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Pen Name:astolz
Country: US
Bio: This is the cover art done by Jesus Garcia Lopez for "The Goblin and the Mage". Thank you, Jesus! I am very pleased with this work; the detail, the colors, not to mention he works very fast! I love it!  You can also browse other art he has done here: (http://raro666.deviantart.com/)...
Pen Name:Aerial90
Country: CA
Bio: What do you do when you dream a scene, a picture so clear it feels like you're there? You write. You become absorbed in a world of your own creation. If you're very very lucky, you have patient friends, and encouraging spouses. You beg for proof reads and the indulgence of those who love you the...
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:Amand4xox
Country: US
Bio: Well, for starters, my name is Amanda :] I am currently a sophmore in Highschool!!!! Exciting, isnt it? :] I'm 16 years old (finnally!) and I just got my learners permit, so get ready P-ville! Theres an "awesome" new driver on the road! I kinda taught myself to play the piano. Thats the only...
Pen Name:authorXYZ
Country: US
Pen Name:animeteen
Country: CA
Bio: Old booksie account. plz ignore.
Pen Name:AnnieSyny
Country: PT
Pen Name:artie1947
Country: GB
Bio: i have been writing poetry for some time now, and now i think its about time i shared it with others,i am wheelchair bound and i just like writing it gives me pleasure to create something out of nothing. I like the out doors especially in the summer and spring and autumn, I don't like being...
Pen Name:amoretrainer
Country: US
Bio: I love the celtic tale of the thornbird.  The thorn bird pays its life for just one song, but the whole world stills to listen, and God in his heaven smiles. The best is accomplished at the cost of the greatest pain, so says the legend.  If isn't worth living if it isn't full of passion. This...
Pen Name:AmiLeepur
Country: US
Bio: I have always wanted to be an author and illustrator, so when I heard about this site, I signed up.
Pen Name:Ada Cissle
Country: US
Bio: I'm nineteen and I've never shared my stories before so please tell me anything that you like or that I may need to work on it would be appreciated. Thank you for reading anything and if you really want to continue reading one of my stories and there is not a next chapter message me to know that...
Pen Name:AlleyCatFromHell
Country: US
Bio: Im AlleyCatFromHell but sense thats too long to say just call me cat. heres somethings about me,Interests : reading, writing, swimming, fighting, drawing, sleeping, and other stuffFavorites : I like fantasy, fanfiction, horror, sadness, funny, and highschool kinds of stories. And sometimes gay...
Pen Name:ANYWH3R3
Country: US
Bio: This po3m is call3d som3 fr3ak lik3 m3... With every tear, falling from my eye, I’ve experienced a lot of pain. What was once a porcelain glass Has broken and cracked into endless shame. I’ve moved here and there. I’ve lost a lot of friends. Stabbed constantly in the back, And shake hard...
Pen Name:Avgvstvs
Country: US
Bio: Please Don't Be Afraid To Critique My Work. Give Me The Good And Give Me The Bad.   In case anyone wondered...I am not an avid reader, but I do love to write. Call it feeding the ego I constantly seek to extinguish. I am not a god fearing man. I mainly write in tragedy though not particularly...
Pen Name:allamara
Country: AU
Bio: Name: Alana Age: 18 Im a student studying social science: Community work I live in Australia  ( Im 92.3% sure no one cares about the Bio, so this is all you are getting unless im proven wrong)  :)    
Pen Name:authorised1960
Country: GB
Bio: I am a single middle-aged man. I live alone with my beloved dog, Ozzy (that's him in my profile pic!) I have been writing since I was a kid. I lost my mojo for several years, but about six months ago I began to write again. I believe that I am writing some of the best stuff I have ever...
Pen Name:Ally999
Country: GB
Bio: Hello people! My name is Ally, im a teenage girl who is trying to do something with her  life, just by writing down my feeling to mostly show im am feeling. All the poems I write are from true events, and my true feelings. I have never been a confident person, so ussaly i don't stick up for...
Pen Name:AlondraColeman
Country: US
Pen Name:Andene
Country: CA
Bio: Thanks for taking the time to write such amazing comments! I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me! You guys are the reason IOT made it to the homepage and you make my day!!! =3 xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you're...
