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Pen Name:annemarie
Country: CA
Bio: I have been writing for most of my life.  The first novel I wrote was published in a school journal when I was in Junior High.  Since then I have been honing my craft.  I have several novels under my belt now including two series and several stand alone novels.  In addition, I have written...
Pen Name:angelface
Country: GB
Bio: I am a creative spirit with endless goals, i love all that comes my way and never judge a book by its cover.Unique is the only word for me. I love being my own person and speaking my views. thyrew creative writing i channel difficult emotions, to help over come lifes obsticles.my life is...
Pen Name:Anonymous23
Country: US
Bio: I have decided to re-write my profile. I also plan to re-write things that I have uploaded (this will take quite some time). My name is Kei and I'm a 22 year old girl who LOVES anime. (I used to have an anime list up here but it got WAY too long. If you want to know if I've seen an anime, please...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:Aidan
Country: GB
Bio: I am not on this Booksie page, I have moved to a new booksie account-Its called 'Aaadi'
Pen Name:Akane Cullen
Country: US
Bio: Uhm...I'm an out going girl but not that out going if that makes sense. At all.Just like any other girl I swoon and dream too much about the ever so gorgeous Cullens and I just wish they were real. T.TAccording to the strange emoticons, I love anime and manga as well. No, I'm not a nerd yet I'm...
Pen Name:Alternate Side
Country: US
Bio:                                          I'll be expressing another side of me on here. One that not many have gotten to see. aren't you lucky?so what do you want to know about...
Pen Name:Amelia Frays
Country: US
Bio: I am twenty years old and 7 months pregnant. I live with my boyfriend, who loves me unconditionally, and the feeling is completely mutual. I'm currently working at a restaurant, but in quitting in April, when the baby is born.I have always enjoyed writing, mostly fantasy when I was younger and...
Pen Name:anna love
Country: AR
Bio: About me!!!My name is Anna. I am 15 years old, and I know three languages. I am RUSSIAN; I know American and little bit of Spanish. My Birthday is July 13th. I love my family and all friends and relatives. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Hope you enjoy my page. If you can please read my...
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:antony 123
Country: GB
Bio: if your wondering about my profile picture of a pack of susages ,there a pack of special recipe susages by ainsley harriott who is a tv chef in britain if you look closely at the packet it ses prick with a fork which i found quite funny as his in the picture above it holding a fork to his mouth lol
Pen Name:angelraito
Country: US
Pen Name:Alexander Arnell
Country: US
Bio: My first attempt is entitled "Dawdling Ducks" was written in the spirit of the movies American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Super Bad.  The book is a subtle action/comedy of cruising, conflict, hot rodding, drag racing, romance, rumbles, car crashes and life changing decisions of Midwest...
Pen Name:Autumn
Country: US
Bio: I'm Back! I continuously grow I constantly think My imagination goes far I'm a literature/english/teaching major Psychology is fascinating Dreams will happen Music is oxygen Movies are good for the imagination Books are the beginning of our inspiration There are no pointless stories, only room...
Pen Name:andrewjvb
Country: US
Bio: Booksie won't let me delete everything.
Pen Name:allanmayer
Country: GB
Bio: I live in Lancashire, U.K. with my wife, foster child and 3 house rabbits. I have just published my first book 'Tasting the Wind'
Pen Name:alhain
Country: ZA
Pen Name:AmberMarieLove
Country: US
Bio: Hey I'm Amber, also known as Ambee by a lot of my friends. I'm 16. I have 3 passions in life right now. Music, cooking, and Reading. I also like to create stories because its like bringing your dreams to life. To see a character go from an idea in your head to a story that you share with others...
Pen Name:AirHead001
Country: US
Bio: Sorry for everyone who liked my writing. I feel I no longer can live in my current state. My mind isn't very...well, you've read my poems. So, i'm leaving for a while...i doupt i'll come back. Although, if you find my new booksie page, find the new me. Please feel free to start reading my poems...
Pen Name:anonymousinthefirstdegree
Country: CA
Bio: There, high on the watchtowerKeeping the peaceWhatever that means Because you see the world throughCrosshairs and tv’s don’t you ?-Kotov syndrome by rise against (the best band ever)hi. i'll tell you who i am once i figure it out.
Pen Name:marine18aqua
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Kat, I'm 21 yay!! :) I never know what to say in these things but here goes: I listen to nearly all types of music but not screamo! and if you read my poem called Myself then that should help explain me even more. I usually read romances, mysteries but I'm trying to get away from...
Pen Name:AcidCandyJuvenile
Country: ID
Bio: UPDATES WILL BE SLOW ON MY STORIES AND I MIGHT NOT RETURN YOUR MESSAGES, BUT KEEP ME POSTED ANYWAYS!!!!!!! I AM BUSY AT THE MOMENT, SORRY!I love to read and write, my stories may come off as pre teen, but I'm working on it. Ok, I'm 17, likes hanging out, TV, books, and painting using water...
