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Pen Name:Aprilynne june
Country: ID
Bio: I am a girl who had always dreamed about a lot of things since i was small. Things about princes or other unbelievable story such as vampires. My biggest dream is to be a business woman so that i can open a hospital for charity. I love to write and read. I admire Richelle Mead, Melissa De La...
Pen Name:altaira reve
Country: TW
Bio: just a weird girl with weird ideas and slightly erratic mood swings :)
Pen Name:angelv666
Country: US
Bio: THE STORIES HERE ARE AS THEY ARE. I AM FREE TO WRITE HOWEVER I WANT. AS BAD AS THEY CAN BE. IDGAF. :) BUT ALL I ASK IS. ENJOY!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My email: noirz00@yahoo.com. (for if anything related or not) :P...
Pen Name:Ami Holding
Country: GB
Bio:    Welcome To the Page of AH Fianlly after absolute ages Carrie me Home is near to being finished.  What started out as an intended short story has snowballed into a 42 chapter monster with a second novel to follow. For those unfamiliar with the story it's about Ccarrie Anne Fisher, a girl...
Pen Name:ashi17
Country: SA
Bio:                                          To Ashi's Page  http://www.innerchildpress.com/iram-fatima-ashi.php  (My anthology published in US IN JAN 2014) https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ashis/418469608228447 (MY page on FB)...
Pen Name:Azelia
Country: IN
Bio: Hey everyone.This is my first entry into publishing world.n I am actually enjoying it by pursuing my hobby of writing into my passion.n plz do read my poems or stories so that i will enjoy it more!
Pen Name:autumn2
Country: US
Bio: Reading, Writing, Music, Concerts.
Pen Name:AmiraStar
Country: US
Bio: I am 38 years old and going back to school I am disabled and love to write. I am a fun loving person that has many things she has going for her. I love writing short storys, pomes, even started writing a book. What I want to major in is journalisum and web design. I want to start my own non...
Pen Name:ANDREW1
Country: GB
Bio: hi live in portsmouth with my wife and 3 children live with us ,i dont work because of an illness which its related to sleep disorder and im limited to what jobs i can do . was thinking of a joke but as a thought about it more had to write it all down ended up with 15 a4 pages and 4 chapters...
Country: US
Bio: :)
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me:  Usually I do write from a guy's perspective. I don't know why. I just prefer writing from a guy's point of view. I read lots and lots of fiction. Most commonly, there will be some form of magic in the book I'm reading (or writing. Hehe.) My favorite color is almost always changing...
Pen Name:AnitaBekkema
Country: NL
Bio: Hi! My name's Anita and I'm a 23 year-old student of English from the Netherlands. I've always loved writing, whether it was short stories, poems of lyrics to songs. Recently I've started digging up some of my old 'starters' and after basically changing everything about them, I am now actively...
Pen Name:animefreak77L
Country: US
Bio:  So i guess im back on here, or at least ill try to be. When i first came to booksie i made a couple of really close friends and i will always cherish them but i also got sidetracked from actually writing. I hope i can go back to that.  Anyway my names Raven  i am now 18 which seems crazy to...
Pen Name:Aramalia
Country: GB
Pen Name:Amy Elizabeth
Country: US
Pen Name:AirLionHeart
Country: GB
Bio: I'm travelling now so I won't really be on here. I will try to update my novel as much as I can. There is a new chapter in the works so please be patient, I will try to post it ASAP. Thank you for your continued support!...
Country: ZA
Bio: Arthur Howe was born in the North East of England and grew up in the days when the Shipyards and coalmines were the total regional economy.He currently lives in Cape Town South Africa and has published two plays, one of which has ran to sold out houses for more than ten years and the other, a...
Pen Name:Aueron
Country: US
Bio: Hello Everyone! My name is Sydney and this is actually my second Booksie account. The other one got too messy and I wasn't able to clean it up how I wanted to but that's not the reason why I'm associating with you at the moment. If you've been to visit my other account under the name...
Pen Name:Alexis Epstein
Country: AU
Bio: I love writing poetry and have been doing it since I was twelve. I want to be published one day! But I'm not sure if I'm really good enough.
Pen Name:AmoRidere
Country: US
Bio: I am a shy and clever petite autistic girl with big personality and is game for creativity, listening to music, watching movies, writing, and drawing. Now listen, I am not a proffessional, so please be nice, I have low enough self-esteem as it is. I have only nice things to say and I am not...
Pen Name:AngelTears48
Country: US
Bio: Notice Board!***please read my new story with 10bookgurlii26 "freak" at this link:www.booksie.com/bookangel28thank you sooo much and please remember to comment! =D****HEY GUYS! SO, YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY BROKEN HEART AND I WOULD JUST LIKE YOU TO KNOW THAT I AM TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. IN OTHER...
Pen Name:Alex Hart
Country: US
Bio: I am more likely to respond to your reading requests if you leave them in feedback comments! I'll read anything and leave you feedback as well. There she goes. The girl who reads too much. Whose heart is far too lost between the pages of a book. Whose breaths and thoughts and insides are stashed...
