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the lonesome rambler

By: elmasr

Page 1, the lonesome rambler, aka---a hobo

the lonesome rambler was a bad man as everybody knows
he spent a 100 dollars on one simple suit of clothes
he lost his dear loved one, one cold winters day
now he just kill everybody-who get right in his way

could have escaped- run for your life
if you didnt shoot every body you meet
leave your cart, your shovel and shoes
to the ground beneath your feet
fortheyre gonna hang your body up and set your spirit free

carry on, lonesome rambler, down the dusty road
no chance now of loosin the hang, your just another dead load
if the sherrif dont find your first youll be shot between the eyes
for the wolf he howls,
whistle screams,
and the lonesome rambler dies

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