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Pen Name:Ashtray Girl
Country: GB
Bio: most of the things I'll put up were wrote years ago!  But getting the hang of new stuff again!   I love reading, I read signs and posters and allsorts if I don't have a book on the go to keep me occupied.I respect others opinions providing they respect mine.  What I write are my views.  You...
Pen Name:Aimsduffy
Country: IE
Pen Name:Alynn
Country: US
Pen Name:Alex Gabor
Country: US
Bio: Alex S. Gabor began writing songs and poetry about philosophy in 1967 when he was forced to move from Toronto to Detroit right after the riots.Since then he has published one book which is no longer in print but remains a collectors item.He continues to publish non fiction articles.
Pen Name:Angels of Noir
Country: US
Bio: My writing is... Different. My outlook on life is often dim, and that gets reflected in my work. My stories tend to have a darker side, often involving: cutting, suicide, mental instability, love, lesbian, gay, and trans stuff. If that kind of thing offends you, then my writing should not be...
Pen Name:Aryan Mohnani
Pen Name:alankhan
Country: US
Bio: I'm Alan Khan and I dont have too much to say. I enjoy writing very much, and think I'm talented but am always looking to better the work I can do. I hope my work is enjoyable. 
Pen Name:amberpalmer27
Country: US
Bio: I have been married for 3 years. I am raising my nephew, no kids of my own yet. I love animals. I hate insects and spiders. They creep me out. I love to read and write. My favorite colors are black and blue. I love to cook. Especially if it's something new, I like to expand my horizons. I listen...
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:almost alright
Country: US
Bio: i try to live my life to the fullest...things dont always go write but i try my best to do what i want to before its all gone.
Pen Name:ArThI 004
Country: GB
Bio: I lovee messing around wiv mi mates :) and to have fun. LOL if u r around mi i aint lettin u b upset yh so cheer up!!! :D
Pen Name:ace56blaa
Country: GB
Bio: I am an amatuer wannabe writer callled conner I am beggining to write a series of books called the darkness series which is about the real prime species fighting for there world back it is a mild horror book the characters are Alex fyfe a boy who's blood becomes fire and air, Leeves triclare a...
Pen Name:AnyaLovesHerPeterPan
Country: US
Bio:  Hiya!  If you know me, you know I'll say this alot. Hey! I'm Anya! I am obessesed with writing. I totally live for reading too. *** Writings: (Click the Pics to Get to The Story) Novels I Don't Go For Guys Like You (In Progress) Avery Patterson is a respectable girl. She's got smarts, and...
Pen Name:Avery Gard
Country: US
Bio: I'm 18 and love manga. I read just about everything. Yaoi, shounen shoujo and such and so forth. i hope those who read my stories with comment honestly. I would love to read others stories so please dont feel shy about suggesting your stories to me.   I also like to draw anime and such. If you...
Pen Name:Abraham Fitzpatrick
Country: US
Pen Name:Alexander Arnell
Country: US
Bio: My first attempt is entitled "Dawdling Ducks" was written in the spirit of the movies American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Super Bad.  The book is a subtle action/comedy of cruising, conflict, hot rodding, drag racing, romance, rumbles, car crashes and life changing decisions of Midwest...
Pen Name:Alicia Djeri
Country: AU
Bio: I write poetry and stories, I am an artist, I also do kungfu, ride dirt bikes and just love dancing but my favorite thing to do is laughing with my sisters.I love the lake and the beach. I love playing jokes on people mostly my friends and family, not many people can handle my warped humor!For...
Pen Name:Aura Gibbons
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Adrianna. I’m a big fan of the GAC and since I enjoy writing adventure stories, I decided to write my own Ghost Adventures series. I still hope to get to meet the Ghost Adventures Crew: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The idea of Junior Paranormal Investigator is a...
Pen Name:AemmaBella
Country: US
Bio: Amber/18/Georgia     My user is AemmaBella (yes i did just point out the obivious) and I am an aspiring author from a little country city in Georgia! I love to read and write (mostly write) more than anything (except chexmix mmmm yum yum). I am one of those unusual nocturnal girls and I have...
Pen Name:Art3mis
Country: US
Bio: Will be filled in soon, I promise. High School Student 16 Years Old Female Nerdy ^-^ (As in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Firefly, Marvel, you get the idea) If you want me to read your works, just post on my page and I'll do my best. If it's lengthy, it will probably have to wait for the next...
Pen Name:Amelia Sterling
Country: US
Bio: Love writing and reading and watching a little TV. Enjoy Science fiction, some animal stories, vampire stories, comic books, and some horror stories. Am in college and suffer from an overactive imagination. Feel free to give comments and feedback on my stories. Please tell me what you like and...
