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Adils Ketilson #2

By: Banitt

Chapter 4,


            Adils followed the screaming of the boy, he knew that he would put up a fight, and would not be an easy capture.

            The trail of screams brought him back to the camp that they had just snuck past earlier. He looked out from the forest and observed the area. Two warriors stood on the outside of the camp and kept watch. Mostly the camp consisted of woman and small children, but there was also a good amount of young fighting men. Twenty-four men in all, unless there were more inside the teepees, but Adils doubted it. He knew that if he was to save Hotah he needed to go in there at full power, and be as intimidating as possible. There were just too many people to try and be sneaky. What he would do though, on the other hand, was wait for nighttime, and then he would have the advantage of surprise on his side. Adils knew that the kidnapping of Hotah was just meant to be a trap for himself, a trap that he was planning to walk right into.

            The day went by very slowly. The whole time he just sat there staring at the camp, watching everybody, and seeing where they had Hotah. It was a small teepee where they kept Hotah. It wasn’t the smallest, but it was definitely on the smaller side.

            When night fell Adils took his bow, six arrows, and his axe and then headed out. He slowly crawled closer to the camp until he cam to a ravine that was about ten feet deep. He slid down the side of it, and sat on a tree that was growing out of the other side about three fourths of the way up. This is where he would begin the attack.

            He looked out towards the fire that was inside the camp, and spotted three silhouettes of men standing around it. Slowly he knocked an arrow and pulled it back to his cheek. When the tip of the arrow was pointed just a little bit above one of the silhouettes Adils let go. He saw the man on the far left drop to the ground. Adils let off another arrow before the other two even suspected what was going on. Another casualty. The last one that was standing around the fire ran into one of the teepees, probably the chief’s.

            Within just a couple of minutes all of the warriors of the camp were standing outside of their teepees, spears and bows in hand. Adils shot the remainder of the arrows he had taken with him, missing only once. After the last shot the Ottawa knew which general direction Adils was hidden. They started to move his way.

            Adils climbed higher into the tree, careful not to shake the tree. His plan was to jump down from the tree and start attacking when they were right below him.

            When the warriors were right underneath him, he jumped down and started swinging with his axe. Three men went down right away. Another warrior stabbed Adils in the ribs with his spear, but he just shook it off. He slashed one man in the neck, and another in the chest. Two more were stabbed in the back, and another hit upon the head with the blunt end of the axe. He went on and on, and did not stop until he had killed all of the warriors that were in the camp.

            When it was all over he walked straight through the camp and into the teepee where they had kept Hotah. He was sitting on the bed, tied to it with rope. Adils walked over and cut him loose with his axe. “I am grateful.” Hotah said with a shaky voice. Then Hotah made an attempt at standing up, but he yelled and sat back down on the bed. His leg was broken. 

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