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Pen Name:Andrew Pierle
Country: US
Bio: 1. I love to write and I am a Sophomore in High School. 2. I write fictional novels. (nonfiction = boringgg) 3. D.J. Machale is the best author of all time. 4. I listen to music while I write. 5. I play RuneScape. My username is xPierle.  
Pen Name:aliciadouglas
Country: CA
Bio: hi! I'm alicia. I'm 15. I love writing, reading and drawing. I want to be a photographer. my favorite books are twilight, the hunger games and the wolves of mearcy falls. I am on this website to publish a story I've been writing for a long time, about 6 months! its about renesmee cullen. its...
Pen Name:Aurora Lynn
Country: US
Bio: I'm quite busy with school at the moment so it's unlikely I'll be on Booksie much All About Me :)       My name pen name is Aurora Lynn, and I am 15 as of April 3rd. Writing is something I have always loved, and I want to share that with all of you because writing is so much better when...
Pen Name:Aayus
Pen Name:angelv666
Country: US
Bio: THE STORIES HERE ARE AS THEY ARE. I AM FREE TO WRITE HOWEVER I WANT. AS BAD AS THEY CAN BE. IDGAF. :) BUT ALL I ASK IS. ENJOY!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My email: noirz00@yahoo.com. (for if anything related or not) :P...
Pen Name:aa1980
Country: GB
Pen Name:authorforyou
Country: US
Bio: I LOVE to write stories for everyone to enjoy. Nothing much to say about myself.
Pen Name:Aleman
Country: AU
Pen Name:ant loves meg
Country: US
Pen Name:AlexBromley
Country: GB
Bio: Hello I'm Alex Bromley, I'm here to share my stories with you.
Pen Name:animagus
Country: IN
Bio: Animagus' Official Page Hi all! It's your very own Animagus here! Long story short, I love writing. Being a huge Harry Potter and Imagine Dragons' fan, I also enjoy reading, writing and listening to music.  Below are some of my stories which I would like everyone to check out: 1.) Earth in The...
Pen Name:Anne Hastings Hughes
Country: GB
Bio: Hi!I'm Anne and I am a college student at the city of Bath College.its a crap hole,dont go there!I am studying my a-levels there after completing my GCSEs there in 2006/7. I live in Bath (obvioulsy) with my parents. We're on the outskirts so its all rolling hills and farms and that, but we're...
Pen Name:ayruahs
Country: IN
Bio: My real name is Shaurya Pratap Singh Somvanshee . I am from India.I love reading and writing  I am a college level student .I love mystry , horror and Thriller by genere. 
Pen Name:Alayton
Country: US
Bio:     I have a Masters in Criminology, a minor in pre-law. My dream was to become a writer. I received my Masters Degree in Criminology. However, I worked for a psycho-socio-rehablitation facility, as a counselor, with people that committed serious crimes and pleaded insanity. I must...
Pen Name:abyskaria
Country: IN
Bio: In time, this space is beyond expectation. I hope one grace of kindness made life unique. It has been quite blessing and somewhat likely lucky for each one of you who found this page in real life. When I mark this age, we have hopes imported into best made out of peace, hope and joy as these are...
Pen Name:Akash Sathyamurty
Country: IN
Bio: Hello Booksie users.This is Akash Sathyamurthy from India. I am 17 years old and going to turn 18 within a few months. I have a strong determination to become one of the most successful animators of the world. But I want to even become a great writer. I started writing a poem when I was 14...
Pen Name:Ashley Pink
Country: MY
Bio: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Where-Heart-Is-Annie-Grove/dp/000726593X
Pen Name:Ariadne Grande
Country: SE
Bio:   ARiADNe GRANDe! Writing is a passion of mine and has been for a very long time! I enjoy reading just as much as i enjoy writing so please feel free to ask me to read your work! I don't mind if it's 1 chapter long or 13! My work isn't that good yet but i love to learn great techniques from...