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:artie1947
Country: GB
Bio: i have been writing poetry for some time now, and now i think its about time i shared it with others,i am wheelchair bound and i just like writing it gives me pleasure to create something out of nothing. I like the out doors especially in the summer and spring and autumn, I don't like being...
Pen Name:Alun 333
Country: GB
Bio: i have just started writing and hope you enjoy reading my storeys. I am sorry If I have deleted some of your commits before I can reply to them, still getting use to my tablet. It's not like taking a pain killer ha ha. If you have committed and not heard from me please send again.
Pen Name:Anyssa Ocampo
Country: PH
Bio: Hey! My real name is Sheree Jeane Naco, proud to be a Filipino. I am currently an Electronics Engineering student in a high quality school in Philippines. When I am inspired I wrote stories, but mostly i just thought about ideas. When i am full of it, I type it down. Right now I am thinking...
Pen Name:Ani Leigh
Country: US
Bio: "I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of." -Joss Whedon "A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no...
Pen Name:arya52
Country: US
Bio: I'm in the early college high school and write on my free time. I love to read anime, as well as regular books, and watch movies and tv. I've been writing for several years. I draw every now and again. I tend to write romantic action novels and hope to get published someday. I was inspired by a...
Pen Name:Angel of Death
Country: GB
Bio: Ok so the name is Max. I have a story up called "Beautifully Abused" so please read. It's very intense and dark but it is a really good story so please read and comment as well.I have many favourite books including the Twilight Saga, Maximum Ride, a Series of Unforunate events and The Shining...
Pen Name:AnotherLovelessMachine
Country: CA
Bio: Hi, yes, hello. Last time I updated this, I was 17. I'm 20 now. Like holy mother of god, where has the time gone? Um currently, I'm trying to work on a new story because I'm extremely bored with my life and I'm not sure what to really do anymore so I'm turning to writing for now. So hopefully if...
Pen Name:g1ane7xey
Country: PH
Bio: Things you may not know about me: 1. I am in college if you haven't read it already ~ taking up nursing 2. Nursing wasn't my first choice, it was actually engineering 3. I am weird... in ways you can't even imagine 4. I have friends who are weirder 5. I am Asian 6. I would love to learn other...
Pen Name:AnotherWriter
Country: AU
Bio: Joshua James; Seventeen ForeverChange is inevitable regardless of your attempts to prevent it. We grow older by the second and often wander aimlessly, clinging onto our fickle hopes and remaining ambiguous. People die as does every living entity, however, when one is dealing with grief it is...
Pen Name:akanksha26
Country: IN
Pen Name:Alexander Feliciano
Country: US
Bio: I am just a guy who loves reading and writing, i've also been asked to write a play for my school, it's not that big. I also want to be a writer , and it's really hard. I live in a small Connecticut town which is like a prison to me. I really want to move to Alaska so I could start a new life...
Pen Name:Abby Gill
Country: US
Pen Name:authorised1960
Country: GB
Bio: I am a single middle-aged man. I live alone with my beloved dog, Ozzy (that's him in my profile pic!) I have been writing since I was a kid. I lost my mojo for several years, but about six months ago I began to write again. I believe that I am writing some of the best stuff I have ever...
Pen Name:Aedyn
Country: US
Pen Name:Azhar Khan
Country: PK
Bio: Hello.....My name is azhar khanI am a poetry fanI love poetryI also write short storyI love to read But i dont greedNice to see booksieI feel free to post poetry Read my poems and give me a feedbackI cant tell more becoz my mind shakewill read you.Thank you.
Pen Name:AnyaChan
Country: VG
Bio: im a girl who loves poetry and has a strong passion for #TVD #Delena #TheOrigionals i luv the japanese culture, especially their anime's nd i feel writting stuff down in a ceative way like a poem or a novel is an expressive way to show ur feelngs/thoughts
Pen Name:Auden
Country: US
Bio:   -Emma~   -Reading List~    
Pen Name:aa1980
Country: GB
Pen Name:Arturon Gillespie
Country: GB
Bio: I am retired now, but much of my adult life has been spent in the armed forces .
Pen Name:Ajinkya
Pen Name:Amy Stewart
Country: US
Bio:  MARCH!!!!10 Things About Me!!!1. I am in love with love2. I love writing and reading writing!3. I love Summer4. I love Spring5. I am happy all the time6. I'm pretty cool i have to admit jk7. I love GOD!!!8. Nothin puts me down9. I love my friends on booksie10. I LOVE BOOKSIE!!I...
Pen Name:asterael
Country: GB
Bio: So, you can be bothered to read my profile, well done on not dying of bordom yet. I shall reward you by telling you a ton of random stuff.1. I am between 10-15 years of age, so no judging on how strange I am.2. I hate the alien mutant known as Jaqueline Wilson.3. My best freinds and me could, in...
