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Gloom Chronicles: Origins part1

By: jmfilm

Page 1, the beginning of how the masked vigilante known only as Gloom, what happened to him and how he became to be the judge jury and executioner of evil.


>>>>We left from our home in Oklahoma and started heading out to the west in hope for greener pastures or at least that is what maw and paw keep telling me and my sister for the last two months of riding in the wagon. *looks up into the darkness of the cool desert night and exhales deeply* It has been tough on all of us though, we have been going almost nonstop since we left and its starting to wear some of us down especially my little sister Susanna ever since we separated from the group of wagons she lost her friends and has really no one to talk to. For the last couple nights we have seen a couple of coyotes and a couple other wagons but Father said he didn't want to chance the encounter with a hostile group.


>>>>The main thing i'm worried about is the thought of indians attacking us in the night i heard the move with the wind and kill with no remorse....those savages, but at least father has been teaching me how to use his revolver and according to him i am an amazing shot. But there aren't many perks to being 16 although everyone considers me to be a man they don't trust me with anything, it is frustrating but someday i'll prove them that i can do more than they ever thought. Right after that thought though things changed we see a torch down the road and as we are coming up on the torch we see what appears to be a coach broken down and the man is waving to us for help. I see my parents talking and begin to slow down. As they begin talking to the man i begin to see movement coming from the coach and three more men come out holding revolvers aimed at the wagon and as i look back to the man that waved us down i see him shoot my father first and pull him down from the wagon and then the man began to pull mother from the wagon. *watching in fear as he see's the terror in his mother's eyes as the man shouts vulgar things to the other men* Then before i have time to turn around another man rips open the back flap to the wagon and slams the but of his gun into my face. *struggles with the man as he hears the screams of his mother and sister while his vision begins to slowly go black*


>>>>As i awaken from my horrible nightmare i wince as i feel an extreme amount of pain all over my body. Though when i start the motion to get up i begin to feel movement all over my body as i sluggishly look down i start seeing a mass of rattle snakes trying to consume all the warmth that my body has to offer. Trying not to panic i slowly ascend trying not to upset the snakes though i know my death is awaiting me and this is it's way of mocking me by leaving me in a impossible situation. as I begin to rise up higher and higher i hear the rattle more and more and before i knew it i had four or five snakes biting deep into me as got out of there and start to look for my mother and sister in the hard ground of the desert night as i look in the distance i see a glowing light as i slowly walked forward i realized that it was our wagon on fire but it had been burning for a while as the flame is diminishing. Getting closer i see two bodies as my stomach began to tie into knots in fear that it is Susanna and mother's dead bodies laying next to the burning wagon. As i get about ten feet from the wagon i find my father's cold corpse slowly decaying on the desert ground as the scavengers are starting to stir i decide to bury my family to give them a proper send off from a horrible attack..*Everything grows dark as he faints on the cold surface*

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