Pen Name:AninaKat2012
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Anina, (but call me Katryce) i am a mother of 1. I have had an interest in poetry from when i was young, could pick up a book and read myself. I havent actually thought of writing a lot of poems but i have certainly had my days. Writing poems has recently become a big interest to me...
Pen Name:Ace1
Country: IN
Bio: I am a funky girl who loves writing romantic stories..I am a writer and that is all!
Pen Name:Anna Grettle
Country: US
Bio: I lived most of my life in Michigan, but am now living in a tiny studio somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I grew up writing fantasy novels, mostly to escape my comparitively dull life. Nowadays, I enjoy reading, baking, traveling, songwriting, and an unhealthy amount of Dr. Who. I...
Pen Name:Allen Henriquez
Country: US
Bio:   Allen Henriquez has written numerous novel, play and screenplay manuscripts, along with short-stories.   Allen was born in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and lived in the Marcy Projects.  His family eventually moved to South Ozone Park, Queens.  He attended Thomas Edison High School.  He...
Pen Name:animagus
Country: IN
Bio: Animagus' Official Page Hi all! It's your very own Animagus here! Long story short, I love writing. Being a huge Harry Potter and Imagine Dragons' fan, I also enjoy reading, writing and listening to music.  Below are some of my stories which I would like everyone to check out: 1.) Earth in The...
Pen Name:Anonymoose
Country: GB
Bio: I wanna read all the awesome stories :3
Pen Name:awdrea
Country: US
Bio: I'm a college student with a passion to create a world with writing.  Realistic and mind thinking stories are what I love most.  I think way too much for my own good, it's a good thing and a bad thing to say the least.  I'm indesicive about my future so I'm taking it one day at a time. ...
Pen Name:Alex The shadow girl
Country: IN
Bio: My blog : http://alextheshadowgirl.wordpress.com                                          About Me:- Hey this is Pallavi Sareen, a fifteen year old teenager who loves to write. Call me Alex, it's the name I prefer. I love writing, I mean that's why I'm here. I love music...
Pen Name:Art of Ambrosia
Country: US
Pen Name:AncientBanana
Country: FI
Bio: Hi i am just an ordinary 15 years old boy who likes writing some sort of Fantasy Short stories i am from Finland and do not own the best "clean writing" skills and englis aint my native language  
Pen Name:AGB
Country: US
Pen Name:annaisaspaz
Country: US
Bio: hi my name is Sienna Cullimore follow me on Twitter @siennaisaspaz
Pen Name:Ajinkya
Pen Name:Arsa
Country: JP
Bio: am a writer inside ..an imaginary world i have in mind for all seasons .. nothing can rape that part in me ..and i hope i won't forget at all the world i lived in for years while no one listened but my own self .. btw ..am arsa the novel writer ..oneday this world will be outside instead of...
Pen Name:advertisie
Country: US
Bio: http://www.art-liquidation.com/Images/Landscapes/DCP_4287.JPG http://a.wattpad.net/cover/1947754-256-423556.jpg
Pen Name:Alun 333
Country: GB
Bio: i have just started writing and hope you enjoy reading my storeys. I am sorry If I have deleted some of your commits before I can reply to them, still getting use to my tablet. It's not like taking a pain killer ha ha. If you have committed and not heard from me please send again.
Pen Name:Akshay1
Country: IN
Bio: Who coloured the trees green, who coloured the sky blue, who coloured all the things you love. I'm another writer who dreams in colour and write to share the colours that I know to you my dear friends.
Pen Name:Ani Leigh
Country: US
Bio: "I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of." -Joss Whedon "A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no...
Pen Name:Antoeknee
Pen Name:animelover3994
Country: US
Bio: Damn.
Pen Name:AwesomeAri93
Country: US
Bio: I can do many things... one of them is writing. :D 😸✌ 💞 💋
Pen Name:Ashley10
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley. i'm 18 and a college student. I kinda want to be a writer someday. Not for the money, though it'd be nice cuz i'm kinda always broke, but because i love writing and why not make a living doing something i love. i write mostly fictional stories but here recently i've been...
