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Pen Name:Andene
Country: CA
Bio: Thanks for taking the time to write such amazing comments! I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me! You guys are the reason IOT made it to the homepage and you make my day!!! =3 xx ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you're...
Pen Name:AngelofTheNight
Country: GB
Bio: I do not define myself by how many roadblocks have appeared in my path. I define myself by the courage I've found to forge new roads. I do not define myself by how many disappointments I've faced. I define myself by the forgiveness and the faith I have found to begin again. I do not define...
Pen Name:Alaynesweety
Country: US
Bio: My name is Alayne. I'm 19 years old, I'll be turning 19 on January 29th. I love my friends, family, and poetry. I have a thing for goth kids, metal heads, skaters, and some preps..idk why though...it's very, very strange. I enjoy reading and writing for fun. :D I have ADHD, which means I get...
Pen Name:AzelmaandEponine
Country: US
Bio: I like Stephen King, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Les Mis, Teen Titans.
Pen Name:arun
Country: IN
Bio: Reading requests for only short stories and poems. No novels, please.   What is the first and foremost skill/behaviour/asset a reviewer - or anyone who even claims to be one - should require? Knowledge of literary jargons and techniques? A Master's degree in literary criticism? Numerous...
Pen Name:Alana Claire
Country: CA
Bio: I post my stories about me dealing with mental illness, eating disorders and self-harm. I post articles designed to help as well as real life experience so that you know that you are not alone. Don't ever forget: You are beautiful! -AC            
Pen Name:Alfi
Country: US
Bio: My real name is Terry Blake. I have been writing since I was a teen. I started writing because I wasn't a very open person and when I wrote it was like I was talking to someone about my problems. It always made me feel better. It was my release I guess and still is a lot of the time. I only...
Pen Name:araukie
Country: NL
Bio: -
Pen Name:Arrathrone
Country: PK
Pen Name:annberlin1
Country: US
Bio: I'm a junior and a psychology major. I've written ever since i was little but I've never actually posted my stories anywhere and often i guess due to that don't finish them. I really want to be better so i'll take any and all constructive criticism. I'm a really laid back person so you can be...
Pen Name:abyskaria
Country: IN
Bio: In time, this space is beyond expectation. I hope one grace of kindness made life unique. It has been quite blessing and somewhat likely lucky for each one of you who found this page in real life. When I mark this age, we have hopes imported into best made out of peace, hope and joy as these...
Pen Name:artie1947
Country: GB
Bio: i have been writing poetry for some time now, and now i think its about time i shared it with others,i am wheelchair bound and i just like writing it gives me pleasure to create something out of nothing. I like the out doors especially in the summer and spring and autumn, I don't like being...
Pen Name:Arturon Gillespie
Country: GB
Bio: I am retired now, but much of my adult life has been spent as a Nuclear Submariner.. For the past twenty years or so, I have studied Philosophy Western and Eastern, Religion, Theology, Psychology, Parapsychology, the Esoteric and the Occult. I sometimes use this knowledge in my poetry and short...
Pen Name:AuthorInProcess
Country: US
Bio: Well, there really isn't too much to know about me, but just so you can get a better perspective on how I think and work, Ill give a Bio!My dream and life goal is to become an Author. I've had one poem published and I don't plan on stopping there! I know and realize I must and will face many...
Pen Name:Allyson Wolfteen
Country: US
Bio: Hello! I am using a pen name. It has no relation at all to my real name! I am fourteen years old.
Pen Name:P3anut
Country: US
Bio: About Me: My favorite types of books are anything paranormal really. I just love how different they are. I also enjoy romance books simply because of how cute the couples can get. My favorite authors include Kelly Armstrong, Nicholas Sparks, Lauren Kate, and a bunch others. My favorite colors...
Pen Name:Amy I Hughes
Country: GB
Bio: I'm not a fan of glitzy profiles.   I love to write. I love to read.   I hope you enjoy my works, and usually return the favour.      
Pen Name:amitontheweb
Country: IN
Bio: I am a freelance, amateur writer, and have recently begun writing short articles, essays, reviews and opinion pieces, mostly non-fiction, based on my views and experiences. Writing is a powerful medium, as it can change the way we think and look at things. It can change out attitudes. It is a...
Pen Name:angelmona
Country: CA
Bio:     ~ Everything i write is based on my everyday life... a new poem/story is just a new chapter added to the book i call my life, and as the days pass by ~ the more pages you'll be able to flip through... ~ i'M A PUBLISHED WRITER  IN THREE BOOKS  "A celebration of poets" (Creative...
Pen Name:Aud
Country: GB
Pen Name:Anubis Delaware
Country: US
Bio: There's not much to say.....   I never saw myself as a writer (for fun currently). I do enjoy to tell very interesting stories.     Mind is many..............................       Hello!  
