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Pen Name:ashi17
Country: SA
Bio:                                          To Ashi's Page  http://www.innerchildpress.com/iram-fatima-ashi.php  (My anthology published in US IN JAN 2014) https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ashis/418469608228447 (MY page on FB)...
Pen Name:Animal Mother
Country: US
Bio: I am Animal Mother. Most pieces I write have a meaning either to me or to the reader. Or sometimes I just make up something that doesn't have a true meaning just for the fun of it. I have written many pieces before but only my friends knew about them. Now I can share my works with other readers...
Pen Name:Atheism is Wrong
Pen Name:Angela2487
Country: IN
Pen Name:Arandomelle
Country: GB
Bio: I enjoy writing poems and short stories, and am currently trying to put together ideas for a full-length novel. My style is usually Fantasy, and can go quite gothic and dark. I like to write about strong women, and intense places.
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:attanasio
Country: US
Bio: I am 65 years old. I like to read and play chess. I am an avid Fantasy Role-Player.   My Favorite authors include: Steve Berry, Ken Follett, Ellis Peters, George MacDonald Fraser, C. J. Sansom, Dan Brown, Michael Crighton and Bernard Cornwell. I am Particularly fond of Historical Mysteries....
Pen Name:Aliceson77
Country: US
Bio: Hello, fellow Booksians! As you may have guessed, my name is Aliceson77, and this is my profile page! I have been off of Booksie for about a year, and I'm writing this on my first day BACK! Here are a few facts about me!    1. I am 13 years of age.... which explains my nonexistent occupation....
Pen Name:AutumnAdams
Country: US
Bio: Bio huh? So this is where i tell all of you curious readers all about myself?Hmmm...Well, theres really not much to tell, to be honest. I like chocolate, i hate peas, i have a big family, im not outgoing, i like to write, i suck at drawing, i love to read.....Trust me, im really not that...
Pen Name:areyhl
Country: BM
Bio:   Hope is the rope that will never carve to a person who wants to achieve the impossible I F you had a dream,stick with it NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENCE WE ARE WITH YOU TO SUPPORT YOU DONT BARGAIN FOR LESS THAN THAT  HOLD YOUR DREAM UP AND HIGH What inspire me to write even if I’m not...
Pen Name:Ava Rosien
Country: CA
Bio: I want to thank all my booksie readers for their support and encouragment of my work here. I have met some talented and kind people on this site. Although I am taking a break from writing for now, I will be reading the works of some of my favorite writers. I will also respond to new talent as...
Pen Name:Ashley I Read
Country: GB
Bio: GUYS! You may notice that I am uploading ALOT of poems in the next few days. I have probably over 100 poems on paper that I have never shared. I feel as though it is time to share some of these poems after a long time. Some were written as long as ten years ago now. Would be great to see what...
Pen Name:215 Athena
Country: US
Pen Name:Archia
Country: AU
Bio: For anyone who wants a really nice review, please take a look at this, you're guaranteed to get one. http://www.booksie.com/other/miscellaneous/archia/the-review-chain   Um di da Um di dee.. So something about me, something about me. The thing is I don't really see much point in telling you...
Pen Name:air
Country: US
Bio: Book, Beyond the blue, beyond the green, in Essence of air poetry book two. Book one has been edited and redone as well. http://www.amazon.com/Essence-Air-urge-katie-galarneau/dp/149039446X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398117892&sr=1-3&keywords=katie+galarneau...
Pen Name:Alive Again
Pen Name:asianbelieberr
Country: GB
Bio: нιι gυуѕ ι'м Ariana ,     ι ℓσνє ωяιтιηg, ι'∂ αℓѕσ ℓσνє ιт ιƒ уσυ'∂ ¢нє¢к му ησνєℓ σя ρσєм συт,    ι'м ησт тнє вєѕт, вυт ι'м ησт тнє ωσяѕт єιтнєя,     ℓєανє ¢σммєηтѕ,...
Pen Name:Autumn
Country: US
Bio: I'm Back! I continuously grow I constantly think My imagination goes far I'm a literature/english/teaching major Psychology is fascinating Dreams will happen Music is oxygen Movies are good for the imagination Books are the beginning of our inspiration There are no pointless stories, only room...