Pen Name:Aplus
Country: CN
Bio: Hey all my name is Aplus that's my real name in case you like my stories or my poems do please criticize and comment freely :D My facebook account shares the same name you should be able to recognize me in case you want to add me as friend feel free to do so :) I really like reading and writing,...
Pen Name:air
Country: US
Bio: Book, Beyond the blue, beyond the green, in Essence of air poetry book two. Book one has been edited and redone as well. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-Air-urge-katie-galarneau/dp/149039446X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398117892&sr=1-3&keywords=katie+galarneau...
Pen Name:angelique30
Country: ZA
Bio: My name is Angelique.... I love writing poetry about my feelings and things that have affected me so that maybe someone else can relate to it. I hope that you all can relate to some of my work. Poetry is my passion and my hobby its my way to express feelings about different situations..   I...
Pen Name:Alaa Hseiki
Country: LB
Bio: Name: Alaa Bassam Hseiki Lebanon / Beyssour 14 years old Enjoy my writings !!!
Pen Name:arieljordan
Country: US
Bio: I love to watch movies and write different versions of how the movie should have gone. Also I love to read different books. I love sunsets and sunrises too. My favoriet beverage is strawberry lemonade and my favorite fruit is  all kinds of fruit except oranges. I love to cook too. My favorite...
Pen Name:AziLahvsYhew
Country: US
Bio: I am from Hawaii. I am currently a SENIOR in high school. I love to read, write, draw, paint, and dance. I'm pansexual. I love to write poetry and I've recently tried writing out a novel. I'm not too sure if I'm good a writing novels, but I gave it a shot. Please leave comments on my work to...
Pen Name:Annie Knox
Country: SL
Bio: anyone interested in contacting me its annie-knox@hotmail.co.uk !! Anyone who had read mona and wanted to again I'm considering getting it published once its finished if i can and i dont want to affect my chances by putting too much online sorry :( if i have any success in published youll be...
Pen Name:ag2girl
Country: US
Bio:   About Me: I am an aspiring writer that loves writing and reading fantasy romance books. I also like anime. Other than that, there's not much I can say about myself.   Reading Requests I am open to any reading requests except for horror stories, vampire/werewolf stories (depends on the...
Pen Name:ashi17
Country: SA
Bio:                                          To Ashi's Page  http://www.innerchildpress.com/iram-fatima-ashi.php  (My anthology published in US IN JAN 2014) https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ashis/418469608228447 (MY page on FB)...
Pen Name:AnonymousGirl11
Country: US
Bio: suck my clit and balls shannon
Pen Name:archerg
Country: US
Bio: Visit my Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/archergarrett
Pen Name:Amy R Burkle
Country: GB
Bio: Hi and thanks for reading my profile. Remember to check the the 'news' tab to see what's going on at the moment. Constructive criticism on my writing is always appreciated! If you send me a reading request I will get round to it ASAP but I can't always guarantee a detailed comment. I hope you...
Pen Name:annahscott
Country: SE
Bio: ABOUT ME (oh you can change colors, that just made my day) Okay, so I'm Annah and I'm 21 years old, living in Sweden. I'm currently a student in a culinary school. Started there after studying to become an engineer which wasn't for me. I'm like that, I guess. If I don't like what I do I just...
Pen Name:AttackonFangirls
Country: US
Bio: Bookworm; Writer; Anti-Social; 👉About me👈 House: Hufflepuff! Occupation: Nothing, procrastination favors me above all people. Currently a creative writer (like that's getting me anywhere!). Had no hope for quotev, so I decided to try Booksie 👍. I'm really hoping things go my way! 👌...
Pen Name:angelove
Country: US
Bio: I grew up in west austin and then moved to del valle it is REALLY small but i call it home. I am bipolar yes so I could be an adorable little ball of fur one moment and a raging ball of evil fluffyness ( dont know why I compared myself to a kitty). I love to read and write (Duh...) i also like...
Pen Name:amaranth
Country: US
Bio: I am twenty-something.
