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My Past Life As An Englishman

Article By: nid

A must for English lovers...Glimpses of my past life as an englishman in London. Also the position of my present life..

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[I wish you a comfortable read-Srinidhi.R]

My Past Life as an Englishman -

"English language [as quoted by many] is like a broad river on whose bank a lot of fairies are seated to grant the wishes of a weary traveler"

I would say that 'English is the blood of my soul into which thoughts run and out of which grow'.

[These are the true accounts of my secrets which I came to know by visiting a website called "the past life generator"]. It changed my life as I began to recall some things which happened in the past…….

My Past life

I had lived a great luxurious life as an aesthetic English writer in England. I had a splendid English name. I was one of the paramount writers at that time but regrettably, I do not know which time I lived and what my name was. Eventually, I had married a wealthy rich young woman of remarkable beauty and talent. She had worn the finest clothes and spoke superior English than me. She had also liked my British pronunciation. We had a lot of children, all white. They were all gorgeous white girls who were looking like the princesses of England. I would be so fascinated to them and would hug them every time I saw them. We all lived very contentedly under the glorious presence of English and England. We had lived in the country fields breathing out fresh air. We went to many places and balls and dances and operas. We went to churches and worshiped Christ. English blood gave me the strength and talent and all the things we could get in life, at that time. We had lived blissfully till the last very breath of our lives…

My Present life - Beginning from November 6, 1990 Chennai

Hello by the way in this present life, I am Srinidhi.R. People call me 'NID' which may sound a little westernized. There is nothing much to be anxious of for the reason that I was born an Indian and the good news is that I came to know that my previous life was certainly a lot different. First of all I would like to say some curious things you might take note to. Let me start at the age of 8 when I had no basic knowledge of English. I studied in a different medium of language for some years and then when my Dad got transferred to Bangalore, it was high time for me to discover English. In my second grade, at the first sight of an English medium school, it just gave me the creeps. On one disastrous occasion, I had to fall to my parent's legs and plead them not to take me in because the other children were speaking good English and I do not even know how to speak English. I cried and pleaded a lot and then I had to succumb to all the problems in speaking and I begged people not to speak in English. My teacher had slapped me once for not speaking English properly.

But one day I decided not to fret and I began to slowly learn the language so fluently and I learned to write very well with an excellent vocabulary. I came first in my class and got the maximum marks in the next exam. From then on, English has attracted me so much that I would like to speak it all the time. Very soon I developed a grudge towards other languages. I was not the same person. I had almost read all the books in English literature, when I came to the age of 14. I learned speed - reading, in addition. I was captivated to English and to all the greatest English writers, especially to Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. They had all thrown me in the heaven of infinite joy. I slowly began to act as those characters in those novels as it represented me in some form. Thus I emerged as a great English lover. I felt at that time that there were no limits to the English language.

I don't care about the future of mine, now. It will remain joyful. I think I had once dreamed some day in my past life that English should be with me all the time even if I go through many lives given by God. Therefore I feel close to English always.

{I think that anything can be achieved by a person if he wants to and he makes a hard effort to achieve it with confidence in himself}

Now, to simplify all this in a great philosophical quote would be

-Before English the earth was only devastated

But now it has arrested billions

And it will remain the greatest of all languages in days to come…

Srinidhi.R-[Thank you for sparing your time]



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