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Pen Name:Athena Picasso
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Athena, or, as Hopit, jelly. I'm in the 7th grade and I'm annoyed with my locker, or rather... the locker next to it. I love my homeroom, and my bffs Katherine and Hopit. ((((Katherine)))) (((((Hopit))))). I love writing, and I hate crowds. I don't like talking to store clerks, or...
Pen Name:Ann1992
Country: US
Bio: I love reading. I decided the other day that i wanted to write a story and so i started to.I love drawing things. I love to take pictures of the sun and nature. I have a cat and a dog.I am 16 years old. Im new to story writing.Im hoping you all can tell me how to improve my storys.Thanks.My...
Pen Name:Autumn
Country: US
Bio: I'm Back! I continuously grow I constantly think My imagination goes far I'm a literature/english/teaching major Psychology is fascinating Dreams will happen Music is oxygen Movies are good for the imagination Books are the beginning of our inspiration There are no pointless stories, only room...
Pen Name:anonymousinthefirstdegree
Country: CA
Bio: There, high on the watchtowerKeeping the peaceWhatever that means Because you see the world throughCrosshairs and tv’s don’t you ?-Kotov syndrome by rise against (the best band ever)hi. i'll tell you who i am once i figure it out.
Pen Name:Affliction
Country: CA
Bio: DUNDUNDUNDUN!! Upgrade profile!! Happy birthday me! k, i am a 14 yearold girl who loves to write. its what i do. and read. ya, i would like to be an author when im older, but i know that it probably wont happen for at  least a decade since im inexperianced and stuff. well at least i have a...
Pen Name:AndieLove
Country: US
Bio: I am not as self absorbed as I seem.
Pen Name:AcidCandyJuvenile
Country: ID
Bio: UPDATES WILL BE SLOW ON MY STORIES AND I MIGHT NOT RETURN YOUR MESSAGES, BUT KEEP ME POSTED ANYWAYS!!!!!!! I AM BUSY AT THE MOMENT, SORRY!I love to read and write, my stories may come off as pre teen, but I'm working on it. Ok, I'm 17, likes hanging out, TV, books, and painting using water...
Pen Name:AllisonHanks
Country: US
Bio: i yam what i yam=popeye
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:AryaAliceLuna
Country: US
Bio:  My favorites:Color? OrangeBook? BrisingrHistorical Person (other than Jesus):Abraham LincolnSong? I hope you Dance by Lee Ann Womack (It has a funny/sad story to go along with it)Book Series? Inheritance Cycle (Though.... Now possibly Pendragon....)Ice Cream? Rocky Road (Yum)2nd Favorite...
Pen Name:Axel Alloy
Country: GB
Bio: Ay up, m'ducks! The name's Axel Alloy, named after one of my all time favorite animé characters. This is just an online alias, as you can probably guess. I am a Professional Artist/Writer/Designer/Voice Actress. I started work at the design company in 1988 as a professional artist, and shortly...
Pen Name:Alexander Arnell
Country: US
Bio: My first attempt is entitled "Dawdling Ducks" was written in the spirit of the movies American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Super Bad.  The book is a subtle action/comedy of cruising, conflict, hot rodding, drag racing, romance, rumbles, car crashes and life changing decisions of Midwest...
Pen Name:marine18aqua
Country: GB
Bio: Hi my name is Kat, I'm 21 yay!! :) I never know what to say in these things but here goes: I listen to nearly all types of music but not screamo! and if you read my poem called Myself then that should help explain me even more. I usually read romances, mysteries but I'm trying to get away from...
Pen Name:Addie000
Country: US
Bio: I no longer use this account.    
Pen Name:Adime Obscuritatem
Country: ES
Bio: (Picture drawn by me)I am XVI years of Age.Psychology and the Arts are my life.Like the phoenix, I have risen from the ashes of my discontentment, and am now discovering that I am ready to take flight. ~ xoxo Adime Obscuritatem (Not my real name)Adime Obscuritatem means "Clear away the dark" in...
Pen Name:Anonymous23
Country: US
Bio: I have decided to re-write my profile. I also plan to re-write things that I have uploaded (this will take quite some time). My name is Kei and I'm a 22 year old girl who LOVES anime. (I used to have an anime list up here but it got WAY too long. If you want to know if I've seen an anime, please...
Pen Name:AlexStanski
Country: CA
Bio: Been there, done that. I'd like to share some of my soul here. Bruised but walking tall. No squeletons in the closet, I travel light.
