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Pen Name:Allyvia
Country: US
Bio: I love the bands HIM, The Used, The Rasmus, Tokio Hotel, Green Day, Surface Tension, and Three Days GraceI LOVE reading and writing!I usually take oneshot and songfic requestsMy DA account is: http://withinmeloveresides1.deviantart.com/
Pen Name:absolutelyalice
Country: NO
Bio: I don't take reading requests at the moment.
Pen Name:AuthorRDK
Country: US
Bio: Published author and Internet writer Roger Dean Kiser's stories take you into the heart of a child abandoned by his family and abused by the system responsible for his care. Through his stories, he relives the sadness and cruelty of growing up an orphan in the early 1950’s. Today, Kiser lives...
Pen Name:aliciadouglas
Country: CA
Bio: hi! I'm alicia. I'm 15. I love writing, reading and drawing. I want to be a photographer. my favorite books are twilight, the hunger games and the wolves of mearcy falls. I am on this website to publish a story I've been writing for a long time, about 6 months! its about renesmee cullen. its...
Pen Name:AmateurScribbler
Country: AU
Bio:   Hiya, Welcome. Umm, okay lets do an introduction...    Me: Hey nice to meet you, I'm AmateurScribbler  You: Hellloooo, it's a pleasure to make your aquaintance, I'm *Insert Name Here*!   Ta-da! Now we're friends! As my name suggests I'm an amateur writer from Australia. I've been...
Pen Name:AMN08
Country: US
Pen Name:Abdelmalek ELMAKRYNI
Country: MA
Bio: I obtained a bachelor's degree in English studies, specialty Linguistics.  I adore reading, writing and translation. I also love sharing writings with others, who have proved their love to literatures. 
Pen Name:aahlice
Country: US
Bio: Hello there, my name is Alice. I am currenltly sixteen years old,I lovelove reading/writing love stories - cliches are accepted.I think I'm friendly to talk to ? Haha, but you can judge that bytalking to meee  ! So comment away , and I will comment back !I have a Mibba account, so I'll...
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  Usually I do write from a guy's perspective. I don't know why. I just prefer writing from a guy's point of view. I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing...
Pen Name:Augusta Silvesta
Country: US
Bio: im a man with a history of witchcraft in my family even to this day . so i am a wiccan and a christian and is in alliance with lord jesus christ . i been through many struggles and i am a quiet person unless im very nerous . when im angry it mostly my faught . it seems my my power seems to come...
Pen Name:AriannaMadden
Country: CA
Bio: Though I don't have the discipline to write full time - I admire those who do by the way - I also don't have the unlimited creativity. I have certain stories to tell, some of which are better than others. Who is Arianna? Well, I'm a woman of some accomplishment, though not at all what I expected...
Pen Name:Arotica
Country: SE
Bio: I have longed to write novels and books for a few years now and decided to write something to see if it suits me. And that my writing skills are enough for people to enjoy.   My main language is Swedish so there might be some typos along the way. I'm not letting anyone read through the chapters...
Pen Name:Alex The shadow girl
Country: IN
Bio:                                        About Me:- Hey this is Pallavi Sareen, a fifteen year old teenager who loves to write. Call me Alex, it's the name I prefer. I love writing, I mean that's why I'm here. I love music and making friends. I am a part of many fandoms so if...
Country: IN
Bio:                                                      भारत की गरीबी भारत की गरीबी को देख पछताता  मन  , हर रोज एक नये चेहरे दिखाता मन...
Pen Name:animefreak77L
Country: US
Bio:  So i guess im back on here, or at least ill try to be. When i first came to booksie i made a couple of really close friends and i will always cherish them but i also got sidetracked from actually writing. I hope i can go back to that.  Anyway my names Raven  i am now 18 which seems crazy to...
Pen Name:AGomezM
Country: CO
Bio: I usually write when I need to vent and express myself, even if it is through metaphors or euphemisms. I love it, and I hope I continue discovering myself as a writer beyond the catharsis and purging of my quietly turmoiled life.