Pen Name:AndrewFowler255
Country: US
Bio: This seems interesting.  An outlet to send my short stories and stuff out.  Let's try this. I play Tuba I love to write when I'm in the mood
Pen Name:AnewDay
Country: GB
Bio: Hi, my name is Mia and I am 14 :)Likes: reading, writing, singing ,playing piano, Hanging out with mates :) xHate: Ignorant people! Racist people and... yeah that’s it ;PSmiley faces are THE BEST!!!Vampires are the best thing EVER if they are real they should come out of hiding that would be...
Pen Name:Always Lovestruck
Country: GB
Bio:   I am a lot of things, and it’s hard to pick which ones to tell you here, but here goes anyway- I am a Christian, a Swiftie, an Invalid, a Potterhead, a Tribute and a Twihard. My favourite colour is red. I’m obsessed with love and I can’t even explain how much I cannot wait to get...
Pen Name:Ayietim
Country: NG
Pen Name:Ability
Country: US
Pen Name:Ah Zee
Country: SG
Bio: Hello! My name is Ah Zee Yes, i'm still a student Latest news: I'm back! After 2 years of disappearing from this page, i finally decided to start writing again! So stay tune! I'll post my works as soon as i'm done with it!   visit my devianart page!   http://aziananhhahaz.deviantart.com  ...
Pen Name:Adhara
Country: US
Bio: Hello all. I'm just a little person in a sea of void looking for an outlet for my mind. I love to read, and thus, have developed an interest in writing. I'm actually better at art, so don't be surprised if you don't like my writing. There is a cat on my back who is licking my hair. I guess...
Pen Name:Amy Furzane
Country: MY
Bio: Hye there!  I'm inspired to write after reading a few of good novels - Nicholas Sparks, Melissa Hill, Cecilia Ahern, John Green and etc. Personally, I prefer love stories cause it always mesmerized and fascinates me in so many ways, how it begins, blooms, survives, and ends. People say love is...
Pen Name:adetailedflameofpurestjoy
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Laura, I am 19 and I have the most amazing fiance in the world. I would someday love to live on Tybee Island where The Last Song is set. My favourite books are Looking For Alaska by john Green, The Harry Potter Series, Candy by Kevin Brooks, The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks, Saving...
Pen Name:amnehquti
Country: US
Bio: Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i'm Amneh Qutifan, I'm 17 and i loooovvvveeeee writing potery Originally from palestine. I'm a people person. I love eveerybody of evey kind. I'm nice. I'm kind And i love pink.                                                Never...
Pen Name:AnonymousAmethyst
Country: US
Bio: My name is Ashley.  I wanted to start out as anonymous (hence AnonymousAmethyst), but I've changed my mind. Even though I've contacted Booksie with a request to change my pen name, I haven't heard back from them yet. I'm 21 years old. Fortunately, my mind hasn't had time to catch up to my...
Pen Name:angel sophia
Country: US
Bio: You know love life is not always perfect. Reading romance stories is one way to check out what love is. Being in love is not always perfect. Read my stories if you're interest im romance. 
Pen Name:A Stranger
Country: CA
Bio: An amateur poet  I have been writing for over 15 years, and I use it for pleasure, to examine issues, and to see the expression of the those who read it. What I write about has been explained to me as the "human condition". Some is fictional, some from what life has thrown at me. I attempt to...
Pen Name:Angela95
Country: US
Bio: My name is Angela Abrams. I love to read and write. I want to write stories for the rest of my life. Writing is one of the best things to do because its a great way to express yourself in different ways.
Pen Name:ariella
Country: US
Bio: Everything I'm writing I'm writing for friends. These stories are based on actual events, only placed in the Harry Potter universe. Strange, but thats how things worked out. But thats the real gist of things; almost everything I write has actually happened. Each of the characters are based on...
Pen Name:Argetlam
Country: US
Pen Name:Asfi
Country: PK
Bio: My real name is.....yea, I don't I should mention that on a website. Born on 1 September or maybe 1 December (choose any one). I'm now a college student at an all-girls college -_-. Own about 200+ books and I also am a bookworm. I have no pets, unless you can count my virtual fish in...

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