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Pen Name:ashleylovette
Country: US
Bio: Hai guise c: I'm Ashy! I love writing short stories and horror stories. Check out my story "Life", it's the best one I got! Thankies
Pen Name:Allan Reinhard
Country: DE
Bio:  I am an avid lover of books. There are many I don't prefer and there are many I can respect. While you may wish to digest so many pages in so many bytes, whatever approximates the heart I should have will forever stay transcribed in paper and ink. The feeling of ages long ago and...
Pen Name:attanasio
Country: US
Bio: I am 65 years old. I like to read and play chess. I am an avid Fantasy Role-Player.   My Favorite authors include: Steve Berry, Ken Follett, Ellis Peters, George MacDonald Fraser, C. J. Sansom, Dan Brown, Michael Crighton and Bernard Cornwell. I am Particularly fond of Historical Mysteries....
Pen Name:author17
Country: GB
Bio: Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself properly but i'm not that great with all that so this is me: My name is Krystal Jones, I write romance novels of different situations that can happen or are imagined by myself.  I get inspiration from personal experiences, films and music. I also...
Pen Name:Ajdiee
Pen Name:Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Country: US
Bio: *I walk into the classroom with a jacket on* Teacher: take that jacket off NOW!! they are against school rules Me: OMG, I am so sorry! Is anyone hurt? no? ok....I'll just slowly remove this extremely hazardous jacket....off of my torso....and slowly freeze to death.....but miss, why are you...
Pen Name:Accepted
Country: US
Bio: I'm a retired paramedic. I don't proclaim to know all the rights and wrongs of writing. I just write because it's what I enjoy and a way to let my feelings out. I've never shared so bare with me, I'm scared...I've lived with many ups and downs in my life as most people do. Illness took away my...
Pen Name:AwesomeSauce10
Country: US
Bio: Your life in songs Opening Credits: Turning Tables-Adele Waking up is When I was Your Man-Bruno Mars First day at school is Since u Been Gone -Kelly Clarkson Making Your new Bestfriend: Young Girls-Bruno Mars Falling in Love: Smooth Criminal-Glee Cast (That wouldn't work...) Breaking up:...
Pen Name:Andrushco
Country: RO
Bio: Well, I'm just a 16 year old girl going with the pen name Andrushco, who started writing out of boredom. Right now, at the moment where I am making my booksie, am writing my story `Ikt` as a kind of a homework for romanian lessons. Well, I'd like to translate it right no, but it's almost 11...
Pen Name:Allyvia
Country: US
Bio: I love the bands HIM, The Used, The Rasmus, Tokio Hotel, Green Day, Surface Tension, and Three Days GraceI LOVE reading and writing!I usually take oneshot and songfic requestsMy DA account is: http://withinmeloveresides1.deviantart.com/
Pen Name:AlicetheWonderland
Country: US
Bio: Hello, humans of this twisted yet sweet world. I see that you have made your way to my page through the tangled maze that we call the internet. Since you are here, I may just as well give a brief introduction of myself. If you wish to know anything more, feel free to contact me and ask...
Pen Name:Alessia Williams
Country: US
Bio: whatev
Pen Name:A Esha Lee
Country: AU
Bio: Aesha Lee is my pen name and I specialize in writing fantasy fiction and I'll occasionally write a little poetry here and there. I apsolutely love reading, watching and writing anything with a little romance, supernatural and violence in it. I am also an anime fanatic and have watched over 40...
Pen Name:Amy Solice
Country: US
Bio: Hello I am Amy - I am a 20 years old I have four kids - America (4) Arazona (2) Denim my only son (1) and seven week old Dannielleah We live on our own in Pheonix without their dad, who is far away on the other side of the world in prison. Unfortunatley, my kids will never have a dad but...
Pen Name:AqeeAN
Country: PK
Bio: Well .... I  am pretty bad at introductions and telling people about myself sooooo :D Anyway I love reading and writing (but that is mostly why everyone is here) I have a little social anxiety and find it really hard to talk to people face to face so socializing on the internet seems like an...