Pen Name:Adile
Country: GB
Pen Name:Artemis Nightshade
Country: US
Pen Name:AHinton
Pen Name:Alex Stride
Country: US
Bio: Hey everyone! I'm looking forward to sharing some of my writing with you. I hope you like it, even if some of the subjects are a bit touchy. I'm hopping for constructive criticism to help improve my writing, as well as inspire me further. Please refrain from using offensive language in the...
Pen Name:ashley2
Country: US
Bio: If you read my work please leave a comment! comments inspire me to keep writing.Current Fave. Song "Your Lovin" by NickiWe must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes. - Gene Roddenberry My name is...
Pen Name:Ari L Kelthian
Country: US
Bio: Humans think they are above nature, that the earth was made for us to live on. False, we are only a blink in the history of the earth. And we could be the ones to either cause the next great extinction or be the ones to become extinct. We are nothing compared to the greater picture... I AM TIED...
Pen Name:Angel Flash
Country: US
Pen Name:ashleysfallenangelmaria
Country: IE
Pen Name:AbbyWrites
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy doing short stories, I will put all my time and effort to make the perfect book. Some are based off true stories, some are not. Living in the past wont change anything, you need to get up and try.
Pen Name:angelique30
Country: ZA
Bio: My name is Angelique.... I love writing poetry about my feelings and things that have affected me so that maybe someone else can relate to it. I hope that you all can relate to some of my work. Poetry is my passion and my hobby its my way to express feelings about different situations..   I...
Pen Name:amberpalmer27
Country: US
Bio: I have been married for 3 years. I am raising my nephew, no kids of my own yet. I love animals. I hate insects and spiders. They creep me out. I love to read and write. My favorite colors are black and blue. I love to cook. Especially if it's something new, I like to expand my horizons. I listen...
Pen Name:abbeyandallison
Country: US
Bio: Abbey & Allison here! We're best friends who have a passion for writing so we've teamed up to write some stories of our own. There will be a variation of genres! Please comment and let us know what you think, thanks!!!
Pen Name:AninaKat2012
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Anina, (but call me Katryce) i am a mother of 1. I have had an interest in poetry from when i was young, could pick up a book and read myself. I havent actually thought of writing a lot of poems but i have certainly had my days. Writing poems has recently become a big interest to me...
Pen Name:Arushi
Country: ZA
Bio: Okay... A little bit about me. I am quite a gentle looking girl of medium height - but thats about where it ends with the sweetness:) I love teasing, mocking and laughing and if you were ever to meet me the last thing you'd think was that I really am quite a decent, fair and rather idealistic...
Pen Name:Ami Brewis
Country: GB
Bio: Hi. My name is Ami. I am currently 16 years old  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: I'll follow back, just mention it x --> @_itsAMI
Pen Name:AxelIngleson
Country: US
Bio: I am first and foremost a cat's butler. However, as she spends most of her day asleep, I find myself with plenty of time for writing fanfiction and fan-poetry. At least until she summons me again. I am also an amateur singer. My songs and music can be found at Fanmusic.com under the name of...
Pen Name:AngelCakes97
Country: US
Bio: I love cheerleading and I really want to try writing. So please comment and let me know if you like my stories any suggestions or constructive critisim is welcome. Im new to this so please give me a chance :)
Pen Name:Alyssa Benson
Pen Name:Ami Holding
Country: GB
Bio:    Welcome To My Page. Hi, well here I go again, my second novel has started to be written and I'm pretty excited by it. It's fun creating new characters and a whole new world! Carrie me Home is fast-paced and kinda crazy, there's MC Carrie for start who a pretty mixed up teen and then there...
Pen Name:Aedyn
Country: US
Pen Name:angellynn
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to My Page! On Line- {  } Off Line- { x }   Reading Requests, open  {  } closed  { x }   ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hello my name...
Pen Name:AndyC14
Country: US
Bio: I'm a high school student, AV intern, and writer. I have written some fanfiction for the show Degrassi, and recently created my own series Let It Roll.
Pen Name:Ambo26
Country: US
Pen Name:am i evil
Country: US
Bio: I love to write, read, listen to music, and play music (:
Pen Name:Ana Rui
Country: JP
Bio: Hi peoples,I'm not your average writer. I like to make things up and to bring them to life.People say that I don't understand that the I don't control life. I GET THAT!!!!I have a pet peeve of cliffhanger novels/stories.I try not to leave you hanging with my stories.They're not as good, but hey,...
Pen Name:Aislin Kane
Country: US
Bio: Ay-oh!So, this is my Booksie profile. Not too much to say.I'm 18. I read. I daydream.         ...and consequently I write. I'm up for criticism and really wish I could get some more of it. Feel free to comment or just drop by to say hello.*waves Hello* Enjoy!