Pen Name:Andrew James Van Berkum
Country: US
Pen Name:Ayesha Masood
Country: PK
Bio: RELIGIOUS and Scholar Alhumdulillah!
Pen Name:alishaclaire
Country: GB
Bio: Hello there!  I'm Lisha, a student who dreams of being an author. I hope you can spare a few minutes to read my work, any comments telling me what you think would be much appreciated!  Have a nice day :)
Pen Name:ameen142
Country: GB
Pen Name:anotherone
Country: NZ
Bio: I am just another person who enjos writing but actually sucks at making stuff make sense. I am nothing special, just ideas floating around waiting to be jotted down somewhere. Stories I write come from my imaginary world, my haven.
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:Alandrose
Pen Name:annaschoenlein
Country: US
Bio: HELLO!   I'm currently trying to delete this account because I started a new one (xfirexicex).   So any of the novels that I have written on here will be transfered to my other account.
Pen Name:AziLahvsYhew
Country: US
Bio: I am from Hawaii. I am currently a SENIOR in high school. I love to read, write, draw, paint, and dance. I'm pansexual. I love to write poetry and I've recently tried writing out a novel. I'm not too sure if I'm good a writing novels, but I gave it a shot. Please leave comments on my work to...
Pen Name:Amandagriggs
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amanda, I write poetry and prose to help make sense of my life. Your critique/feelings/comments/thoughts/positivity would be greatly appreciated. Take the negative vibes elsewhere, I am all about inspiring/ building up others. At this time I have a bit too much on my plate to enjoy...
Pen Name:AB280597
Country: GB
Bio: Hello :) Hello my name is Ami and I am a 15 year old girl from the UK. I like to write stories. I'm not the best writer or speller in the world but I do try my best. I am writing two novels at the minute called Lilly and Kai's Big Adventure and also a novel called Trapped. For people who don't...
Pen Name:ariam
Country: US
Bio: My name is ariam. I am a novice writer and I experiment with everything. I like poem and nonfiction the best. I love and need constructive criticism on my works so that I can better my writing. Thank you for commenting on my posts!
Pen Name:Anetta
Country: US
Bio: I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. My mother met my step father when I was 8, and we moved to the United States where I went to high school in Virginia Beach. Upon graduation from high school, I attended University of Virginia in Charlottesville majoring in business. Upon graduation, I worked...
Pen Name:avril4ever4687
Country: US
Bio:  My name is Sofia.  I love Harry Potter and Ghost Whisperer. I love writing stories but not essays. I like to write fiction, I hate being told what to write. I will not be accepting long novels to read because of school and dont have as much time.I'm nothing like my character Emma, probobly at...
Pen Name:AidanSeeley
Country: GB
Bio: I'm nothing special in all honesty, I like to think I have a touch of difference about me, but in real life, who is original? I'm not like most 17 year old boys, I don't worry about football, or who's playing who in whatever sport. I'm more focused on trying to do my best, and make myself happy,...
Pen Name:Aryn Fox
Country: US
Bio: I love to write but don't have much time for it, nor the time to dedicate to polish, but I thought it'd be worthwhile to have this site to post the things I do get to put into words.
Pen Name:AphroditeoftheCrows
Country: US
Bio: Hiya! Well, my name's Anne Burns (Not really but I took a quiz and got it so I'm going to stick with it!) And...well...I love writing (hence why I'm here)Most of my stories will revolve around Horror and LOVE! No sappy romance novels (Though there may be a sappy scene every now and then. The...
Pen Name:Anna Grettle
Country: US
Bio: I lived most of my life in Michigan, but am now living in a tiny studio somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  I grew up writing fantasy novels, mostly to escape my comparitively dull life. Nowadays, I enjoy reading, baking, traveling, songwriting, and an unhealthy amount of Dr. Who. I...
