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teen young story!

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It was a warm summer night, and You were entering the Hilton Suite hotel. You just graduated from sophomore at Edison high and decided to celebrate with a luxurious hotel. It had attractive glass elevators; they were both an emerald green. It was ten stories high, and Your room is on the 3'rd floor. As You enter the main lobby, You notice a line of computers with a sign :For hotel participants only. These I could use to check my yahoo mail account, You think to Yourself. As You approach the desk, an olive skinned girl with creamy brown hair brushes past You, and You recognize her from school. The woman at the counter asks for Your I.D and reservation papers. As You wait, You notice Your friend Daniel approaching the desk in Your direction. You wave and he immediately brightens and quickens his pace. He comes over and says. "Hey,how You doing? I'm late cuz I think I saw Sheryl getting out of a cab, but I can't see her anymore". "Slow down, slow down", you tell him, "I saw her like two seconds ago, look, go to room 174 and unpack our stuff, then we can go walk for an hour, ok?". "Sure" he responds tiredly, but still enthusiastic. As you begin walking to the emerald green elevators, someone jumps on you from behind. You swivel around and become face to face with Heather. "Hey! How ya doing?" "Great, but kinda tired", you respond. She hugs you and asks, "What room are you in? I'm in 168 by the way." You nod and respond "174,would you like to come and walk around L.A with me and Daniel? You can invite Sheryl or Melissa." She looks into your deep blue eyes for a while, as if finally understanding something for the first time. Then, slowly she says in a whisper, "no thanks, but at ten I'll meet you in the hotel lounge, ok?" "I'll be there, bye." A sudden ding makes you remember to step out of the elevator, and onto a soft, red carpet. As you slowly take the luggage to 174,a voice in your head says "You coulda been a bit more talkative instead of looking drunk". "Shut up" You think-talk back. You knock on the door, and when Daniel opens it, you see an in-suite bathroom, a sink and counter, one balcony with the view of the swimming pool and the tip of a castle in Disneyland. There are also two king sized beds, one for you and one for Daniel. Daniel had changed into a standard T-shirt, shorts and a L.A Dodgers baseball cap. " Is Sheryl here yet?" Daniel asks you, looking hopeful. "Yep, and Melissa too, where are we going to go by the way?" "Oh, this nightclub called Lounge of Hell". "That sounds friendly" You remark with a smile. As you both walk down the street, a woman with long black hair comes towards you and asks, "Little fun tonight? Wanna go over the edge?". "Yes, but not with You" You say firmly. She gives You a scathing look and sweeps away. "what was that about? And the over the edge part?". "Jees, You are way behind the times! That was a prostitute, and over the edge is exactly what You get from too much sex". Daniel becomes red and says "oh". As You turn a corner littered with trash, a half bent sign reads, "Lounge of hell". As You show Your temporary member I.D,a pool table clangs in the distance. The clock shows 9:47 Daniel says he's going to get some booze and get rip-roaring drunk. You decide to stay clear of alcohol, but then, getting a beer is okay. A couple of guys are watching You, the ash of their cigarettes flitting to the floor. As You turn around, in the corner of Your eye, You notice packets of herbs and 20 dollar bills changing hands. No dought, these are drugs, probably pot. The pool tables are old, and the strong smell of beer has taken over the main lounge. You stand around thinking what You should do. Play pool, get a drink, or watch Daniel to make sure he doesn't get too crazy, or worse.Pool wins. You walk over to a guy wearing a hood, slouched over some hard liquor, some type of whiskey. You hesitate, then tap his shoulder,he swivels around, and whispers, ''what?'' You say, ''A game of pool sound good to you?'' He nods, then gruffly says, '' Winner pays a mug of beer'' ''Deal''. As you arrange the colored balls, he takes out a coin and says "heads". It's tails, and you call stripes. As you hit the decorative triangle, the red ball goes in the upper right corner, and you get another turn.You aim at the blue, then shoot, it bounces around like crazy, making the black 8 ball go on the verge of making you lose, but it traps his yellow ball into the corner. He looks at you then shakes his head. He knock in all the balls, one after one, when the last ball is trapped and a he gently taps in the last yellow ball, but he makes a fatal