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Southern by the Grace of God

Novel By: ConcreteAngel

I don't really have a summary for it yet. Just know that it is a continuation of my short story "How Bout them Cowgirls" =] View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 14, 2009    Reads: 100    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   


"Casen Daniel Carter if you ever pull a stunt like this again I'll let you rot in that jail cell. Do you understand me?"

I stared into my mothers face and felt like I was two years old again. Her frail little body shook with rage but I could also see the unshed tears that had pooled at the corners of her eyes. She had always been such a lively woman but ever since Claudia's death it was like she had aged twenty years. I usually wasn't one to argue with my momma. She knew best and I knew she knew best. But this time I couldn't help myself.

"But momma, that jackass is the reason that Claudia is gone. Why she will never be able to walk through those front doors again or hug you good morning. Was I supposed to just stand there and act like he had a reason for showing up at Emmerson's funeral after all he put us through? You can't say that you wouldn't have wanted to do the same thing had you seen his ugly face standing there in beating distance."

I watched and seen her lips quiver and seen her raise her small hand as if she were going to slap me for talking back. But then her hand fell to her side and her shoulders sagged as if in exhaustion.

"Casen we all want to see those son of a bitch's get what's coming to them, but we can't take it into our own hands. We gotta trust the law to take care of it. I lost my baby girl because of ignorant fools. I can't lose my baby boy to them."

I sighed in defeat and stepped forward embracing my mom in a gentle hug. "I love you momma."


I stood at the edge of my yard and hesitated before taking the small step that would set me in Kaya's yard. I hadn't been able to see her for a week and she didn't know that my parents had bailed me out today. I just hoped she wasn't upset with me. I had missed her so much and couldn't wait to hold her in my arms again.

I watched as her ancient cow dog sauntered up to the back porch and gave a low whine as it settled on the worn out steps. I assumed that someone was on the porch for the dog to settle there. He was always were Kaya or her mom was. And as I settled my nerves and listened closely I could hear the light strum of guitar strings. I knew my beautiful girl was close by then. Just the thought of seeing her willed me forth and I stepped into her yard. Taking long strides I was soon right up against the screen covering her spacious back porch.

"Your on the phone with your girlfriend she's upset. Going on about something that you said. She doesn't get your humor like I doooo," she sang in her soft, sweet, country voice. I could feel myself falling in love all over again. She had that effect on me.

"I'm in my room it's a typical tuesday nighttt," I added in a high pitched girly voice that caused said cow dog to howl and perk up an ear.

I heard a gasp of suprise and the tell tell scrape of a chair being scooted across wooden floor. Then my beautiful Kaya pretty much flew off the back porch and skidded to a halt before whipping around and searching me with those gorgeous brown eyes.

As many times as I had laid eyes on her I still felt dazed every time my sight found her again. I just couldn't believe that a goddess like that could ever love me the way that she did. She was wearing one of my old, worn out shirts that fit her like a nightgown. I was guessing she had a pair of shorts on. Or atleast I hope they were there beneath that shirt. I didn't want anyone catching an accidently peek at my baby's goodies. Her hair was thrown into a messy bun sitting on top of her head and she was make-up free from what I could tell. And telling the truth, I had never seen her look any more beautiful than she did now.

Ismiled and took a step toward's her. "Mmm you sure look good in my shirt."

And then she ran into my arms and crushed her small body against me. I felt like I was in heaven as I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of her shampoo. The soft skin of her cheek nuzzled against mine, and I could now smell the minty freshness of her breath as her lips brushed mine.

"I love you Casen Daniel Carter and I missed you so much," she whispered breathlessely against my lips. "Don't you ever pull a stunt like that again, I can't stand going without you," she scolded lightly.

I was beginning to think I should really think more about the women in my life, before I tried to avenge the death of one of the women in my life. Not pulling a "stunt" like that again seemed like a good idea.

Before I had time to say anything in response to her, she had pulled back and looked into my eyes with a sparkle of mischief. "Hey babe, What kind of bird doesn't fly?" she giggled.

I groaned at the over used joke for a jail bird and pulled her back against me. "Don't you pick on me my little angel."

"Kaya...Kaya are you out here?" came the voice of Ms. Jergens. I looked up as I seen her step off the back porch steps and smiled politely at her. She was like my second mom. Always looking out for me and making sure I treated her baby girl right.

"Hey Ms. Jergens."

"Oh hey Casen. I didn't know they had freed you already. Nice to see you back around," she smiled that motherly smile and turned to look at Kaya.

"Baby girl..are you and Casen gonna join me and Sterling for lunch?"

Kaya nodded and looked at me biting her bottom lip as if she were suddenly nervous. "Yeah momma. I gotta tell Casen something first then we will be right in."

Her mom nodded and smiled once again. "Don't take to long. Don't want the food to get cold." And with that she turned and walked back into the house.

I looked at Kaya feeling a little confused at her sudden change in mood. "Baby what do you need to tell me?" I questioned her. For the first time feeling a small amount of worry that I could lose her.

She bit her lip again and twirled a strand of hair around her finger. I looked deep into her eyes. If I really read into them I could see nervousness but looking even deeper. I could see what I thought might be a small amount of excitement.

She took my hand in hers and squeezed gently as she walked over and sat atop one of the square bales of hay. I followed suit and turned to her awaiting her response.


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