Pen Name:Ante Arkus
Country: NO
Bio: Greetings my fellow inscribers! My name is Ante, and I am more of a writer than a chatter. When I upload something, it will usually be of the fantasy genre with some adult themes in it, so if you enjoy fighting, both epic battles and one on one struggles with somewhat advanced dialogue, I may...
Pen Name:Aviv
Country: IL
Bio: Hello Visitor My name is Aviv I am 15 and I always have enjoyed writing so when i found this website I knew it was for me. All my life I have been writing poems, lyrics to songs and the begining of novels, I never actually finished writing a novel but also I  never got to chapter 3 so I think...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing but you can never lead me away from mint or aqua green, lavender, wisteria, cocoa brown, coral, or a really nice...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:angelinasamouelson
Country: US
Bio: Music,Colors,Words,great cities and genuine beauty. So much left for us to discover and yet here i stand. Passing the world as i know it to the next generation is duty but expressing myself is what makes me go on when there are wolves,pain and suffering. World as i know it is behind the...
Pen Name:Aye Charley
Country: AU
Pen Name:Amber202
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Amber and I'm from Maine. The stupidist state in my opinion anyway. I enjoy writing. Wow what a stupid thing to say.... Why would I be on this site if I didn't like writing. :3 So I am mostly into creepy stuff. I write stories for my friends and I'll probably put a few up here. I also...
Pen Name:Adelaide Lawrence
Country: US
Bio: I love writing and reading more then anything. I want to be an author some day. I love libraries and old book stores, and the list of my favorite books goes on and on. I am alittle quirky, but that's OK with me. I like ice cream and rollar coasters, and my favorite season is autumn. I am very...
Pen Name:Alice Jane Page
Country: GB
Bio:  Ok so im Oriana - or Alice-jane as most of you may know me as - I love to write and joined this webby so i could share it with you all.Location: England Sex: Female ! Look: Like a true English girl. Pale, Dark hair and Green eyes .I've not been posting on here for a while now, but thanks to a...
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:autumn2
Country: US
Bio: Reading, Writing, Music, Concerts.
Pen Name:Amitola Sky
Country: CA
Bio: Hi, i'm Taylor. Typically I would've used my real name as a pen name, but I thought i'd play around a little bit. I love writing, I couldnt live without it, and one day I hope to get published. I also love movies, and obviously, reading. I'm a lesbian, so I put some of that into some things I...
Pen Name:autumnsorrw
Country: CA
Bio: Who i am might not be as important as what i am and what my works are.
Pen Name:Amaya Kateke
Country: US
Bio: I'd like to say that i grew up happy and inspired by others around me but they wern't all the best people. I watched many(almost all) the people in my life fade around 'till i found myself thrown into a virtual pit with steep walls but i was tossed a paper and pencil and writting quickly became...
Pen Name:AdrianDivine
Country: US
Bio: Hm..... I really don't know what to put.... -.-' I'm a Sophmore
Pen Name:Alex Boan
Country: US
Bio: well my enquisitive readers, first to start, i write alot of poetry. i just recently took up short stories but my writing i tend to think is rather good for only being 18. ive been writting for 4 years and used to write 2-3 poems a day. now i crank out 1-3 poems a month. but they are much...
Pen Name:Angie Blake
Country: US
Bio: Take a walk with me to.....   The Dark Side!   Here we are at the Dark Side Hotel, Where the demons gather and talk about hell, The witches stir the cauldron's pot, and ghosts rise out of their graveyard plots. It will soon strike midnight at the exact in-between, The vampires will fly and the...
Pen Name:ansi
Pen Name:AxelIngleson
Country: US
Bio: I am first and foremost a cat's butler. However, as she spends most of her day asleep, I find myself with plenty of time for writing fanfiction and fan-poetry. At least until she summons me again. I am also an amateur singer. My songs and music can be found at Fanmusic.com under the name of...
Pen Name:artie1947
Country: GB
Bio: i have been writing poetry for some time now, and now i think its about time i shared it with others,i am wheelchair bound and i just like writing it gives me pleasure to create something out of nothing. I like the out doors especially in the summer and spring and autumn, I don't like being...