Pen Name:Anna Lunak
Country: US
Bio: Nothing much to say, really. Just a girl who loves theatre, photography, writing, and animals. I tend to write about dark subject matter, as you may soon see, because I feel it is a good way to express myself. Write on the paper, not your skin, right? If only...but that's a different...
Pen Name:AlyssandriaNight
Country: US
Bio: Heyo! I'm Alyssandria Night. Not really, obviously, but that's what I go by and that's what you can call me! (: I'm 16, short, and tiny. But I'm stubborn and can be mean as a mamma bear when her cubs are threatened, so beware and stay on my good side! X3 I am a strong believer in the Goddess...
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:Anime Lover
Country: US
Bio: Hiya!! So, I really don't know what to put, so I'll name my intrests! Right!! Fav T.V. Show- Young Justice~! Fav Book(s)-  House of Night                    Fallen                    Mortal Intruments (sp)                    Infernal...
Pen Name:Ashent
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Ashent.i liek shiny thingsI also run a blog at http://amphibi.us and accept short story and poetry submissions.
Pen Name:Annie Silver
Country: US
Bio: As you can see, I've written a lot of stories, lol. All of them are kinda based on love at first sight.  (But hey, I can occassionally write mystery and comedy with a touch of adventure and drama.) Anyway, apart from writing about romance, comedy and mystery, I like watching asian dramas...
Pen Name:Anvil
Country: US
Pen Name:Adelaide Lawrence
Country: US
Bio: I love writing and reading more then anything. I want to be an author some day. I love libraries and old book stores, and the list of my favorite books goes on and on. I am alittle quirky, but that's OK with me. I like ice cream and rollar coasters, and my favorite season is autumn. I am very...
Pen Name:Arturon Gillespie
Country: GB
Bio: I am retired now, but much of my adult life has been spent in the armed forces .
Pen Name:angelique30
Country: ZA
Bio: My name is Angelique.... I love writing poetry about my feelings and things that have affected me so that maybe someone else can relate to it. I hope that you all can relate to some of my work. Poetry is my passion and my hobby its my way to express feelings about different situations..   I...
Pen Name:Amy Cook
Country: US
Bio: *Hey you guys I'm Amy and I type just about everything to novels then to jokes, riddles, and even poetry.  I hope you guys like them and any  Events that happen in the novel I have never experienced so I'm going off of other people’s knowledge.  Also if I type Something in the wrong...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:aliceangelcorlett
Country: GB
Pen Name:Atlas 7
Pen Name:AvvieJellyBean551213
Country: AU
Bio: hello fellow booksie members!I would like to inform you all that i DO NOT believe in vampires. What I wrote about half-vampires was when I adored twilight. I DO NOT ADORE TWILIGHT any more. Please refrain from leaving me frightening messages and contact details. I am not curious about whether I...
Pen Name:Ansel Rover
Country: US
Bio: I am a 17-year old with a long-time interest in reading and have recently been working on developing further my skills as a creative writer. I hope to contribute my own perspective to those who just might need it...so beware, those of you who read my work!   And, in case you hadn't...
Pen Name:Aieon
Country: CA
Bio: I AM ONLINE - OFFLINE - W / E Evening. Let me start off by giving you a brief introduction before you go any further. Since names are a bit confidential I will only give you my signing initials which are Aieon. I am 20 years old and live somewhere about Ottawa, Canada. The common genres that...
Pen Name:Alquimista
Country: CA
Bio: I'm an aspring writer with an interest in science fiction.
Pen Name:Archia
Country: AU
Bio: For anyone who wants a really nice review, please take a look at this, you're guaranteed to get one. http://www.booksie.com/other/novel/archia/the-review-chain/chapter/1 Um di da Um di dee.. So something about me, something about me. The thing is I don't really see much point in telling you...
Pen Name:Asher Kuran
Country: US
Bio: To all who will read my books, or and novels. I'm Asher, will my nickname anyway, I'm 16 now :D love it. I've noticed how someone of you hate my writing and all that good crap, and to be truefull i wish you didn't send those mean comments, you got nothing nice to say then don't say anything...
