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will easton ever get away?

Short story By: xxxheartbrokenxxx

this story is for a contest by xxloveisgonexx. this is a western story. sorry if it dont sound like it i think its hard to write a western, because its not really my style.
i think this is a journal type idk im kinda bad at this ahh.

Submitted:May 9, 2009    Reads: 121    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Hi my name is Easton i am 14 and im in trouble. ive been looking a way to run but idk where? i have a whole bunch of maps and im trying to find my way out. ive locked myself in my room for quite some time now. if i dont get out of here soon im going to get killed by the blue skinned. they already killed my parents so me and my brother are the only ones left in my family. i still have my horses. i hid them in my familys tavern. thats the last place they would look. oh and did i mention they have my brother weston captured. i have to get my pistol and shoot them before we get out of this place. i think i found the place we are going to run away to its called sagfun, texas. my plan is to go to there club and start shooting and kill the people off. once i do that ill go and untie my brother and we will get on our horses and head to sagfun. Sagfun is 100 miles away from hillson,texas. ill do the attack tomorrow at 6am sharp. today is the day im ready. im almost there im so excited. im here oh shit there up and smokin weed. ill fire the first shot. here we go *boom* damn that was loud.there coming after me. im shooting them, there goes one and then another. two of there people are dead. i have 5 more people to kill. shit here comes 3 more. i shot them yea! im doing pretty good im so happy right now i only have 2 more people to kill. shit some1 shot me in the arm. i start shooting again and there all dead. all i have to do is get my brother and go. i dont kno where my brother is. ive searched the whole tavern here and hes gone. ill look out back. oh my gosh there he is on the ground dead he was shot 7 times in the chest. im the only one left in my family. i hope on my journy i hope i dont get killed by the pawnee indians. ill bring my extra pistol just incase i run into them. im leaving hillson now. im never coming back here. its for the best. im 50 miles away from sagfun and i see people up ahead. ill ask them if they need help. hi there do u need any help i yell. oh shit its the pawnee there coming after me. im running and there catching up. ouch i got in with one of there arrows. im losing alot of blood. they shot my horse 3 times its fallen to the ground. i better start running. wheres my pistol did i lose it? shit its a bad time to lose a pistol. they shot me again no in my butt. damn that hurts. oh no they surrounded me. im done for. goodbye my friends..........


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