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Pen Name:Amelia Sterling
Country: US
Bio: Love writing and reading and watching a little TV. Enjoy Science fiction, some animal stories, vampire stories, comic books, and some horror stories. Am in college and suffer from an overactive imagination. Feel free to give comments and feedback on my stories. Please tell me what you like and...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing but you can never lead me away from mint or aqua green, lavender, wisteria, cocoa brown, coral, or a really nice...
Pen Name:AirLionHeart
Country: GB
Bio: I'm travelling now so I won't really be on here. I will try to update my novel as much as I can. There is a new chapter in the works so please be patient, I will try to post it ASAP. Thank you for your continued support!...
Pen Name:AimeeGilmour
Country: GB
Bio: Hello... welcome to my stories. hope you enjoy. 
Pen Name:Angel Of Blood
Country: US
Bio:   Main Focus Story : I Don't Care If You're Crazy   Starting again soon : Never Too Sweet    On Hold : Fairy Tales Do Not Happen    
Pen Name:Ashley I Read
Country: GB
Bio: GUYS! You may notice that I am uploading ALOT of poems in the next few days. I have probably over 100 poems on paper that I have never shared. I feel as though it is time to share some of these poems after a long time. Some were written as long as ten years ago now. Would be great to see what...
Pen Name:Abby Shana
Country: US
Bio: Hi!!! My name is Abby, and I LOVE to write. I'm sorry if I sound really boring. I can be that way sometimes. But, check out some of my stories!! It's one of my hobbies to write books, and stories especially for kids. My favorite books to write and read are novels. Mystery novels. I LOOOVE...
Pen Name:Are atheists mentally ill
Country: US
Bio: All research and evidence leads to the conclusion of these facts: Atheists are deeply depressed. Atheists have the higher suicide rate out of any belief system. Atheists suffer from social anxiety and negative perception (confidence issues). Atheists have an irrational hatred and obsession with...
Pen Name:atifah
Country: US
Bio: hey guys :) im here just to basically promote my story on this other site its mostly kpop so if you dont like kpop i suggest you not read them heres my site http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/94549 my first story...
Pen Name:Alice Kinglsey
Country: US
Bio: I'm a dreamer, I love to write and read and draw. I like rock music, I'm sarcastic most of the time. I express my self through my writing and drawing, it helps me cope with things or get things out there. Or picture certain things how i wish it would be.
Pen Name:AveryAustin
Country: US
Bio: I like playing the guitar. Writing has always been a fun hobby of mine. :) 
Pen Name:andreasrylander
Country: SE
Bio: My name is Andreas Rylander. I am from Sweden. I work as an actor, singer, camera operator, director, boxer, poet.... and writer perhaps? It's all up to you to decide :)
Pen Name:Annie Fine
Country: JM
Pen Name:A Vessel
Country: GR
Bio: Born in 1979, Athens, Greece, E.U. Moved in Larissa, Greece, E.U., in 2008 where I started writing short stories in my free time.
Pen Name:Alpacapillar
Pen Name:aruntp
Country: IN
Bio:   aruntp, India.   My FACEBOOK LINK  : WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ARUNTPTLY        Welcome all to join.    
Pen Name:Aura Gibbons
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Adrianna. I’m a big fan of the GAC and since I enjoy writing adventure stories, I decided to write my own Ghost Adventures series. I still hope to get to meet the Ghost Adventures Crew: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The idea of Junior Paranormal Investigator is a...
Pen Name:Ava Rosien
Country: CA
Bio: I want to thank all my booksie readers for their support and encouragment of my work here. I have met some talented and kind people on this site. Although I am taking a break from writing for now, I will be reading the works of some of my favorite writers. I will also respond to new talent as...
Pen Name:AckermanChris
Country: US
Bio: You know, I've always hated doing this :) Writing about myself, there's just something in it, that makes you seem egoistic over every good thing you say about yourself, to other people. I don't feel the need to tell you guys my name, since you know-- Who's bio are you reading right now? Im sure...
Pen Name:arabellamortimerhendry
Country: GB
Bio: i have always had a passion for writing, and i love the thought of people expressing themselves through there writeing. i am currently a drama student in my final year at chichester collgae, my main aim in life is to bring joy to people through my acting or writing. the world of writeing is...
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:Ai
Country: US
Bio: I hope you have...GREAT~DAY Welcome! As said before have a great day and... Well maybe I should actually tell you a little bit about myself.I might come across as a very disturbed person, I like to write grusome stories that send chills down your back. But I also love romance. Of course a...