Pen Name:Animal lover
Country: GB
Bio: Hiya, this is all you need to know about me... Animal lover! Name- Animal Lover (obviously, as i just told you and you can plainly see it
Pen Name:alicechilcott
Country: GB
Bio: I love English, but essays get dull. This is totally experimental and probably trash. Please read and comment though, it would be a MASSIVE help to me. Thanks :)
Pen Name:Amity Willows
Country: US
Bio: MySpace GraphicsA little about me:I'm a fourteen year old girl. I write a lot, I read a lot, and I hope to one day be a published author. I write a lot of different things, including plays, poetry, short stories, books, essays, and more.My favorite author is Diana Wynne Jones, and while I enjoy...
Pen Name:Aranyani
Pen Name:Aleyson
Country: MY
Bio: Guten Tag!! My name is Aleyson (Aley for short) I am going 16 years old ( sweet 16, yo!!) I am a Scorpio, which means by birthday is 15 November. My personality is LIKE a Scorpio and I am a shy but happy go lucky person, though I have problems. I am very naive so.. I am not open to the outside...
Pen Name:AnonymousGirl11
Country: US
Bio: suck my clit and balls shannon
Pen Name:amber sparks
Country: US
Bio: i am 26 years old and i have been writing since i was a young child but ive been out of practice for years but since my recent divorce my passion for the arts has returned im alittle out of practice but i hope to flourish in my new life and my new style of writing i hope you enjoy and please...
Pen Name:super7am
Country: AU
Bio: allo chaps, i'm 16 and i live in Australia. The only real inspiration I've had for writing is Peter Murphy, a God.
Pen Name:Astra
Country: US
Bio: To my friends say I have more than one personality.Ihave been known to act retarded, impulsive and useally never serious, even realy perverted but im not always this way. I love adventure and and trying 'new' things, i have a very wird, commplicated life we have food fights in the kitchen,...
Pen Name:Autumnbreeze83
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Autumn but I also go by my Islamic name Sahar! I have had an interesting past like many other people in the world. I express my feelings by writing them down as many others do. I grew up in Bryan Ohio was raised as a Christian but became a Muslim in 2002, I am married and have a...
Pen Name:Ava Rosien
Country: CA
Bio: I want to thank all my booksie readers for their support and encouragment of my work here. I have met some talented and kind people on this site. Although I am taking a break from writing for now, I will be reading the works of some of my favorite writers. I will also respond to new talent as...
Pen Name:AsiaRacineCeline
Country: US
Bio: Hola:] !!! Please check out some of my work!!!I'd love any opinions!!! Any requests to be read? Ask in the box below   Getting to know me: I am a straight A student I LOVE talking xp I am addicted to food!!! My favorite Music: Florence  & the Machine ;NeverShoutNever ; Plain White Tee's...
Pen Name:abeer almadawy
Country: EG
Pen Name:Avgvstvs
Country: US
Bio: Please Don't Be Afraid To Critique My Work. Give Me The Good And Give Me The Bad.   In case anyone wondered...I am not an avid reader, but I do love to write. Call it feeding the ego I constantly seek to extinguish. I am not a god fearing man. I mainly write in tragedy though not particularly...
Pen Name:AngelSdust
Country: BG
Pen Name:Amitava
Country: US
Bio: Besides research in molecular biology my recent interest is writing stories.  Here, I don't really ask people to read my stories, but I hope they would and end up reading them all.
Pen Name:Aimsduffy
Country: IE
Pen Name:Annette Brown
Country: GB
Bio: Annette was born in North Yorkshire, England and grew up with the stunning Yorkshire Dales and Lake District surrounding her. As a child she always enjoyed reading, often devouring a book in a matter of hours and quickly moving on to the next. She always loved to write and lessons at school...
Pen Name:amante di rosa
Country: IT
Bio: Ciao, io Sono Dolce Moretti. Io sono uno scrittore a tempo piccolo qui per leggere il lavoro degli altri e, si spera farmi notare. Un fatto piccolo, io era originariamente dall'Inghilterra. Ho deciso di venire in Italia a vivere con mio zio, che è originario di Italia. questo piccolo esempio...