Pen Name:asianbelieberr
Country: GB
Bio: I HAVE A NEW NOVEL "AM I CRAZY OR FALLING IN LOVE?" IT IS ON WATTPAD, FIND ME ON THERE. "IWRITEFORFUNOK" IS MY USERNAME.   нιι gυуѕ ι'м Ariana ,     ι ℓσνє ωяιтιηg, ι'∂ αℓѕσ ℓσνє ιт ιƒ уσυ'∂ ¢нє¢к му ησνєℓ σя ρσєм συт,   ...
Pen Name:Airology
Country: US
Bio: The name is Ariel. I'm a human being living on the planet, and I happen to write a lot. I am a composer and pianist, working on perfecting my craft so that I may debut my quartet that I am fervently working on in the summer of 2014. I am in a long distance relationship with my beautiful...
Pen Name:anonymous2013
Country: US
Bio: I'm really just a young writer who just wants to get the stuff I write out there for people to see. I love writing. I've done it as long as I can remember, but I'd like to put stuff up on this site now so other people can see and give me advice 'cause I could use some. Hope to see ya'll on my...
Pen Name:Alfi
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Terry Blake. I have been writing since I was a teen. I started writing because I wasn't a very open person and when I wrote it was like I was talking to someone about my problems. It always made me feel better. It was my release I guess and still is a lot of the time. I only...
Pen Name:AlexLikesSandwiches
Country: US
Bio: Add me on Facebook - Alex LikesSandwiches https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000742394158
Pen Name:ashi17
Country: SA
Bio:                                          To Ashi's Page  http://www.innerchildpress.com/iram-fatima-ashi.php  (My anthology published in US IN JAN 2014) https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ashis/418469608228447 (MY page on FB)...
Pen Name:Andene
Country: CA
Bio: Thanks for taking the time to write such amazing comments! I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me! You guys are the reason IOT made it to the homepage and you make my day!!! =3 xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you're...
Pen Name:Armen Melikian
Country: US
Bio: Armen Melikian (b. 1963) holds a Master's in International Relations from American University, Washington, D.C. He has also studied mathematics at Harvard and elsewhere, and was admitted by the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University. However, he eventually abandoned both politics and...
Pen Name:Ah Zee
Country: SG
Bio: Hello! My name is Ah Zee Yes, i'm still a student Latest news: I'm back! After 2 years of disappearing from this page, i finally decided to start writing again! So stay tune! I'll post my works as soon as i'm done with it!   visit my devianart page!   http://aziananhhahaz.deviantart.com  ...
Pen Name:Author Interviews
Country: US
Bio:   RECENT INTERVIEWS: (the pictures link to the interviews!) WELCOME: I AM ONLINE!!! PLEASE DROP ME A COMMENT! I LOVE TO TALK TO PEOPLE! ♥ This account is purely for author interviews! Many of you know me as Meradee! Please go there for read requests and to read my writing. Any and all read...
Pen Name:addie808
Pen Name:Alexa Burch
Country: US
Bio: It shouldn't have to matter, but it does.
Pen Name:Archia
Country: AU
Bio: For anyone who wants a really nice review, please take a look at this, you're guaranteed to get one. http://www.booksie.com/other/novel/archia/the-review-chain/chapter/1 Um di da Um di dee.. So something about me, something about me. The thing is I don't really see much point in telling you...
Pen Name:adrianaballas
Country: SG
Pen Name:AzureXi
Country: CA
Bio: I'm a writter just sending my work to people that would enjoy reading it :)
Pen Name:Asfi
Country: PK
Bio: My real name is.....yea, I don't I should mention that on a website. Born on 1 September or maybe 1 December (choose any one). I'm now a college student at an all-girls college -_-. Own about 200+ books and I also am a bookworm. I have no pets, unless you can count my virtual fish in...
Pen Name:akshayjain
Country: IN
Bio: 11th grade commerce student, who is constantly  told to study.Of course, he doesnt listens. Follow me on twitter- www.twitter.com/akshayjain95
Pen Name:AnnaSophia27
Country: US
Bio: Heyy, I'm Sophia!!!!! Reading and writing are two things i'm good at so I joined this site. My hobbies are drawing, soccer, computer, tv, reading, and writing. All updates will be posted on my profile. I hope tht you will read my stories and like 'em! OH, and if you liked my stories or if you...