Pen Name:ArdenSChanning
Country: US
Bio: My name is Arden S. Channing. Arden means "passionate" and Channing means "knowing" or "knowledge." I am a high school student in the United States. I love learning and thinking and observing. Music is my life's passion. The majority of my writing consists of dark poety that I, until this day,...
Pen Name:Alfi
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Terry Blake. I have been writing since I was a teen. I started writing because I wasn't a very open person and when I wrote it was like I was talking to someone about my problems. It always made me feel better. It was my release I guess and still is a lot of the time. I only...
Pen Name:Alison Huntley
Country: IT
Pen Name:Alkaios
Country: US
Bio: I'm a very big fan of writing, and I'd like to consider myself good at it.  I'm a very different person, meaning specifically the way I think and act.  My personal opinion is that if you want to get to know me, talk to me, and stop creeping on my Bio. :P   Regardless, I'll tell you a little...
Pen Name:ashcon94
Country: US
Bio:           I am a nineteen year old girl who brought all my anger, frustration and abuse into my writing. I love feedback of all kinds so I can become a better writer. My first book "Make it Through" is complete.          "My Innocence" is one of my most popular  Novels....
Pen Name:AJ fate
Country: US
Bio: ~~I am me I don’t do much or say much I have been writing for a long time now and it seems that the harder I try to get my work out there the harder it gets to do so, and I suck at using the computer most of my books I wrote in note books then I go threw them and write only the ones I want to....
Pen Name:AkaneHanna
Country: US
Bio: Legit Profile Hello! I'm AkaneHanna, which was suppose to mean Red Flower, but I guess I kind of messed up on that one. I think "Hanna" was suppose to be "Hana" and I know Akane means "red" but I got that name from Kitchen Princess so... Wait, this isn't my life story. This is Booksie. Aaanyway,...
Pen Name:AmoRidere
Country: US
Bio: I am a shy and clever petite autistic girl with big personality and is game for creativity, listening to music, watching movies, writing, and drawing. Now listen, I am not a proffessional, so please be nice, I have low enough self-esteem as it is. I have only nice things to say and I am not...
Pen Name:arun
Country: IN
Bio: Reading requests for only short stories and poems. No novels, please.   What is the first and foremost skill/behaviour/asset a reviewer - or anyone who even claims to be one - should require? Knowledge of literary jargons and techniques? A Master's degree in literary criticism? Numerous...
Pen Name:Ari L Kelthian
Country: US
Bio: Humans think they are above nature, that the earth was made for us to live on. False, we are only a blink in the history of the earth. And we could be the ones to either cause the next great extinction or be the ones to become extinct. We are nothing compared to the greater picture... I AM TIED...
Pen Name:Adam Williamson
Country: GB
Pen Name:Aiden Cobb
Country: AU
Bio: I'm British with a background of African descent. Currently a student at a senior high school, my final year. I took up writing when I was in Year 7. I started off writing poems and verses. I kept on doing this until I reached Year 12. Recently I started writing stories and people would tell me...
Pen Name:Avery Gard
Country: US
Bio: I'm 18 and love manga. I read just about everything. Yaoi, shounen shoujo and such and so forth. i hope those who read my stories with comment honestly. I would love to read others stories so please dont feel shy about suggesting your stories to me.   I also like to draw anime and such. If you...
Pen Name:alexi123
Country: AU
Bio: I'm a 25 yearoldd male . i love anythitng sci fi fantasy and i always finshe the stroiries i put up up here . i have 2 fairy garden 1 at the side and 1 at the fron of my house i might put those pics up whne i get the side one cleaned up
Pen Name:artie1947
Country: GB
Bio: i have been writing poetry for some time now, and now i think its about time i shared it with others,i am wheelchair bound and i just like writing it gives me pleasure to create something out of nothing. I like the out doors especially in the summer and spring and autumn, I don't like being...
Pen Name:Arch
Country: IN
Bio: Basically I am engineering Student,Just entered in the field of writing ,wrote of Couple of Poems and articles became a most viewed,appreciated and More revieved ...So I hope my Readers to feel Just "Something they have red"....  
Pen Name:Allen Henriquez
Country: US
Bio:   Allen Henriquez has written numerous novel, play and screenplay manuscripts, along with short-stories.   Allen was born in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and lived in the Marcy Projects.  His family eventually moved to South Ozone Park, Queens.  He attended Thomas Edison High School.  He...
