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Pen Name:A l p h a
Country: CN
Bio: I am just a casual writer who likes to share my novel with the world.My current project (completed) is My Vampire Girlfriend. It's a young adult romance comedy fiction. The theme is to be an ultra cute and sweet pure love story with minimal violence and horror. I would post more chapters if...
Pen Name:Alexis Dawn
Country: US
Bio: I am a full time wife, Mother, and college student. Writing is an outlet that allows me to de stress from everyday life and is something I enjoy doing.  IF you want to contact me personally with questions or concerns. please email me at lexidawn1985@gmail.com
Pen Name:AnnieSyny
Country: PT
Pen Name:Amy Furzane
Country: MY
Bio: Hye there!  I'm inspired to write after reading a few of good novels - Nicholas Sparks, Melissa Hill, Cecilia Ahern, John Green and etc. Personally, I prefer love stories cause it always mesmerized and fascinates me in so many ways, how it begins, blooms, survives, and ends. People say love is...
Pen Name:adilsafdar
Country: PK
Pen Name:Alyssa Papke
Country: US
Pen Name:Anne
Country: PK
Pen Name:A J Chaudhury
Country: IN
Bio: A.J Chaudhury is a teen wannabe fantasy author. He has completed, the first two books in his Belaria series and is hard at work on the third. He is an Assamese who grew up in the hilly state of Nagaland and the region has had a profound influnce over his writing. You can expect to find him in...
Pen Name:Angel Of Blood
Country: US
Bio:   Main Focus Story : I Don't Care If You're Crazy   Starting again soon : Never Too Sweet    On Hold : Fairy Tales Do Not Happen    
Pen Name:Arixphes
Country: CA
Pen Name:AmassingFragrance
Country: IN
Bio: Real Name: Surabhi Naik Human. Female. Can Read and Write. Most probably looking for the thing you are not.
Pen Name:Angel of November
Country: GB
Bio: A/N: Well, I'm not an author really, I'm so fickle it's ridiculous. Anyway. To all my utterly amazing readers, I'm sorry that I will not be able to update until summer if at all. I have way too much going on at the moment and reading and writing are my escapes, so I don't want them to become a...
Pen Name:AJ fate
Country: US
Bio: ~~I am me I don’t do much or say much I have been writing for a long time now and it seems that the harder I try to get my work out there the harder it gets to do so, and I suck at using the computer most of my books I wrote in note books then I go threw them and write only the ones I want to....
Pen Name:Abigail Cathleen
Country: US
Bio: I'm Abigail.Life improves every day.If you aren't happy, do something about it.Writing and music keep me afloat.People make me smile.I like to know people.Let me know you, I promiseto make you smile.
Pen Name:AmeKake98
Pen Name:Amai
Country: MY
Pen Name:appssweet
Country: IN
Bio: right now i love to read books and love to create a new story. hola every one hi i am apoorva a photography student n just a normal girl with a few friends. to know more, read my stories. n ya u can catch me on face book named Apoorva m rao
Pen Name:Ava Rosien
Country: CA
Bio: Welcome to my page!   I hope you will find some of my work entertaining. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories and children's literature. I am sixty-three years old and live in Ontario Canada, although I was born and raised in North Carolina USA. I enjoy art in any form, beit well done...
Pen Name:animagus
Country: IN
Bio: Animagus' Official Page Hi all! It's your very own Animagus here! Long story short, I love writing. Being a huge Harry Potter and Imagine Dragons' fan, I also enjoy reading, writing and listening to music.  Below are some of my stories which I would like everyone to check out: 1.) Earth in The...
Pen Name:akirachan20
Country: PH
Bio: read, read, read write, write, write enjoy life :-)   Anyeong haseyo.   Konnichiwa.   Ni hao.   Hey guys what's your new year's resolution, mine read more, write more and study more :-P   By the way, after a long wait, I finally watched the "Orphan" movie. It is very astounding, great...
Pen Name:Anne Burnside
Country: US
Bio: I have a novel called The Sultan's Favorite that will be published soon. Within the next month, I plan to start sharing some of my stories.
Pen Name:Aihara Yukii
Country: US
Bio: I'm a bright eyed and hyper person who often spends a lot of time reading and learning new skills. Whenever I set my mind to something I normally can accomplish it, I hate to give up on anything which is normally why I'm so stubborn to make sure that everything I create is redone if there is the...
Pen Name:anistop
Country: IN
Bio: A moments inspiration and a journey of a life timeIt took just one moment for me to believe that I want to write and my journey began. I write because I love to write, doesn't matter whether it is good or bad. And if I ever get published or not (Internet gives me platform to publish for...