Pen Name:AliceGentarri
Country: US
Bio: Ugh I never know what to put in these things.... The name is Alice, Gentarri is just a name I created up in my mind. I love writing, great way to release my imagination and all the stress built up. I love playing sports as well, have to keep my brain and body healthy xD now I sound like a...
Pen Name:Andie Seinburge
Country: US
Bio: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Safe Zone: Leave any comments and requests! I can take any kind of criticism just as well as I can give it. I'm here for anyone who needs any kind of help and I won't expect anything in...
Pen Name:aboveandbeyondaverage
Country: US
Bio: I'm a writer, I guess. I really should work on liking my writing better, but I never do. Mostly, I'm a poet. I do write the occasional prose, but that's not my favorite. Eventually, I will have time to give you some random fact. Buuuut today, i don't. :-D
Pen Name:AxelIngleson
Country: US
Bio: I am first and foremost a cat's butler. However, as she spends most of her day asleep, I find myself with plenty of time for writing fanfiction and fan-poetry. At least until she summons me again. I am also an amateur singer. My songs and music can be found at Fanmusic.com under the name of...
Pen Name:Ansel Rover
Country: US
Bio: I am a 17-year old with a long-time interest in reading and have recently been working on developing further my skills as a creative writer. I hope to contribute my own perspective to those who just might need it...so beware, those of you who read my work!   And, in case you hadn't...
Pen Name:Arwen9
Country: US
Bio: Hello out there :)I have been a writer for over seven years now, though I don't consider myself to have "arrived" in any form. Three of my novels I have finished, save the dreaded editing. And two more are a work-in-progress, about half done. My goal is to write a six-book fantasy series, but...
Pen Name:Ashlyn Fay
Country: US
Bio: Interests: Areospace Science, animals,being active,traveling Favorite Books: Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl, Army Wives, Black Hawk Down,Christy Miller Series, Copper Sun, Dear America series, Forged by Fire, Litte Princes,Narnia, Once In A Lifetime, Small Wars, Star Wars, The Best of...
Pen Name:Ally Shark
Country: US
Bio: Hi hi! I've been on Booksie for a little while, so it's time I post a little about myself.  You can call me Ally. That is not my real name, but I prefer to use a pen name in case there are any creepy stalker folks reading my writing (you never know). Here's some general info about me: I'm a...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:Alex Chrone1093
Country: US
Bio: I am a graduate student and will be enrolled in Arcadia University to major in Art. I have been writing for a good portion of my life and hope to discover new plots and fresh untold stories.
Pen Name:ashtonwright
Country: GB
Pen Name:AndrewFowler255
Country: US
Bio: This seems interesting.  An outlet to send my short stories and stuff out.  Let's try this. I play Tuba I love to write when I'm in the mood
Pen Name:amaryllisflowers
Country: GB
Bio: Hi guys, I'm Amary and in short i'm a HUGE bookworm. :)    I absolutely love reading and writing, not a professional or even close. I always write for myself  I'm too shy to show my work to anyone at all, heck I don't even know if I'm any good. Please help me by comments and feedback please...
Pen Name:AbnerH
Country: GB
Bio: I've started writing a novel recently and just want to start sharing it online chapter by chapter and see what everyone thinks. I'm a media student and go to Southampton Solent University and write stroies and create short films as a hobby as well as other projects. Check out my other pages:...
Pen Name:AshleyChunell
Country: US
Bio: Ashley Chunell is a Romance and GLBT Author. Growing up in Boston and writing her entire life, it wasn’t long before Ashley published her debut novel “Masterpiece" in November 2012.  In July 2013, Ashley published her second novel, "A Melody in Harmony," of the GLBT genre. Ashley went on...
