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I swore id never love again

Novel By: WolfGirl1317

This book will be in first person.
16 year old Tegan willis was born and raised Bybanks, Kentucky. She lives a busy life, she works on her fathers farm waking up at 4 am, she goes to school, and works at the towns only major store. After a long heartbreak from loosing her mom and sister in a car accident to her boyfriend of 2 years leaving her to pick up the pieces. She makes a swear to never love again that is until she meets K and he changes her southern girls point of view on everything. Except he has many secrets to so crazy things that may put tegan in danger. View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 17, 2014    Reads: 44    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I wake up to the screeching of tires skidding, the smell of burning rubber fills my nose, and tiny bits of broken glass fly actions my face. My seat belt jerks me...awake. It was just my alarm telling me to get my happy southern ass outa bed to feed the freaking chickens, work the farm, and get ready for a long day of school. I throw the covers over my sweaty body, tie my hair up, and pull some shorts over my tan legs. I walk to my closet, pull out clothes for school, and set them on the counter in my bathroom. I don't bother to put them on cause when I'm done with the farm I will be smelly, sweaty, grimey, and dirty. That would ruin good clothes and I don't wanna.

I creep down the stairs, out the door, and the cool morning air hits my legs. I walk throw the dewy grass down to the pig pen. The rough, squeaky, old gate opens with easy and I grab the bucket the is hanging on the door. In the very back of the dark room is old food that we were gonna use for decomposition but, momma said we should use it as pig slop.


'papa we need to use is to make the soil better

'no Tegan we need to keep it', my father protests.

'why?' I whine.

The sounds of rocks crunching under tires fills my ears.

'MOMMA!' I shout before rushing out the door.

I run over the rock and to the big blue pickup truck to greet my mother.

'hey baby, she says greeting me in a big hug.

"papa says we ant keep the stuff cause we need it I whine.

"but we do baby'


"cause we got something well some things"


"we got pigs"


Squeals from the pigs snap me out of my memory and remind me to feed them. I stuff my hands deep into the squishy slop and throw it in the bucket. I walk in the mushsy pig pen and throw it into the small wooden box. Huge pink pigs come barreling toward me. I hop up, throw the bucket in, and lock the door behind me. I walk up the small hill to the chickens. Inside the small room is grain which I toss through out the coop. Inside the coop is the chickens that have ran out to eat breakfast inside their nests are eggs bunches I care full place them in a cloth and hard up to the porch Place ing the eggs car full in the chiar beside the door.

I head to the cows and lift a huge barrel of hay just the throw it to the sleeping cows. The sun begins to arrise over the clouds and peek its way up signaling my to take a shower and get ready for a long day of school. On my way inside I get the eggs and place them on the table then run upstairs. In my room I grab my radio and throw it on the bathroom sink. I start my water making it hot, and do my superbly business.

The song Round and Round by imagine drag ins fills my ears over the loud sound of my noisy hair dryer. I sing along drying my long, frizzy, browns hair.

"shooting down arrow of patients of patients ooooo."

when my hair is semi dry I add a de-frizzy which will tame my mess. Then I pick of the drying and dry it completely. I pick up my straight er turn it on and begin to dress my self. I toss on my shorts that aren't hooker short but not to my knees long they are about mid thigh. I add a brown belt with users as the holes for the metal part. I wear a orange tank top which will look good with my black half shirt that reads im a dork.

when I feel my straighner is warm enough I add a quick heat protector from chi and begin the long process. By the time I finish I have 10 minutes to get to the bus. I throw my shoes and socks get my red and black checkered bag and head down stairs. When I turn into the kitchen I half expect to see my sister painting her nails with a bagel hanging out of her mouth but, al I see is a window with lacy white curtains. I snatch me up a strawberry and a cinnimon poptart and head out the door.

The sun is warmer that this morning and I trudge through the grass that daddy needs to mow. I'll probably end up doing it later. As I open my strawberry poptart The yellow bus for kalvin high # 15 rolls up. The smell of burning rubber fills my nose and turns my need for food off. I hop up each stair throw sally the bus driver a simple and find my seat 3 rows back, left row, next to the emergency exit, next to the w window.

As I munch on my breakfast the bus pulls up to the next stop. The stop where mt ex gets on. As he g gets on he throw me an apologetic look and breaks my heart. Great just what I need for school.

*******AUTHORS NOTE**********

feel.free to leave comments and leave pros and cons it will really help.me as an author. I know there are parts that I need to edit thanks for reading :)


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