Pen Name:Andre Wise
Country: US
Bio: It's been a long time since i've been here
Pen Name:axz
Country: IN
Bio: ..
Pen Name:ana jester
Country: US
Bio: I'm 23 years old now, no longer living in Fort Cobb, but now living in Hobart. I got married last year in December in 2013 and had our first child on the last day of January. I've been writing my own stories since I was a preteen, my first story was called Ms. Rumorse which was a...
Pen Name:AlwaysJBiebz
Country: US
Bio: I'm 13. Yeah, I'm serious:) I've been writing since I was in first grace, loved music as long as I can remember. In fourth grade I put 2 and 2 together and started writing songs. They were terrible. But now I'm in 8th grade and I'm pretty good :) I secretly love singing, songwriting, and...
Pen Name:Andrew Dane Parker
Country: US
Pen Name:A Da Vinci
Country: US
Bio: To start, I will warn you to not make the mistake that I am most certainly not a perfect person. In fact, no one is, and it honestly IS that simple. I will also warn you that I am quite the arrogant young gentleman.... MOST of the time. But enough about warnings, let me give you an outline of...
Pen Name:Axel Alloy
Country: GB
Bio: Ay up, m'ducks! The name's Axel Alloy, named after one of my all time favorite animé characters. This is just an online alias, as you can probably guess. I am a Professional Artist/Writer/Designer/Voice Actress. I started work at the design company in 1988 as a professional artist, and shortly...
Pen Name:alienavian
Country: US
Bio: My name is Naylene Rondon. I'm currently in the process of a novel, which I have plans on publishing within the next six months. In a few months, I'll post an excerpt of it. Until then, check out my short story/novel Charon Union, which I'll be posting on here and Wattpad.  Charon Union   ...
Pen Name:ArthurD7000
Country: US
Bio: Arthur Daigle was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  he received a degree in biology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and has worked in such diverse fields as zoo intern, research assistanct at the Morton Arboretum and grading high school essay tests.  In...
Pen Name:Acheronthebeast
Country: US
Pen Name:areyhl
Country: BM
Bio:       What inspire me to write even if I’m not talented is the individuality of the self that keeps us moving to the unknown, pursuing our ultimate dreams and defying the impossible so we won`t wallow in the valley of melancholic mode that allows denial sprang constantly to our lips. Thus,...
Pen Name:rav21amber
Country: US
Bio: Hey, my name is Amber, Am for short. I'm 19. I'm from Washington. (Not the best place in the world)  (I drew this is one of my notebooks) I have spelling and grammar problems, but its not to bad. I'm not a good writer, but I'm trying my hardest.  (From one of my Sketch book) In high school I...
Pen Name:Ann Erou
Country: ID
Bio: yang membisikkan doa di tepian pembaringan tepat setelah malam menjadi senyap tetapi sebelum malam berubah gelap
Pen Name:Adam Phoenix
Country: US
Bio: I love writing. It allows me to release stress, to create, to express my emotions, to state my opinions, and to try and make this world a better place. I just write words but the Lord strings them together into something beautiful.__________Please feel free to criteque my writing. Tell me what...
Pen Name:Atton Brown
Country: US
Bio: Look I'm Me no one else. i write things that have happened to me sometimes with extreme exaggereations but you wouldnt be able to tlel the difference. if u knew me you'd get it but if you have to ask you arent' ready to know. I'm only 19 but my mind is older. I blast Eminem's rhymes when i...
Pen Name:Avery Gard
Country: US
Bio: I'm 18 and love manga. I read just about everything. Yaoi, shounen shoujo and such and so forth. i hope those who read my stories with comment honestly. I would love to read others stories so please dont feel shy about suggesting your stories to me.   I also like to draw anime and such. If you...
Pen Name:addyray
Country: US
Bio: I am a high school student in Colorado. I have 2 dogs and a cat. I love reading and I adore music. I have been a choir kid my whole life and will continue to be. I am a Christian and love God. I have only recently found that I like writing. In August 2011 I began writing a fanfiction--which is...
Pen Name:AiseukeurimMasisseoyo
Country: US
Bio: Well, I'm Catelyn. I'm not an aspiring writer or anything, but I do enjoy writing. Writing isn't necessarily my forte, but I like to think I'm a good enough writer. I love reading different styles of other people's writing, and I like to learn from others. If you enjoy some of the little works...
Pen Name:aleneparr
Country: CA
Bio: I'm just a student with a dream.  I'm studying psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.  I come from a huge family who have taught me that creativity and imagination are two of the best things in life.  
Pen Name:Ael
Country: SG
Bio: Hi there! :) I'm Ael and well, I'm a student... I've always loved writing stories and poems. I've written so many but I would usually just lose them over time or they somehow mysteriously disappear because I have nowhere to keep them. Also, the stories that I've written, I have never showed it...
