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Pen Name:Alcatraz
Country: US
Bio: BasicsMy name is HannahMy age is 16 years oldMy birthday is November 22My birthplace is DenverMy current location is ThorntonMy heritage is DutchMy eye color is blue-grayMy hair color is blondMy height is 5'4"I have no piercingsI have no tattoosI do not wear perfumeFavoritesMy favorite color is...
Pen Name:aLyCeA
Country: US
Pen Name:Andre Wise
Country: US
Bio: It's been a long time since i've been here
Pen Name:AnEyeForAnEyeTillEveryoneIsBlind
Country: GB
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:Abigail Cathleen
Country: US
Bio: I'm Abigail.Life improves every day.If you aren't happy, do something about it.Writing and music keep me afloat.People make me smile.I like to know people.Let me know you, I promiseto make you smile.
Pen Name:Achouri Fethi
Country: FR
Bio: Achouri Fethi is an Algerian young author, writing in both  french and in english, and having recently been  graduated from Guelma university, english departement.He's 35, maried with two sons.His ultimate ambition is to become one of the greatest author in the world. He knows it'll be a long...
Pen Name:animerider223
Country: US
Bio: Name: animerider223Profession: book readerLikes: food, good books, drawing, horses, and her petsDislikes: crazy drivers, snow, rain, cold.
Pen Name:AllisonHanks
Country: US
Bio: i yam what i yam=popeye
Pen Name:amandapooh
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amanda. I am graduated in June from  Oxbow High School. My life has been a pretty good one overall. But every life has its ups and its down.   I find poetry interesting because it is such a great and easy way to explain feelings and stories. I have written so many poems or started...
Pen Name:alexandablackman
Country: US
Bio:             Songwriter, Publisher,Musician, Vocalist, and CEO of Blank Image Productions, and Image Maker Management(Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metropolis Only.) I simply write because I have a creative being inside me that speaks loudly into my inner ear, And thats whether I write it...
Pen Name:adarkara
Country: US
Bio: QUIT.
Pen Name:Aurora
Country: US
Bio: I love to read, write, and listen to music. I'm 16!  and wanted to get feed back on my stories. So please read and comment! I love to browse booksie and read other people's work, along with posting my own. I love anything disney and I adore anything broadway. Give me rent anyday! I do love the...
Pen Name:AnnBradshaw
Country: US
Pen Name:ArmouredPapaya
Country: CA
Bio: Stephanie Horhota isn't here right now. If you would like to leave a message after the beep, go right ahead. Mind you, she doesn't check them very often....Beep. :3
Pen Name:Alex Negron
Country: US
Bio: Yo, wazzup y’all! Haha, just kiddin. Hate that ghetto talk. Anyways, hello anonymous reader, I’m Alex, hoping to pursue a career as an author in the future.Yes, I am new to Booksie, so, if you like my work, please, PLEASE, let your friends (what friends? Just kiddin, haha) know about...
Pen Name:AlondraGutting
Country: US
Bio: I am 13 years old, and I love to write. I may look at the world from the outside, but still I can see. Attention is paid to everything, and my experiences show in my writing. My emotions change greatly, and I like to keep an open mind, so my perspective is always changing. Many secrets are held...
Pen Name:anonymous12345
Country: GB
Pen Name:abigallover
Country: US
Bio: Hey this is your booksie writer abigallover. MY real name is Rachel and I am twelve years old. I love animals so.... if you write about animals i want to know.My favorite color is baby blue.I animals!!!!!!!!!!!Go to an awesome school and have may freinds like any one cares
Pen Name:Alison
Country: AU
Bio: Hi,My name is Alison and I am 24. I recently got married to the man of my dreams and we live in country Western Australia with our 3 cats and a dog.I have always enjoyed reading and writing and use to write a lot a poetry in high school, however much of that is lost now. I have been working on...
Pen Name:ashsolo94
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Ashley Echols. I am 15 years old. I love writing and i just write off the top of my head. I find my writting to be better that way. I write all the time about my feelings and how i am feeling at the moment. I picked up the writing experience from my mother. My mom writes all...