Pen Name:Azule
Country: US
Pen Name:Alex Hart
Country: US
Bio: I am more likely to respond to your reading requests if you leave them in feedback comments! I'll read anything and leave you feedback as well. There she goes. The girl who reads too much. Whose heart is far too lost between the pages of a book. Whose breaths and thoughts and insides are stashed...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:Aueron
Country: US
Bio: Hello Everyone! My name is Sydney and this is actually my second Booksie account. The other one got too messy and I wasn't able to clean it up how I wanted to but that's not the reason why I'm associating with you at the moment. If you've been to visit my other account under the name...
Pen Name:angelique30
Country: ZA
Bio: My name is Angelique.... I love writing poetry about my feelings and things that have affected me so that maybe someone else can relate to it. I hope that you all can relate to some of my work. Poetry is my passion and my hobby its my way to express feelings about different situations..   I...
Pen Name:Adrehel
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Georgia, I'm 18 years old. Currently in 6th form studying English Literature. I plan to be an English teacher in the future, and major in English. I love to read and write in my spare time. The books that interest me most are mainly fantasy and crime. In regards to my writing, it...
Pen Name:AkaneHanna
Country: US
Bio: Legit Profile Hello! I'm AkaneHanna, which was suppose to mean Red Flower, but I guess I kind of messed up on that one. I think "Hanna" was suppose to be "Hana" and I know Akane means "red" but I got that name from Kitchen Princess so... Wait, this isn't my life story. This is Booksie. Aaanyway,...
Pen Name:Aa Harvey
Country: ZW
Bio: deleted
Pen Name:Anwen Hughes
Country: US
Pen Name:Allcure
Country: GB
Bio: Does anyone else have trouble sleeping? I did for years, and from time to time i still do. Most people would watch television or play video games until their eyes are heavy with sleep and there bed calls to them. I, on the otherhand write and draw... And play video games aha. Essentially im a...
Pen Name:AddieCass
Country: US
Pen Name:Arseny Pesterev
Country: NL
Bio: Instead of writing about the real world, I find beauty to only exist inside the mind, thus I do not need the outside world as a source of inspiration.  I share my writing. Enjoy.  
Pen Name:Arena
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy reading and writing (obviously) but also drawing, painting, photogrophy, writing poetry, composing songs, performing in dramas, singing, playing piano, etc. I am addicted to playing online gaming (shame on me!) and I LOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream! =) I dedicate all my works to my...
Pen Name:ashley2
Country: US
Bio: If you read my work please leave a comment! comments inspire me to keep writing.Current Fave. Song "Your Lovin" by NickiWe must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes. - Gene Roddenberry My name is...
Pen Name:Aiimeee
Country: AU
Bio: __________ $$$$$_______________________________________________ _________$$$$$$$$_____________________________________________ ________$$$$$$$$$$____________________________________________ _________$$$$$$$$$$$__________________________________________...
Pen Name:AffectionForever
Country: US
Bio: Hello dear viewers! Welcome to my profile. Writing has been my hobby for a long time, but it was just recently that I had discovered this wonderful website to share my work. Feel free to comment on it and I am not opposed to receiving constructive criticism. Also, I am interested in reviewing...
Pen Name:allora001
Country: US
Pen Name:A Dead Poet
Country: US
Bio: i'm a dead poet. i got this penname from a great movie which you may or may not know. anyways i write stories obviously and i love hearing feedback on them. im young. but that doesnt really matter please treat my stories as if they were already published. i like anything to do with twilight or...
Pen Name:Awsum
Country: NZ
Bio: Hey Im jessica I have various different hobbies and one of them was writing. It has become very addicting and fun.I like to eat healthy hardly any takeawaysI love the fantasy novelsI walk alotI spend an hour on booksieI watch a lot of television.If you have any writing you want me to read just...
Pen Name:acbowgus
Country: US
Bio: Red Sox fan who loves gadgets and computers.   Have always enjoyed reading Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum and others for years but never thought I could actually come up with ideas and tell a story myself.  Seeing my kids grow and try new things made me realize I'm not too old to...
Pen Name:angelove
Country: US
Bio: I grew up in west austin and then moved to del valle it is REALLY small but i call it home. I am bipolar yes so I could be an adorable little ball of fur one moment and a raging ball of evil fluffyness ( dont know why I compared myself to a kitty). I love to read and write (Duh...) i also like...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing but you can never lead me away from mint or aqua green, lavender, wisteria, cocoa brown, coral, or a really nice...