Pen Name:angelus2676
Country: US
Pen Name:Adriano Bulla
Country: GB
Bio: Academic and writer, born in Italy and Londoner by adoption. Author of the novel The Road to London (Glastonbury Publishing / Mirador), of the collections of poetry entitled Queer Poems (out november 2114) and Ybo' and Other Lies, 2005, Poetry Monthly Press, and 2013, Andrews UK as well as a...
Pen Name:anniebirnie
Country: GB
Bio:    Hello it's me Annie, i am back for a while. I hope you all had a good christmas and new year. My future occupation: I hope to be a Actress or hairdresser. Reading Requests are Open: Feel free to leave a reading request. Please follow me on twitter @anniebirnie follow me on...
Pen Name:ArielElla
Country: US
Bio: i love writing i cant speak to people to save my life but ive always been good with this and drawing
Pen Name:Angel Of Life
Country: US
Bio: CARE TO TELL ME WHY YOUR ON MY PROFILE? You cant have my soul...i dont care if you're a Demon or a kishin...you can't have my soul! I'll not stop moving forward. I'll not regret a single step I had taken. Something once lost will never return. I am a witch, yes...and not a fake little kitty...
Pen Name:Ashent
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Ashent.i liek shiny thingsI also run a blog at http://amphibi.us and accept short story and poetry submissions.
Pen Name:Adelaide Lawrence
Country: US
Bio: I love writing and reading more then anything. I want to be an author some day. I love libraries and old book stores, and the list of my favorite books goes on and on. I am alittle quirky, but that's OK with me. I like ice cream and rollar coasters, and my favorite season is autumn. I am very...
Pen Name:AliWitch2002
Country: US
Bio: Hello . My names Alondra . I like to write stories that arent even good . So enjoy them has you can .                             ~Alondra~  
Pen Name:Annette Francis
Country: IN
Bio: HEY ALL !!!! Welcome to my page!!! If you want to know about me you have to read my works. I have a mixed collection of poems, essays etc etc. I love writing and would sincerely appreciate everyone's support. Please, please, please give me your views( constructive criticism, pointers, positives,...
Pen Name:Alissa Georgi
Country: RO
Bio: I've always loved reading books, and since I was 12 years old, I started writing my own poems and songs. Later in High School I wrote articles for the School's Magazine. I've made websites and wrote personal journals. I like to write short stories inspired from my dreams, imagination or muses,...
Pen Name:Arixphes
Country: CA
Pen Name:Acheron Winter
Country: US
Bio: I'm a musician, a novelist, and a major supporter of anti-bullying and suicide prevention.
Pen Name:Ani Leigh
Country: US
Bio: "I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of." -Joss Whedon "A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no...
Pen Name:alfie123
Pen Name:Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Country: US
Bio: My name Booksie name is Art or Artemis which ever you prefer to call me. I write mainly-Short Stories, Based On True Events, Thriller, Mystery, Historical, and LGBT I also write song parodies. I love to dance, bake, write, read, and do photography. My goals are to be a man as I am FTM, a...
Pen Name:AshenhartKrie
Country: AU
Bio: Oh Gawd it's been yonks since I've been on here. O_O Anyhoo...... A lot of what's on here is really old, and most of them are dead and will not go anywhere. Since booksie for some reason won't let me delete some things, they're staying up to remind me how NOT to write. Yay. Feel the love...
Pen Name:Asheron
Country: US
Bio: Not much to tell. 22 years old and live in Chicago suburbs.  Going to college for a business degree but my real hobby is writing. Still got a lot to learn before I can even dream of publishing something. I like horror and comedy. And science fiction, but less technology/futuristic sci-fi, more...
Pen Name:Ageispanther
Country: US
Pen Name:angelove
Country: US
Bio: I grew up in west austin and then moved to del valle it is REALLY small but i call it home. I am bipolar yes so I could be an adorable little ball of fur one moment and a raging ball of evil fluffyness ( dont know why I compared myself to a kitty). I love to read and write (Duh...) i also like...
Pen Name:Alan Dale Dalby
Country: US
Bio: I am revisiting and fixing all of my stories for submissions. If you have been turned down a lot over the years, go back and give those rejected gems another look. You've grown and learned and honed your craft. You will polish and perfect your seeds of genius and help them flower until soon...
Pen Name:Aaron Pulis
Country: AU
Bio: I'm an aspiring author looking to publish his first book soon, joined this site in order to gain some constructive feedback and opinions. If I can help a few others along the way with my critique then that is a bonus. When it comes to an action scene or a conversation between two characters,...
Pen Name:ArukaUchihan
Country: US
Bio: Hey Aruka here! I love to write! it helps me vent out the stress from the annoying everyday drama! I am 18, I love poems, and stories. Anything with a mystery or love and im all over it, Ha ha. I love writing as I have stated before. I do it because it makes me happy. even if no one reads what...