Pen Name:Azure
Country: PK
Bio: Hello friends...MY name is azhar. My hobbies are Reading books, Net surfing, Computers, Watching movies.I play Outdoor games as well. I like playing football, cricket, badminton.I am fond of reading books. I like books of Dan Brown and on the other hand plays of shakespeare.
Pen Name:Aurora Lynn
Country: US
Bio: I'm taking a break from Booksie for a while - don't forget to check the my news tab for updates! - - my computer has been fixed so I am back on Booksie! It may take me a while to get everything I need to done on here so please be paitent. I am very this summer so I don't even have much time to...
Pen Name:AlwaysBeZebra
Country: US
Bio: Always Be Zebra
Pen Name:Allison676
Country: US
Bio: writing a sequel to "falling slowly
Pen Name:AshesBelle
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm 24, student at Chicago State University. Brit Lit major, German language minor. I love writing and reading. Music is an inspiration to me, I am Lousiana Creole, Irish, Native American (Blackfoot).  ALL MY WORKS ARE COPYRIGHTED. SO PLEAE DO NOT STEAL, COPY, OR...
Pen Name:Aneth07
Country: US
Pen Name:Abby Elora
Country: MY
Bio:                Name: Abby Elora JosephCharm point: My smile..I guess..Dominant hand: I’m left handed. Weakness: FOOD. I get blinded by their tastes.Little pride: Tae Kwan Do.Health Problems: That my height is short, but I’m going to start growing soon.Sleeping pose: Facing...
Pen Name:Aa Harvey
Country: ZW
Bio: deleted
Pen Name:aufiqueen93
Country: US
Pen Name:Amery Dawn
Country: IT
Bio: HiI'm a girl. A girl that is still waiting for her batman to crash into her.Seeing as I'm batmanless, I'd like someone in the meantime. To fill in the emtpy spaces.I checked under the bed. He's not there. Don't panic.I panic.I'd do that, if I could. Break dance. It's cool. Fo' shizzle. No, I'm...
Pen Name:AlleyCatFromHell
Country: US
Bio: Im AlleyCatFromHell but sense thats too long to say just call me cat. heres somethings about me,Interests : reading, writing, swimming, fighting, drawing, sleeping, and other stuffFavorites : I like fantasy, fanfiction, horror, sadness, funny, and highschool kinds of stories. And sometimes gay...
Pen Name:Andira Pendragon
Country: US
Bio: ♪"вloody мαry"♪ ♫ love ιѕ jυѕт α нιѕтory тнαт тнey мαy prove αɴd wнeɴ  yoυ're ɢoɴe ι'll тell тнeм мy relιɢιoɴ'ѕ yoυ wнeɴ poɴтιυѕ coмeѕ тo ĸιll тнe ĸιɴɢ υpoɴ нιѕ тнroɴe ι'м reαdy ғor тнeιr ѕтoɴeѕ.♫ ♫lαdy...
Pen Name:AventurousSportyGirl101
Country: US
Bio: I am currently a 7th grader who attends HPJH. I played football.I was right gaurd on Offense.On Defense I was Nosegaurd and Safety. I also wrestle for my school.I am top girl wrestler for my school. I love to sing ANY type of Country. I love to also read adventurous or mystery books. AND I love...
Pen Name:Alexandria Johns
Country: AU
Bio: I am in highschool, my passion writing, reading and being me. Life is my playground and i own it. I have learnt not to take anything for granted.  My family and my friends keep me going each and every day.
Pen Name:Allycatz
Country: US
Bio: I've gone through some rought times and now i write and paint about it to express my self
Pen Name:Aerial90
Country: CA
Bio: What do you do when you dream a scene, a picture so clear it feels like you're there? You write. You become absorbed in a world of your own creation. If you're very very lucky, you have patient friends, and encouraging spouses. You beg for proof reads and the indulgence of those who love you the...
Pen Name:anonymous romantic
Country: US
Bio: going to try writing again. I'm beginning to have a lot to say again. -nov. 24, 2011.

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