Pen Name:Anon Amous
Country: US
Bio: WORKING ON THE PLOT FOR THE THIRD BOOK OF THE JAGO SERIES!!   vvvvCHECK OUT MY PREVIEW OF THE SECOND BOOK BELOW IN ORANGE!!!vvvv ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey what’s up! I’m Anon, super chill, very lazy, likes to joke. If you want to...
Pen Name:Amaylo
Country: IN
Bio: Breaking News Update Dude & Darling, Part 5 & 6 is Released !!! It would mean the world to me if you'd check it out and leave your comments.  Reads and comments will be returned within a day for sure!! Have a great day ahead !!!   Hello Writers !! This is Amaylo, well, thats what my pen...
Pen Name:aa1980
Country: GB
Pen Name:AlternateHistoryHub
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm a Youtuber who makes Alternate History scenarios.
Pen Name:annikadurand
Country: CA
Bio: hey there, my names annika. :) i love to read. its like my escape. whenever im stressed,mad, sad, upset, ect. i just read. i love teenage romance novels. well actually i love any kind of book. but those are my favorite. 
Pen Name:AnaBelle
Country: AU
Pen Name:Amol Nare KumarKeshav
Country: IN
Pen Name:alienavian
Country: US
Bio: I am very open to criticism. So if you can check out my writing and give some feedback, it will be appreciated.   ​On my story Human Limits, I would like to say that it was inspired by "Shingeki no Kyojin" or "Attack on Titans" along with the movie "Pacific Rim". However, I am not stealing...
Pen Name:azleh
Country: PH
Pen Name:Andrew Taranta
Country: US
Bio: My name is Andrew. I like to write poetry. 
Pen Name:Astolath
Country: GB
Bio: Aiden Truss is a forty three year-old geek who still thinks that he’s twenty-one. Despite never having grown up, he’s now been married for twenty four years and has two sons who have grown up against all odds to be strangely well adjusted. Aiden spends his time flitting between high and low...
Pen Name:awaken1970
Country: US
Pen Name:alisavy
Country: US
Pen Name:albanye
Country: US
Bio: It has romance and action
Pen Name:Arshia
Country: IN
Bio: Hi guys!! :) I am 17 year old girl living in Delhi, India. I am not a born writer but I have always wanted to write some short story or novel in which I can pore out my heart and ideas. I had been reading stories on this site for a long time but decided to join as soon as I got free from my...
Pen Name:Aznlink92
Country: US
Bio: I'm an NA LCS player and paul nguyen is my grandson
Pen Name:animelover3994
Country: US
Bio: Damn.
Pen Name:amyfielder
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amy Denise Fielder, I am 26 years old. I have lived in West Virginia my whole life. Gallipolis Ferry (city i live in) is a small farming community, lots of cows and chickens, lol.  I have one sister, and no kids and I am divorced. I have been writing for a long time, lyrics poems,...
Pen Name:animelover17
Country: US
Bio:   Heyy!! I'm boreddd. ANDDDD i pretty much have no brain right now. I can't think of anything to write, my brain is in a temperariary HALT. My brain does NOTTTT like me right now :L. Sooo I will get to writing sooon....
Pen Name:Ash88
Country: US
Bio: I'm simply someone who loves a good Pokémon fanfic. Although, I wouldn't say no to any kind of fanfic that involves another really cool anime like Naruto, DBZ, and Fairy Tail. One thing I WILL NOT approve of in a fanfic is someone retelling an episode or movie and trying to make it seem like...
Pen Name:Alisindra
Country: US
Bio:   PLEASE READ!!! I am NOT  accepting reading request at this time, only updates. Sorry. As you may have noticed I took down my work. I will not be reposting it, but I may post something new some time soon.               
Pen Name:Arturon Gillespie
Country: GB
Bio: I am retired now, but much of my adult life has been spent as a Nuclear Submariner.. For the past twenty years or so, I have studied Philosophy Western and Eastern, Religion, Theology, Psychology, Parapsychology, the Esoteric and the Occult. I sometimes use this knowledge in my poetry and short...
Pen Name:Arcongis
Country: CA
Bio: Name: Eric Hu  

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