mistake, the black eight ball goes around the yellow ball, and in slow motion, the 8 ball drp into the cheap pocket of the pool table. He turns around and hands you a twenty, crumpled in his sweaty hand. Then walks out.okay…you search for Daniel,then spot him sitting on a bar stool, drinking an amaretto. You go over to the bar, nearly tripping on a stray beer bottle. You tap his shoulder and he turns around slowly, and then smiles. "Look", You begin, "It's ten, and I really don't feel like staying here" Daniel nods understandingly and stands up. "gotta go" he says to the barmaid, who winks at him as she fills a beer mug. "Okay, where are we going?" Daniel asks. You stare, not at him but at the 8 or so teens and some men wearing blue jackets. Blue.The men begin to mock Daniel, and he is having a hard time keeping control. One of the men look at him,points,and mutters something to a muscly teen. We probably look like drunken bastards, and in bad shape. And then You think about it and decide to run for it. Because if Daniel was sober, Dob, Chris and Steven were here, and You weren't tired, it would be a fair battle. But not now. So You tell Daniel to run to the hotel at the count of three. "one,two,three!" As You two sprint across the street, the emerald elevators appear in the reflection of the Kodak building in front.You turn around the the corner and nearly run into a beggar walking with a stolen cart and bags of trash hanging out. Daniel dodges him and enters the main lounge of the Hilton suites hotel with You , both out of breath. "I'm gonna go to bed, shit I'm so tired". "okay", You say without thinking about what You said. That could have a messy moment You watch him walk up to the elevators and suddenly remember that You wanted to meet Heather in the hotel lounge. And of course there she is, talking with Sheryl. As You make Your way towards their caramel colored couch, they stop talking and Sheryl mutters a weak excuse about having to meet Daniel. Heather turns around and faces You. " Let's go up to my room", she says with a hint of a smile. As You ride up in the green glass elevators, the whole hotel comes into view, and the tables being set, for tomorrows breakfast. The ding of the elevator and the porters voice makes You walk over to the red carpet, and follow Melissa to her room. Then, suddenly, You wake up from Your drowsy mood and remember something, two things actually. Daniel's drunk, and second Heather room has a bed. A bed. She takes out her key and slides it in the slot. The green light comes on and You are in her room. As you sit on her bed, she says, "How was the club?" You look at her and respond " Downright boring, nothing to do..." She sits down next to you and gently unbuttons your flaming blue shirt. As she works her hands down your back , they are suddenly under your waist, making you shudder. She takes notice and says " Do you want me to stop?". "No, I'm fine" you breathe out. So she goes on, until, she lies down next to you, and whispers " I love you". Then, you black out. " wake up sleeping beauty!!!", "AHHHH!!!!" Daniel is in front you, and you pull the covers up. " I've been waiting for you downstairs, and Heather is a her happiest, they have such good food!!" "Wow, wait a second. Slow down, I just woke up and I'm feeling great, but let me take a shower and get a pack for this afternoon. "Ok, but then you have to come to bench-presses, with me. Nope, but the Jacuzzi sounds great right now. You get out of bed, and walk to the shower and turn the water on. You give a darting glance to the packed little shelves that have bleached towels and many little shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles. You think about keeping them for Heather, because this is her room. While the hot shower massages your back, you remember blurry details of last night. As you step out and dry yourself, a knock comes from the door. "Be there in a sec!", you call as you slip some Mickey mouse boxers on and a army green pair of shorts, and a surfer logo T-shirt. You swing open the door and two things come in, Daniel and the sweet aroma of cinnamon bread, wafting up from the tables three stories below. He grinning, and says, "Heather says she'll kill you if you aren't down in two minutes, so hurry up". You glance at him while tying on some tennis shoes and respond, "Okay, race you to the elevator!". Daniel races and it ends up in a tie. With an expected ding, the elevator opens, and an old man walks out, muttering cusswords under his breath. You and Daniel glance at each other, and once the elevator door closes, both of you burst into a fit of hysterics. "That was fucked up!!!" You guys pant, ,and as the elevator door opens, Melissa bursts in crying, and Daniel