Pen Name:anneliz18
Country: GB
Bio: I love writing, have been doing it all most my whole life. I'm terriable at trying to keep one book until I finish. Once I have an idea I have to put it up/start it even if I have another unfinished! My spelling isn't the best, actually it could pass as the worst but I try my best and try to...
Pen Name:Arid Land Kate
Country: IE
Bio:   Welcome to the profile of the great ginger Oracle Shadowhunter... Enjoy your stay :)   682/700 READS ~ Containment Trial C1 Theme Song ~ Ready, Aim, Fire (my friend said a movie used it but I don't know what so YOLO)   Vivian Autumn Tranisse  ~ "I am not leaving until I get the...
Pen Name:alliemitch
Country: US
Bio: Hey! I'm Allie. Just like everyone here I love to read and I surely love to write. That question up above..asking me what my favorite book was is probably one of the hardest questions to ever ask a reader. Ok, I guess there are some readers out there that definitely have their favorite books...
Pen Name:Aryn Fox
Country: US
Bio: I love to write but don't have much time for it, nor the time to dedicate to polish, but I thought it'd be worthwhile to have this site to post the things I do get to put into words.
Pen Name:azalee333
Country: US
Bio: A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. - John Barrymore   Writing is the one thing in the world that makes everything okay again. Everything goes away when I write, like I'm escaping to another world. I generally write stories, usually of novel  length, but I have started to...
Pen Name:allyford1997
Country: US
Pen Name:Alice Aaron MacKinnon
Country: US
Bio: I am a young writer/historian from Buffalo, NY.  Writing has been a release for me, specifically in the form of a sort of thought experiment/journalling type.  When hit with a situation that is difficult to deal with I explore it and come to deal with it through writing about it in various...
Pen Name:aayush011
Country: IN
Bio: Account inactive. All reading requests are now closed.   All right people, that's it, I'm going off booksie now! I had a great time here. You all are great writers, keep writing. Sorry that I couldn't look into the last few reading requests but I've become extremely busy with college work. So...
Pen Name:Ashley Shade
Country: US
Pen Name:AfterShock
Country: AU
Bio: | Twenty-One | | Mummy Life | | Australian | | Avenged Sevenfold | | Supernatural | | Writer. Reader. | | Slow Updater | COMING SOON COMING SOON ○ No New News ○ Dorm 409: Chapter 8, 19th August 2014 © Copyright, All Rights Reserved, AfterShock, 2014 Profile Updated: 19th September 2014
Pen Name:Anvil
Country: US
Pen Name:Arabella
Country: US
Bio: Hi.
Pen Name:Ashok
Country: US
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:asailorgirl
Country: US
Bio: Hey, the name is Mikki, or Michelle, or Freshie, or Midget. But no matter the name and no matter what time has changed, I am still me. I’m still the girl who is a wee bit annoying, perverted as can be sometimes, loyal as all hell, protective, very stubborn and loving. I am madly in love with...
Pen Name:alexa halpert
Country: US
Bio: im a student and lost my father a month and a half ago have one sister and barley any family that is here for me. writing stories helps me get away from my life for a bit, it really helps alot
Pen Name:ArukaUchihan
Country: US
Bio: Hey Aruka here! I love to write! it helps me vent out the stress from the annoying everyday drama! I am 18, I love poems, and stories. Anything with a mystery or love and im all over it, Ha ha. I love writing as I have stated before. I do it because it makes me happy. even if no one reads what...
Pen Name:attanasio
Country: US
Bio: I am 65 years old. I like to read and play chess. I am an avid Fantasy Role-Player.   My Favorite authors include: Steve Berry, Ken Follett, Ellis Peters, George MacDonald Fraser, C. J. Sansom, Dan Brown, Michael Crighton and Bernard Cornwell. I am Particularly fond of Historical Mysteries....
Pen Name:Ageroux
Country: HN
Bio: I write because I like it and hope you read my stories and I'll read your stories and comment :D
Pen Name:ahunterslegend
Country: US
Bio: I have been writing for a couple of years and have recently finished working on my second Novel. I have not published any of my works and prefer to publish to sites like this so that people can read them for free.  You can also read my book A Hunter's Legend here:...
Pen Name:agnesmok99
Country: US
Bio:     ♥ Hello Lovely Readers! ♥ My name is Agnes; pleased to meet you. I'm a city girl; I live in Los Angeles, California, USA. I am currently 14 years old, and am a sophomore in highschool for the 2014-2015 school year.  Some of my favorite pastimes besides writing are: reading, art,...