Pen Name:avatarthelastairbender4
Country: PH
Bio: i'm 14 yrs. old, i like to watch avatar the last airbender in nick and i want to write my own series starring the original char. , it is created by michael dante dimartino and bryan konietzko....but i also write original stories and books my real name is KING JASSER A.
Pen Name:abby3009
Country: NZ
Bio: Hi i am abby3009
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:Alquimista
Country: CA
Bio: I'm an aspring writer with an interest in science fiction.
Pen Name:alex wolff
Country: US
Bio: Well, its been what, like 3 years or so? I utterly forgot about this site and everything on it until recently so....sorry about that. since ive actually started writing again i figure it cant hurt to drege up the rotted corpse that is this profile and run a few thousand volts through its...
Pen Name:ashlee
Country: AU
Bio: I love to read and i love to write so thats why i am joining
Pen Name:AngelsWingsLover
Country: US
Bio: Hi this is Jodi Brien sorry about the last statement I was going though some family problems then, I've got a new name for my new book "Walking With a Memory" its a true story of a girl struggling though life from all her losses through out life, and all the friends and family that helped her...
Pen Name:AllyDee
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone,I have so much going on in my life lately that I really haven't had much time for the things I love.  But I have decided to move to a different booksie site called : www.booksie.com/quiet_memories So check me out there!Love all of you!-AlllyDeee
Pen Name:Ashent
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Ashent.i liek shiny thingsI also run a blog at http://amphibi.us and accept short story and poetry submissions.
Pen Name:Aka Penna
Country: RU
Bio: I like when people read my poems, but I never call myself  "a poet". May be it's just my hobby, may be not... I don't know exactly.I hope you will like it and feel my emotions through reading.Thank you and come back to my page =))Julia,
Pen Name:AMarlee
Country: CA
Bio: Not at all much to say really. . . just a student that would enjoy freelance/ creative writing for a living and is trying to find advice on anything there is to know/ input/ constructive criticism. . . I enjoy writing fiction and poetry with all my heart and would love to be able to write...
Pen Name:AcidCandyJuvenile
Country: ID
Bio: UPDATES WILL BE SLOW ON MY STORIES AND I MIGHT NOT RETURN YOUR MESSAGES, BUT KEEP ME POSTED ANYWAYS!!!!!!! I AM BUSY AT THE MOMENT, SORRY!I love to read and write, my stories may come off as pre teen, but I'm working on it. Ok, I'm 17, likes hanging out, TV, books, and painting using water...
Pen Name:Abby Elora
Country: MY
Bio:                Name: Abby Elora JosephCharm point: My smile..I guess..Dominant hand: I’m left handed. Weakness: FOOD. I get blinded by their tastes.Little pride: Tae Kwan Do.Health Problems: That my height is short, but I’m going to start growing soon.Sleeping pose: Facing...
Pen Name:Alice Sykes
Country: US
Bio: About Me:I'm nothing more than what I appear to be, because I appear to be something else to everyone I meet. I'm a pathetic, sadistic teenage girl. I'm not a liar, I'm a morbid bastard who wallows in angst. Some would call me ill, and I would call those people ignorant fucks who are proficient...
Pen Name:Anko369
Country: US
Bio: WEll, My real name is Alexis but ppl Call me Alice. I have black hair that in the sun it turns red (From my grandpa's side). I have eye's that are this rare choclaty brown in the light they look like a honey color, sometimes there even voilet! O_O when I'm sorta mad...okay mad as an freak they...
Pen Name:Aidan
Country: GB
Bio: I am not on this Booksie page, I have moved to a new booksie account-Its called 'Aaadi'
Pen Name:annemarie
Country: CA
Bio: I have been writing for most of my life.  The first novel I wrote was published in a school journal when I was in Junior High.  Since then I have been honing my craft.  I have several novels under my belt now including two series and several stand alone novels.  In addition, I have written...
Pen Name:ayesha00
Country: PK
Bio: I want to know where my writing will take me.
Pen Name:angelicaispro
Country: CA
Bio: I am Angelica. I'm nothing intresting, maybe just a little unusual. I've been labeled an emo since I went to middle school. I don't want to be anything out of the ordinary. I basically hate life sometimes, and enjoy it. I've got quite abit of friends. And although my life seems so godly, it's...