motions for you to follow him out. You hesitate, then jump through the closing doors and follow him to a velvet table where Sheryl and Heather talking intensely. As you approach, they look up and you notice Dob hunched up talking to Steven at another table, and Dan tells you he will be back in a minute, then walks over to the other table and sits. You shuffle over to Sheryl's table and slowly sit down, and Heather starts talking. "Right now is not a good time to ask questions, so listen." She looks at Sheryl, who nods, then continues, "Two months ago, Dob and Melissa got together, and she got pregnant, two weeks later, she even took a test, it's true." A pause. Heather takes a deep breath and says, "Melissa wants to have a illegal abortion, but we're trying to convince her that it's wrong, and she could die…" Heather looks as if she wants to continue, but then falters. You cannot say anything, because you are in absolute shock. Heather senses this and quickly asks, "We're going to the pool in one hour, wanna come?". You are glad the subject is changed, and you say "Sure, but first I'm gonna go over and put Dob back into shape", you stand up" then mutter, "See y'all". As you walk to the table that has Dob, Steven and Dan, you notice they are all sipping coffee's and that they are dead silent. You sit down next to Steven, who is on the opposite side of Dob and Daniel. " Ahhh, shit! Why did I have to go fucking not use protection and fucking now Melissa's sad and…". He sighs and puts his head in his arms. Daniel intervenes and says, "Dob, Melissa might die with an illegal abortion, so tell her you want to have a kid to take care of, give her hug, buy her a present, shit, make love if it makes her feel better!!!". "Dob lifts his head and says "I need y'all, I'm scared…I don't know what a baby is like, and what it'll be like to be called daddy". " Is gonna be okay man, we all agreed we'd put in one grand if you need it." Steven suddenly turns red and says, " I've been going out with Lauren lately…" Daniel eyes literally pop out of their sockets. " Lauren's here? The girl that won the soccer champs? Wow, I remember, she was hot!". Steven becomes really red. You save him from other questions and quickly intervene, asking " Y'all wanna go to the pool? I'm meeting the girls there…" "okay" everyone one says simultaneously. As everyone leaves, including you, to get a towel a sunscreen and a swimsuit, you sigh happily, that at last, the vacation starts. Dob, Daniel and Steven are not there yet, but Lauren, Sheryl, and Heather are intensely talking about the latest fashion, jean prices, and the price of prom dresses. As you near the Jacuzzi where the girls are talking, you see Daniel and Steven come out of the fitness room, with white towels and blue swim shorts. You laugh as Steven slips on a patch of water near the edge of the pool, and so does Daniel. Once Steven has stood up, he is red with embarrassment, and pushes Daniel into the deep end of the pool. A woman in her thirties scowls, but three women in the far corner of the pool try to suppress their giggles, with much failure, while two men in their twenties accompanied by three young women laugh heartily. The lifeguard rolls his eyes. Dob comes out to find Daniel shaking the water off his face, his hair like a whip, slashing back and forth, a brown blur. Dob cocks an eyebrow, " Watcha doing Dan?". Dan looks around and puts a smug look on his face, making Steven interrupt him before the cocky answer comes back. "Dan was checking if the water was cold, just for me, you know?". Dan nods sarcastically in return. You all suddenly quiet as a chain of police cars squeal at a halt in front of the Hilton. You all look at each other, darting glances showing suspicion in between each other. A blue car has silently stopped in front of the Hotel, and Chris, an athlete from your high school, the Ice ford Bears, where he won two track awards, walks out and joins you, dressed in slightly baggy jeans, jumps out of the car, and walks into the hotel. A little less than 20 seconds later, he reappears, still dressed at the door leading to the outside pool where, you, Daniel, Steven and Dob all are staring. He comes up to you and says, "Hey man, I need…". He is abruptly cut off as group of police officers burst out of the door, all armed with guns, one has an amplifier, in which he says, "Chris Harter, you are under arrest." He reluctantly walks to the officers, who pin him on the ground and put manacles on him, then a sac on his head. He falls sideways, blinded, causing one of the officers to stumble backwards into the Jacuzzi, which in turn causes an uproar among your friends, but you remain silent.


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