Pen Name:Angelo Gabriell
Country: GB
Bio: It seems that I only live to please people.Hi,My name is Edward, I live in the area of Cheshire in the United Kingdom; mid-way between Liverpool and Manchester. I have a partner of eighteen years and two sons; one aged eleven, the other sixteen.For fifteen years I have served as a warehouse...
Pen Name:Awkward
Country: SY
Bio: Well there's really not much to say, I'm a 17 year old girl who's found herself getting into poetry and enjoying experimenting with different themes so I hope you enjoy my stuff : )
Pen Name:akinazish
Country: GB
Bio: I am a first year student at college currently studying Creative & Media Diploma and Digital Media. The reason why I want to write is because writing stories is much easer then making films, etc and I also want to improve my writing skills which is not bad or good.
Pen Name:amypriedemay
Country: AU
Bio: hey there everyone,my real name isnt amy, but you can call me that online .. its my screen name.i am from australia and i love it there.i love to read and i love to write ..i do both as a hobby.♥
Pen Name:Abby Eger
Country: US
Bio:     Once you find out what really makes the world go round, and the clocks on the walls keep ticking, all that is left is to write about it. Inspiring people and being inspired are the best things in life, as I have found. There is no "wrong" in literature, no norm, no set of rules that all...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:August Rose
Country: GB
Pen Name:asylaAUTHOR
Country: US
Bio: Writing isn't what I want to do.It's what I NEED to do.
Pen Name:Alovi Luna
Country: US
Bio: Okay well I did have another booksie, but I had some difficulties with this site and can no longer get on it so this is my new one. Requested from Catherine, she's very persistent.Anyway like the other one I like to read and am in LOVE with the Twilight Series. I also like to watch...
Pen Name:alexandablackman
Country: US
Bio:             Songwriter, Publisher,Musician, Vocalist, and CEO of Blank Image Productions, and Image Maker Management(Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metropolis Only.) I simply write because I have a creative being inside me that speaks loudly into my inner ear, And thats whether I write it...
Pen Name:Alan Panczyk
Country: US
Bio: I am new to writing I have always wanted to write a book but never really knew how.My writing style is probably very different than most peoples. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family and have watched for many years as how it has affected everyone in the family.
Pen Name:Abha
Country: IN
Bio: I am a simple lady 48 year old. Love reading and writing poetry. am a freedom loving, carefree person.
Pen Name:ALifeOfSportsIsAGoodLife
Country: US
Bio: Heya, you all can call my Katie, I won't say much... but I will say that I am VERY patriotic, very protective of the ones I love and trust, I love music, I love sports (if it hasn't been obvious enough!!) I enjoy shooting guns, have no problems with shooting an animal, and come from a total,...
Pen Name:AnswerYourPhoneAlready
Country: US
Bio: My name's Makayla.I LOVE GOD WITH ALL MY ♥!!I write in my freetime.You know how people's fingers glide across the piano when they play?Well, that's how it is when I write.I love it.I'm new to Booksie, currently, anways.I don't have any favorite books.I've decided that there are too many I...
Pen Name:alhain
Country: ZA
Pen Name:annemarie
Country: CA
Bio: I have been writing for most of my life.  The first novel I wrote was published in a school journal when I was in Junior High.  Since then I have been honing my craft.  I have several novels under my belt now including two series and several stand alone novels.  In addition, I have written...
Pen Name:alexandria michelle
Country: US
Bio: ok ive always been a little crazi with everything i do but somehow i find a quite place to rest my brain and spark a little imagination im a singer songwriter and poet a total goofball and a really good friend but not that awesome of a student LOLsometimes i like to fall away from reality and...
Pen Name:Aurora Michaels
Country: US
Pen Name:atefft95
Country: US
Bio: I am a 13 year old song writer.  I don't have anything out in the real world, but I like to make songs, mostly raps.  So yeah, if u have questions, email me at atefft95@yahoo.com
Pen Name:amyfielder
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amy Denise Fielder, I am 26 years old. I have lived in West Virginia my whole life. Gallipolis Ferry (city i live in) is a small farming community, lots of cows and chickens, lol.  I have one sister, and no kids and I am divorced. I have been writing for a long time, lyrics poems,...
Pen Name:Avril360
Country: US
Bio: hey this is Avril360, i hate when people lie but i love to have fun!!!!!! When I was in 4th grade, I realized I loved to write narratives. I hardly ever wrote, because I didn't know what to write about. Booksie has helped me become a better writer already, and inspired me by reading other...
Pen Name:AoenRoxx
Country: PH
Bio: Announcements:I just got back from vacation and now I'm back in the busy world. I hope i can catch up with my writing. What does my sign say about me?Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless.Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generousand...