Pen Name:air
Country: US
Bio: Book, Beyond the blue, beyond the green, in Essence of air poetry book two. Book one has been edited and redone as well. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-Air-urge-katie-galarneau/dp/149039446X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398117892&sr=1-3&keywords=katie+galarneau...
Pen Name:Anna Therese
Country: AU
Pen Name:Aa Harvey
Country: ZW
Bio: deleted
Pen Name:angelique30
Country: ZA
Bio: My name is Angelique.... I love writing poetry about my feelings and things that have affected me so that maybe someone else can relate to it. I hope that you all can relate to some of my work. Poetry is my passion and my hobby its my way to express feelings about different situations..   I...
Pen Name:Ariadne Grande
Country: SE
Bio:   ARiADNe GRANDe! Writing is a passion of mine and has been for a very long time! I enjoy reading just as much as i enjoy writing so please feel free to ask me to read your work! I don't mind if it's 1 chapter long or 13! My work isn't that good yet but i love to learn great techniques from...
Pen Name:AshleyEight
Pen Name:andreamay
Country: HR
Bio: My country is not listed here, I was born in Zagreb Croatia, but I've lived in Serbia (Belgrade, or its outskirts ) all my life. Teaching is my life but I translate as well from Latin and Greek (ancient and modern) into Serbian (or English if necessary). While relaxing I read mainly novels and...
Pen Name:annat2again
Country: AU
Bio: copyright AT 2014 Forever a Face once a clamouring voice in the void of a human swarm   buzz, buzz this is me look at me beautiful me, ugly me lonely me share with me connect   like me like me   an indelible face incarcerated forever in an infinite cloud   silent   ....millions continue to...
Pen Name:anomie512
Country: US
Bio: Writing is my outlet. I may not be great but the words need to get out regardless.
Pen Name:animefreak77L
Country: US
Bio:    Hey how is everyone doing? Raven here and im a college student now yay lol. IM sorry i havent been on much and i know im going to busy this year too but i dont want to just abonden this place. Im going to come on from time to time and read some work maybe upload a couple things. I miss...
Pen Name:AlexisNicole822
Country: US
Bio: I want this account deleted.
Pen Name:AmberLN
Country: US
Bio: Hello! My name is Amber Newberg. I'm 16 years old from Wisconsin, United states.  I love to read, write, draw, paint, and sing. I want to pursue in a career involving art. I love reading books that are paranormal, ghostly, murderous, and mysterious. I hate fantacy (Ex. Unicorns, magic, fairies...
Pen Name:Ailea Wolf
Pen Name:AnnieCarnell
Country: CA
Bio: Out of everything I've ever written and ever submistted I've only been published twice. I've won an award (editors choice warod for writer of the year) and then stoppd submitting everything. I'd always kept on writing though.To this day I have 500 written poems.. a hundred notebooks stacked and...
Pen Name:geek4aweek
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow writers! I am a new writer in this world; I believe that words hold the most power in life.My favorite things: music, reading, writing, friends, unique fashion, creativity, art, poetry, etc.
Pen Name:abayagulfislamic
Country: AE
Bio:   Middle East's Largest Islamic Wholesale Clothing Store   Gulf Islamic Store is the world's first largest wholesale online Islamic clothing store, who provides a wide range of muslim men’s clothing, muslim women clothing, Abaya, Jilbaab, Hijaab and Kaftans, which are ready to ship along...
Pen Name:aurorablack
Country: AU
Bio:   Favourite Booksie and Wattpad Projects My Princess, My Pirate
Pen Name:Ah Zee
Country: SG
Bio: Hello! My name is Ah Zee Yes, i'm still a student Latest news: I'm back! After 2 years of disappearing from this page, i finally decided to start writing again! So stay tune! I'll post my works as soon as i'm done with it!   visit my devianart page!   http://aziananhhahaz.deviantart.com  ...
Pen Name:alhain
Country: ZA
Pen Name:AndyNoticeMe
Pen Name:AbigailAliciaLee
Country: CA
Bio: I'm a shy girl who always had my face buried in my sketchbook, until finally deciding by waking up one morning, I said to myself, "I want to write a story..." While writing on one story, as coming up with other ideas for other stories, for inspiration I would turn to my art, looking at the...