Pen Name:2am
Pen Name:AnimeAngel
Country: US
Bio: Hi, people on the internet! I normally write on Quizilla, but my mom showed me this website so I decided to check it out. People tell me my stories and poems are awesome, but they're family and friends, so duh they're going to say it's awesome! But, I really want to see if I have what it takes...
Pen Name:Allylove123
Country: US
Bio: For the past year i've been writting.Then my friend told me about booksie. I was relcutant to try it but then i saw how many people read hers. So here i am. I hope you like my book. If you like them please leave a comment i'd love to hear your thoughts!!! Fav Things I like french!!!!!!!!!!!...
Pen Name:ADifferentJuliet
Country: US
Pen Name:Autumn Eve
Country: US
Bio: My name is Autumn and i am 16 i write stories about rougher times in my life using facts from my life some of them are a bit vulgar yes i know it is because most of the story follows through what i actually did until the end generally the end of most of my stories i end up killing myself so ya...
Pen Name:Adriana Gold
Country: US
Bio:    I'm crazy, loco, awesome, amazing, and  a poet. If you don't agree I don't care. Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate, Alligators gonna aligate.     Sweetie if your gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty. ~Marilyn Monroe     Green plants, honeydoo, I love you boo!...
Country: IN
Bio:   A warm WELCOME to the poetic world OF AWESOME ASHMITA also do visit my website:-  www.poetrypoem.com/awesomeashmita     off course follow me at  https://twitter.com/aforashmita   WRITING IS MY PASSION,I AM NEW INTO THE POETIC WORLD FOR SURE BUT WHATEVER I WRITE , IT DIRECTLY COMES FROM...
Pen Name:Annie Silver
Country: US
Bio: As you can see, I've written a lot of stories, lol. All of them are kinda based on love at first sight.  (But hey, I can occassionally write mystery and comedy with a touch of adventure and drama.) Anyway, apart from writing about romance, comedy and mystery, I like watching asian dramas...
Pen Name:AngelaSteele
Country: US
Bio:   ............Sometimes you imagine yourself being in one place for the rest of your life, doing the exact same thing and expecting to find yourself doing it until the day you die. But life can prove to be fickle and before you know it, yours takes a whole new direction. It doesn't...
Pen Name:alexa123
Country: GB
Bio: I am a sixty five year old mum, gran and great granny. I love to write short stories  for children, and hopefully to go on and try to write a fictional story for adults one day.  My hobbies are writing and reading but I also like to go out for walks, and love my computer.
Pen Name:AlexStanski
Country: CA
Bio: Been there, done that. I'd like to share some of my soul here. Bruised but walking tall. No squeletons in the closet, I travel light.
Pen Name:arieljordan
Country: US
Bio: I love to watch movies and write different versions of how the movie should have gone. Also I love to read different books. I love sunsets and sunrises too. My favoriet beverage is strawberry lemonade and my favorite fruit is  all kinds of fruit except oranges. I love to cook too. My favorite...
Pen Name:AreEra
Country: US
Bio: I just hope you like my stories.
Pen Name:Aurora Somnis
Country: US
Bio: Hello! I'm Aurora. I write fiction, short fiction, and poetry, mainly, and mostly in the genres of fantasy and scifi. If you have a request for a story concept, I'd be willing to try it out, so let me know!
Pen Name:angelxgood
Country: US
Pen Name:Aaron Pulis
Country: AU
Bio: I'm an aspiring author looking to publish his first book soon, joined this site in order to gain some constructive feedback and opinions. If I can help a few others along the way with my critique then that is a bonus. When it comes to an action scene or a conversation between two characters,...
Pen Name:Alissa Forbes
Country: US
Bio: Writing is an essential need, like breathing or eating. Most days one will find me in front of my computer creating or reading.
Pen Name:AAsawah
Country: SA
Bio: My name is ahmed el sawah, and i've always hoped to influence people through my writing...
Pen Name:Asfi
Country: PK
Bio: My real name is.....yea, I don't I should mention that on a website. Born on 1 September or maybe 1 December (choose any one). I'm now a college student at an all-girls college -_-. Own about 200+ books and I also am a bookworm. I have no pets, unless you can count my virtual fish in...
Pen Name:APurpleHeart
Country: US
Bio: Posting of contest results could be delayed a few more days due to some busy issues that I have in my real life. I'm on a lot, so most likely I'm ONLINE   WELCOME TO MY PROFILE!              Hello, young Booksie browsers! My name is Purple, and this is my profile! If you are looking for...
Pen Name:Adam Williamson
Country: GB

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