Pen Name:Aalia
Country: GB
Bio: Hiya :) my name is Aalia and i love reading a lot and thought i could try writing some stuff of my own, Im really open to comments and feedback, positive and negative And if you want some back, just ask :) On booksie i love reading fan fictions: hunger games, you me at six related, all time low...
Pen Name:angelmariexD
Country: US
Bio: The name's Angelica.I'm 15 and I blow out candles on the 15th of February.I love writing poetry but i haven't had anytime lately.My friends are the only thing keeping me alive anymore.I've been hurt and I've hurt before.Music is my life.I'm currently taken. AEM+AMR  ♥2/5/10♥So comment my...
Pen Name:Arcelia
Country: US
Bio: Ok ,My name is Arcelia, I have diabetes I've had diabetes for over a year now it's sometimes it's very hard.MyMy favorite colors are Yellow.Purple and,Green.I love Love TWILIGHT best book ever!!So i had another account but it was beaing stupied.So i made another one YAY!!!
Pen Name:ana jester
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old now, no longer living in Fort Cobb, but now living in Hobart. I got married last year in December in 2013 and had our first child on the last day of January. I've been writing my own stories since I was a preteen, my first story was called Ms. Rumorse which was a...
Pen Name:amanda reid
Country: US
Bio: My name is amanda, i love to write short stories and poems. i also like to listen to music to inspire me. I love creating stories about teenagers and friends. I love nonfiction and fiction. My favorite writer is Stephanie Meyer, and Frank Macort. I  fall love books as if it were my life storie....
Pen Name:Aqi96
Country: GB
Pen Name:akalepos
Country: US
Bio: I'm not real good at the "I love me" thing.  I think I've had a rather mundane life. I am a 22 yr veteran of the marine corps.I have both a ba and an ma in philosophy and love my field and what it has done for me.I am married almost 24 yrs now, 3 kids, 3 grandkids.I ride my harley...
Pen Name:Ashik Rajak
Country: NP
Pen Name:Amiddleschooler
Country: US
Bio: Well. i am a middle schooler who writes, So plz read my stories
Pen Name:ashsolo94
Country: US
Bio: Hi! My name is Ashley Echols. I am 15 years old. I love writing and i just write off the top of my head. I find my writting to be better that way. I write all the time about my feelings and how i am feeling at the moment. I picked up the writing experience from my mother. My mom writes all...
Pen Name:anna love
Country: AR
Bio: About me!!!My name is Anna. I am 15 years old, and I know three languages. I am RUSSIAN; I know American and little bit of Spanish. My Birthday is July 13th. I love my family and all friends and relatives. I want to be a writer when I grow up. Hope you enjoy my page. If you can please read my...
Pen Name:Amy Solice
Country: US
Bio: Hello I am Amy - I am a 20 years old I have four kids - America (4) Arazona (2) Denim my only son (1) and seven week old Dannielleah We live on our own in Pheonix without their dad, who is far away on the other side of the world in prison. Unfortunatley, my kids will never have a dad but...
Pen Name:air
Country: US
Bio: Book, Beyond the blue, beyond the green, in Essence of air poetry book two. Book one has been edited and redone as well. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-Air-urge-katie-galarneau/dp/149039446X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398117892&sr=1-3&keywords=katie+galarneau...
Pen Name:Angel Tanaka
Country: US
Pen Name:Alynisera
Country: US
Bio: Hey, name is Brittany, but my pen name is Alynisera for a reason. Actually it's a name of a character I roleplay with. I'm 17 and I've been writing for a short period of time, but I've done a lot of reasearch on stuff to get to where I am today. My obsession with paranormal romance novels got me...
Pen Name:aimeev
Country: US
Bio: My music takes me where my heart wants to go. n _ n
Pen Name:achristop
Country: GB
Bio: Ex Royal Navy Telegraphist (In the days of Morse Code).  Living in the beautiful Duchy of Cornwall (Kernow) at the south west tip of the UK. I write for fun and for friends. Any comments are more than appreciated, however, I don't think I could ever feel confident enough to publish. So, it's...
Pen Name:anshuman
Country: IN
Pen Name:ajlove
Country: US
Pen Name:aLyCeA
Country: US
Pen Name:Augusta
Country: US
Pen Name:ayesha00
Country: PK
Bio: I want to know where my writing will take me.
Pen Name:Ahmd Trk
Country: EG
Pen Name:angelmona
Country: CA
Bio:     ~ Everything i write is based on my everyday life... a new poem/story is just a new chapter added to the book i call my life, and as the days pass by ~ the more pages you'll be able to flip through... ~ i'M A PUBLISHED WRITER  IN THREE BOOKS  "A celebration of poets" (Creative...

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