Pen Name:abyskaria
Country: IN
Bio: In time, this space is beyond expectation. I hope one grace of kindness made life unique. It has been quite blessing and somewhat likely lucky for each one of you who found this page in real life. When I mark this age, we have hopes imported into best made out of peace, hope and joy as these are...
Pen Name:ananya michaelides
Country: IN
Bio:     Original Name: Sundeep Keramalu  Pseudonym: Ananya Michaelides For a living: Been a Copywriter for the last 4 years and at the moment work as a Copywriter/Manager in Bangalore, India for an advertising company headquartered in the UK. For the portion of education, I have a degree in...
Pen Name:Alana Brown
Pen Name:Alex The shadow girl
Country: IN
Bio: My blog : http://alextheshadowgirl.wordpress.com                                          About Me:- Hey this is Pallavi Sareen, a fifteen year old teenager who loves to write. Call me Alex, it's the name I prefer. I love writing, I mean that's why I'm here. I love music...
Pen Name:Alycia Damiana
Country: US
Bio: I prefer it spicy.
Pen Name:AmberLibra
Country: GB
Bio: "Welcome to the rebirth...a new chapter in the evolving life of a writer. I like to play. I like to play with words. I like to play with cliché and fool around with genre. Some of this writing has been written for pleasure with idiomatic tongue firmly in cheek (and other places) yet other...
Pen Name:aishaelizabeth
Country: US
Bio:                     Please read my new novel    Tell me your Wish!                      
Pen Name:Ava Oxalis
Country: NZ
Pen Name:Angel Oceans
Country: GB
Bio: Contemporary Artist :displays @ saatchi-gallery.co.ukArtist : ANGEL OCEANSGreetings cards/Printsavailable @angel1oceans.imagekind.com
Pen Name:Ava Rosien
Country: CA
Bio: Welcome to my page!   I hope you will find some of my work entertaining. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories and children's literature. I am sixty-three years old and live in Ontario Canada, although I was born and raised in North Carolina USA. I enjoy art in any form, beit well done...
Pen Name:Adil Holmes Khan
Country: IN
Bio: My total works on Booksie :   Short Stories               : 3 Poems                       : 22   My medal cabinet on Booksie :   Gold                                                                    : 0...
Pen Name:AmiraStar
Country: US
Bio: I am 38 years old and going back to school I am disabled and love to write. I am a fun loving person that has many things she has going for her. I love writing short storys, pomes, even started writing a book. What I want to major in is journalisum and web design. I want to start my own non...
Pen Name:Ari L Kelthian
Country: US
Bio: Humans think they are above nature, that the earth was made for us to live on. False, we are only a blink in the history of the earth. And we could be the ones to either cause the next great extinction or be the ones to become extinct. We are nothing compared to the greater picture... I AM TIED...
Pen Name:atlantian
Country: US
Bio: I love writing poems, nuff said.
Pen Name:Archibald
Country: US
Bio: Hi! my name is Archibald. I am a blonde chick with a cool boys name. (Note Archibald is not my real name in real life) I like cows I am very silly and giggly, but not single. I LOVE my puppy Oreo. I love peace and want to be a hippie come rock with me! rock and roll rules my soul which...
Pen Name:Alayna Steele
Country: US
Bio: My name is Alayna. I love creepy shit. And I write about it, too.
Country: GB
Bio: I consider my main occupation writing which I do on my home computer sometimes for several hours a day and for nearly 10 years. My other job is in IT. I use my home computer to try and manage my time better. Also, I volunteer giving computer lessons at a social group for people suffering...
Pen Name:AllisonHanks
Country: US
Bio: i yam what i yam=popeye
Pen Name:Aedus93
Pen Name:AnAbellee
Country: GB
Bio: My favorite novel is undecided as there are so many more to experience..My writing inspiration is based upon the stories that speak Aloud...My dreams are still unwritten....
Pen Name:Adriarna27
Country: US
Pen Name:Adree
Country: US
Bio: I'm going to teach.... But in the mean time :).....
Pen Name:angelwriter3
Country: US
Bio: Hey! My name is Champain! My sister is angelwriter2. Since she is recently not on booksie, I'm taking over her book Teen Adult! Some of you might have read it. If not read and leave a commet please!!!!!!! Also a member in booksie! And I'm like another teen. Love bloodsucking vamps. And super...
Pen Name:awaken1970
Country: US
Pen Name:AliceGentarri
Country: US
Bio: Ugh I never know what to put in these things.... The name is Alice, Gentarri is just a name I created up in my mind. I love writing, great way to release my imagination and all the stress built up. I love playing sports as well, have to keep my brain and body healthy xD now I sound like a...