Pen Name:Aklak Miah
Pen Name:Andrea Perno
Country: US
Bio: ~~Andrea Perno writes futuristic science fiction. She divides her time between being a full time art teacher in Baltimore and writing. With very little "sit down" time to herself, she creates most of her writing through voice notes on her phone while driving to and from work. She grew up in...
Pen Name:advertisie
Country: US
Bio: http://www.art-liquidation.com/Images/Landscapes/DCP_4287.JPG http://a.wattpad.net/cover/1947754-256-423556.jpg
Pen Name:Adambean828
Country: US
Bio: I have joined here to post of my writing. I hope some will read my posts and derive some sort of emotion
Pen Name:assbrain
Country: US
Bio: Born from my mothers vagina, I am assbrain.
Pen Name:AfrikaKorps4143
Country: RO
Bio: Studen at College of History and Political Science in Constanta,Romania.Fiction fan,and history.
Pen Name:Arandomelle
Country: GB
Bio: I enjoy writing poems and short stories, and am currently trying to put together ideas for a full-length novel. My style is usually Fantasy, and can go quite gothic and dark. I like to write about strong women, and intense places.
Pen Name:ArukaUchihan
Country: US
Bio: Hey Aruka here! Every life deserves to be told, and everyone has a story. I love reading and collecting stories and telling them. And I try to look on the bright side of life. Well enough about me, Please take the time to read each of my works I have featured and take a little bit of time to...
Pen Name:Amy Rose Melody
Country: US
Bio: I have been wanting to show off my story ideas without fully publishing it to the world. I have had MANY inspirations from C.S. Lewis, Kathryn Lasky, Jean Craighead George, LL Cote, And Especially Erin Hunter. I love writing about animals, everything about animals and the elements i love,...
Pen Name:AMatterOfPerspective
Country: GB
Bio: A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are for... ~ John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic
Pen Name:AyumiTouguu
Country: ID
Bio: I'm a simple kind of girl. I don't pretty much read many books, but when it turns out I open the first page, I couldn't stop myself of reading it :) I don't like complicated things. I hate horrors ._.; I love J- POP, sushi, kimono, and everything about Japan of course. that is all you need to...
Pen Name:Addictedtobooks
Country: GB
Bio: NOTE: I now also have an account on Wattpad my username on there is ATB123. I will still be posting on here too   What is there to say? hmmm... Hi I'm Addictedtobooks or ATB for short! I am  a 19 year old girl. I read more than I watch TV, I know it's strange in this day and age of...
Pen Name:AmassingFragrance
Country: IN
Bio: Real Name: Surabhi Naik Human. Female. Can Read and Write. Most probably looking for the thing you are not.
Pen Name:Avy Carm
Country: US
Pen Name:AnGeLoFdEaTh2013
Country: US
Bio: Metalhead sings writes draws plays guitar
Pen Name:L0v3andPain
Country: US
Bio: I'm currently a junior in high school, last I posted was maybe my freshmen year.. Sorry about that! I will try being more active from now on! I appreciate any comments you may have, good or bad, and I want to thank you all for such positive responses to my work! :) 
Pen Name:ABlindEye
Country: US
Bio: Just here to add short stories.I rarely even finish a mere page, so my goal is to manage one story at a time.
Pen Name:A N Veal
Country: US
Bio:  Love to read and write!!!
Pen Name:Alun 333
Country: GB
Bio: i have just started writing and hope you enjoy reading my storeys. I am sorry If I have deleted some of your commits before I can reply to them, still getting use to my tablet. It's not like taking a pain killer ha ha. If you have committed and not heard from me please send again.
Pen Name:AndreaPykett
Country: GB
Bio: Hi guys. I'm going to be running in Race For Life (again) on the 14th of June. I'd love it if you guys could help me raise some money; it all goes to Cancer Reasearch UK and it's a really good cause. So if you have time and money to spare, come visit my just giving page at:...