Pen Name:A Stranger
Country: CA
Bio: An amateur poet  I have been writing for over 15 years, and I use it for pleasure, to examine issues, and to see the expression of the those who read it. What I write about has been explained to me as the "human condition". Some is fictional, some from what life has thrown at me. I attempt to...
Pen Name:adetailedflameofpurestjoy
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Laura, I am 19 and I have the most amazing fiance in the world. I would someday love to live on Tybee Island where The Last Song is set. My favourite books are Looking For Alaska by john Green, The Harry Potter Series, Candy by Kevin Brooks, The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks, Saving...
Pen Name:AlyKat
Country: US
Pen Name:amerigo2
Country: US
Bio: I really don't know what to say... awkward. I want to say thank you to my bffs, cleverpoet21 on wattpad.com and rosyposypansiedude on Booksie.com
Pen Name:alostgirl
Country: AU
Bio: Hi, im 17 and my favourite thing to do in my free time is write. Thats about it.                              heyy.. i sometimes feel like this...................... -_-                        
Pen Name:aravind
Country: IN
Pen Name:Anonymousdreamer
Country: US
Bio: As many of you know i have been away from booksie for a long time.. My only good thing in life left me for someone else and shes not coming back. So NO LONGER WILL I HIDE IN SHADOWS! I have been depressed for 7 years! 7 FUCKING YEARS! It's now time to let the nightmares take over and crush my...
Pen Name:Angel Flash
Country: US
Pen Name:Abbis
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a simple high school student knee-deep in her work, chronically procrastinating and always attached to either my keyboard or my video camera. I've one one first place award for a short film my best friend(in the solar system)and I wrote, produced, and directed together starring a lot of...
Pen Name:Amaramel de Jogga
Country: NG
Bio: i love thrillers, action and mystery stories.
Pen Name:Artemis Nightshade
Country: US
Pen Name:asdf1456
Country: MO
Bio: ★【 TOT79.C‌OM 】★ 崆━う━ 강원랜드카지노 TOT79.C‌OM 의뢰인 〓憙≠つ ふ━嘂≠ 부활시키는 TOT79.C‌OM 긴장감이 〓浮━む あ━濿〓 조정과 TOT79.C‌OM 강원랜드카지노...
Pen Name:Acie Anderson
Country: US
Bio: Ladies and gentlemen, I wanna let you all know that I won't be publishing anymore poems on Booksie! Yes, I know :( But I'm not going away. You can stay in touch with me on wattpad! See you there!! www.wattpad.com/CosmicWriter     ADD ME ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/cwriter11     To...
Pen Name:atiuankoko
Country: AU
Bio: I'm Andrew. I'm a student in my final year of high school. I like to write. :)
Pen Name:azop
Country: US
Pen Name:Apollo25
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 16 and live in England, I'm not really good at writing but I love reading, I love it when you get a book you just can't put down! Anyway I may add some stories but If anyone has anything they would like me to read just ask me to.
Pen Name:amyash
Country: MY
Bio: -EDIT- Please leave me a link when you share my work. please do not copy my work in any way or redistribute it without my permission. thankyou A person's thoughts are like a raging sea. With every new wave crashing against the boulders of your imagination or carasseing the banks of your mind. a...
Pen Name:alliemartin
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a student trying to learn a bit about writing and publishing
Pen Name:animelover3994
Country: US
Bio: Damn.
Pen Name:Another Nameless Writer
Country: CL
Bio: Not much to say, just another small-time writer trying to have some fun.
Pen Name:Aqualung
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a 16 year old boy, and I have very little idea of what to write here... ... I'm on here mainly to improve my writing. so please feel free to criticise as much as you can, and I'll be very grateful for it; the more things you insult about something I write, the better the next piece will be.
Pen Name:AnGeLoFdEaTh2013
Country: US
Bio: Metalhead sings writes draws plays guitar
Pen Name:Alyxandhra
Country: US
Bio: Welcome my friends...    My name's Alyxandhra, and I'd like to welcome you to my page (the tiny person in my head says hi ^_^).  I was born in Pensacola, FL, three months premature, and they were not expectng me to make it.  But as you can see, I did.  I am a survivor (booyah).  I love...
Pen Name:Alisindra
Country: US
Bio:   PLEASE READ!!! I am NOT  accepting reading request at this time, only updates. Sorry. As you may have noticed I took down my work. I will not be reposting it, but I may post something new some time soon.               

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