Pen Name:Allcure
Country: GB
Bio: Does anyone else have trouble sleeping? I did for years, and from time to time i still do. Most people would watch television or play video games until their eyes are heavy with sleep and there bed calls to them. I, on the otherhand write and draw... And play video games aha. Essentially im a...
Pen Name:Alexander Mademochorites
Country: GR
Bio: Hello guys! Im Alex and i have been writting short stories, monologues, poems and movie scripts for the past 4 years. Stop by, take a look, i really hope you'll like what you read. 
Pen Name:AshleyKatniss
Country: CA
Bio: I am origionally one Wattpad under the same username, I just thought I'd try this out.  Name: Ashley Birthday: April 16th Blood Status: Pure School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Wand: Length: 9 3/4 in              Wood:  Pine              Core: Unicorn...
Pen Name:ArtArticulated
Country: US
Country: IN
Bio: Hi!!  okay, so I don't have much experience of introducing myself much because i'm very introvert and shy, well, I'm 20 years old, a student from India, doing computer science engineering.  I love to SING and DANCE( only when no one is watching  ), and in the meantime i PAINT & read BOOKS(...
Pen Name:AwesomeAri93
Country: US
Bio: I can do many things... one of them is writing. :D http://www.wattpad.com/user/AwesomeAri93   😸✌ 💞 💋
Pen Name:AllyDee
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone,I have so much going on in my life lately that I really haven't had much time for the things I love.  But I have decided to move to a different booksie site called : www.booksie.com/quiet_memories So check me out there!Love all of you!-AlllyDeee
Pen Name:afrodeeziak
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone, welcome to my page!A little about me:I'm currently a full time student, residing in New York City. Apart from being a talented writer, I am also an actress, model, and dancer.I enjoy reading and writing fictional stories. I write various types of works, however, my focus is mainly...
Pen Name:azleh
Country: PH
Pen Name:ashbee
Country: US
Bio: Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a 16 year old who loves to act like a little kid when I can. My hobbies are writing. I love to write poetry. I don't write poetry just to write it, it write it to describe my feelings. Poetry comes out its best when you are in some type of mood. I also love to...
Pen Name:Alyssa123
Country: US
Bio: I am a 17 year old teenage girl. I love writing poems and short stories which I never complete :D So I prefer reading over writing!
Pen Name:Arshia
Country: IN
Bio: Hi guys!! :) I am 17 year old girl living in Delhi, India. I am not a born writer but I have always wanted to write some short story or novel in which I can pore out my heart and ideas. I had been reading stories on this site for a long time but decided to join as soon as I got free from my...
Country: AU
Pen Name:Ayiram
Country: CA
Bio: Just thought i would write a little something about me. I am 5'7 with long brown hair, dark brown eyes and slightly olive skin.  I guess you can say I quiet shy and creative. I love to read, draw and write even though they are just hobbies. When I have time off both my jobs I hang out with my...
Pen Name:Angel Garden
Country: US
Bio: Hey people. My name is Michala. I live in New York and I'm a high school student here. I love to write, draw, sing, and dance. Mainly writting and drawing. I'm a very quiet person. Most of my novels I take a long time to finish. Reading requests are open since I got nothing better to do at my...
Pen Name:alexandkarl
Country: US
Bio: Hey!Welcome to AlexandKarl's booksie Page ;) You can ask (Karlynn) anything you want just visit her Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/karlynnkyou can ask alley anything you want just visit her Formspring: www.formspring.me/alexp22You can also ask (Alley) anything you want just email her at:...
Pen Name:Amy I Hughes
Country: GB
Bio: I'm not a fan of glitzy profiles.   I love to write. I love to read.   I hope you enjoy my works, and usually return the favour.      
Pen Name:ashcon94
Country: US
Bio:           I am a nineteen year old girl who brought all my anger, frustration and abuse into my writing. I love feedback of all kinds so I can become a better writer. My first book "Make it Through" is complete.          "My Innocence" is one of my most popular  Novels....

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