Pen Name:Adal
Country: US
Bio: I'm pretty much a high school student who's a wannabe writer. :DI've started two or three novels.. both of which are unfinished. As of now, I'm looking for a good idea and I'm pretty lazy with my writing since I have a lot to do with school and such..C: Right now I'm just starting the 100...
Pen Name:Aoife
Pen Name:AwesomeAri93
Country: US
Bio: I can do many things... one of them is writing. :D 😸✌ 💞 💋
Pen Name:Alexandermay
Country: GB
Pen Name:arieljordan
Country: US
Bio: I love to watch movies and write different versions of how the movie should have gone. Also I love to read different books. I love sunsets and sunrises too. My favoriet beverage is strawberry lemonade and my favorite fruit is  all kinds of fruit except oranges. I love to cook too. My favorite...
Pen Name:Alexie Bates
Country: US
Bio: I was born in a small country, El Salvador. When I was 7 I was brought here to the United States and loved it. My parents are happy that I love writting, but they've always wanted me to join another field of study, most of which i really find irritating to me. Anyways, I love fiction, romance...
Pen Name:Ann Jacobs
Country: US
Bio: Ann Jacobs is a sucker for lusty Alpha heroes and happy endings. Sensual romance, to her, is the perfect combination of sex, sensuality, deep emotional involvement and lifelong commitment—the elusive fantasy women often dream about but seldom achieve. First published in 1996, Jacobs has sold...
Pen Name:Alatar
Country: US
Bio: Hello!! My name is Kat. I am a 24-year-old college graduate. I currently work as a background extra in film, and I am hoping to open a costume production and acessory shop in Nes Orleans. I love to write, and am planning on having a career in writing as well as run my shop. I have a few stories...
Pen Name:AccusedNut
Country: US
Bio: I write death and killing and horror stories. When I co-write with my friend, it ends up with a little romance thrown in for a better storyline. I play lead lead guitar in 4 rock and metal bands, Midnight Highway, Amp, Warpath, Seconal, and Renegade. I love classic Ford trucks and Harley...
Pen Name:Appledorksie
Country: US
Pen Name:AmaraHartwig
Country: US
Bio: Hey! I'm a writer, just trying to make a name for myself and get out of my horrible hometown/state! Working on writing a book. The royalties will be going to 2 of my friends with Cancer. I write stories on Wattpad.com. You'll see a lot of them on here as well. 
Pen Name:ani2
Country: IN
Pen Name:aryanshi
Pen Name:AdaraRae
Country: US
Bio: Hey, it's Jess, aka AdaraRae, and I've kind of always dabbled with writing. Had a poem published in high school, and have participated in NaNoWriMo. Other than that, I'll probably just post up poems to get out a lot of emotions. This ought to be fun.
Pen Name:AchileUmameh
Country: NG
Bio: Priest, Poet, Mathematician, Existentialist and........Becoming
Pen Name:Annylle Nogard
Country: AE
Bio: Hmmm, where do I begin....? (Pen) Name: Annylle Nogard (an-nile no-guard) Age: I'm a minor, that's all you need to know. Gender: Born a girl, raised a girl (sort of), will die a girl. Likes: Reading, writing, dragons, anime, Naruto, dragons, dragons...yeah you get it. Dislikes: Insects (roaches...
Pen Name:Anaforever
Country: US
Bio: I'm simple, and yet complex. The more you read my stories, the more you'll get to know me. I have happy tales, and sad ones. No two are the same. My poems I tend to think of pretty quickly as opposed to my stories. Those take time and planning. Also (and this is very important) I love the...
Pen Name:Amitava
Country: US
Bio: Besides research in molecular biology my recent interest is writing stories.  Here, I don't really ask people to read my stories, but I hope they would.
Pen Name:Algonquinprod
Country: US
Bio: I am a playwright, novelist and short story writer living and working in New York City.  I have had productions of my plays done here in New York and across the world, including Los Angeles, Dallas, London and Russia.  I have two baseball themed plays in the Major League Hall of Fame in...