Pen Name:Adrian17
Country: IN
Pen Name:Ally999
Country: GB
Bio: Hello people! My name is Ally, im a teenage girl who is trying to do something with her  life, just by writing down my feeling to mostly show im am feeling. All the poems I write are from true events, and my true feelings. I have never been a confident person, so ussaly i don't stick up for...
Pen Name:annemarie
Country: CA
Bio: I have been writing for most of my life.  The first novel I wrote was published in a school journal when I was in Junior High.  Since then I have been honing my craft.  I have several novels under my belt now including two series and several stand alone novels.  In addition, I have written...
Pen Name:Abraham Hayes
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Adam Fenlon
Country: GB
Bio: Nobody cares about this shit I have recently began writing horror shorts, I would appreciate all forms of feedback I will return all feedback Nobody cares about this shit Male, 20, United Kingdom
Pen Name:ANG3L
Country: AU
Bio:   Thanx for visiting my page everyone, please do check out my stories/novels and feel free to give constructive criticism  be a fan of mine and i will check out your page too!  I love the way a single story can captivate you for hours on end & i love to write as anything is possible, your...
Pen Name:AnonymousMoon
Country: US
Bio: I occasionally read manga and watch anime so if there are any elements in my stories that resemble something close to those two, you'll understand why. I enjoy writing, but one of the problems I have is losing interest in most of the stories I write. With every new story I create, I find myself...
Pen Name:AshesBelle
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm 24, student at Chicago State University. Brit Lit major, German language minor. I love writing and reading. Music is an inspiration to me, I am Lousiana Creole, Irish, Native American (Blackfoot).  ALL MY WORKS ARE COPYRIGHTED. SO PLEAE DO NOT STEAL, COPY, OR...
Country: IN
Pen Name:Artyom
Country: RU
Bio: Classified
Pen Name:Amanda S John
Country: GB
Bio: I am a writer of short fiction and articles, also embarking on writing my first novel. I am particularly interested in writing with underlying sociological and/or psychological themes, which is reflected in much of my work.Please see my website, www.amandasjohn.weebly.com, for further information.
Pen Name:Annie Ramirez
Country: US
Bio: I absolutly love to read and sometime write poems or short stories when im bored or when i feel inspired by something going on around me. i love reading books mainly about angels, fallen angels, demons, souls, romance, suspense, and a little mystery. i base everything i write on my wildest...
Pen Name:adetailedflameofpurestjoy
Country: GB
Bio: My name is Laura, I am 19 and I have the most amazing fiance in the world. I would someday love to live on Tybee Island where The Last Song is set. My favourite books are Looking For Alaska by john Green, The Harry Potter Series, Candy by Kevin Brooks, The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks, Saving...
Pen Name:ArtisticstyleAshleyCurry
Country: US
Pen Name:AlleyCatFromHell
Country: US
Bio: Im AlleyCatFromHell but sense thats too long to say just call me cat. heres somethings about me,Interests : reading, writing, swimming, fighting, drawing, sleeping, and other stuffFavorites : I like fantasy, fanfiction, horror, sadness, funny, and highschool kinds of stories. And sometimes gay...
Pen Name:Alithena
Country: CN
Pen Name:ashtray0belief
Country: GR
Bio:   I don't care what your colour is, what you believe in, how your face looks, how tall you are, what country you were born in, how your parents raised you, what religion you follow.  I only care about the fact that you're human and I respect your personal opinion and beliefs. I hold no...
Pen Name:Alene
Country: US
Bio:      History tends to repeat itself-- that is unless you confront the past head on, take ownership for personal failures and make a change
Pen Name:avirupa basu
Country: US
Bio: newest entrant to booksie! an incessant dreamer,  a tireless perfectionist and a budding writer. love reading books ---more than anything and everything in the world! also love the world of football and movies! :) clumsy and untidy in tying my hair often! :) hope to make a change to the world...
Pen Name:AlbiDreamer19009
Country: AR
Bio: Music, books, music, books, music books, hahahaha, that's life!! Writing stories is just fun, and that's why I do it, simple as that :P My siblings make fun of me because I'd rather plug an earphone into my ear, listen to music and bury my head into a book, but that's just me. If you stop by,...
Pen Name:Alicekiera101
Country: US
Bio: So I like to try lots of different things,But the thing I probably spend most time doing and the thing I am most passionate about is writing. I am always scribbling stories ideas down on the side of my note book when I am supposed to be listening to the teacher. I go to a young writers group...
Pen Name:Agatha Skottie
Country: US
Bio: I'm a little peculiar.
Pen Name:aishaelizabeth
Country: US
Bio:                     Please read my new novel    Tell me your Wish!                      

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