Pen Name:AnswerYourPhoneAlready
Country: US
Bio: My name's Makayla.I LOVE GOD WITH ALL MY ♥!!I write in my freetime.You know how people's fingers glide across the piano when they play?Well, that's how it is when I write.I love it.I'm new to Booksie, currently, anways.I don't have any favorite books.I've decided that there are too many I...
Pen Name:Alovi Luna
Country: US
Bio: Okay well I did have another booksie, but I had some difficulties with this site and can no longer get on it so this is my new one. Requested from Catherine, she's very persistent.Anyway like the other one I like to read and am in LOVE with the Twilight Series. I also like to watch...
Pen Name:AnNaMaRiE
Country: US
Bio: My name is Anna Bell and i am 14 years old. I love writing and soccer. One day, I hope to be a first grade teacher. I love children and I am very understanding. Wanna talk to me? Just tell me!
Pen Name:ArmyStrong
Country: US
Bio: My time has come to show what I'm really made of. I'm afraid I won't be written no more of of Live Like You Were Dying, but the young man that it's about may be spendin more time with me, so when I get back to it, it'll be better than ever! God Bless America.The Cowboy PrayerOur Heavenly Father,...
Pen Name:AMarlee
Country: CA
Bio: Not at all much to say really. . . just a student that would enjoy freelance/ creative writing for a living and is trying to find advice on anything there is to know/ input/ constructive criticism. . . I enjoy writing fiction and poetry with all my heart and would love to be able to write...
Pen Name:Airyhuang
Country: CN
Bio: I am Airyhuang of Cao Family. Cao is my husband family name.I love writing ,just like saying,both of them are nature.
Pen Name:Avril
Country: US
Bio: hi. i'm Avril and i'm new in booksie. toodles!!!~Avril~
Pen Name:Amethyst101
Country: US
Bio: What you need to know about me is that I am learning to write so be patient with my grammar and spelling. I only read things that intrest me (supernatural, romance, adventure,etc.), I LOVE ANIME!!!!, sorry, that was not called for. I love eatting yet I'm not fat, well atleast not yet. I am shy...
Pen Name:Allison Michelle
Country: US
Bio: My name is Allison Michelle Mask i enjoy many things which include but not limited to reading writing hanging out with my friends and even bein there when someone needs me. i have been trough many bad relationships in the past couple of years so writing has really helped me coup with it. i am...
Pen Name:alexandablackman
Country: US
Bio:             Songwriter, Publisher,Musician, Vocalist, and CEO of Blank Image Productions, and Image Maker Management(Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metropolis Only.) I simply write because I have a creative being inside me that speaks loudly into my inner ear, And thats whether I write it...
Pen Name:anonymouslyinspired
Country: PH
Bio: I love to write, I write with my heart and soul. i hope to improve myself as a writer in the years to come, God inspires me and He will continue to inspire me.
Pen Name:Alexis Rhodes
Country: US
Bio: I LOVE WRITING! xD don't judge please~! xD well I'm writing an amazing story that apparantly all my friends like O.o *looks at those ppl* you know who you are! =D i also absolutely love to read!! and draw, and listen to music xD and SING! holy lord i love to sing xD and even though i suck at it,...
Pen Name:ashsolo94
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Ashley Echols. I am 15 years old. I love writing and i just write off the top of my head. I find my writting to be better that way. I write all the time about my feelings and how i am feeling at the moment. I picked up the writing experience from my mother. My mom writes all...
Pen Name:Archcelt
Country: US
Bio: I was trained in writing scripts and screenplays where much focus is on the visual depiction and dialogue rather than the art of language, so I'm rusty with my prose, but am getting back into it.I love to kayak, hike, ride my harley, cook.  I'm an archaeologist and scholar of ancient Celtic...
Pen Name:aheartwithwings
Country: CA
Pen Name:amandapooh
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amanda. I am graduated in June from  Oxbow High School. My life has been a pretty good one overall. But every life has its ups and its down.   I find poetry interesting because it is such a great and easy way to explain feelings and stories. I have written so many poems or started...
Pen Name:Adonis Chronicles Guy
Country: CA
Bio: I am actually on my third account now, lol, its because of Adonis Chronicles. I keep on upgrading it and making new versions and its overflowing my account so I decided to devote an entire account to it.
Pen Name:azalee333
Country: US
Bio: A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. - John Barrymore   Writing is the one thing in the world that makes everything okay again. Everything goes away when I write, like I'm escaping to another world. I generally write stories, usually of novel  length, but I have started to...
Pen Name:adarkara
Country: US
Bio: QUIT.

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