Pen Name:Ada Cissle
Country: US
Bio: I'm nineteen and I've never shared my stories before so please tell me anything that you like or that I may need to work on it would be appreciated. Thank you for reading anything and if you really want to continue reading one of my stories and there is not a next chapter message me to know that...
Pen Name:AprilGodDamnIt
Country: GB
Bio: Hi I'm April English is my second language but I'm pretty much fluent Creative writing is the only part of English I enjoy but the school system doesn't really care about that because the analytical skill is CLEARLY more essential.  So here I come...
Pen Name:Alejandra1002
Country: US
Pen Name:Agent Dawson
Country: GB
Bio: Hi there! My name is Jess, and I'm a student studying for a Music degree. I originate from County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland, and have lived in Ireland, Scotland and England. I have lived in England for 15 years now, and I still enjoy it from time to time. My favourite places in England...
Pen Name:AirLionHeart
Country: GB
Bio: I'm travelling now so I won't really be on here. I will try to update my novel as much as I can. There is a new chapter in the works so please be patient, I will try to post it ASAP. Thank you for your continued support!...
Pen Name:Anastasia Obsidian
Country: US
Bio: Hey, guys, I'm Anastasia Obsidian. I live in a small little town in Florida you probably have no idea where it is, but if you do, more power to you. I still live with my parents and I'm trying to get started. My favorite genre has always been fantasy, but I'm working on some real world stuff...
Pen Name:Admiral Horatius Horatio
Country: SL
Bio:     I am Horatius Emmanuel Nallo     Born in Sierra Leone, but now a naturalized citizen of Liberia. I Love writing and Reading. I started writing when I was in six grade.     I am a friend... who you will need. I am friendly, I am dependable, and I am loyal. I am on an oath to be a the...
Pen Name:AntonioBall123
Country: US
Bio: I Live In Chicago, Illinois And I'm New To This Site And I Can Hopefully Impress People With My Writing. 
Pen Name:Ashley Lee Quinn
Country: US
Bio:                                                            Welcome to My Page!                  Reading Requests are: Open {X} Closed {} Will Read if: it is 11 yr. old appropriate      Hi! I'm Ashley Lee Quinn...
Pen Name:Akisute
Country: US
Bio: "The only excuse for making a useless this is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless."      - Oscar Wilde   Why in the hell can't you send PMs on this site? Hi, I'm me and I'm weird. I get depressed if I go too long without writing some crappy little thing so you can look...
Pen Name:Aradia1000
Country: US
Bio: I will be moving to a new account. You can find me at, Marcos ComingHome Bodt http://www.booksie.com/marcos_cominghome_bodt Here is my blog. marcodontleavemebehindjeanbodt.tumblr.com
Pen Name:Adam Williamson
Country: GB
Pen Name:AmicusCurious
Country: US
Pen Name:abitmore
Country: PH
Pen Name:Ajb Minime
Country: FR
Bio: Arnaud Noah Hervin Minime, alias A.J.B Minime is a french author from Central African Republic, and was born in 1998. Currently, he is studying Arts and Literature at the highschool in Angers ( France ) and writing his debut novel. He is also a singer. Arnaud notably won the price " 3rd Best...
Pen Name:Aaron Mathieu
Country: US
Bio: I'm young, a bit unexperienced, but who cares? I just love to write. I'm sure I came out the womb with a pen and a written memoir about the nine months I spent inside. Needless to say it would have involved me fighting other sperm cells with lightsabers because even as an unborn fetus, I've had...
Pen Name:anna luna eclipsed
Country: AU
Pen Name:ambmci
Pen Name:A Broken Dream
Country: US
Bio: “One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.” Hello everyone! I haven't been writing lately (for a long time...) but I will try to put up one of my works soon! I always loved writing and creating comics as a child, art and creativity...
Pen Name:amber sparks
Country: US
Bio: i am 26 years old and i have been writing since i was a young child but ive been out of practice for years but since my recent divorce my passion for the arts has returned im alittle out of practice but i hope to flourish in my new life and my new style of writing i hope you enjoy and please...

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