Pen Name:amitontheweb
Country: IN
Bio: I am a freelance, amateur writer, and have recently begun writing short articles, essays, reviews and opinion pieces, mostly non-fiction, based on my views and experiences. Writing is a powerful medium, as it can change the way we think and look at things. It can change out attitudes. It is a...
Pen Name:Austin Bello
Country: US
Bio: I'm sixteen years old, I attend Southwest Guilford High School, and I love to write.  My favorite author is Stephen King, although he sometimes seems to make up his own grammer rules.  I've considered joining the Marine Corps as an officer until I can get myself all put together, but I may...
Country: IN
Bio: Basically I am engineering Student,Just entered in the field of writing ,wrote of Couple of Poems and articles became a most viewed,appreciated and More revieved ...So I hope my Readers to feel Just "Something they have red"....  
Pen Name:amanlanrezo
Country: FI
Pen Name:AngelArsenic
Country: US
Bio: I have been writting poetry since I was 14 years old. I currently have two poems published by poetrysoup.com and I will be linking my work from there to here. I welcome all kinds of comments and constructive critisim. Please enjoy and happy writting.
Pen Name:AndreaPykett
Country: GB
Bio:   WELCOME TO MY PAGE! Reading requests closed (sozzers guys)   Bonjour mes amis! You have reached this mystical and wonderous place that lurks deep within the internet... Also known as my Booksie page! Congrats on making it this far without running away in fear and horror and let me explain...
Pen Name:Amorelle
Country: US
Pen Name:Amelia Sterling
Country: US
Bio: Love writing and reading and watching a little TV. Enjoy Science fiction, some animal stories, vampire stories, comic books, and some horror stories. Am in college and suffer from an overactive imagination. Feel free to give comments and feedback on my stories. Please tell me what you like and...
Pen Name:aniluap22
Country: US
Bio: Is this the part where I summarize my life? Oh, and i like to write short stories :) Food Cheese Pizza Sausage Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Romantic/Sad Books More food Chips ROOT BEER ♥ Country Music More Country Music Luke Bryan BG Florida-Georgia Line Jason Aldean Dustin Lynch Thomas Rhett ♥...
Pen Name:Amour Eros
Country: US
Pen Name:angel plant
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer and how not been long writing around 2 years. I was at church when words started to come to me. I did not what what they meant. But something told me to try putting them together and see what would happen. I did and wrote my first poem. I started writing more and more.I have won...
Pen Name:abyskaria
Country: IN
Bio: In time, this space is beyond expectation. I hope one grace of kindness made life unique. It has been quite blessing and somewhat likely lucky for each one of you who found this page in real life. When I mark this age, we have hopes imported into best made out of peace, hope and joy as these are...
Pen Name:akuro
Country: MY
Bio: My dream is to be comic artist. If I can't be one, just artist is fine too. Of course not only one. I wish to be a writer but I guess only standard I mean I don't really know how use powerful words though I can imagined but I do understand what kind of powerful and dramatically words.. like so...
Pen Name:Abhigya
Country: IN
Bio: Free thoughts from me. I shall just pen down few ideas and thoughts to share it with others and also for the sake of archiving my feelings and thought process. I feel as a person I have evolved over the years and want to keep my current state of mind archived in words to re-vist them again....
Pen Name:alankhan
Country: US
Bio: I'm Alan Khan and I dont have too much to say. I enjoy writing very much, and think I'm talented but am always looking to better the work I can do. I hope my work is enjoyable. 
Pen Name:Addygurl
Country: US
Bio: Mmmkay, here we are. A place. Where people gather. Not creepy. At all. Well, yes. I'm creepy......RAWRR!!! (See? my proof) .. I write to vent my feelings.Love me? Good.Hate me? Even better.I'm not asking you to like me.I am asking for critiques.But yes, I am a critque,So be prepared.I'm...
Pen Name:Archana Shah
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a student, living in the great city of London. I'm an aspiring journalist and have a passion for books and writing. 
Pen Name:alleneshaynes
Pen Name:Alexa24girl
Country: US
Bio: i'm a 14 year old girl named Alexa. My poetry is very deep, dark and depressing, but if interpreted correctly it can be very satisfactory. I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks alot for checking it out in the first place!
Pen Name:achristop
Country: GB
Bio: Ex Royal Navy Telegraphist (In the days of Morse Code).  Living in the beautiful Duchy of Cornwall (Kernow) at the south west tip of the UK. I write for fun and for friends. Any comments are more than appreciated, however, I don't think I could ever feel confident enough to publish. So, it's...
Pen Name:Angel BeatZ
Country: CA
Bio:   Makes me happy ( look below)    Thank you for stopping by!   Redeaing Request: I accept all BUT short stories, I do not enjoy them. I will try to read them all, I promise . But I prefer romance.      Angel BeatZ here! I am a 14 years young Canadia girl who loves to read and write.  ...

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