-"do not worry, do not let their sacrifice go waste, ketan must have reached 3rd floor by now…good luck over and out".
After two hours of tussel, meer has finally located where the terrorist is hiding himself. He orders sunil to throw a hand grenade to the left side of the restaurant so that the terrorist runs to the right side. Meer-"sunil, throw the hand grenade to the left table an I will shoot the bastard if he runs". Sunil does what was ordered and the plan works as the terrorist runs to the right side and he shoots him and job done. One of the two terrorist is killed now. Meer looks at the dead terrorist and says-"bye bye,,,you a####le". Meer comes to sunil and says-"gud job buddy, ashok chakra is done for you".
They move towards the other room where the second terrorosit was hidden. The room was next to the balcony area. As they tried to open the door, suddenly the terrorist ran simultaneously firing at the soldiers. Luckily they escaped the death but terrorist ran away. They can see him runnig but cannot do much. But suudenly again ketan jumps in the corridor from the top and fires at the terrorist , the bullet hits him in his hand and legs but still he manages to run away but he makes another big mistakes. He runs down to the ground floor where manoj is eagerly waiting for him. Manij shoots at him and does the final touch.
On the 3rd floor, sunil and meer are bringing out the body of the 1st terrorist they killed in restaurant. Sunil says to meer-"why did you said, I will get ashok chakra". Meer replies-"because you showed bravery and killed the this bastard". Sunik-"but I think ashok chakra is for those commandos who die in the war". Meer-"hahahahaha!, now you get my joke". Sunil-"hehehe…very funny".
Now Mumbai was safe at least from the 10 terrorists. But stll 1000 lives were gone.
Sanjay-" I am proud od you boys, congratulations, we did it".
Sanjay's 8 years old daughter namrata called his father to see if he is father is al rite.
Namrata-"hello, pa….how are you….are you fine or not?. I am scared". Sanjay-"why are you scared, I am al rite my baby. Namrata-"when are you coming back, I want to see you pa". sanjay-"I will be back by Monday, you don't worry, I am fine….howz your kitty". Namrata-"kitty is fine, she also misses you". Sanjay-"once I come back, we will play together alrite, now bye,,,take care baby".
Sanjay lost his wife when his wife gave birth to namrata and at that time he was fighting the war in kargil. After getting the news of death of his wife, he did not went back but continued fighting in battle field.
Very far away from battle field at NSA, there were few helpless people trying to do a job which had no meaning really. Sabir enters the work area. Kunal queations-"is it over?"
Sabir-"ya, finally it is over now". Kunal-"o god,,,thank you….there are very few people to whom you look and say I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN." Divya says-"you must be talking about NSG commandos". Kunal answers-"who else? What do you think ….i am talking about,,,the PM, those ministers, beaurocrates or us the most important people…huh…".divya-"chill,,,now". On news channels the the opposition leaders start the blame game. They start to blame the present government for the attacks. Actuaaly, they were right but is it the right time? Kunal in disgust says-"huh! The rascals were just killed that some more joined them". Divya-" hey kunal". Kunal says-"what". Divya-"they are gentlemen rascals".
After 6 hours PM again reaches for a metting with sabir. The meeting is held in the con ferencearea. PM- I want to discuss some very important things with you sabir!....alone". sabir looks at kunal who may any time kill the PM on his orders and says-"whatever you want to say, you have to say here only, sorsy sir.". PM finally says after 2 minutes of silence-"sabir, our government is in pressure, you know we have given orders to chanfe the home minister" sabir replie-"so what, what is the relation of NSA wih this". PM -" I am here to make a requet to you". Sabir-"wat kind of request?" PM replies-"take the whole blame on your shoulders and and bail the government out of it". Kunal intereres in the talks-" what the hell, we told you about that some danger is round the cornor and you did not react you want to transfer the blame on our shoulders". PM-"its not only fault on our behalf but yous also, you said that crickets will be attacked but Mumbai was attacked". Kunal-" they be fooled us, they wanted to remove the forces from gateway of India so as to enter into mumbai easily and that's the reason they sent the video". PM-"whatever the reason may be, I want you to take the blame….i want and answer….yes or no?. kunal-" NO,,,a big no". sabir says now-" yes, we will take the blame sir, no problems, you don't take tension". PM replies- " thank you sabir, I appreciate this, I hope you come to delhi next morning and attend the press conference with the new home minister". Sabir-"all right sir". PM leaves leaving kunal and divya angry.
Kunal-" what the fuck, why the heck did you said yes". Sabir says-" I am your boss kunal, talk with respect". Divya defends-" what are you saying sir, where is our fault". Sabir replies after looking @ divya-"that's the worst part, no one's is eady to take the blame". Sabir picks up his bag and blazer and exits the room.
30th November 2008
"Mr sabir Mehta, do you take the blame for the attacks" media questions sabir. Sabir replies-"yes, I do". Another question is put up against sabir-"what do you think is the job of NSA then, what were you people doing before this".sabir replies-"actually, the blame should not go to NSA, I said that I take the blame not NSA". A media person asks-"we don't understand?" sabir replies-" hhmnm….i take the blame not because NSA was responsible, I take the blame not because THE PM of this country told me to do but I take the blame because I am an Indian and this Mumbai attack is the responsibility of each Indian, each of us sitting here are responsible for these attacks and also those who are watching this conference in their homes. Not only this attack but each bomb blasts that took place in India". Media questions-"how can you say that". Sabir replies-"in my neighbour a woman daily comes and dumps the waste their only , watching her two more women come and dumps the waste and they are followed by three more". Media-"what are you saying, what is the link between this with the attacks or blasts". Sabir-" I did not completedmy sentence……….when so many people start to dump their waste at that place,i.e, at the gate the of the children;s park then it becomes very normal for everyone, but one day two men in wearing helmet come on bike and they too dump the waste in a plastic bag. You will ask whats the difference. The difference is that when these two men leave after dumping their waste there then after 5 minutes a bomb blast takes place there only. Actually, the plastic bag which they dumped contained a bomb. The son of the woman who first came to dump her waste at the park gate lost her son who was playing in park at that time. She now goes with 200 people to the INDIA GATE and ligts candle.
She blames government for this and government blames NSA, NSA blames Pakistan, opposition party blames ruling party, ruling party blames the police administration, police administration blames their top officers. Tell me who do you blame? If u ask me then I tell u that I blame that woman who dumped the waste at a public place. I must be sounding stupid but tell me what can government can do. This nation is very unlucky……. not because we are a prey to the terrorist aatcks but because no one in this country is ready to take the blame, because the PM of the country comes to NSA and begs to the NSA chief that "plz take blame on your shoulder", I take the blame because I want to set an example for others that taking blame is the art of brave and we at NSA are brave people. i know that nothing is going to happen from now as we are Indians and we have this beautiful habit of forgetting everything."
No one was able to say a word in the press conference. Every one was silent but sabir continued -"my friend kunal feels that this politicians are rascals but I feel that not only they but also we - the people fall in the same category . the only difference between those rascals who came to India to kill few of our people and us is that they came and we knew that these are rascals but there are many rascals hidden in some very famous gentlemen of this country. If you want to kill terrorism then do not kill these terrorists but kill these GENTLEMEN RASCALS, at last again I say that I take the blame for the attacks but I will not resign from my post as next time we get any information about any attack, we will act on our own"……..sabir looks at the home minister who is sitting beside him and says his last words to medis in the mike "thank you".


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