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this is based on one of my favourite stories, about when all the power turns off and only a few people will ever know the cause of the blackout, everyone that could left there homes the rest died.Now it has just began but I have written about this because I love this story and have wanted to write about it.
not original.

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What race is this,these sickening memories being our last,some lucky that fled the cites survived, Others well they died plus had to forget, about their family. Today its how they are driven,by aloneness by fear,by the desire of arrows perhaps in their tens,yet possessing a gun on it's own is an offense,swords may be sharp nor devious nor much disguise,half time is plundering for lives,for being a Rebel,is harder than one believe our mark the flag of an American . Teaching the word will make a brief inhabitant disappear, butchered by the Militias. Packs of civilians sworn to set out to beat the Militias However the Militia is unstoppable. An extensive masterful assembly ran by a Sebastian Monroe self opionted president of the Monroe Republic an area of the former United States. We have rules we have to be cooperative if we want to live and support what we have left.We pay tax to Monroe we gain minimal,no protection, no homer and no rights this new world is run by the Milita whatever we do or say there is no revolution. ...It's all embarked by electric,following this powerful tremble it lead to confusion and panic, the government collapsed. Militias claimed over,controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons. no one knows why the power went out,but we are hopeful light will come. All to none we awake in a village small but yet strong in spirit all but value but not such quantity give in men, A teenage girl wonders drafted from the village wondering for something lost, a lark sings as she manages to hear a cough from around the trees "Charlie-aa Charlotte",then suddenly moving fast Charlie sprints and calls "Dan!...Damm-Danny" The village is a sight to be seen crops grow,fresh water for everyone, spices grow while old roots and weeds grow twined up an old vehicules unused since the blackout. Young children would play however be taught how to fight and get a good education for all. A gentle quirky long haired men steps out,he picks up his glasses and looks at a small number of children "So,what caused the black out...so what is everybody thinking" a young blonde boy sharpens his spear," "i know that learning isn't as cool as bow hunting-but still this should bother you" he makes rapid hand movements "physics went insane, the world went insane" he looks at the young boy "over night and nobody knows not a dang reason why". All of a sudden a dark haired man appeared out of his house holding a mug of water. he walks across affront of the village. " Hi Ben", "Morning Ben","how you doing ben". He walks up to the learning centre. "Morning Aaron, you look terrible", Aaron walks towards him,"Hey Ben" he yawns holding his flask to his face. "i know, i was up all night, had a Marsha raccoon in my back yard" he takes a sip of his flask , flinches,and holds in upfront of Bens face,he refuses."seen Charlie or Danny" Ben asks. "aaah they left early,said they where er going hunting" "they better be" Ben sighs. ... Charlie hears more vigorous coughing, her hands go moist with dew from the grass as she turns under branches and stumbles upon the grass, plus the air filed with beams of light peeking on the ground through the trees as her fast steps leap over rocks. she turns a corner "Danny Danny!" Danny squints,Charlie reaches out a hand to help ,as he falls to the grass,his knees turn nutmeg,out of breath; Charlie grabs his inhaler as Danny repeatedly inhales. Dan closes his eyes and coughs one more time,he looks up at Charlie "Hey Char why don't we go hunting for a change.


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