Pen Name:anna love
Country: AR
Bio: About me!!!My name is Anna. I am 15 years old, and I know three languages. I am RUSSIAN; I know American and little bit of Spanish. My Birthday is July 13th. I love my family and all friends and relatives. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Hope you enjoy my page. If you can please read my...
Pen Name:Arzock
Country: GB
Pen Name:Atalus
Country: CA
Bio: Stuff Chez Atalus! Background Blurb I've started numerous stories - never finished one - and recently completed my first stage play. I would love to finish my one, strong on-going novel project, and it would be a dream for me to be able to publish it. Oh, and I'm quite small in stature. Just...
Pen Name:Alicia Djeri
Country: AU
Bio: I write poetry and stories, I am an artist, I also do kungfu, ride dirt bikes and just love dancing but my favorite thing to do is laughing with my sisters.I love the lake and the beach. I love playing jokes on people mostly my friends and family, not many people can handle my warped humor!For...
Pen Name:ana jester
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old now, no longer living in Fort Cobb, but now living in Hobart. I got married last year in December in 2013 and had our first child on the last day of January. I've been writing my own stories since I was a preteen, my first story was called Ms. Rumorse which was a...
Pen Name:marine18aqua
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Kat, I'm 21 yay!! :) I never know what to say in these things but here goes: I listen to nearly all types of music but not screamo! and if you read my poem called Myself then that should help explain me even more. I usually read romances, mysteries but I'm trying to get away from...
Pen Name:Amour Eros
Country: US
Pen Name:Alynisera
Country: US
Bio: Hey, name is Brittany, but my pen name is Alynisera for a reason. Actually it's a name of a character I roleplay with. I'm 17 and I've been writing for a short period of time, but I've done a lot of reasearch on stuff to get to where I am today. My obsession with paranormal romance novels got me...
Pen Name:ace56blaa
Country: GB
Bio: I am an amatuer wannabe writer callled conner I am beggining to write a series of books called the darkness series which is about the real prime species fighting for there world back it is a mild horror book the characters are Alex fyfe a boy who's blood becomes fire and air, Leeves triclare a...
Pen Name:Angelsong
Country: US
Bio:  Name: Raenelle Rose E. Navarro  Birthday: April 4Hair: dark dark dark brown  :) Eyes: brownRace: Pinoy pride!Personality: a bit bipolar!Mood 1: bubbly, happy, friendly, fun-loving, dirty-minded, hyper-ish, retarded but smartMood 2: depressed, hateful, suicidal/homocidal, invisibleHobbies:...
Pen Name:Amy Saleh
Country: PK
Bio: Traveler of mind, time and space. Widener of Tunnels (mental ones). Writer of random thoughts, novelist, musician. FB.init("d128fdfdce001be03fae2e70806517ca");http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Hopegood/51418543983">Amy Hopegood on Facebook
Pen Name:Adonis Chronicles Guy
Country: CA
Bio: I am actually on my third account now, lol, its because of Adonis Chronicles. I keep on upgrading it and making new versions and its overflowing my account so I decided to devote an entire account to it.
Pen Name:Autumn
Country: US
Bio: I'm Back! I continuously grow I constantly think My imagination goes far I'm a literature/english/teaching major Psychology is fascinating Dreams will happen Music is oxygen Movies are good for the imagination Books are the beginning of our inspiration There are no pointless stories, only room...
Pen Name:Alovi Luna
Country: US
Bio: Okay well I did have another booksie, but I had some difficulties with this site and can no longer get on it so this is my new one. Requested from Catherine, she's very persistent.Anyway like the other one I like to read and am in LOVE with the Twilight Series. I also like to watch...
Pen Name:auddy13
Country: US
Bio: Ahh. I am a very creative person. I write alot. But i never publish anything on booksie. Maybe i will start (: http://www.ventones.com">Free Ringtones   
Pen Name:Arieru
Country: CA
Bio: Hello all,I am back and I hope to be writing more poetry in the near future.It has been a tough year but I managed to get through it. This summer should be an interesting one if nothing else.

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