Pen Name:Angie Blake
Country: US
Bio: Take a walk with me to.....   The Dark Side!   Here we are at the Dark Side Hotel, Where the demons gather and talk about hell, The witches stir the cauldron's pot, and ghosts rise out of their graveyard plots. It will soon strike midnight at the exact in-between, The vampires will fly and the...
Pen Name:Angel Jones
Country: IN
Bio: I've loved books since i was very young and want to grow up to be an author.I want your feedback on my stories and poems.Hope you like them!!!:)
Pen Name:angelbaby
Country: GB
Bio: I've been writing poems for years now and even had one published in the young writers book of poems when i was 13, my poetry is mostly based on life and some of my experiences good and bad. I also write about many other things too! i  write every day, I find poetry very inspirational, I...
Pen Name:abboudigood
Country: TR
Bio: Born 29/5/1999 in Damascus, Syria
Pen Name:Amy Furzane
Country: MY
Bio: Hye there!  I'm inspired to write after reading a few of good novels - Nicholas Sparks, Melissa Hill, Cecilia Ahern, John Green and etc. Personally, I prefer love stories cause it always mesmerized and fascinates me in so many ways, how it begins, blooms, survives, and ends. People say love is...
Pen Name:Athena123
Country: US
Bio: Hello! My name is Athena; I was named after the greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. My hobbies include writing, reading, drawing, singing, and playing musical instruments. I've always loved to write and I think I have some talent for it. So, I wanted to try and publish some of my work. I...
Pen Name:Altkee
Country: CA
Bio: I really dont like writing summeries about myself. Mostly because I don't know who I fully am and how people see me. Everyday I picture my self as someone completely different in the eyes of the stranger. But I can never I get a bullseye on what they see, fore I am not them. I could just give...
Pen Name:AlleyCatFromHell
Country: US
Bio: Im AlleyCatFromHell but sense thats too long to say just call me cat. heres somethings about me,Interests : reading, writing, swimming, fighting, drawing, sleeping, and other stuffFavorites : I like fantasy, fanfiction, horror, sadness, funny, and highschool kinds of stories. And sometimes gay...
Pen Name:Artemis Nightshade
Country: US
Pen Name:AlexandriaShaOuSun
Country: US
Bio: I'm not the type of girl who stands out. At least not in a "spotlight" kind of way.I was born in China. I've been in the US since before my first birthday.I've always loved reading (and I've always showed some knack for writing) so sometime in the the fall of 2008 i decided to start writing. Now...
Pen Name:Amber Nicole 79
Country: US
Bio: My name is Amber and I am on here just to get my poetry read and to read others'. I am very passionate about my poetry and poetry in general. I am only 15 years of age, but have been writing for as long as I can remember :] I love it. Some of my poetry could be "dark" or "depressing", but I...
Pen Name:Alexander Chezganov
Country: UA
Bio: Hi! My name is Alexander, I'm young Ukrainian writer. I'm 21-year old, have a bachelor of arts degree. I write mostly short funny stories, but sometimes I make a turnaround to horror or sci-fi genre. Originally I write my stories in Russian, so all of my works in this journal are the author's...
Pen Name:awaneesh1strivingbard
Country: IN
Pen Name:Alex has green skinny jeans
Country: US
Bio: HEY! My name is Alex =)  I am a DieHard STEELERS FAN! Pittsburg guys. Im not even from there. I was born in SF, CA.  My favorite author on booksie is KIRKYB!! Guys check her out:http://www.booksie.com/Kirkyb She's the reson im on Booksie. She used to write her stories somewhere else but she...
Pen Name:almehiri
Country: AE
Bio: i had an account in wattpad thats currently got blocked in my country, i basically kept writing because of the reader supports and i dont want to stop, so hope you all here can help me keep writing, i had high reading in there so it is bit sad i have to start all over
Pen Name:Aranea
Country: CA
Bio: Alot has changed for me since I first came on this site, looking for a place to put my childhood writings and scribbles where computer malfunction and site shutdowns wouldn't erase them from my life...Now I'm older and almost inclined to delete them all... I'm a former, many things...perhaps,...
Pen Name:TheX7AM
Pen Name:Arya Machdi
Country: ID
Bio: Hi. I'm Arya. 14. Indonesia. A member of multiple fandoms. I like to read and write the things that sparks my interest. I really hope that you guys will enjoy the stories I post! :) Twitter: http://twitter.com/AryaMachdi Tumblr: http://aryamachdi.tumblr.com
Pen Name:arabella97
Country: US
Bio: I write what I feel inside and out. It's not always happy thoughts so don't expect unicorns and rainbows to be involved.
Pen Name:AwesomeAri93
Country: US
Bio: I can do many things... one of them is writing. :D 😸✌ 💞 💋

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