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Southern by the Grace of God

By: ConcreteAngel

Chapter 1, I don\'t really have a summary for it yet. Just know that it is a continuation of my short story \"How Bout them Cowgirls\" =]

Her head snapped up and a seductive smile stretched across her youthful face. Her assumption had been proven correct. The soft thud that signified the dragging of boots did indeed belong to the sexy cowboy she had earlier set her sights on.

Straightening her body from the slight crouch she had taken on while impatiently waiting, she flicked her golden blonde hair back over her shoulder and widened her smile. Her tongue swept along her luscious, cherry red lips as she took in the sight of the tall boy striding towards her.

From what her vulture like stare could take in she concluded that he had that rugged, Brad Paisley look going on. Midnight black hair and an icy blue gaze that sent chills along her spine. His lean, muscled body was clad in a simple white t-shirt and a pair of wranglers that fit just right. A pair of dusty, worn out Justin boots completed his look.

She at first decided that he was in need of a shave, but after a longer look accepted the idea that he was one of the few that could pull off the unshaved look. His shirt and hands were streaked with grease and sweat beaded on his sun tanned forehead. Instead of being put off by his casual, dirty appearance, she became more set in her quest.

She was like a tiger on the prowl and as he was making the last few steps that would bring him to her, she adjusted her mini-skirt and placed her hands neatly on her slender hips.

Her heavily made up eyes swept over his body once more for good measure. "Heya cowboy, can I help ya with something?" she purred as he came to a stop in front of her.

His weight shifted from booted foot to booted foot and he smiled politely at her. "Yes'm I believe ya can," he answered.

Her well manicured hand floated up and a small finger slid along the collar of his shirt. "First off my name's Deidra, and anything you want I can get," she cooed as her body inched closer to his.

His smile became more forced now and his demeanor took on an air of impatience. "Very forward one huh?"

She nodded and a small giggle was heard. "It's the only way to be. So are ya goin to tell me your name or do I have to guess?"

"I'm lookin for my girlfriend Kaya, do you happen to know anyone around here with that name?" he asked, his politeness more forced now.

Her stance lost a little of it's confidence but still her plan was not lost. One lip popped out into a pout and her eyes fluttered and took on the puppy dog look. "Now don't be a spoil sport. You're ruining the fun by bringing your girlfriend into the conversation."

It happened then and he grimaced trying to keep the images from springing forth. But to no avail. He saw it once more. The silky blonde hair soaked with bright red blood. The once beautiful, smiling face now bruised and swollen. The once vibrant, energetic body now broken and lifeless.

Gritting his teeth he swallowed past the lump in his throat and did all he could to keep his voice from breaking. "It looks as if you can't help me. The name's Casen for future reference and I gotta get going now."

He turned then and made his hasty retreat leaving the girl disappointed and very surprised with his behavior. How could her seductive charms not have worked?

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